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  1. More Female Defaults?

    She's not one of the originals because the devs didn't even add in female kerbals until 1.0 (at least, I think that's when they added them in, it was definitely a while ago). As soon as there were female kerbals, there was Valentina Kerman along with Jeb, Bill, and Bob. I have to say I strongly agree with the second paragraph of your post though.
  2. THE CAMWISE LOGS - "Perilune."

    I think I recall UnusualAttitude mentioning something a while ago about manually editing the part stats to balance them for RO. Presumably that's what's going on here.
  3. More Female Defaults?

    No... What would be the point? Valentina Kerman has an orange suit like the others. The kerbals at the beginning of the game have always had orange suits. Why would that change?
  4. Which set of buildings do you click on to launch a ship?

    Generally I actually start with the tracking station. I have to make sure everything is aligned right for each launch. Then I'll design the vehicle to the specifications I need in the VAB, go back to the tracking station to fine-tune the timewarping, and then click the launch pad to launch.
  5. More Female Defaults?

    Mae after Mae Jemison? I think this is actually my favourite suggestion so far in this thread. Though I also strongly agree with Sally Kerman after Sally Ride.
  6. More Female Defaults?

    I agree. On both the concept and the name suggestions.
  7. What should I try and do next?

    You could always look through the forums or youtube for some inspiration. I suggest learning how to dock or how to build rovers though, those are important skills.
  8. Exploring New Horizons

    I do have radiation turned on. I haven't actually had any trouble with Sonnah's magnetic field yet though; the regions of strong radiation are mostly not where I've needed to fly yet. And anyway, Sonnah isn't too large a gas giant. I'm sure when I go to Jool I'll have more difficulty with the magnetic fields. As for the mission time for Serran 6, I've actually forgotten. I think it was about 14 or 15 days (measured in stock days, though the rescale doubles the length of days everywhere) but I'm not 100% sure. I'll start keeping track of mission duration better in future though.
  9. Mavnor Space Solutions

    Just wondering, if this is meant to be for probe-based exploration only, why the cupolas? Is it just to satisfy contract requirements?
  10. That's very true. Though I was responding to the idea that this thread has to be stock-exclusive; there's nothing in the original post to indicate that it does, and with something focused on aesthetics there's no reason to exclude mods unless it's a "how good can you make things look with only stock parts" thread.
  11. Absolutely nowhere does it say that these construction techniques have to be stock.
  12. Kerbin's Radius

    Doesn't the information tab in map view contain data like the equatorial radius? I'm pretty sure that kind of stuff is pretty easily available in-game.
  13. [1.3.1] Kerbal Inventory System (KIS) v1.9

    Huh, I'd always thought it was KAS that added that. Now I see why they're separate mods.
  14. [1.3.1] Kerbal Inventory System (KIS) v1.9

    Well, what can you do with just Kerbal Inventory System? The only practical use of it I can think of for the inventories without being able to actually place parts into the world is the EVA fuel pack (unless I'm thinking of a different mod that adds those), but I'm not sure it's worth having the whole mod just for those.
  15. [1.3.1] Kerbal Inventory System (KIS) v1.9

    There's some in-game documentation in the form of an in-game book which can be used by kerbals. Using Kerbal Attachment System (without which Kerbal Inventory System is fairly pointless) is fairly intuitive though. You simply equip a tool in a kerbal's inventory by pressing the slot number, and then drag other items out of inventories to place them in the world (attaching them involves a few different keys, but they are easy to learn as they will be displayed in text on the screen when you have the option to attach things). As for how to put KIS things in a vessel, follow these steps: Understand that you are not attempting to attach a tool onto a vessel, but are instead trying to put it in an inventory. This distinction is important. Right click on either a crewed crew container (there must be a kerbal in there) or a KIS/KAS storage container (the mod adds several of these; they can be attached to a vessel like any other part). There should be a button that lets you access the inventory. If a crew container, the button will be something like "seat 0 inventory" (the number of seats start counting from zero so if your engineer is in the third slot in a Mk1-2 command pod, their inventory will be "seat 2 inventory"). Click that button. You should see an interface with several slots open up. Click and drag items from the editor into the inventory interface. You can do this with just about any items so long as they are able to fit in the inventory in question.