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  1. Mjp1050

    Space History near you!

    For the Star Trek fans in the audience, during my high school years I worked here: Not ringing any bells? How about this: (I know, not technically part of space history, but I find it neat that part of my hometown was featured in a Star Trek movie. Shush. )
  2. Mjp1050

    Delta V to orbit

    Very helpful responses here. Thanks all!
  3. Mjp1050

    The Dessert Derby 2018

    Ok, I will allow it. Goodluck. Thank goodness. I quicksaved very frequently up to the starting line, because as relaxing as my cruise was, I really didn't want to repeat it every time my rover flipped.
  4. Mjp1050

    Delta V to orbit

    How do I calculate how much delta-v it takes to get from the surface of a planet to orbit?
  5. Mjp1050

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Today I downloaded Scatterer, because I finally own a computer that can run it. And I discovered that there's an option to make everything wireframe: So this is how I'm playing KSP from now on
  6. Mjp1050

    The Dessert Derby 2018

    Fun fact: While recording my time, I had to use 6 digits. The Ocean: The Desert: The Run: "Flight" Time - 1:4:45:38 (that's 1 day, 4 hours, 45 minutes, 38 seconds) Drive Time - 14:23 Total Time: 1:5:00:01
  7. Mjp1050

    The Dessert Derby 2018

    Thanks! Not so much originality as laziness, though...the plane doesn't have enough range and I don't want to redesign it Strange minds think alike
  8. Mjp1050

    The Dessert Derby 2018

    @Triop, are we required to fly the car all the way to the starting line? Y'see, I am transporting my car to the starting line by airplane, but I'm transporting my airplane to the desert continent by boat
  9. Futilely give orders, I think. Yeah, this'll definitely end well.
  10. Mjp1050

    The Dessert Derby 2018 setup

    Let's see... 13:43 minutes and about 16 flips later, I think my first attempt at driving went well! By the way @Triop, your save file includes an F-12 in the Spaceplane Hanger. Is that intentional?
  11. Hey @Steel Starling, I've passed the torch on to @CrazyJebGuy, so this thread is no longer active. You'll have better luck if you repost your plane in the Reboot Continued thread:
  12. Mjp1050

    Facebook alternative?

    Obligatory xkcd:
  13. Mjp1050

    KSP Challenge: Terminus challenge!

    I went to Eve! Launch: The relays: The lander: The satellite: The rover:
  14. Mjp1050

    Thread to complain bout stuff

    I just spent the last 4 hours trying to set up a Minecraft server for a friend and I. I've never done it before, so I had to do a lot of troubleshooting. Just as I think I've finally got it working, a thunderstorm rolls over her house and blocks her Internet. Grrr.....
  15. Mjp1050

    'Old' KSC easter egg removed?

    Sometimes it glitches. Have you checked underground? Or a kilometer aboveground? I've had both happen to me.