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  1. ♪♫ I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it ♪♫ ♪♫ I'm about to (lose) gain control and I think I like it ! ♪♫ ♪♫ I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it ♪♫ ♪♫ And I know, I know, I know, I know, I know I want you (Damn DLC) ♪♫
  2. This would probably be a fantastic mod. Maybe the mod could store the vessel info localy until player A reach player's B time point - And then only would the vessel be added to player A persistent file, from the local copy. I'm quite intrigue on how to manage crew with this tho... So many Jebediah on so many ships ! I guess the mod could restrict Jeb and the crew to only 1 player and have all the other players get only randomly generated kerbals ? When docking ships, the mod would have to be able to remove the vessels from users savefiles and add back the docked version (If y
  3. Your log files seem really weird to me For example what's supposed to be the 1st line is on the 77th Could you sent us (again ?) the KSP.log file (will be generated on the same folder as KSP.exe) ? Some thoughts : latest version of KSP is If you're not running any mod right now, I don't see a reason not to update
  4. It's very very late here so I won't hang in the forum much longer. Take your time to upload the log file somewhere and post a link here You also should try to check KSP files with steam : On your library, right-click KSP, select "properties", then "local files" and start the integrity check.
  5. Woooo I think we're not on the same page here : I'm trying to help you fix a problem with MJ : So yes, you should have it installed !! When you were saying that you don't see any menu, didn't you talked about MJ ?
  6. The only explanation that I can think of when having a clean KSP.log is that a config file from a previous MechJeb install stayed on your KSP gamedata folder ... But you said you've clean-up the install. Maybe check file integrity in steam ? Sometimes it helps ----------------------------------------- Well it appears the log file is truncated. Its quite normal I guess for forum to do so. If you can't upload the file somewhere, You can send me a mail to tuuuuuutspam [at] gmail.com with the file attached.
  7. Sorry but I'll help you only on the forum ; I've been able to read your KSP.log before you edited the post and didn't find anything. Can you post it again ?
  8. Nothing very bad can happen, don't worry too much. However you should not have been able to remove all the files while KSP was running ... it's weird Anyway, just a silly thing, the default position for MJ menu has changed : http://imgur.com/a/t01lB
  9. Yes Dropbox must have a "forgot my password" link somewhere It's not a problem that the log took the whole page on this thread Next time use the button <> or the little eye to post walls of text like that.
  10. Repost if you made a mistake it's not a problem. For the moment I didn't finf anything in the log... that's unfortunate
  11. So why did you asked ? If you did, you surely found the answer.
  12. You don't see a menu for MechJeb? Hmm I don't know if you've followed my instructions or not : Did you remove all mods and cleared CKAN ? Did you reinstall your mods using CKAN ? Do you use the steam version or the KSP store one? (not that this is important for mods : Just to be sure about the paths I may provide to you) Most importantly : Can you upload your KSP.log file somewhere (like dropbox) so that we can see what's going on? This file is within the folder of KSP.exe Did you even TRY to search that info for yourself ? How do you think I know if a mod is
  13. Only the dev version is compatible with 1.2 KSP From OP of MechJeb thread: If you want the dev version of MechJeb then : - open CKAN settings (Settings => CKAN Settings) - press the New button - select the MechJeb-dev line, click OK and exit the options. - refresh - select "Mechjeb2 - DEV RELEASE" in the list and then "Go to Change" to install
  14. Yes it is, the development thread say so. The title of mod thread almost always mention the version of KSP it's compatible with. here it's [1.2]
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