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  1. Exploring New Horizons

    I'm glad you're enjoying this thread. It's a very fun system to play, particularly with my mod set and tuned-down reaction wheels.
  2. Post Your Satellite Designs

    Here's a couple of my latest ones: This first one is a fairly simple orbiter. It just has a gravioli detector on board for a contract. Not the most useful satellite, but it looks nice. This one's more complicated. It may look like a simple orbiter at first... But it actually has two parts. I'm particularly pleased with the lander portion, it worked quite well for its simple purpose.
  3. What did you do in KSP today?

    I launched a couple of interesting space probes in the New Horizons system. Details can be found here.
  4. Exploring New Horizons

    Part 5 Athena 2 A1 This is the first module of the new Athena 2 space station. This launch will send up the A1 module, which includes power and propellant storage as well as the station avionics. Graviton 1 Graviton 1 is a simple satellite designed to study Kerbin's gravitational field. It is launched on an Aptur-F rocket, and is probably the last payload to be launched on this type of rocket as the technology is becoming outdated. Small Step 1 It is finally time for the first landing on another celestial body. Small Step 1 is a two-part spacecraft, consisting of an orbiter and a lander, that will gather the first close-up science data from Aptur. It is launched on a Titanus 1 rocket.
  5. Mavnor Space Solutions

    I've used it a little in the past, but with my current set of mods I prefer to transmit data directly back to Kerbin. Communications networks aren't really doable in the same way stock ones are (you have high-gain or low-gain antennae, high-gain always point directly at Kerbin and low-gain are inter-vessel communication but also very short-range) so my science gathering is, for practicality purposes, limited to either direct transmission or to sample returns. Also, Eve is a good place to test atmospheric drop probes, although the mission specification can be somewhat different as you can land them on Eve and won't lose them as soon as they reach zero altitude. You could probably get a good approximation of Jool's entry velocity by dropping a probe into Eve's atmosphere at the periapsis of an extremely-eccentric orbit so you can get an idea of just how well it will last.
  6. Mavnor Space Solutions

    If you're looking for complicated missions, a nice kind of space probe for later in the game (when you can go interplanetary) is a Jool orbiter with atmospheric probe. It takes a bit of planning, because you'll want to make sure the atmospheric probe drops into the Joolian atmosphere at a point when it has a connection to the orbiter and the orbiter has a connection to Kerbin so you can use the orbiter as a relay satellite to send back the data. It's also quite fun, although if you're impatient you won't like waiting as the atmospheric probe falls through Jool. I've been looking into designing a similar atmospheric probe for my current playthrough (though that's modded and I can get to a gas giant a lot sooner than a stock game since Kerbin orbits one) and overcoming the challenges is taking some effort (it's tougher than it usually is for me to design a space probe). Getting the probe to last long enough as it falls through the atmosphere to transmit data from both the upper and lower atmospheric regions is one of the bigger challenges (though I'm using Kerbalism so transmission is slower, it's probably fine with the stock antenna system).
  7. Mavnor Space Solutions

    Nice ideas. I sometimes feel like there aren't quite enough uncrewed spacecraft around the forums (at least, ones which are designed to be just as versatile as crewed spacecraft). I particularly like that rover lander vehicle with the science return pod. I don't remember the last time I saw a spacecraft like that (uncrewed surface sample return vehicle) that wasn't either a replica of something real, or one of my own designs.
  8. Rune's Slightly Used Vehicles

    I very much suspect we'll be seeing more similar vehicles. Which I'm definitely looking forward to, since just this one is a nice-looking (and evidently very effective) addition to your spacecraft portfolio. I particularly like how you've used a lot of small aerospikes to form essentially one big aerospike. The base does look somewhat outsized (what is it, like at least 8 meters in diameter?) but I don't think that takes away from the overall appearance.
  9. Have you seen those small decoupler struts that vaguely resemble wing parts (I can't remember what they're called but they're not hard to find)? Stick the landing gear on those and just disable the decouplers.
  10. What did you do in KSP today?

    I got a crash at a fairly inconvenient moment. At least I'd quicksaved just before, and I think it was just a memory crash because I know the mods I have are working mostly fine. Good news is I got several flights done so I'll have an update ready tomorrow (after I finish the flight I got the crash in the middle of).
  11. What planets have you made it to?

    My first interplanetary journey was actually not to a stock planet, it was to Asclepius and its moon. By default, Asclepius is in a closer orbit to Kerbin than Duna is, making it slightly easier to get to (though landing there presents some unique challenge). Since then I've gone to every stock celestial body at least once, and quite a few modded ones too. I'm working on New Horizons now (with Asclepius added in now it's been brought up to date) and there are quite a few very interesting planets and moons in that planet pack.
  12. What do kerbals do with their dead?

    Viking-style funeral. Except instead of a boat it's a rocket. And instead of igniting it with a flaming arrow they just throw the whole thing into the sun.
  13. All the M3V stuff is looking great so far. I particularly like how you mounted the Twitch engines inside those air intakes - I've done that kind of thing before for vernier thrusters on SRM launch vehicles (four of them at the bottom of the first stage with a small liquid tank, tuned so they burn out at the same time) but I don't think I've seen anyone else using that little design trick before. They're quite fitting on that Armadillo lander; it reminds me somewhat of the engines on the Dragon 2 spacecraft.
  14. Rune's Slightly Used Vehicles

    Glad to see you're back.
  15. What did you do in KSP today?

    There's a little black square with an "i" in it in the post editor right next to the spoiler button (the eye). Click it and it'll ask for the album code. That's the 6 or 7 characters at the end of an imgur url. As for embedding individual images, right click the image and click "open image in new tab" (make sure not to click "open link in new tab", that won't work) and then copypaste the url of the new tab.