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  1. Hello and Welcome!

    Greetings and welcome to the forum, @Goran42. I'm sure you will get to the Mun. The good news is that if you make a rocket that can get to the Mun the same vessel will get you to Minmus but if you have any questions, please ask. We are a helpful and friendly group, here.
  2. Rovers are useless

    Nah, mate - it was a polar elcano - lots of messing around to get around the water (including an 8km swim to see a monolith). The viewing angle distorts it somewhat.
  3. Rovers are useless

    I beg to differ.
  4. Please NZ, get the sheep off the pad and launch the rocket. In the last month or so I have developed a severe case of launch withdrawal. I apologize for this post.
  5. Alpha Zero Chess AI

    The team at Vicarious AI that successfully used machine learning to defeat captcha's in 2013 recently revealed their methods (first published in Science) .
  6. Sorry to hear that, mate. I believe you will get a heap more performance out of the upgraded desktop.
  7. Interstellar Interloper (A/2017 U1)

    I don't mind the article but I'll wager it's not aliens.
  8. Google Picture War RELOADED

  9. To asparagus you need to add your boosters 2x2x2 instead of 6 at once (I think that's what you've done). The first tanks you want to drain and dump, make them 3. The next 2 and the last 1. You should see them draining in that order, highest to lowest. Autostrut is an automatic strut from the part you select it on to the heaviest part of your spacecraft - good for wobbly ships. Rigid attachment makes a joint between 2 parts inflexible, but is more prone to breaking. P.S. The reliant engine has no gimbal (the ability to move around a bit and assist your rocket's controllability) so I would recommend the swivel instead, even though it has a little less thrust.
  10. The figure on the left of the slash under delta v is stage dv, right of the slash is total rocket dv. Isp means the efficiency of your engine when using fuel and is measured in seconds. Isp is different for most engines, some are optimized for atmospheric conditions and some are better in a vacuum - you can find out the difference between engines in by right clicking them in the VAB or space plane hangar menu's (atm=atmosphere/vac=vacuum). For a rocket like yours I would use a Terrier as the last stage engine as it has a higher Isp (vac=345s) than the reliant you have there now (vac=310s) and it's also less than half the weight. These two factors mean you can go further with an equal amount of fuel. I can see by the KER data that you likely have a fuel problem but there is no need to use hoses as you can assign priority to whichever fuel tanks you want to drain first by using advanced tweekables. Press escape, go to settings, scroll down until you see the gameplay heading and click on advanced tweekables. Now you can right click on any fuel tank and assign it a number (highest number drains first or two tanks with the same number will drain together). The only other thing I worry about is the TWR (thrust to weight ratio). It must be greater than 1 if you are launching vertically and I have read that 1.3 to 1.4 is optimal however I've found 1.6 to 1.8 to be better for the rockets I build. Now that you are running KER you can fine tune everything and find your own optimum.
  11. In the footsteps of Mercury...

    Really nice playthrough idea, @kerbinorbiter. The history and the missions, together, nice.
  12. Can't help but be depressed with what's happening

    Firstly I think Elon Musk is a visionary and a canny businessman but I doubt he is a person who will lead humanity into paradise. In my own life I recycle, have solar power and I try to conserve energy and resources. I do my best to be a good human socially and morally although I have moments where I have found myself lacking and when I recognize it I try to improve. I realize this behavior is a drop in the ocean but enough drops can make a river or a lake. I don't fear for the future of my kids - they are happy and boisterous and I only hope that my wife and I give them a good start in life. The rest is their concern. I see the world becoming more socially aware and morally responsible as time goes on, breaking down barriers that were once the norm. I think about the usage of earth's resources this way; there are numerous energy and resource alternatives that will be utilized when things go bad, it's just that at the moment vested commercial interest has more say than idealistic individuals and organizations. This will change if or when disaster looms and I believe society will be better for it. The sooner all of humanity thinks of itself as a species (instead of nationalistic, political, racial lines) the faster things will change.
  13. What's not to Ike, also Duna (Pic Heavy)

    Somewhat. Haybo is an engineer and assists in heat management (and mining) so after a long burn on the nukes her cheeks get quite rosy. Thank you very much. I was just lucky that the challenge came up as I was prepping a less ambitious mission to Duna.
  14. Long-time lurker, new member!

    Welcome to the forum, @Anita Harrison.