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  1. What did you do in KSP today?

    Bah! Humbug! Just got to Vall on my grand tour. With all the inner planets and Laythe done. I should be happy. Darn it I just realised that My ship isn't taking Tylo's gravity into account. Can't Land there. I got the DeltaVs not the TWRs. Darn, darn, darn. ME PS Orders have been sent to Val to cancel all further trips and to come home. The Mark 2 (2 crews) proved insufficient. Jeb will have a go with the mark 3 (3crews).
  2. What did you do in KSP today?

    Hey there Kerboldies. Last time I reported that Val (And Bill) were on Moho. They tried Hopping to the north pole to peek at the "Mouse Hole". (that's what Val calls it) But the terrain was getting way too bumpy. So they gave up and departed for Gilly. Simulations proved that going direct to Duna wasn't an option. After meeting Eve and a few orbital changes they got there no problemo. After a quick (OK not so quick) fuel-up they left for Duna. Followed by Ike. They departed Duna with way too much fuel but made orbit anyway. And finally They made it to Dress. When I left them last night they were making fuel and were enjoying a large pizza with some Fizzy-Pop. So far on this tour: Mun landed Minmus landed Eve orbited Gilly Landed twice Moho landed Duna landed Ike landed Dress landed Next Joolian system. ME
  3. Hey all. Sorry if it's a known one. It's certainly new to me. First how to get the glitch: Select the Cabriolet cutaway option by the leftmost crew member monitor screen thing at the bottom right. Push "C" to get a Cabin View. Push "V" to change said cabin view. Push "C" to get back to an outside view. Now the glitch. When you switch to map and back the cutaway remains. You can select it off but you go map and back it's back. Won't go away again. It seems to follow crew members. As you transfer them from cockpit to cockpit in a stack of cockpits. Thanks. Good game, ME
  4. What did you do in KSP today?

    Hey all Kerbalutes. Long time no playing, no posting. I am relearning what I used to know.... And today Valentina did something new. To me. She landed on Moho. With 232 DeltaV left. A few mistakes were made. Too much Oxydizer was carried for instance. Or is it too much LF was burned? Valentina is taking Bill on a Grand Tour. One was done once before but I could not land. Moho was a flyby that time. Never could upscale scale up the one pilot spaceplane before. Somehow I did this time. So far: Mun Landed Minmus Landed Eve Orbited Gilly Landed Moho Landed Next: Duna. Maybe Ike first. Will see. ME
  5. Hi. I went away and I am back again. Relearning what I used to know. Memory is the first thing to go they say. Could we have an extra line in the "Right Click Menu" (For lack of a better name) of parts? Maybe call it "Action Grouping". And it would display what buttons makes it work. Example: I am about to do some atmospheric braking and I go: What is the grouping button for those 12 antennas and solar panels? Going to the VAB to check is a bit of a bore. Thank you. So far I like 1.3.1 very much. ME
  6. What? Hi. I have no idea what this tread is about but, yes, I did. Doing it Constellation Style The chutes disappear as soon as the booster touches the water then the stack fall sideways hard enough to break the Darn thing. ME
  7. WRESAT and Sparta

    Found this: ME
  8. What did you do in KSP today?

    Hey all. Today Jeb was playing putting the new HAL POD MMU through it's paces. Then Bill's tether broke. No worry Jeb as got things covered. ME
  9. What did you do in KSP today?

    Hey Kerbomite manoeuvres. Didn't do much lately but Jeb test flew variations of a new EMU MMU. Says it's pretty slick. ME
  10. What did you do in KSP today?

    Clipping does that. ME
  11. Hey all Kerbalites. Here is my entry: Imgur: A basic jet. The wings and jet fuel are positioned high to raise the COG. That is in the hope of lessening the angle on the rocket motor. The atmospheric engine is more forgiving as the aircraft uses control surfaces. The prototype did ¾ of an orbit before burning retrograde. Lining up with the KSC. Jeb re-lighted the engines as he was a bit short. He landed about 1 km from the runway but never tapped the brakes and coasted all the way to the hangar. ME
  12. What did you do in KSP today?

    Reminds me of something....Only smaller. ME
  13. What did you do in KSP today?

    Jets have been experimented on since the 30s. So a lot of variations have been cooped up. Maybe the KAI t-50 Golden Eagle? ME
  14. There probably is a limit. One that was ignored by some quirk of spaghetti coding. As for why do we see it I will guess that having something to look at is easier for the developers. And that it doesn't matter as you wouldn't normally see it (most players seem to have not seen them before). I have not seen them but I suspect there is one in every planet and moon as well. ME
  15. Hey all. I have a theory. For in-game calculations and things. All asteroid have a cube in the middle. Here you can see Valentina having a regolith bath after docking with one. Jeb told her that if you put your head inside and asteroid close your eyes, twist your tongue and make a wish while holding your breath then your wish will come true. In this case she whished to see the cubic core diamond inside. When you encounter one (An asteroid) and you move the camera around sometime it (The camera) will clip through the crust and you can see it. In this case the game somehow made generated one (An asteroid not the cube) small enough to be smaller than it's core. ME