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  1. Of course you can but please remember to make sure your content complies with our Add-On Posting Rules. If you need any help understanding how they relate to your project please feel free to personal message me and I can assist.
  2. Sorry but I'm not very technically minded. Did you get the game from steam? If so I would try verifying the game files (this will compare your install against the current version and replace any borked files). If you got the game from the KSP store I would try completely removing it then reinstalling it. https://help.steampowered.com/en/faqs/view/0C48-FCBD-DA71-93EB
  3. No problems, your issue has been moved to Tech Support PC unmodded for better visibility and we have removed your full log because big posts like that cause loading issues for the forum software. Please use a service like google drive or dropbox to upload your log and then link to it here.
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