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  1. G'day @kspguy77. Both are basically ranks. The top one (bottle rocketeer) can be modified in account settings/edit profile/member title. The dots relate to how many posts you have made.
  2. James Kerman

    planet stats mod?

    You can also "focus view" on a planet or moon in the tracking station or in map view and use the 3 buttons, bottom left of TS or left of screen in map view:
  3. James Kerman

    Service bay reentry

    Your pilots skill level greatly affects the SAS ability of your craft. Perhaps you could try copying the craft file into a sandbox game and see how it runs with a level 5 pilot. I usually build a vey simple chute/Mk1 pod/heat shield upper stage for my first orbit. If you still flip to prograde on reentry you can add drogue chutes and "wobble" your craft left and right after the flip to help bleed off speed before main chutes. Another possibility would be to aerobrake by dropping your Pe to around 55km, and then burn the last of your fuel retrograde at that point. The heat shield isn't really required but I'm a stickler for safety.
  4. I'm not sure if it's a record or not but I do remember watching coverage of the boxing day tsunami (apparently known as a teletsunami) in 2004 that devastated the coastlines of Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, Thailand and Malaysia with effects as far as Africa. It prompted the UN to institute a monitoring system for the Indian ocean. Bandah Aceh was the worst city hit:
  5. James Kerman

    You have just bought 6 seats on the BFR luna flyby

    Joking: It would be more efficient to use C grade celebrities as reaction mass. This was off the rails from the get go, Mate. I don't mind what people post so long as it's civil and interesting. He seems sincere to me. I am biased because as a failed musician and a space nut the concept has really resonated with me. Once again I feel the concept is original and interesting. I know we're dealing with Elon time and reality and I know there is a possibility that the flight will never happen but I couldn't see any space agency or company doing something like this off their own bat, SpaceX included. I give the guy props for putting his money up for the idea.
  6. James Kerman

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    He has: https://venturebeat.com/2015/01/06/spacex-tesla-founder-elon-musk-loves-kerbal-space-program-mass-effect-and-civilization/
  7. James Kerman

    Parsing persistent.sfs into database or application

    Maybe KML - Persistence file editor: I'm not sure if it does what you need - this is listed in the OP:
  8. James Kerman

    Avoid this facebook KSP Group.

    Avoid Facebook.
  9. James Kerman

    You have just bought 6 seats on the BFR luna flyby

    It's not really a popular concept in Australia (at least in my social group). Most of us watch large sporting events on location or at a pub (sports bar). It was a joking comment, I don't think I'd actually watch a group of celebrities choking out on the moon for any price however if the Luna flyby VR experience is going to cost money I'd probably pay around $80 USD, depending on the passengers, for me and the family to experience it - but I play KSP so I'm kind of biased towards the idea. It would probably return less than a drop in the ocean of cash that BFR/BFS will require to become a thing. Imagine how many (there should be a word for people who are not interested in space flight = space muggles) spuggles would pay to watch if you put Beyoncé, Ed Sheeran or Bruno Mars on that flight.
  10. James Kerman

    You have just bought 6 seats on the BFR luna flyby

    Survivor: Moon - the shortest reality show in history of television! ....I'd actually watch that one.....
  11. James Kerman

    You have just bought 6 seats on the BFR luna flyby

    Yeah, it's not something I would want on my wall but it sold for $110 million last year so it proves art is subjective. I don't think there is such a huge disconnect between art and STEM, just different elements of creativity, intelligence and thought. The Dear Moon project has injected a "significant" amount of money into development of the BFR/BFS so in some ways the art is helping the science and engineering here. I do feel that there is a risk that the venture may end up being depicted as the most pretentious thing a philanthropist has ever done in the media but the payoff in terms of culture and as a driver for space tourism could be amazing. Imagine *insert top hip hop artist here* relaying his/her experience to millions of fans - how could this not inspire kids to want to be a part of these extra planetary endeavors. Would Von Braun and the other early pioneers of spaceflight have decided to get into rocketry if there was no science fiction to inspire them?
  12. James Kerman

    What country are you from?

    I'm an Australian of Greek ancestry so I think I'm either a Grelian or an Australeek.
  13. James Kerman

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    I'm sure he's thinking "If only I brought my skateboard".
  14. James Kerman

    You have just bought 6 seats on the BFR luna flyby

    I chose Banksy because I thought it would be cool to see great street art, popping up around major cities, depicting scenes from the flight in an format accessible for all.
  15. James Kerman

    You have just bought 6 seats on the BFR luna flyby

    I didn't know they were still performing.