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  1. James Kerman

    Hello and Welcome!

    Welcome to the forum @sturmhauke.
  2. James Kerman

    Hello there!

    Welcome to the forum, @Lilithvia. Perhaps you would also like to begin a thread in the Add On Discussions sub forum - sounds like an interesting and original mod for KSP. Also, can you mod some Beer Basted Boar Ribs into my kitchen?
  3. James Kerman

    How to set up fire alarm panel

    Do your research first, Mate - Many smoke detectors contain a radioactive element.
  4. James Kerman

    Moon is a Black Hole

    Would there be time dilation if you were orbiting above the event horizon?
  5. James Kerman


    G'day, @neokid2416.
  6. James Kerman


    Welcome to the forum, @sincorchetes. Having just googled it, I think my next holiday should be to Mallorca - what a great place to live!
  7. James Kerman

    Just joined, hello KSP community!

    Welcome to the forum, @Sticky3002. Cool wallpaper, Mate.
  8. James Kerman

    Need more time to play

    Welcome to the forum, @NBDesigns. I wake up before the wife and kids for an hour or two of uninterrupted playtime most mornings.
  9. James Kerman

    Beginner - Flea Contract?

    Welcome to the forum, @bgray43050. These type of contracts can be a little finicky to get right. Usually I will stack flea's until I get over the required altitude without adjusting thrust and then adjust the amount of fuel in only the final stage. This should allow you to fine tune final speed and altitude with more ease. I don't usually limit thrust due to gravity losses outweighing drag losses leading to a more expensive rocket.
  10. James Kerman

    Reinstate minimum ten-character limit.

    My personal feeling is that the forum should be all inclusive with regards to what members post, provided it is within the forum guidelines. "Cool" or "Yay" are emotional responses for the person who wrote them - and who hasn't been overcome by exuberance in their lifetime. I think the diversity in age, language and culture in this forum is the main reason it is considered to be "The least toxic forum on the internet" and for that moniker to hold we should be inclusive of all members, even if their contributions are not to our own personal liking.
  11. Welcome to the forum, @TheRedBaron. Just to let you know this is from the OP of the KSP weekly : Hera Reborn
  12. James Kerman

    Moon is a Black Hole

    The lyrics for many songs would become hilarious.
  13. James Kerman


    Welcome to the forum, @Mattdiction. I can't wait to see some screenshots of your new system.
  14. James Kerman


    Welcome to the forum, @Orbiter Space Program. I am a Beavis and Butthead man.
  15. James Kerman

    Guess Who Will Reply Next?

    G'day @Nailed it!?