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  1. I'm not able to get any progression contracts other than ones in Kerbin or Bop. Anyone has a similar issue? How do I get contracts for further planets? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hello, thanks a lot for your mod. I just did a fresh install and had a popping sound every few seconds and found out that your wind sound creates this when it goes on a loop. I did a research (I was completely ignorant to the subject) and found out that the sound waves of the audio file needed to aligned at the start and end so it doesn't make this crackling/popping sound. I fixed it for you in Audacity and uploaded it in case you want to compare and maybe use it on your next version.
  3. Anyone knows if it's possible to compile the 1.1.3 ksp compatible version into 1.2? This mod is a must have for any new game to me.
  4. I have the same issue. It crashes very often when I am moving the decouplers around. I am not having much fun with Kerbal right now unfortunately
  5. Wasn't the pre release supposed to be available sometime in this weekend?
  6. Beta should be available at the end of this week or beginning of the next, according to the planned schedule, correct?
  7. Devnote Tuesday - "Unless something incredible comes up this week we’ll be entering experimental testing later this week"
  8. Today is the last day for it to appear on Steam, correct? They mentioned at the end of week, but I doubt they will work on Saturday.
  9. They are probably not going to do anything about users who bought it outside Steam. The truth is that the majority of people don't even know about 1.1 beta and out of those, only a minority bought it from Squad's store and then even less cares about playing it two weeks later. They have no obligation to accept anyone to their beta. What they want is to make it as productive as possible while costing the bare essential so they can focus their resources into the game.
  10. Yeah, it is hard to do anything precise until you get your first reaction wheel. Until that point I usually use gimbals to move my aircraft.
  11. Kerbal will follow the same route as Minecraft, being a platform for mods. I see no problem in that, since the community can develop 100x more content than the original developer. If I were from Squad I would try to make the game as stable as possible and then start working together with the modders to incorporate their work into my game with adjustments to make it balanced.
  12. Hello Yeemo. Yes, that's exactly what happened. I have Hide Empty Nodes mod installed and since the new nodes are empty, I couldn't see them. Thanks for your support. Also, are there any plans that the MK4 spaceplane parts could be supported by your tech tree?
  13. I am so excited about 1.1. I have a stable modpack right now which I keep restarting my career because of how fun it is, but I have to play it with DX11 which is not as smooth as the native DX9, besides, there are more mods which I would like to add. I got the same mod addiction in Kerbal that I had playing Minecraft :). Such good games.