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  1. Haha, look cool! But not what I initially had in mind. Shows though that what I said is correct. It's possible, but a pain to do.
  2. Oh and @blackheart612 to add up on my previous messages, great uses would be cargo aircraft. I forgot to mention the possible uses for such huge fuselages. A 3.75 m Hull is big, but sometimes not quite big enough. An example: I want to build a base on the south pole. Some parts for bases are simply too big transport in an aircraft. Lift is not an issue, as the modular wing pieces in this mod allow you to build wing for heavy-duty purposes. Size 3 would be 3.75, size 4 would be 5 meters, and size 5, the largest of the bunch, and impressive 6.5 meters or something like that... Makes transporting proper base pieces over atmospheric planets much easier. Or passenger aircraft with a huge capacity. Just an idea though so I don't expect you to do anything with it... Keep up the great work by the way, still love the mod! Stay healthy as well during these times.
  3. Oh I know, but I'm pretty sure they that pack does not have a passenger cabin... Size 4 is nowhere to be seen though. So I think it might make a nice addition.
  4. Hi, I've recently started playing KSP again xD... Anyway, on topic. Do you have potential plans for size 3 and size 4 airframe parts? Size 2 is amazing, but there are bigger things available... Size 4 should be max though... Absolutely gigantic compared to size 2 in my imagination. Cheers
  5. I have discovered a bug with the modular cap pieces, they won't change color. They are stuck at Stockalike Yellow. I also noticed that the wheels have near zero suspension travel, they've got too little. Making the vehicle unstable on weird KSP terrain. Lowering spring stiffness seems to reduce friction somehow as well. My only suggestion so far is to give the wheels a bit more suspension travel so they suspend properly. For the rest, this mod is near perfect, along with your Airplane Plus mod. Question; is the hitch supposed to have rotational movement around two axes? I attempted to make a semi truck that uses them in fifth-wheel and kingpin fashion. I succeeded, but there was no bending. Another Question; are there more colors planned? Like red or blue? Keep up the good work!
  6. Hey, I really like the slats, flaps & spoilers. You have outdone yourself again! Now if I could just get me some new memory cards I would be able to play this mod with a decent FPS. (I have loads of mods and my older memory cards broke down) Fly safe!
  7. Oh I certainly don't mean push you, take your time. About the Turbo-Fan engines, I really don't care what type of Turbo-Fan it is, I'm just getting tired of using the same ol' gigantic turbofan of the game for every aircraft I build. Once again, take your time. People work best at their own phase.
  8. Oh hey, Here is the reproduction method: Go to the spaceplane hangar to build an aircraft. Then you select the size 2 passenger fuselage, build two of them in-line of each other. (Not rotating them) Then you go over to the info panel. There will be a red thing saying "Hatch Obstructed". And by the way, good that you mentioned that, I'll have a look whether my kerbals can transfer between the fuselage pieces or not. Also, what do think about my suggestions? Just curious. Fly safe!
  9. Hey! I have used your mod for a while now, and I gotta admit, you have some serious skills hidden in there. However, I would like to suggest a few parts. RPM (RasterPropMonitor) Support. Size 3 fuselage pieces. Which includes: Passenger fuselage. Cargo fuselage. Door fuselage. (prefeably the door on both sides.) Cockpit Size 2 door fuselage. (I know there's already one in this pack, but that one has the door only on one side. A few more Turbo-Fan engines. (Why not?) Also, I have noticed a rather annoying incident with the size 2 passenger fuselage this mod adds. If you place two passenger fuselage pieces in-line with each other, the game will tell you that a hatch is obstructed. I think this is due to the hatch only being on one end of the fuselage. If you fix this, It would make my kerbals a bit happier. I wish I could make this stuff myself, but I don't have the experience necessary to make good looking models. I wish you a lot of luck with your flaps and slats, and fly safe!
  10. Oh okay. I read the entire thread looking for clues, but couldn't find any. Now I have though!
  11. is it me, or are these amazing looking mods not fully working with KSP version 1.2.2?
  12. This mod is amazing. One thing though, can you make KC-8 Passenger cabins without doors? and one that has doors on both sides? that would be awesome. I repeat, this mod is amazing!
  13. Yeah, when I do that, I can't attach any MK3, MK2, MK1 part radially onto the bottom floor.
  14. Hey! I want to make a A380 like aircraft but there seems to be no way on how you can place a MK3 Passenger Cabin on top of a MK3 Passenger Cabin. Does anyone know how I can make a A380? Thank you!
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