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  1. Granted. They're poisoned. I wish for all my favorite mods to be combined into one giant mod that I can run.
  2. Yes indeed they are. Submissions are encouraged by all! However they will be added to the end of the schedule
  3. Ohhhhh that explains a lot. I will say that how the system works isn't immediately apparent. But thank you for explaining it. Oh well it was worth a shot at seeing if it was gonna be expanded. Preciate it. Lol happens to me all the time.
  4. Shewt, out of likes again! So when are you guys gonna give us more likes to give out? This limit would be nice if it actually just limited the likes in a 24 hr period. What happens instead is that I run out of likes cause there are so many great posts but then instead of giving me 25 likes the next day, it gives me only like five. The next day I might have 15 or so, but it only goes back to 25 after a couple of days. This is getting annoying. Does anyone else have this problem/know if it will be fixed?
  5. The stream is starting at 11:30 AM PST, 2:30 PM EST, today! @TheKurgan and @eloquentJane, your ships are on today! I hope all of you can join us at https://www.twitch.tv/kryrano! See you there!
  6. Very good to know. Also vastly different (in a good way) from just about every forum I've been on. For many, it seems like a fend for yourself world and so this forum has taken some getting used to as Van and Fry can attest. But that's good. Now if only I could stop being such a hothead, everything would be peachy. I'm making progress... sorta...
  7. Wow. That's a lot of rep. o.o I've always been curious. How did the old reputation system work, and does the current one mean anything?
  8. Oh *facepalm* my bad. Lemme just go hide in a corner... @Red Iron Crown are you the only one who has above 10,000 rep?
  9. T. R. E. B. I. U. C. H. E. T. ...i'm confused... ohhhh you mean trebuchet. Took me a second.
  10. Thank you Frybert. I do apologize for getting overheated. I am sorry the op is not happy with SQUAD and KSP right now. I hope that his needs are met. And Fry is right. Let's tackle this with maturity. Hey at least your question got attention, so more likely for SQUAD to notice it.
  11. During the wait here, you can play the PC version. It's not like you are completely KSP-less. And even if you don't have KSP at all, there are other things in life to keep you occupied while you wait. But my point was this is new territory for SQUAD and don't expect a finished project. How do you know they were silent? Were you everywhere the whole time? I personally think that it's very possible that you might have missed something. And even supposing SQUAD was utterly mute on this point, that doesn't and will never mean that no work is being done. And okay let's assume for the sake of argument that no work was being done during the time period that you saw nothing. Then at least they are starting work now. So you're being heard. Give SQUAD credit for at least basic rationality. Well that's debatable, but my point is that before SQUAD made Kerbal Space Program, they were a sales company, and unless I'm dead wrong, it still continues to be their primary source of income. Doesn't sound like a game company to me. Okay I'm truly sorry you hold the opinion that it is unplayable. You may certainly request a refund from SQUAD if you feel cheated. But badmouthing SQUAD on their own forums (or any forums really) is not a great way to get what you want. You might be surprised how far politeness can get you. You might say that you have been tried beyond the point of tolerance. But that's where the difference between the good and the great lies. Those who fit the good personality section are those who are generally patient but their patience goes away after so long. Those with a great personality are very patient and very polite even if you are trying to offend them. But you already know this. Yes but the fact that FTE failed isn't. So don't blame SQUAD. <LOTS OF MODERATOR REDACTION>
  12. If you have over 500 hours on PC as you claim, you should know there have been times when we went for at least half a year without updates. And yeah sorry to say but you are kinda overblown here. Why? Well SQUAD wasn't actually the one who failed here, so why are you blaming them? And also yeah the first version of KSP was barely playable, you expected the first console port to be different? And clearly SQUAD has been talking about the console port, if not a ton. But remember SQUAD is not a game company so don't expect perfection. Also keep in mind that SQUAD has a very good history of dealing with problems, they just aren't the most prompt about it. And if you don't like the console version, you have the PC version, play that. Don't just rage quit and say you'll never ever buy a game by SQUAD again no matter the quality. <REDACTED BY MODERATOR> Yeah well they did but we shouldn't blame SQUAD for FTEs failure. But the best thing to do is to improve it. Hey it can only go up from here
  13. Last stream we had a wonderful time with @JadeOfMaar, @Nick88, @TheEpicSquared, and several amazing craft! And in case anyone is wondering, yes we are still accepting submissions!
