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  1. Roots. 1000 equals one thousand roots. Kerbals are obviously vegetarians and trade roots. ME
  2. Hi, I like that. One of my bane is looking at a ship and doing an EVA. The Kerbal is always on the other side and the whole camera as to be rotated. Grump. Your magic button would be used by one such as me. ME
  3. Yup. They can board the chair again and come back home. The first time I had tourists on EVA was after a crash. Then I spun the craft intentionally on the ground to release them. Just now I tried this: I am running 1.7.3 Vanilla with MechJeb as the only mod. ME
  4. The OP should of course do it first but.... Actually I have experimented with tourists and, yes, they can go on EVA in space, on surfaces and walk around. In 1.7 anyway me think. I will make a short vid to demonstrate. Easy to do. ME
  5. Well you are right or partially anyway. I sent a miner to the asteroid. It started at 8t total with 6.9t of ore @87% After mining it was the same size, 1t, no resources. The ship and asteroid floated 11m higher (I jettisoned the ore). When released it sank. So I guess a very rich asteroid totally mined should float. And be cheaper to move around the solar system. ME
  6. Hey all. This morning I landed (Splashed?) an asteroid that was captured yesterday. And the asteroid isn't buoyant. It sinks. I saw a video long ago of someone doing the same and the asteroid floated.... Has the density of asteroids changed at some point? Is there a density scale so that larger ones float? ME
  7. Today A few daring Kerbals got to Eeloo for science. ME
  8. @Cheif Operations Director Yes, it would be funny, I guess. For some. For a while. But I disagree that we should use the name of living people on public buildings, bridges, etc. That should include games. You see living people aren't done being alive and as much as they are popular now they will change. Some will stay known and popular. Some will get to be controversial and yet stay popular. Some of them later get trashed by history and you need to change the name of that child, bridge, library, highway, moon.... ME
  9. I used to be a pilot and I always hated the IVA looks because of the layouts. Flying our contraptions from the inside like a flight simulator would be great. Alas. Since we got a ground altitude readout I don't go IVA at all any more. The only reason for me was for a quick peek at the Radalt (Radar Altimeter). Yes, "Normal" layouts put all the primary instruments in front of the pilot to minimise head movements. ME
  10. Thank you. The pole position won't last long. There are points? I am unclear on how to score over 400 points. if one wants Mun and minmus (36+24)=60. Does one do two missions (IDTS) one mission with two un-reusable landers (IDTS) one mission with the same landers (IDTS) one mission with the same landing whole ship (Ay caramba for the grand tour) ME
  11. Hi. This is my submission. (Mission haha funny) 19.3 KiloRoots, 34.5 Tonnes, 46 parts, vanilla. Departure leaving Kerbin Orbiting the Mun Jeb working on the surface And going home Return trajectory plotted All done Thanks, ME
  12. Hi. Maybe I should have posted two different entries but here we are. I know someone will say there is a mod for that. My first one is a personal peeve. When a vessels chute as been deployed we see an empty cannister that can be repacked. When a personal chute is deployed it looks the same....Can we have the visual changed? I find it really annoying to see a Kerbal hanging in the air with an intact chute. The other one is can we get Kerbal foot restraints? As opposed to putting the Kerbals in a chair. It would allow better looking IMUs, putting Kerbals on robotic arms, etc. Of course that open the possibility of Kerbals being launched to space holding on by their feet. To counter that could we have a hold-limit of say 0.1g or 0.2G to make them fall off. And or an aerodynamic load. High enough to be used in space, Gilly or Minmus but not on the Mun nor Kerbin. Thanks for the reading and the consideration. ME
  13. Today Jeb went to the KSS to take command of the Erector. After figuring an intercept. He made it to the OSS And went right to work on finishing the station ME
  14. Hi @Nich Not sure about the Lagrange points. But do you mean the Mars cycler? It works for other bodies as well. I remember reading about...(So vague now)....a moon probe maybe Japanese that was in the wrong orbit with not enough delta-V. They consulted a math-physic-guy who figured how to ride the ridge of gravitational wells. The probe was sent to hover between the earth and the sun and the moon before falling on the moon side with fuel to spare.... As I type this I researched it and it was the Hiten probe. I think you mean a "Ballistic capture" or "low energy transfer". Apparently developed by Edward Belbruno and James Miller of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory