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  1. Hi @Ben J. Kerman. Yes, I am running linux, from the game its escape, setting, scroll down the list. You can resize pretty much any info along the sides of the screen frame. M E
  2. That would be good too. About the sizes I would like to go custom size to another custom size. Say 60% to 200% and back. ME
  3. Hi to all. I like to play with the nav ball off to the left and about 60% size to save on the screen real-estate. But that makes the ball a bit hard to read when trying for a tight manoeuvre while flying manually. So, as the title says can we have a button to go from one size to another on the fly? Thanks for the read. ME
  4. Hey all. Today I sent the usual suspects to the Mün in a biome-hopper. I stretched the fuel for one more hop. Again. So Bob had to get out and push. Again. ME
  5. Hey all. I was looking trough old screenshots and found this: It was Jeb, bill and a few friends going to the annual interdepartmental baseball game on the island. I will try and recreate that. The watermark says v1.2.2 the aero characteristics probably have changed but we will see. ME
  6. Fail Hey all. Today Jeb took the "Tiny-Bill" an experimental smallcraft for a test flight. He was supposed to do a circuit and come right back to test it's landing characteristics. But Jeb being Jeb he decided to test the landings at the old airport. Jeb ran out of fuel in sight of but not within gliding distance to the runway. Jeb deployed is personal chute to try and save the prototype. The prototype was destroyed and lost in the water-landing. Jeb: I saved the gear! The Tiny-Bill was hard to fly at best. My
  7. Hey all. Today (after a short 795 days refuelling) my last crew in need of a fifth star departed Minus-Base for Jool. after entering the Joolian system they realized that they had run out of power and Karson had tho get out and rotate the ship by hand. Scene missing. (forgot to take a few pics. But they did land on Pol and leave the system for Kerbin) On the re-entry the ship behaved well, slightly tail heavy but fuel transfer fixed that. Perfect landing with only a slightly used atomic engine busted. ME
  8. Yes. Something like that. At first I thought the sun was shinning through a gap in a valley. But it wasn't there. It might be the sun shinning though one of those terrain suture errors that happens here and there. Though they are not that common on the equator. I landed there a dozen time as the base was being expanded. Half of those times must have been at night. Never happened before. I don't think it can be reproduced. Not easily anyway. As for taste, I didn't taste it myself but the Kerbals seem to like it. All those tasty colourful regoliths. Go
  9. Hey all. Today I broke the game. I sent an SSTO to Minmus, Here is said SSTO decending to Minus-Base. What the heck is the lighted triangle? There are lights on the base and lights on the ship but....What????? I checked and the sun is completely on the other side. A quick refuel and they will be on their way to Jool. ME
  10. My Valentina is currently stored in assigned to the KISS. ME
  11. Challenge Submission Guide Have you tried this? I would love to see an example. ME
  12. Hey all. Today after the Münning alighting landing of Mün Base Bravo. Dudster(Engineer) Kerbal used the Bravo Rover to push Old Mün Base Alpha (About 110m away). He also folded an antenna, removed a solar panel and adjusted the height of the docking port to assure a good docking. Thanks Dudster Kerbal. ME
  13. Hi. You could mount a rescue mission to each of those ships. You could go and edit the quicksave file and add the jetpacks. Or..... You could cheat. You could build a small ship with all the needed packs in storage, cheat them up to your ships with the f12 menu, then store the packs in the needee ships. You can then position the delivery ship back to Kerbin for retrieval. ME
  14. Hey all. Sampled a comet past Eeloo and left behind a science-Relay-Station. Then sent 3 Kerbal to Minmus Base...In a car. Because why not. The contract was for a 5 Kerbal capacity expansion of the base but I figured a rover can hold 5. ME
  15. On the same subject I once heard Scott Manley say "Pro-bo-do-bo-dyne". Probodobodyne Stayputnik I always thought-read, still do it, "Probodyne". Also when I see CR-7 R.A.P.I.E.R. Engine I always read "Crappier Engine". ME
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