  14. The stream is live now! We are planning to cover @JadeOfMaar's NOX R4, @TheKurgan's Phoenix MK VIII, and @TheEpicSquared's Kossak K-100! Join us and have a great time!
  15. Well yeah so I've only been here for a year. My point is that there is a difference between exploding like my ships (you should see the Archimedes self destruct. Tis a thing of beauty) and settling down for a long haul and a good long life. KSP IMHO is pretty steady and I'm happy with my version and mods. KSP reached a nice middle age and is able to keep going for a long time. So what? How does that give you the excuse to jump on him? I have my personal opinion, stated above, but I'm not offended by someone having a different one. Just because he may not be able to express his arguments the best (it seems rather obvious to me that he has English as a second language) does not invalidate his point. You guys have valid points too, just why do you need to pick on the OP. Also 1.0 having the most third digit updates of any version? Hello .20 through .25? I don't really have that much of a problem with your arguments, in fact I agree, but why is everyone jumping on him? Just because you disagree doesn't mean that you have to jump on the bandwagon. I'm sure by now that the OP gets that the majority of the community disagrees with him. Why continue to beat a dead horse? lol I know what your point was, I just find the quantity ironic. I personally agree, but once again, everyone and their cousin has stated this. And shoot I'm out of likes again...
  16. Lol it has 12 players on 22 servers as of this post. Not a huge fanbase.
  17. Dude! That looks cool! Now I want a mod that floods the KSC during hurricane season! That would be cool! But not something I would want to deal with on a regular basis.
  18. I'm gonna be honest here. I've been playing KSP since 1.0.5 came out and logged a ton of hours in it, and I've been on the forums for almost a year now, and I've seen what like 20 threads saying KSP is dead? I looked at this thread and I'm thinking 'oh boy here we go again. One person posts a concern that he is worried that the game might be dying and every other person on the forums is gonna jump on him.' Sure enough! I do feel sorry for the OP just because everyone is telling him how he's deluded and stuff, but honestly guys we all know that whether or not you think a game is dead depends on how you define dead. And the OP has a slightly different definition. That's okay. Aaaaaand I'm rambling again. *facepalm* All I wanted to say was this: Let's show more understanding here. Well I assembled a thread that is a reasonably comprehensive list of the facts of that particular sticky situation: I came to the conclusion that the developer 'exodus' was pretty neutral and more a coincidence of multiple people leaving over the period of a few months due to moving, having contracts end, or simply moving on to something else than a coordinated protest like many doomsdayists seemed to want to think. I would strongly suggest you go read it if you're concerned about that and if it makes you think that this game is dying. Whether or not this game is dying actually has nothing to do with this developer departure.
  19. I finished the first layer of a polar comms network with 34 relays scattered over the planet. Gonna build the next layer up in kerbistationary orbit with about 17 more satellites scattered around the Kerbin system.
  20. No problem! Also, Kryrano said that it would be no problem to post it to YouTube in case you miss it.
  21. I think that a four or more plane dogfight between HKA and GMI would be awesome. I'm not sure how doing it as 'gameplay' would be done (maybe have a routine patrol?). So I think that as far as the series goes, it might be better to have like a non combat drone flying around the fight with a cool camera angle. Ooh! You could do it as if you were a live news reporter, and that would be the reason nobody fires at you. And then at the end, a GMI fighter could shoot you down in a surprise attack to keep the news from seeing the outcome of the battle, forcing HKA to try to scramble to see if their pilots were alright. Anyway just a few thoughts on that, idk how much you have planned out or not.
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