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  1. Biome maps help

    Another option is to use the ScanSat mod to make your own maps.
  2. Hi All Noob Here

    Greetings and welcome to the forum, @Capbo. In addition to Vanamonde's excellent guide I would recommend to any new player to install an informational mod like Kerbal engineer redux, DMagic's basic mods or mechjeb, so that you get metrics during your build and mission. This game has the steepest learning curve for a new player and if you have figures on Delta V and thrust to weight ratio in the VAB and on mission it makes it much easier to understand and correct shortfalls. It is also useful to have a Dv map of the Kerbol system (I used to add 10-25% at first, particularly if you are flying missions "by hand"). My experience was wasting a lot of fuel on my first Mun landings. At first it is best to cancel your horizontal motion before descending but understanding the concept and execution of a suicide burn is worth learning once you become more experienced (I quicksaved a lot). The game rewards patience and dedication so don't be discouraged if you fail because when you succeed it feels great.
  3. A new recruit takes to the skies

    Welcome to the forum, @Fraktal. I'm not a space-plane guy but I have read that the Mk2 Bicoupler is one of the draggiest parts in the game and the Mk2 parts are generally more difficult to work with. Luckily @AeroGav is one of the masters and has created a tutorial on the Mk2 parts:
  4. Kon'nichiwa

    greetings and welcome to the forum, @PhysicsBoy. Never.
  5. Hello!

    Greetings and welcome to the forum, @dr.phibes. While I was too young for Apollo 11, there's more grey in my beard than black and my boss believes I'm semi retired. ...I have to ask - What is puggy-sitting?
  6. Hi Everyone

    Greetings and welcome to the forum, @AngryBadger. For me the blowing up or RUD (rapid unplanned disassembly) is a feature. Don't hesitate to post questions if you have troubles - the guys and gals here are happy to flood you with information and advice.
  7. Hello everyone i'am new

    Greetings and welcome, @Grizzlitn. That's a fine looking replica.
  8. This is a bit wierd but...

    Welcome back, Mate.
  9. Help with identifying a device

    Only in Straya, Mate. As a young man I used to do east/west across the country and deliver to remote places however the unsealed roads (gravel) are generally in ok condition. Still, a deflator would have been useful because I've had to dig myself out of a bog a few times (once at 44°C) and it *ruins your day. *insert your own expletives here.
  10. Help with identifying a device

    I've been a truck driver for 20 years and never seen anything like that but it would be illegal under Australian laws (danger to pedestrians/infrastructure). I don't think they are touching the axle/rim or you would rip off the front ones as soon as you turned. My guess is that it might be an aftermarket energy recapture system - braking with strong magnets and injecting the power back in when you put your foot down however the systems I have seen have been fitted inline with the driveline. Perhaps truck training wheels?? Edit: I showed the image to a car mechanic and he disagreed and pointed out that the "struts" look too weak to be used in energy recapture.
  11. Hi

    Greetings and welcome to the forums, @RapidGrayWolf. Great to see another Aussie here, Mate.
  12. hello kerbanaughts

    Greetings and welcome to the forum, @Alex Silvermane.
  13. Hi!

    Greetings and welcome to the forum, @DfA-DoM.
  14. January 31st Lunar Eclipse Thread

    I managed to see it, but I only had my phone so the image quality is very poor. It looked way more impressive than it appears here.
  15. The Palaeobiology Thread:

    @PB666 You would not be the first person to shudder when considering my logic. The comment you quoted was simply my personal opinion (I am not well educated but I always try to learn more) and your posts have expanded my thinking, although it will take me a few days to fully understand them. @Diche Bach I know what you mean, Mate. As I've been reading about the topic I have come across many theories that seem to fly in the face of conventional thinking including, but not limited to; Australia was the cradle of humanity, the Kow swamp People artificially altered themselves (what could you do artificially that would produce the biggest teeth ever found in a hominid?) and that they regressed as a result of climate change.