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  1. Mjp1050

    KSP Original Design Competition

    Contract No. 009 Generation 4 MJP1050 Earmuff 1 https://kerbalx.com/Mjp1050/Earmuff-I Loosely inspired by the U2, the Earmuff 1 is a long range top-of-the-line spy plane, eschewing armaments in favor of sensors and crew survivability. The most notable feature of this oddly-shaped aircraft is its decoupling mechanism; if the crew needs to abort mission, the cabin will detach and parachute gently down. In terms of maneuverability, the Earmuff 1 is capable of performing loops within a 800m diameter. And, at a cruising altitude of 8000 meters, the Earmuff is also capable of flying slightly more than halfway around the globe.
  2. Mjp1050

    Impossible Parts Ideas

    Let's try for 400 mph Batteries not included
  3. Mjp1050

    Rate the location....

    8/10 True, if by "strolling" you mean "Spinning on a planet that's orbiting a star that's orbiting a galaxy that's hurtling through space directly towards another galaxy at inconceivable velocities."
  4. This is also the first time, in 4 years of playing KSP, that I've ever landed anything on the runway!
  5. Mjp1050

    What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    You have an insanely cool avatar, and I am envious
  6. This is seriously impressive. Kudos. Also, what does xEH425c mean?
  7. Mjp1050

    Space History near you!

    For the Star Trek fans in the audience, during my high school years I worked here: Not ringing any bells? How about this: (I know, not technically part of space history, but I find it neat that part of my hometown was featured in a Star Trek movie. Shush. )
  8. Mjp1050

    Delta V to orbit

    Very helpful responses here. Thanks all!
  9. Mjp1050

    The Dessert Derby 2018

    Ok, I will allow it. Goodluck. Thank goodness. I quicksaved very frequently up to the starting line, because as relaxing as my cruise was, I really didn't want to repeat it every time my rover flipped.
  10. Mjp1050

    Delta V to orbit

    How do I calculate how much delta-v it takes to get from the surface of a planet to orbit?
  11. Mjp1050

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Today I downloaded Scatterer, because I finally own a computer that can run it. And I discovered that there's an option to make everything wireframe: So this is how I'm playing KSP from now on
  12. Mjp1050

    The Dessert Derby 2018

    Fun fact: While recording my time, I had to use 6 digits. The Ocean: The Desert: The Run: "Flight" Time - 1:4:45:38 (that's 1 day, 4 hours, 45 minutes, 38 seconds) Drive Time - 14:23 Total Time: 1:5:00:01
  13. Mjp1050

    The Dessert Derby 2018

    Thanks! Not so much originality as laziness, though...the plane doesn't have enough range and I don't want to redesign it Strange minds think alike
  14. Mjp1050

    The Dessert Derby 2018

    @Triop, are we required to fly the car all the way to the starting line? Y'see, I am transporting my car to the starting line by airplane, but I'm transporting my airplane to the desert continent by boat
  15. Futilely give orders, I think. Yeah, this'll definitely end well.