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  1. would it be possible to copy the textures and models for LC39A to use for SLC-40 for SpaceX launches?
  2. I'm having issues getting all of Community Resource Pack's resources (specifically RocketParts) to show up in the UI so I can put them in tanks. Any ideas? Without this there's no way to get my orbital shipyard running
  3. is there a patch so this works with RealFuels? i'm not getting any of it's resources in the RealFuels UI, so i can't put them in tanks, therefore i am unable to use them
  4. is it because i have realfuels installed? i just realized that it may not be showing up in the UI
  5. the folder is in there, but i'm not sure if that's just from mods that use parts of it i'm not seeing it another thing, are there RO/RSS configs for this mod anywhere?
  6. i'm having problems inflating my space station modules, as i can't find any parts in my game which include RocketParts. is there a dependency somewhere?
  7. something is coming...
  8. Is there an RO config for the raptor engine?
  9. Don't worry @kerbinorbiter, we have a plan to overtake you <3
  10. is this thread still going?
  11. is this thread still alive? it's been a month
  12. Sorry for the absence, I've been moving and only just recently got internet access. here's volume 1 for those who don't already have it... (unchanged, and staying that way. no more updates to volume 1.) First Flight Volume I.pdf 3.88MB and volume 2 with the 2 latest chapters! First Flight Volume II.pdf 589KB
  13. I apologize about the downloadable copy, but it will not be up until at least June 20th. Thanks a lot Charter...
  14. need any astronauts? because if so i'm up for it!
  15. what mod gave plock/karen all those extra moons again?