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  1. I believe this is more a KK bug since once something has saved, it can break stuff and even reset some values (like the color). I will try and see what's going on.
  2. Hi all! A new update is available to add a few small tweaks! Version 0.5 includes the following: Updated to KSP 1.12.x Added a shroud option to the XGX-62 Vacuum Engine (Disabled by default) Moved interstage node lower Updated Craft files Download the mod through GitHub or SpaceDock! Happy launches!
  3. Awesome!!!!! And yes, it is a bug. Will be available in the next update! (Forgot it was still missing).
  4. Hello! BACKUP YOUR SAVE BEFORE INSTALLING!!!!!!! This version will hopefully not break your save. Make sure to retire any Gojira craft before you do! Today, I have released V6.0! This version will sadly see the move to fully deprecating the Gojira fleet. I see no motivation to continue this ship and thereby retire it. Luckily, @Kari has made their own awesome Starship! You can find more details here: @EritoKaio has also made their own version of Starship which also utilizes the Tundra plugin for the flaps and raptor engines! Tundra Exploration will continue to be a Falcon an Dragon family only mod. Happy landings!
  5. Interesting.. For me it downloads right away.. Does this happen with just the latest version or all of them? Use the autostrut function to make it more stable. You could also download KJR to make things stronger.
  6. Could be that your craft is a little bit heavy on fuel. Another reason could be is that KSP is just really limited to what legs can do. And so far I haven't really been able to find a good fix for them.
  7. The mod is balanced to work in 2.7x scale. Meanwhile, @SofieBrink has found some major weight problems with some of the parts. We will investigate those and hopefully get a better performing rocket!
  8. Planned! I usually keep 1800m/s in the first stage for my RTLS landing. You can do it with much less but I like manual landings! Then just aim with the trajectories mod and boom!
  9. Updated the version file so things should work fine on CKAN for 1.8 up to 1.12!
  10. Updated Kerbal Reusability Expansion with the following fix (Thanks @Natokerbal) : Version 2.9.2: - Increased crash tolerance on grid fins - Updated to 1.12.x A few new parts are planned and will be shown at some point soon. Happy launches!
  11. I'm back!! After a long break it is time to work on TE again! First of all, many thanks to @Karin for making the Starship as a standalone mod. It has been my intention to do it as well but after many years of working on it I didn't felt the motivation to revamp it another time. That said, I will slowly remove Starship from TE. But don't worry, I won't remove it right away. It will take some mods for many of you to switch over and wait for Kari to finish their mod first. Secondly, I have a new update! TE v5.1 has been released with a few minor changes: Version 5.1.0 - Updated Real_names.cfg - SH RCS Switchable between cold and hot gas - Added Variant to disable TopBase SL Raptor - Added Variant to disable TopBase VAC Raptor - Added toggle engine action for Ghidorah Octopus engine Lastly, I want to thank you all for continuing the support in this mod. Been modding for almost 4 years and I hope I can do it for many years to come! I have updated my roadmap with new and exciting projects I will be working on in the coming weeks/months. Happy launches!
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