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  1. By far my favourite is 4x scale. Using stock-balanced or slightly-better-than-stock parts, I always end up with realistic-looking rockets because of the extended fuel costs. And it can often be quite challenging to design effective launch vehicles for 4x scale. I still have yet to create a rocket SSTO that functions at 4x scale, but I suspect that Nertea's new nuclear aerospikes (from the Kerbal Atomics mod specifically) will help with that.
  2. Impact tolerance mostly seems to be based on landing speed. Are you really trying to land boosters at more than about 12m/s? I usually save a bit of fuel if I'm planning on landing a booster, and use that to slow it almost to a halt right before landing even if I'm using parachutes too.
  3. Using wings as landing legs is a nice way around this.
  4. @SLAMOVNIK989 I get the feeling you didn't quite read the challenge parameters properly. This challenge is supposed to be done from the beginning of a career mode game. It's impossible to make a spaceplane with the technology available at the beginning of a career mode game without a single launch.
  5. @qzgy Something tells me that that shuttle is a little too large for such a small base. Maybe slightly overengineered. Looks good though.
  6. It's not criticism as such. The issue with you as a mod maker using 0.90 is that if your mod is good people will want to play it, but very few people still play version 0.90. I would advise doing any modmaking for the current latest release (in this case, 1.3) because firstly you will have a vastly greater audience for your mod than if you continue to use 0.90 (in fact, I suspect that if you continue to develop a mod for such an outdated version you might be the only person to ever use it), and secondly it will mean that you won't get anyone complaining at you for your mod not being up to date. Of course, none of this matters if your mod is only intended for personal use, but even then I don't see why you'd be using 0.90 due to the enormous improvements made to the game in more recent versions (not least the major improvements in performance). Even if the mod you plan to make is simply for personal use, you're unlikely to find anyone willing to help you for a far outdated version of the game (as CatastrophicFailure said) simply because everyone else has moved on. People who are capable of answering questions like yours are almost guaranteed to prioritize helping everyone who is making mods for the current game version before helping someone who is still using the game as it was 2 years ago. In short, if you want to make a mod for public use you'll be wasting your time by making it for version 0.90, and if you're making it for personal use you'd be better off upgrading to version 1.3 anyway.
  7. @Hotaru was that a nuclear lightbulb engine on that lander? It's a good job KSP doesn't model radiation, or your kerbals definitely wouldn't've been so lucky.
  8. @luizopiloto Those are some brilliant designs. Very fun to watch. And that helicopter was incredibly clever, though evidently somewhat difficult to accurately pilot. I really feel like I should make some spacecraft recovery vehicles like that some time, though perhaps not a helicopter (I think that's a bit beyond my engineering capabilities).
  9. Isn't that a stock option under the actuation toggles options?
  10. The space shuttle was powered by fuel cells. And the plane parts in KSP are designed with spaceplanes in mind. So which is really unrealistic, having fuel cells on a spaceplane like the space shuttle had, or having a little windmill on a stick that projects out of the fuselage?
  11. A service bay can hold a couple of Oscar-B tanks (though really just one is usually plenty) and a couple of fuel cells, and it really doesn't make a huge difference to the center of mass. Fuel cells are also nice for spaceplanes actually; when solar panels are impractical a fuel cell setup usually doesn't take up too much room in the cargo bay (assuming there is one, but most spaceplanes have one). And it works during atmospheric flight as well as it does in space, which is another reason why I like them on spaceplanes in particular.
  12. Service bay. Or a cargo bay (and if people are willing to use mods to add a ram air turbine, I know there are mods which add Mk1 cargo bays). But anyway, I wasn't trying to criticize the idea of a ram air turbine - I do like the idea - I was just mentioning a stock alternative that's perfectly good for some situations, and is even better in other situations (like outside of an atmosphere).
  13. It is not at all. The spacecraft (my Zephyr spacecraft) is mostly Soyuz-inspired (and I used that capsule mostly for convenience), but the launch vehicle is one of several variants and I only realized it resembles the Long March rocket when someone pointed it out earlier. It's the only variant of that rocket which looks so similar to Long March, and it's just an odd coincidence that that was the variant which had the right payload capacity for my Zephyr spacecraft. The post with all of the rocket variants is here if you're curious; it's probably fairly clear from the Quicksilver 3 variants how I arrived at that particular rocket design.
  14. I think the question now is "how far can you go with the other three launches?"
  15. No tweakscale or procedural parts. SpaceY is pretty good for gargantuan rockets. I have a lot of options with the mod set I'm using, so I should be fine. And anyway, I'm very used to getting payloads into orbit at this scale. I know how to do it fairly well by now. I do have a couple of questions regarding balance. Most of the mods I have installed are reasonably close to stock-balance because I feel like that's about the right level of balance for a 4x rescale. However, there's a few things I'm not sure would be allowed: Is it acceptable to use hydrogen-fueled cryogenic engines with Isp usually in the 400s (keeping in mind that the hydrogen tanks require power)? Is it okay to use nuclear engines even though the stock nuclear engine has been rebalanced to run on hydrogen (again with tanks which require energy) and now have an Isp of 900s instead of 800s? I have Near Future Propulsion installed, which adds a lot of electric engines with varying balance. Is it fine to use ion engines with slightly better Isp than the stock ones due to the high requirements of this rescale, or should I stick with just the stock ions if I go that route? Is it okay to use MechJeb for a) everything or b) only information? I can fly manually if I have to but generally large vehicles are painfully laggy (less than 1fps with a few hundred parts sometimes) so I prefer not to if I can avoid it. And if autopilots aren't okay I would at least like the ability to use the information readouts. It strikes me that this is more of an engineering challenge than a piloting challenge so I assume MechJeb is fine, but I'd like to clarify that rather than do the challenge only to discover that it wasn't okay to use the mod.