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  1. Welcome to the forum @dstymindz, your question about a tweekscale problem has been merged into the release thread.
  2. Welcome to the forum @PixelDude, Once you have rescued the kerbal the pods become space junk. If you go into the tracking station you can delete the empty pods by selecting them in the column on the left and then clicking x bottom left (circled in yellow): Ninja'd!
  3. Some content has been removed, please avoid posting or quoting profanity.
  4. Send him into the sun. As an Kaustralian he will have better heat tolerance than the rest of the kerbals.
  5. Hi @yoarebignoob, your great screenshots have been moved from Add-on Releases (a place where mod makers release their content) to Mission Reports (where we post our triumphs and failures).
  6. Welcome to the forum @FlyingPingu, your thread has been moved from KSP discussion to gameplay questions so that we can help you suck less. What are you having the most problems with?
  7. Congratulations! Blind intercepts scare me the most.
  8. Welcome to the forum @Heiro, your thread has been moved from KSP Discussion to Mission Reports. You are not an idiot, you are one of us because even with thousands of hours in the game I still kill the crew occasionally. Keep calm, crash spacecraft and carry on!
  9. Hello!, how about @Maria Sirona?
  10. All the forum staff are listed here: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/staff/
  11. This is Schrödinger's thread.
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