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  1. Congrats. Now you get to see how difficult it is to get off Eve.
  2. Hi. Not seeing the actual text I don't know off hand but when I test engines I set the fuel to zero and use the space bar to activate. Perhaps the text should have read run-test the engine through the normal staging. ME
  3. Hey all. The following picture is from a time I broke the game. My probe kinda was propelled at something like warp 3. When you get far enough with enough speed the game won't show an orbit anymore but it is still in the SOI of Kerbol. It shows where you came from and doesn't seems able to predict where you will be anymore. The Nav ball still shows your attitude relative to kerbol and your "Altitude" is still referencing Kerbol. There are no other stars. There is no Galactic SOI to enter. ME PS just noticed that @TR_HyDra
  4. I had to go look at that bit again. Hi-Hi. still makes me laugh. ME
  5. Hey all. Today Jeb and Bill took the FireTrap to the Mun and didn't crash. That can't happen? Can it?
  6. Hey all. Today built a Firefly replica. Here is the FireTrap. Not an exact copy but it does convey the idea of a Firefly class cargo ship . It of course works only with infinite fuel and I teleported it to 3000m before firing the engines. ME
  7. Acepted a contract to save Geneming Kerman and retreive his craft back to Kerbin. Here is very proud Geneming Kerman (Formerly employed by Integral) before embarking for the return trip. (I wrote return but he never was on Kerbin before as he was spawned on the Mun) (And, yes, he had a seat in the main ship not in the derelict) Also I got a weirdness building this monstrosity. When I first attached the gears to the fuel tank of the prototype I got a skin rash problem. Whatever that was it was asymmetric. Thanks, Have a
  8. Hi. Just a small irritation. So small. When I rescue a crew for some desolate place I like to have them place their own flag in situ. I never see those flags as I never use them. That makes them novel to me. As soon as the crew gets on board on any subsequent appearance of said crew he has changed is patches and use the new employer's flags. Could the crew retain is own stuff until he makes it back to Kerbal? Thanks for the read. ME
  9. Had to look at a lot of pictures but here it is: By Vincent Van Kerbal ME
  10. Today I landed munned alighted touched down landed in the Mun Canyon for the first time. I just happened to takeoff on my way to orbit and was low in the canyon. So I stopped all ground speed and stopped for a look see. Of course I wasted my return fuel but the crew took great pictures. They now orbit at 12km with no fuel but that is what rescue missions are for......Right? ME
  11. Hi. I produced this 23.661t orbiter a long time ago using 1.2.2. Apparently I used MechJeb back then. Thanks for reading this. ME
  12. Hey all Kerbalites. The last few days I have been practising pinpoint landings. Jeb re-found the Memorial and placed a flag. Val went for it. Thanks for dropping in. ME
  13. Hey there. Today Jeb went to the KSS in an experimental One Kerbal SSTO. He did get there and docked in spite of being low on fuel and not having any RCS thrusters. He won his bet with Bill. Unfortunately he is stuck there as he doesn't have enough LF (5.88 Units) to deorbit. He has to be rescued of course but no one is in a hurry to get him back. He is in a comfortable place and can wait. ME
  14. Key all Kerbonuts. Today I built a Spaceplane and sent the usual gang to do a snack delivery to the KSS. Almost no wobbles on reentry. But I did run out of electrons. Perfect landing with nothing exploded. We can even reuse it. Snacks for all. ME
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