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  1. Can I get my name changed from X1machinemaker1X to Machine Maker?
  2. So I updated TweakScale and loaded KSP to play in a save I last played a few months ago and got that "Houston, We have a problem" message. Here is my KSP.log in a gist. Any help either fixing this or making sure this doesn't corrupt my save.
  3. So is there any way to make mechjeb take staging into account when executing maneuvers? Say I have a stage that will burn for 23 more seconds with 500 dV but the maneuver requires 800 (they have different TWR). Currently MechJeb only uses the current stage when calculating how far ahead of the node to start the burn. Id like to have it take into account the time that stage will burn for, and if its lower than the burn time, take into account the second stage.
  4. So it seems like I can still use SAS to move my ship even if I have no connection. Am I missing a setting? Using rt version 1.8.11 for ksp 1.4.3 Other things like toggle experiments correctly inform me that I dont have a connection so I cannot send that command
  5. I changed the default profile for all the experiments to alert me if they were not maxed out. Do I need to reload the game for those changes to take effect? Im not getting an option to use an experiment even though x science shows its not maxed.
  6. is the latest version compatible with ksp 1.4.x? or should I download the 1.4 release? well apparently I cant read. lol nvm.
  7. Is this mod backwards compatible with KSP 1.4 version? In general, are updates for newer mod versions compatible with previous versions?
  8. Can I get some more information on the SCANsat integration? I've just got a small probe with a thermometer and a barometer on board. When I enable SCANsat integration, the experiments don't show up in the available experiments. But when I disable the integration the experiments show up. This is literally the first thing I put on the launchpad so I haven't done anything with SCANsat yet. (It is installed)
  9. So the link to the updated KJR goes to a repository that is not found. Any other way to get the updated KJR?
  10. Yeah that doesn't show up either. There is no way for me to set a target. I tried completely deleting the Kerbal Space Program folder from my steamapps folder and reinstalling and it STILL does not let me set a planet to target or focus using double click. Do I have to be in orbit to set a target or change focus? I am just testing using a command pod on the launchpad and going to map view.
  11. In map mode (not the tracking station), I cannot focus on other plants/moons. I zoom out and double-click on another planet and nothing happens. Now, if I click on the Sun, the focus changes to that and If I am able to click on the planet mass NOT the circle icon that labels the planet, the focus changes. NOTE: I can also use TAB/SHIFT+TAB to change focus to all planets/moons.