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  1. Sorry guys, i didnt know that. Now i really learned how to deal with these huge logs... ok ... i decided to clean my 1.3 installation stepwise... but after bringing it to life my whole Space Station disappeared and some other tools are also missing. So i decided to stay on 1.2.2 (i have made a backup before). and wait for the really needed mods on 3 for being updated. So... thanks for helping undrstanding how to bugfix if needed. Sorry for harming the Database... i will never do that again!
  2. Damn.... i hoped thiswould be the key to glory but it crashes like before
  3. I was using this mod in 1.2.2 and it worked. Now i was updating to 1.3 and the game crashes on loading and the last line standing on the loading screen is: KOSMOS/Parts/Utility/KOSMOS TKS RCS/... so i think it wont load because something went wrong with this mod in 1.3 Has anybody made the same observations? Greetings schneemannski
  4. Ok, now i´mtotally clean on 1.3 mods but it crashes also every time on startup. This is the output now: Error.log: [Gargantuan browser-destroying pasted log deleted by moderator, see note below ] Output.log: [Gargantuan browser-destroying pasted log deleted by moderator, see note below ] Can anybody see anything?
  5. Yes, man... really hard to get docked... Commander Chris Hadfield would be proud! :-)
  6. Yeah, i know... It doesnt look like the real canadarm shoulder but you could proceed with some missions or train for the time, when the canadarm will be updated. Maybe you can try to place the Kerbal Robotics "shoulder" into the original canadarm shoulder? i havent tried so, but maybe its possible... This is like it looked for me:
  7. I was fixing this at first by using infernal robotics parts as the base of the canadarm and then building the rest as the real canadarm. The base will be a little bit too big in diameter so i rescaled it with the plugin tweakable everything... It worked for me in 1.2.2
  8. Hey Guys, my game crashes directly on startup. I was upgrading Module Manager for 1.3 and all other mods i think they are related to, but it crashes... i´m not good in log-checking. can anyone look and tell me if there is something suspicious? Greetings from Berlin Tamás Error.log: [Gargantuan browser-destroying pasted log deleted by moderator, see note below] Output.log: [Gargantuan browser-destroying pasted log deleted by moderator, see note below]
  9. Hey NeoFatalis,


    have you ever found the big Zvezda Antenna? You asked for it there and i´m searching for days too, but didnt manage to find it anywhere:


  10. after manually deleting GameData/InterstellarFuelSwitch/Plugins/MiniAVC.xml the update went ok! Thank you FreeThinker!!!
  11. Yes i have: https://www.dropbox.com/s/matakn0benes3gn/Bildschirmfoto1.png?dl=0
  12. Oh guys! Thanks again for this unbelievable mod! My eyes are getting wet everytime i manage to start the game with this mod successfully and i feel like a real astronaut have to... But... Who ordered this steam update again? I think these guys from SQUAD wanna bang up the whole mod-scene... Since i´m landed on 1.2.2 automatically the game stops right before the main menu with a black screen on loading. (next time i will make a copy of the folder Mr. Galileo! I promise!!!) The log says the following a thousand times: [LOG 12:47:51.329] Look rotation viewing v
  13. I´m very new to this delicious mod! Actually i,m staring from the old, empty S-IVB from my last Moon Mission to this eyecandy earth for hours... Thank you so much @Galileo for this piece of greatness! Reading Norman Mailers "Moonfire" and staring at the monitor at the same time lets feel really astronautic!!! I´m very happy... But one little question: my Clouds won´t work too. Can somebody take a quick peek on my files? Pic of /GameData: https://www.dropbox.com/s/woln6pareqkmkq8/Bildschirmfoto 2016-11-28 um 09.54.25.png?dl=0 Logfile: https://www.dropbox.com/s/eob
  14. Hey, great Shuttle! Do you use the Stock S3 Vector Engines for pushing it toward Space?
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