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  1. Use the ballast tank
  2. This is what happens when I use any texture other than a flat one on my parts: Hmm. make sure water is pumping into it.
  3. I don't care. I never thought these sub parts would be so popular.
  4. You can do what you please with my mod. I haven't been keeping myself updated with KSP for a while.
  5. I quickly pushed an update out to bump the mod. Some issues may occur. The hulls are filled with water when spawned so empty em. Its 1 in the morning and I have a headache so I didn't fix that before. And I forgot to bring back an old part set. Sorry for that. Hopefully i will do that tomorrow. http://spacedock.info/mod/167/Large%20Boat%20Parts%20Pack?ga=%3CGame+3102+%27Kerbal+Space+Program%27%3E
  6. Well i ain't giving it up till someone better suited can take it over if they want. I just don't have internet at my new house. And i aint getting SAT internet because i watch a lot of youtube.
  7. Just include the parts from older versions. Ill put them back in next update hopefully. Make sure they aren't hitting water. I had this before. Either delete it or reinstall the mod. Or rename the part in the config. the original engine might do the same thing.
  8. Actually it would be better for someone else to manage the LBPP. I am willing to pass it on to someone else. Recent events don't allow me to update often anymore. Anyone interested?
  9. I cant get around to updating for a while. But i will see what I can do about that hangar.
  10. The parts are very simple. They should work fine. Though I now export them in Unity 5.
  11. Yes those are new. Not the final versions though. And the offset on the cruiser platforms is a config error. I copied the config from the battleship platforms and forgot to change the node_attach to 1 instead of 2 Also the new bombs are great. but i think you set the resistances on them to high. They explode but don't delete themselves. Also I had an issue with the "dish" radar teleporting to the bottom of the ship on launch. Idk if you recently fixed this.
  12. Thanks to everyone who answered questions for me while I was gone. The next update might come out this weekend. It will be to fix bugs and change the resource the submarine engines use to electric power. I will try to answer some questions in the short amount of time I have. Tweakscale messes with buoyancy of the parts. Don't use it on parts that will go in the water. The tumblehome bow is going to get remodeled. It looks ugly because I rushed it last minute. MAKE SURE YOU DELETED OLD INSTALLS OF THE MOD. Else you want duplicated and conflicting parts. Sadly it didn't. Maybe some people could report the bug?
  13. well ive landed sucessfully on the carrier before maybe What do you mean, Just why?
  14. It would be nice of you to provide details on what is happening instead of being a tad bit mean about it because not everyone has this issue. So. Are indestructible buildings on at launch? The parts are heavy enough to break the runway on launch. I actually forgot to change the cut waterjet to use electric charge. I was exited to release my update i forgot to do a few things. I'm sorry for this. 600 meters should be enough. But maybe some sort of arrestor will be here in the future. Sure ill add thrust reverse soon. I am not done with my WW2 section. More parts will be added.
  15. The large parts were made for battleships. Better parts have been released for battleships. And yes it had to be. The parts took on different modeling and dimensions changed. The parts would have been broken even if i kept their old name. Also it helped me get things organized.
  16. A NEW UPDATE IS OUT http://spacedock.info/mod/167/Large%20Boat%20Parts%20Pack Many changes have been made EDIT: New parts are overpowered. Nerf will come soon.
  17. New update is coming soon I think its from a BDA WW2 fighter plane mod. I cant remember.
  18. The 3.1 build works fine (from what i know) in 1.1. Just reuse it in 1.1 I'm still going to make different parts. The shapes will be different. Also you can get 1.1 prerelease of you have steam.
  19. I have an idea with the future of this mod. I am thinking I should split the mod into 2 halves. One being for WW2 style ship parts and the other for more modern style ship parts (cold war era and up). The halves will be in the same download. I thought about doing this because of size differences in the eras of ships and the shapes of the hulls. A modern destroyer is not the same size as a WW2 destroyer and a WW2 destroyer is less wide than a modern destroyer. The parts will function the same but will look different. The paint jobs will be different. The size of the parts will be scaled to the size of their real life counterparts. Both halves will be usable along side to each other. If you only like to build battleships or stuff from that era or you only like to build modern stuff then you don't have to even look at the opposite parts.
  20. I am not exactly sure what causes this. Ive had this error before but ive fixed it by putting crew in the bridge.
  21. Are you using an unmanned pod? Ive seen errors with unmanned pods.
  22. Here is an underwater shot:
  23. The mod still seems to work in version 1.1 This puts a lot less stress on me. I'm going to try out more craft and explore the underwater world (it has new shaders!)
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