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  1. I like the look of that, it could have some really good potential, and I hope you overcome your problem (I can't even get Unity and part tools to work, so I can't open any .mu files (if you could help, my version is 5.5.2)) Are you going to add the throttle quadrant from the avionics pack? It's not too spaceplane themed, but would go with this design, reminds me of the mk1 lander can.
  2. Well, wouldn't you know. Perfect timing, as Unity literally just finished when I got your reply. The cockpit is going to be a bit less 'modern' (it will still have a few screens, don't worry)
  3. Hmm. Just wondering, what program do you use to assemble IVA's? Because I might actually try. Last time I tried the part tools weren't working so maybe it will be better this time.
  4. Well, with the new ASET props it really looks good, but you can add more. In the ASET Avionics pack, there is a throttle quadrant (think boeing 747) that would make a good replacement from the yucky squad default one, and I think right now some more analog parts could also make it looks great. I love this mod, and I think it is great.
  5. Okay. This is very weird. I open KSP, with this installed, and it crashes. The log just says it's up to one of the Air Traffic Control sounds from the ModernPack. Sometimes it freezes, too. And the weird part is, is that when I manually go into the folder and open one, it fixes it. I am on Mac, but this is very weird. Great mod, wish I could make my own IVA but Unity hates Mac with a passion, and I have no idea how to install because last time I used the part tools (1.0.5) they hadn't been updated since 0.90.0. EDIT: Downloading Unity right now, but just wondering, what part tools should I use? And is it updated for 1.2.2? EDIT 2: Currently I'm having trouble importing. I installed part tools as it should be installed, but when I try opening a .mu file it says its unable and to check external application preferences. How can I fix this? I installed both the new and old part tools, and I am using 5.5.2. Please help
  6. So um... 1.1.3 breaks the mod. (I'm going to use RPM for 1.1.2 and see if that works because the log was saying something about 'RPM Variables' or something like that. The problem is that when I launch a plane with the cockpit, it loads and then immediately crashes, and the last thing the log says is 'all systems started.' ---In other news--- The performance of the cockpit is great. And I'm a Mac peasant with a 1.4ghz processor and 4gb of ram and the cockpit is actually more smooth than the exterior view. So that's cool and all.
  7. Hey @Nookos could you please when making the IVA for the A300 use ASET? They just look so good!
  8. Hmm... I do have some mods. I don't know why it's slow. What are your settings?
  9. Yeah I did notice a MAJOR improvement from 1.0.5, but my poor little MacBook Air with it's pitiful 4 gigabytes of RAM and 1.4Ghz processor hates me for running Kerbal Space Program. Would anyone know how I could make it not use 3.99GB of ram?
  10. So, a dumb question, can I run the 64 Bit version of KSP on my Mac? First, I know my Mac is 64 Bit so it should work. So should it be as easy as putting a few launch parameters in?
  11. I don't know why but it's fun seeing 2 people talking to each other. It also fills up my notification box xD
  12. Alrighty... Here's ya picture: I'm not able to capture the jitter, but the wheels sort of bounce up and down unevenly and sometimes dip a bit through the ground.
  13. Alrighty @RoverDude! Got a bug coming right at you (twice, I posted it on your GitHub Repo, just want to see which one gets noticed). The bug is the wheels are VERY jittery on my version, 1.1.1, which makes the rover more of a stationary thing than something that moves. I think this is something to do with the new 'invisible struts thing' that 1.1.1 added on wheels n' stuff. Hope a hot fix gets released because I love this mod.
  14. Hey @BahamutoD could you please tell us what the switches on the left hand side of the cockpit in the forward seat do? And what do the displays on the right do? I am VERY curious as to find out what they do.
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