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  1. Ho. Ly. flip. I missed 3 chapters! Sorry about getting so behind, I've been incredibly busy between being heading up Project Pathfinder and helping to moderate KerbalPowers (let me know if you are interested in either). So, I've gotten the next 3 chapters into the downloadable copy, and holy excrements this is getting huge. Volume III is now at 145,914 words, with the entire trilogy sitting at 352,543 words! Not even kidding, Volume III may necessitate another split in order to keep MS Word from flat out breaking under the size of the document, which is actually what necessitated me breaking the story into multiple volumes in the first place! Anyway, here's the download links: First Flight Volume I First Flight Volume II First Flight Volume III
  2. Hey, how do you collect positrons from antimatter collectors? Is it even possible?
  3. Hey, is there a way to procedurally generate magnetic fields for mod planets? it would take far too long to implement magnetic fields on all the planets created by all the planet mods out there
  4. Any idea when this will pick up again? I really want to see what happens to Bartdon and his crew, as well as Camwise's crazy escapades
  5. You know, I was just thinking. Someone should really make this into a movie.
  6. Holy kraken krap I can't believe I missed 4 chapters Here's the new download links for the volume 3 file, along with volumes 1 & 2 as usual First Flight Volume I.pdf (1.76 MB) First Flight Volume II.pdf (1.90 MB) First Flight Volume III.pdf (2.21 MB) As always, thank you @KSK for this incredible trilogy, which is now at 335,729 words! (according to MS word at least) Soon I'll have to make a 4th volume after Word starts breaking on me again!
  7. How can i make the parts use interstellar fuel switch instead of FS fuel switch?
  8. KSP Version 1.3.1 Windows x64 Problem: Most MKS parts do not show up in the part selection in the VAB/SPH Mods installed: USI Kolonization Systems v0.53.0.0 with all included files log: KSP.log (Download)
  9. hey, for some reason the tundra modules will not load at all. all other parts load, just the tundra modules don't. has anyone else encountered this?
  10. hey how does one get OPM to orbit Kerbol again?
  11. Well, I finally got around to updating the Volume III PDF file, so as always, here's all 3 files First Flight Volume I (1.76MB) First Flight Volume II (1.90MB) First Flight Volume III (1.90MB)
  12. ah ok, thanks for the location info tho. i was really freaking out trying to find it.
  13. OH. MY. GOD. I. FINALLY. CAUGHT. UP. WITH. THE. EDITING. REAL. LIFE. SUCKS. Well, here's the 3 volumes: First Flight, First Flight: Kerbal Space Program, and First Flight: The Age of Fire First Flight Volume I.pdf First Flight Volume II.pdf First Flight Volume III.pdf This should be a lot easier to keep up with now that the volumes are properly redone also @JakeGrey is it alright if i make a downloadable copy of The Next Frontier to incorporate here, since it takes place in the same universe? if so i need a link to it, as the one in your signature is broken
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