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  1. Welcome to the forum @Toldzik, your question has been moved to add-on discussions - a great area to discuss mods.
  2. Welcome to the forum @goofyseeker and sorry to hear about your issue. Could you please state the operating system you are using and if you are using any mods? I do not see this behaviour in my vanilla install, it may be a video card or driver issue.
  3. Quite a few, I just did a google image search for kerbal breaking ground:
  4. Hello @KerbinSphere, your thread has been moved to add-on discussions.
  5. Hello @PiPaLiPkA, your question has been moved to add-on discussions.
  6. Hello @DareDrop, your issue has been merged into this thread for better visibility for the CKAN team.
  7. @tonimark, while it is not against the rules to request an update, so long as it is polite and non repetitive, please remember our amazing mod making community have real life responsibilities and pressures to deal with while also creating and maintaining all the great free content they make for KSP. Please be patient.
  8. Welcome to the forum @jordan3119 and congratulations on restarting your education!
  9. Hello, I will inform our support team of the broken link, please use this email address: [email protected]
  10. Some engines require specific fuel to work. Another problem you might have is that you have a decoupler or separator in between the fuel and the engine that is not set to allow cross feeding - you can fix this by right clicking on the decoupler, separator or docking port and select 'allow crossfeed'. An image of your rocket would really help with diagnosis. Also I have added an English translation to your post, a requirement we have for any content outside of the international forum as not all browsers and devices support automatic translation. [Translation] Certains moteurs nécess
  11. No need to apologise as I did not read it as rude. There is a workaround if you follow the easy instructions in this great post upthread.
  12. Welcome to the forum @Dave7060, while it's not against the forum guidelines to request an update (so long as it is polite and not repetitive) please remember that our fantastic mod making community also have real life pressures and commitments so it's best just to be patient while awaiting updates.
  13. Welcome to the forum @pijamaman5, can you tell us which fuel tanks and which engine?
  14. Welcome to the forum @xero gravity, you log post has been snipped because large posts like that cause loading issues and make the thread difficult to read for members using mobile devices. Please upload to a service like dropbox or google docs and then link to it here. We apologise for any inconvenience.
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