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  1. Hey all. Playing with monopropellant looking for the ultimate surface to orbit runabout. IDTS BTW struts have very little friction. ME
  2. Today Jeb went boldly. Yes. He went boldly. ME
  3. Hi @Queso_guy54 welcome to the forum. What they said. If you are still early in a career game you might not have the resources. Such as the Claw. You can play the game and come back to them later when yo have the skill and resources. They wont suffer from being locked up for the whole game. ME
  4. Hello all. I have been sitting on this one. Did this drawing in January. Don't quite remember but I asked it to draw a sci-fi moon lander And built this contraption yesterday. ME
  5. Hi to all Kerbonauts. Currently on Moho. Bob wanted to see the Mohole. But being in the soutern hemisphere mission control wanted us to investigate to see if there is a hole there too. So we taxied down. Turned out the suborbital flight was a tad difficult. No hole in the ground. But.... A mysterious thing happens if you stand exactly on the south pole. As your position drifts you pop back into reality, normal space. Wormhole? A hole in the fabric of space-time continuum? Subspace? Uberspace? Glitch in the matrix? Parallel/alternate dimensions? Magic? Drugs? Space hallucinations? Aliens? Dreamworld? Afterlife? My graphic settings? Divide by zero error? Quantum effects? Does it happens on other worlds? Don't know. Trippy. Let us refuel and see if this bucket of bolts can get us back to orbit. ME
  6. Hey all. Busy the last few days. Tonight I landed on Moho. Fifth try. Thrust to weight ratio was below 1.0. I had to fiddle with burning fuel to shed mass. While keeping enough to descend and land. And adjust the height to start the descent from to allow time for the low thrust to increase and slow the ship down. (My bad, I burned the oxidizer out of Gilly. Should have kept it for Moho) Pushing the ship over after the touchdown with 64 m/s left. Bob says he never saw the Mohole. Will have to take a small detour before proceeding to the outer planets. ME
  7. Hello all. Today a few little guys left for a grand tour. Wish them luck. ME
  8. Hello. My mission report: Spin the Challenge Wheel, Mission Report. "Go to Bop and return with minimal mass, no Ion Engines" That was fun and hard at the same time. The ship was 5,784kg. That is low-mass for the like of me. I read the mission as (Go to Bop)+(Return with minimum mass) So no restrictions on going, restriction on return. It could be read as "Have as little of-the ship left after returning". That would mean just a Kerbal..... I went by way of F12. 2,920 m/s on board 431 unused. ME
  9. Hello All. The premise and decisions: Go to Bop. This challenge is to myself. Fun first. I chose to go to Bop by way of F12. Now minimal mass is an uncertain thing. 3 tons to me can be minimal and then I see a guy do the same missions with 300Kg using weird aerodynamic effects and game quirks. So not to break records but to make it lean. After doing a simulation I determined that (Using the LV-N "Nerv" Atomic Rocket Motor) that the Mk1 Liquid Fuel Fuselage (400 units) was overkill. I settled on using 7 tanks of Mk0 Liquid Fuel Fuselage (7×50 units). To save mass the ablator was cut from 200 to 100. I figured it would be plenty.....I got nervous on the actual proof of that. The simulation showed that the pilot would survive. The ship: A lawnchair on a pizza pan. The struts are only decorative. The hovering parachute was too odd-looking. Positioning to Bop Go Jool rise Orbiting Bop After a bit of messing around I got a Tylo-Tylo encounter that would get the ship out Jools SOI toward the sun for 104 m/s. Had to do 2 corrections for the trajectory to work. Passing by Tylo again The planned intercept to Kerbin Burn baby burn Had to do a few corrections as I overshot a few times. 43Km good enough leave it alone. Once in Kerbin SOI a short burn to correct the Pe to 40Km. (In my simulations 40 was about right) Back with 431 m/s left Goodby engine and fuel Regretting cutting the ablator budget Success. I never doubted it. Conclusion: That was fun and hard. Glad I did it. ME
  10. Hey all. A lot of happenings going on. Some little guys went to Duna. Some went to Gilly. while Jeb and bill went on a night test flight. ME
  11. I am sorry but al-F12 as nothing to do with it. I didn't use any of the cheats. If you read the report it says "We have entered into atmospheric flight above Minmus" and "We have splashed down in the oceans of Minmus". Neither make sense in a normal game. A kerbal exited the ship collided with a solar panel and just stood in the air. I had him jump and he was just higher. He could walk there. With RCS he could barely come down. Once on the ground he walked to the other Kerbals and then started swimming a half meter above Minmus. Strange glitch which I can't explain. The game gave me science for it. ME
  12. Hi Kerbo-Nuts. Yesterday there were some rescue shenanigans. Bob seems to be falling for another scientist. He seems distracted as you can tell by his science report from Minmus..... I can't explain that..... ME
  13. hi. I would like to add one more thing to all this. If you have a spent tank with engine. Dump them to lessen the mass the Kerbal has to push. I have dumped them at AP for the tiny push from the separation. It all helps. ME
  14. Hello @Raiku_ Welcome to the forum. I have gotten Kerbals to push the ship on more than one occasion. It works. ME
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