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  1. A nice general design is one engine with a fuel tank smaller than the diameter of the crew pod, plus a bunch of small radially attached drop tanks feeding into each other and then finally into the main tank. If you can fit the radial tanks into a fairing with a large heat shield at the bottom for entry, it works pretty nicely for various capsule sizes.
  2. Tired of hearing about Saturn C-8. What I want to know is when are we going to get autorotation Apollo? This is a joke, to clarify.
  3. The RTGs look excellent from all I've seen. Hows development on the reactors going?
  4. As requested: I'm extremely impressed by the detailing on the Saturn I. From here you almost can't tell that this isn't the usual payload. Engine failures not included. Ah yes, my favourite spacecraft, "Apollo". This was actually surprisingly well-balanced for launching TKS.
  5. How do you all feel about Apollo-Proton? I've still not fully figured out the complete Apollo build with all greebles included, but I'm very impressed so far by this revamp.
  6. Behold! I had to create some sort of monstrosity for my first time testing out the experimental Saturn parts, so here's Saturn-Able.
  7. For launching directly to Mun, you'll want to do a test flight first where you launch directly to an apoapsis at the Mun's orbital altitude. Next, figure out the approximate angle between your apoapsis on this flight and the Mun's actual position when you reach apoapsis, and then revert and adjust your time of launch so that the actual launch happens at the right position. It's not an overwhelmingly elegant method but it at least works, provided your piloting is consistent.
  8. Is there likely to be a final release of TantaresLV with the 1.5m rescale patch included? Asking not to push for an update, but because if there won't be a release then I'll write up a quick guide for anyone who wants to update the rescale patch manually.
  9. I started a new RP-1 playthrough yesterday and decided to finally learn how to make aircraft in Realism Overhaul. Pictured above is Bee 1, my first successful experimental aircraft. Not useful for much, but taught me a lot about aircraft design. Once I knew how to make a plane, I decided to make one that can break the sound barrier. The Bee 2 completed that task flawlessly, after being air-launched at 5km. I overshot the runway a bit, but landed successfully regardless. I'm very pleased with how my planes have turned out so far, they fly extremely well.
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