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  1. Hi @Nich Not sure about the Lagrange points. But do you mean the Mars cycler? It works for other bodies as well. I remember reading about...(So vague now)....a moon probe maybe Japanese that was in the wrong orbit with not enough delta-V. They consulted a math-physic-guy who figured how to ride the ridge of gravitational wells. The probe was sent to hover between the earth and the sun and the moon before falling on the moon side with fuel to spare.... As I type this I researched it and it was the Hiten probe. I think you mean a "Ballistic capture" or "low energy transfer". Apparently developed by Edward Belbruno and James Miller of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  2. The last few days Jeb as been ferrying crews to the KISS in a variety of ships. The Dream Runner The SPlane Here Bill is trying to figure out why the Viper refuse to get any closer to the docking port. He could fly unimpeded between the ship and port....Go figure. The CTV The Orbitron And finally the Guppy
  3. @FilesUnknown Welcome to the forum. Your pictures aren't showing up.
  4. Jeb accompanied by Bill did another test flight on the Dream-Runner. To a new destination this time. The newly uploaded Adam's ISS. Jeb: It ain't easy parking backward using the rear-view mirror. Bill: Hey Jeb. You parked 90° off the stations alignment. Jeb: I know. Jeb: I did it on purpose. Jeb: Cause that's the way I am. Again survived re-entry. I have to work (With help from Bill of course) on improving it's flying characteristics. ME
  5. Today, well last night. Sent Jeb to the High-Lab with the new Dream-Runner. We'll need a bigger station. Somehow, surprisingly, survived re-entry....And a splashdown. C of G and control issues to be worked on. ME
  6. Hi @traxtor I think it as to do with the having to track all your hundreds of ships and debris at the same time. The game just puts everything on rails. Easier that way. And about that. One of my little frustration is having a ship refuelling with an ISRU. It takes a long time so off to the station to warp time (The game won't know that there are night cycles and let the ISRU work full time). Simple enough. But the station also doesn't update the mass of the ship so you don't know when it's fully loaded. You have to be generous with time before going to go look (Have to remember to go peek daytime over there). And have to leave your little Kerbals extra months or years on some moon. Maybe miss a transfer window. C'est la vie. ME
  7. Today I criplled handicapped Jeb. Yuck, he was fine after he was recovered. Me
  8. Ok i can share the 2001 station 4 (on a limited basis to a select few ) to give it it's full name . there are however conditions . 1) You never ever share it too anyone else  ( ok I know you could , but it's honour system  , so please don't ) 2 ) you never ever publish it as a mod for personnel gain on the internet ( same thing honour system  ) . Ok with that let me know .

    1. Martian Emigrant

      Martian Emigrant



      Well I am honoured.


      I never meant to get a copy. I was thinking of maybe building a poor man version of it.

      Honestly I think the part count will just kill my potato. Crash and burn it would.


      But if you do choose to share a copy.

      I solemnly swear not to share this wondrous build to anyone ever.

      I can swear it on Arthur C Clark, Heinlein, J W Campbell, Theodore Sturgeon, Asimov, Neil Armstrong, Gene Cernan if need be.






    2. Puggonaut


      Lol lmao you qualify with yer comments alone my friend , need a email to send you the install , it's a simple unzip and drag and drop to you GameData  folder , best of all it's less than 1mb in size , so yer potato may survive lmao . Oh yeah if you want it dock too it , in , you need tweakscale , this allows it to go up to 4X size just like in my video .

  9. Rendezvous, Docking and EVA are hard then they are not. Man the work load the first times until you succeed. Congrats and happy returns. ME
  10. I need this. Can't believe you are the first member (That I know anyway) that built one. It's beautiful. ME
  11. All these were over the KSC. ME