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  1. I see the design philosophy of using the LM pressure vessel for as many unintended applications as possible has finally reached its limit.
  2. That doesn't seem especially practical. While I'm not sure exactly what this approach would entail, modifications to the orbital module would not be sufficient. The return module would need to be significantly altered because the connection between the two modules is smaller than the docking system (unlike the Apollo MkIII from Eyes Turned Skyward, which has a similar module layout but builds upon the fact that the Apollo spacecraft already has a docking system without the orbital module). Alternatively, the required alterations to the return module could be minimized by designing a smaller and more complex docking system, and reworking the orbital module to use this alternative docking system instead. The changes needed are so extensive that you'd really be better off just designing a new spacecraft if this capability is desired.
  3. It's clear that that mission profile image was not designed by someone who understands the capabilities of the Soyuz spacecraft. The orbital module cannot simply remain docked to a space station as an extension of the habitable space because the hatch between the orbital module and the return module is attached to the return module; when the orbital module is jettisoned before re-entry, it is no longer a complete pressure vessel. The Shenzhou spacecraft used by the PRC does have the ability for the orbital module to operate independently, but Shenzhou is not Soyuz.
  4. Found a bug: with Principia, the rings of Uranus are at the wrong inclinations compared to its moons. EDIT: I have been informed that the rings are not from RSS. As far as I can tell they're from Zilti's RSSExpanded, and because of that I'm not sure at all how to find out about getting the rings fixed.
  5. Agena was not 2.66 meters in diameter, it was 1.5 meters. The BDB scale is at least as close as it is possible to get to being correct to a 0.64x scaling factor while only using standard KSP sizes. EDIT: I had not seen the earlier discussion about wide-body Agena.
  6. Those last two on the right are monumentally cursed. I never thought I'd see Titan/Delta versions of SRB-X. How well do these all perform?
  7. @GoldForest Very nice monstrosity you have there. I do wonder though, why not attach the boosters to the lowest part of the rocket, so that they're partially occluded below the wider cylinder, to minimize drag?
  8. I definitely recall a few proposals of Apollos with landing stages being discussed here a little while back. It'd be a cool thing to see if there's any interest in actually putting it in game.
  9. @CobaltWolf If you had told me that that LRV is an official NASA render, and not something you've made in your free time for a video game mod, I would believe that. This mod consistently has an impressive amount of detail but even with that considered, the LRV exceeds expectations.
  10. @Zorg Is that the independently-launched Apollo Telescope Mount I see there? Or is it just a temporary kitbash for now?
  11. I think the fix is a huge improvement. Even though the previous clipping didn't affect the collider, it's still better for parts to not be visually clipping.
  12. Looking very nice. But of course the real question is "when are we getting the lunar worm?" (In case it's not apparent, this is a joke.)
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