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  1. Lunokhod is looking excellent. I've been hoping to see this for a while. By the way, I think you forgot to include the rescale patch I tracked down the other day in the latest TantaresLV release.
  2. Exploration of Minmus has begun. Though it lies within the orbit of the Mun, its lower gravity and higher inclination have made it difficult to accurately plan trajectories to reach it. However, new upgrades to our facilities and technology have now enabled proper exploration of Kerbin's inner satellite. Metis 1 is based on the design of Muna 3. It was intended to be a flyby mission, but the on-board thrusters allowed it to capture in orbit of Minmus. It will spend around 100 days in a highly elliptical orbit, to perform studies at a variety of different altitudes, before circularizi
  3. Landed another probe in the Muna series, this time in the Voronoi Craters.
  4. Launch of Muna 7 (with a new visual config setup for screenshots). Muna 7 is a mapping satellite. The first two Mun landers targeted regions where different terrain could be determined visually with Kerbin-based telescopes, but future missions will require more detailed mapping of the Munar regolith. Muna 7 successfully reached orbit of the Mun on 262/07. The mapping process can now commence.
  5. I see, though this solution seems to rather defeat the point. Additionally, I am using Parallax 1.2.0, so surely I should have access to its collision system. Though of course I understand that the mod is fairly new. EDIT: I realize now that it may be possible that modded landing gear don't work yet; if the Parallax system only works for wheels and landing gear, then perhaps it hasn't been configured for modded ones yet...
  6. This rocket carries a major payload: Muna 5, the second spacecraft to attempt to land on the Mun (its predecessor, Muna 4, had a first stage engine failure during launch, resulting in an inability to reach orbit of Kerbin). The lander itself can be observed here, atop its transfer stage. It was the most advanced design that could be made with current technology and payload limitations. Preparing for descent, after waiting in Munar orbit until the Kerbin-facing side was in daylight. Duna, Moho, Lindor, Eve, and Jool can all be seen in the distance here. Each of them shall be
  7. Launch of Muna 3, the third space probe to aim at the Mun and the second to attempt an orbit. The mission was a perfect success. I'm quite proud of this; I did it in JNSQ with Principia. N-body dynamics make things very interesting.
  8. That is good to know. I'll test this out, I've been hoping to see Parallax for JNSQ ever since Parallax was first announced.
  9. Launch of the Tarkovsky 1 mapping satellite. With access only to rudimentary transmission technology, the satellite records images on film, which have to be recovered. This is also the first test of a recovery from orbit. After successful recovery of the film capsule, a range of images were recovered, from which we have been able to piece together a low-quality photographic map of Kerbin. EDIT: not strictly in KSP, but relevant to this mission: I just made a mission poster for it.
  10. How are you dealing with Parallax settings for stock KSP? Are you adapting them at all or just leaving them as-is? I don't know much about how Parallax works, but from the thread it sounds like scaled-up versions of stock bodies may lose quality in the textures, and I would also worry about odd bugs with the way JNSQ changes the shape of many celestials (with the most notable one I can think of being Minmus) - though I have no idea how changes in shape would affect the way the configs actually get applied.
  11. Oh, this is good to see, I look forward to seeing how it develops. I take it parts are likely to be scaled according to Tantares standard diameters? Also, will there be Simple Adjustable Fairings integration for the mod?
  12. I am trying to patch every part which has both command capabilities and electric charge (which is likely to be all command parts) to have 1000 times as much electric charge, because I do not enjoy my early-game spacecraft running out of power after only a couple of hours in orbit. The patch I have written looks like this: Something is clearly wrong with it, because it doesn't work, but I can't figure out where I've gone wrong with the syntax. Some assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Update: Some of the edited parts appear to show the part switch buttons, but don't actually change the part model when clicked. The engines appear to lack these. Additionally, I encountered this error during game loading: Presumably the issue is due to the transform names being incorrect, since you say the alternate models still exist. EDIT: The issue was not the transform names, it was the fact that at some point, TantaresLV renamed the "Parts" folder to "parts" instead. Changing the case fixes the patch.
  14. I looked at when that wiki page was created, and went to the latest version of TantaresLV that existed before it was created: the 1.8.X version. The patch exists in that version. I will test that immediately and get back to you on whether it still functions as expected in 1.11.1.
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