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  1. Welcome to the forum @United launch aliance ramd, the download link is here however there have been some changes to how mods interact with KSP since this mod was created so it might not work.
  2. Welcome to the forum @Nemoksp, your question has been moved to add-on discussions for better visibility of our mod using members. I've also added a translation to your post because we have a rule that all comments require an English translation, outside of the international section. This is because not all members are using browsers or devices that support automatic translation. We apologize for any inconvenience. [Translation] Bienvenido al foro @Nemoksp, su pregunta se ha movido a discusiones complementarias para una mejor visibilidad de nuestros miembros que usan mod. También agregué una traducción a su publicación porque tenemos la regla de que todos los comentarios requieren una traducción al inglés, fuera de la sección internacional. Esto se debe a que no todos los miembros utilizan navegadores o dispositivos que admiten la traducción automática. Nos disculpamos por cualquier inconveniente.
  3. Thread temporarily unlocked for member review.
  4. Once in Ike's orbit, Largerdorf's entangled pair and Nebald realize there is a problem. The burn for Kerbin has a problem - I left the fuel cells running and by the time I realized we only have enough propellant to make an eccentric orbit around Kerbin. A landing module is built and docked to the Dogsbody carrying Alnard, a one star engineer and there is a problem. I realize I have not enabled crossfeed on the decouplers that hold the engines. For the whole mission. EDL is surprisingly free of complications and our crew and tourists are finally safe home. And we are done.
  5. Welcome to the forum @yeyehboi, your question has been moved to gameplay questions.
  6. Welcome to the forum @seaneleven, at a minimum our helpful members would need a mod list but it makes things a lot easier to find bugs with modded installs if you could provide log files. This post explains how to find and post log files:
  7. Welcome to the forum @casper803, it depends on which multiplayer mod you are using and the version of KSP supported by said mod. Which mod are you using?
  8. Welcome to the forum @BuzzFeed4Lief, your post has been moved to add-on releases. Please read through our add-on posting rules before you post a link as there are requirements that need to be fulfilled in order to publish a mod on the forum.
  9. Welcome to the forum @P_samru and congratulations on creating this language patch. Your thread has been moved to add-on development. It is a requirement of the add-on rules that any release requires a licence, this is to protect your wishes with regards to your work so please add one to your original post (with the download link). It does not have to be the complete licence information, just the name and this site can help you decide which one you would like.
  10. @TylaJames, your log link has been removed because it contains potential malware and content unsuitable for the forum. As mentioned Dropbox or google drive are safer alternatives.
  11. As @s_gamer101 mentions we look into any reported post. If you have any issues, including housekeeping type stuff like moving threads around, please raise a report with a description of your issue and I assure you the moderation team will look into it. Standard policy is that we lock threads, rather than delete them if there are any replies so thread locked at OP's request.