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  1. James Kerman

    Random Science Facts Thread!

    It's going to be huge!
  2. Division F (Planetary Systems and Bioastronomy) of the International Astronomical Union (IAU) Working Group for Planetary System Nomenclature (hereafter IAU WG) has begun naming features on Ryugu:
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    Hi everyone

    Welcome to the forum, @johnmorris.
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    Ban the user above you!

  5. James Kerman

    Lunar Eclipse January 20-21 2019

    Photos or it didn't happen.
  6. James Kerman

    Rescue in LKO

    For a rendezvous I will usually get my inclination to 0.1° for a 'medium gravity' body like the Mun. This will help you later on and is good practice for when you begin docking. I make either Pe or Ap the same as my target and wait for the target to ensure a close encounter - in your example you will be at least 3.4km away from an intercept without adjustment. Once I'm within 50 - 80km of my target I set a maneuver node at the point I matched either the Ap or Pe and play around until I get the intersect within 1km (if you have matched planes you will only need to burn either prograde or retrograde to fine tune the encounter). With a fairly close orbit like yours the speed of the encounter should be around 20-30m/s but even if its higher, remember that a Kerbal EVA pack has about 500m/s Dv (quite a lot for orbital maneuvers). Once you are within 2.2km of your target, switch to it using the [ key and EVA your stranded Kerbal. At this point I look for the rescue vehicle and 'select as target'. From here on it's all about the nav ball so switch it into target mode if it isn't already. You should see a target or anti-target symbol in addition to the standard vector symbols. All you need to do is match up the target symbol with your prograde symbol and you are now headed towards the rescue vessel at the speed indicated on the top of the navball. You will need to make some small adjustments and then slow your Kerbal down when you get really close.
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    Kerman in real life.

    Welcome to the forum @Galane. Pistachios are probably not the only nuts called Kerman.
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    Science, medicine, and quackery

    My mistake, apologies.
  9. James Kerman

    Resource for example ships?

    Most of us use https://kerbalx.com/. It's a really well thought out site where most of the membership shares vessels.
  10. James Kerman

    Graphics Glitch

    Welcome to the forum, @Scorpion14. If you have the steam install you can try verifying the integrity of the game online: https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=2037-QEUH-3335
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    Hello everyone !

    Welcome to you too, @colonoscopy.
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    Minmus basics

    Just to expand on @5thHorseman's advice - The higher altitude your Ap, the slower you are going so your vessel will linger for quite a while in relatively the same spot, behind Minmus, making an encounter easier. I like to enter the sphere of influence of minmus after Kerbin apoapsis (on the way back down to kerbin) so that I can course correct at Ap. A little trick I use when performing a course correction here is to lower my engine thrust (right click on engine, reduce bar on the thrust limiter). This is a useful method whenever you want to make fine corrections.
  13. James Kerman

    Minmus basics

    When you have your vessel in low Kerbin orbit, go to map view and click on Minmus and select as target. You should see two dotted lines to minmus An (ascending node) or Dn (descending). These are the two points in your current orbit that intersect the orbital plane of minmus. If you burn for the moon at these points you should be able to intersect Minmus without a inclination burn.
  14. James Kerman

    Minmus basics

    I always burn for minmus on either the ascending or descending node. You will probably need to make your apoapsis higher than minmus and you should get an intercept. It costs about 930 Dv. When you are at kerbin AP correct your inclination (your velocity will be at its lowest and that is when an inclination burn is cheapest). As for rescue missions (in career) I use a basic pod/hitchhiker/heatshield arrangement that also fulfills the 5 man station contract requirement and either use the extra seats to level up crew or I loiter in the area to collect more stranded kerbals. My method of landing (not the most efficient) is a burn to kill most of the velocity a little earlier than a suicide burn then, at about 100m and 20-30ms, I tap shift until speed slowly decreases or X if I slow down too fast. I usually land under 1ms. One thing to remember is that if you are holding retrograde the SAS resets to stability assist under 1ms.
  15. James Kerman

    Science, medicine, and quackery

    Probably far earlier than that. It is accepted by historians that prehistoric humans must have used canoes to migrate from Sunda (now Southeast Asia) to Sahul (New Guinea and Australia) about 40,000–50,000 years ago.