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  1. I use Restock and Restock+, both because I like them and because they make the aesthetic of stock parts more coherent when combined with the Near Future mods. Ultimately, Restock alone doesn't make much of a difference to the balancing of stock parts, but Restock+ does introduce additional parts to the tech tree, and these will be included. I have no plans to also integrate Ven's Stock Revamp.
  2. The tech tree as it currently stands looks like this. Much of the general structure of the branches is likely to remain consistent to where it is right now. Likely subject to the most changes will be the science branch (since I am not fully satisfied with the solution of putting all science parts in a single branch of the tech tree, but I have yet to decide upon an alternative that I prefer), and the aircraft branches (since I am not yet confident in my abilities to properly balance aircraft parts. Many nodes that are parallel in this version of the tech tree will likely not be parallel i
  3. An update on development progress: I would estimate that anywhere between 5% and 15% of the tech tree structure is complete, including most of the parts that fit in those nodes having been moved there. The reason for the uncertainty is that the complexity of the tech tree increases at later tiers (because there are more different kinds of technology available), but I am unsure to what extent the complexity will increase further as planning and development goes on. Additionally, I have done next to no planning of the aviation section of the tech tree (aside from some aerodynamics-related nodes
  4. I will be streaming some early development playtesting at around 8pm GMT, on my Twitch channel (https://www.twitch.tv/septemberwaves). Playtesting at this stage consists predominantly of just running a career playthrough with many of the major mods, but without any changes from the modpack itself, so that I can get a clear impression of what changes need to be made and take notes to that effect. EDIT: No longer live.
  5. Good to know. Thanks for the quick answers.
  6. So just the subforum in general rather than any particular thread? I do not have a mission thread. I do have a thread for the modpack I am putting together; what I am considering streaming is some of the playtesting I am doing for that modpack, so presumably that counts.
  7. Is there a subforum for announcing a Twitch stream?
  8. Ah, I see. Even so, I don't think "colonization" is really within the range of technology I want my tech tree to cover. Extensive surface bases, yes; colony-scale, not so much.
  9. If by "colonization" you mean Modular Kolonization Systems and the other USI mods, those will not be supported by this pack. There are simply other mods that I prefer for everything that the USI series does (besides the aspects of it that are beyond the technological range I intend to cover, such as FTT and the warp drive). Additionally, since they are designed specifically for use with USI Life Support, they would most likely be more difficult than most mods to properly integrate with Kerbalism.
  10. Overview As the name implies, the purpose of this project is to overhaul the game's progression. Essentially what I intend to create is a coherent modpack, with a sensible progression and a level of difficulty somewhere in between the stock game and Realism Overhaul. My target audience is players who are fairly experienced with the game and would like more of a challenge than the stock career game offers, but either don't like the extent to which RO changes things, or simply don't have the patience for RP-1. Initially what inspired me to do this was the fact that, when playing with l
  11. @Okhin Have you heard of a mod called Near Future Solar? It's by the same developer as the station parts mod you are using; it tends to be quite helpful for making spacecraft with fewer than a hundred parts used for solar power.
  12. The other day I launched some relay satellites into stationary orbits of Kerbin.
  13. I have a few from some recent missions I did after installing some visual mods.
  14. I send probes first so that I never have to answer this question.
  15. I optimise my rockets to fly with MechJeb's autopilot without manual input (at least as much as I can avoid it); I determine the maximum payload by first experimentally determining the required delta-v to launch the rocket into the desired parking orbit (which can vary somewhat depending both on the target orbit altitude and the design of the rocket, as well as the ascent trajectory used), and then using that as a basis to adjust the NRAP test weight (with smallest increments of 100kg) until the excess delta-v (whatever is left above the number I determined previously) is within 10 to 20m/s ab
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