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  1. Does Sinkemall and moist work togehter or do i don´t need sinkemall if moist is installed?! Underwater Technologies
  2. Collision Fx is one of the mods i like, specially for the landing gear touchdown sounds (sadly not compatible with 1.5.1)
  3. ah.... ok did not know that.... So the doubled entry in right click part menu for open/close intake air is normal? so that means i could use jet engines in space? propelling them with gas instead of air..... but wich gas and how to get that kind of gas? ( little confused)
  4. @linuxgurugamer Iam on a windows 10 system. i have multiple ksp installations. if i would execute the provided .bat file that copies over the models for the fuel tanks, would this affect all installations or only the one where sxt is installed? also if i look into the code of the batch file i cannot see anywhere where this files should be after copy progress has finished. (if i would know i could copy them manualy) or does the batch file copy the needed files directly into the folder and subfolder where its in?
  5. sorry i don´t know how to quote you in another way. Ksp 1.5.1 Near Future Aeronautics Creating a 2nd entry in right click part menu for air intakes the same action thats already in by default. EDIT: also the 2nd option that does get added for some reason has no function at all Picture: Intake Air ATM: is this still working? because it never changes to 0 even the engines have 0 air left and are not working anymore ( read somewhere else squad took that out completly ) EDIT: "Workaround" Deleting "NFAeroIntakeAtm" from "NearFutureAeronautics\Patches" seems to fix the problem did not got any errors and intake air from alternate resource panel is working as it should i think that intakeairatm is definetly not working anymore and causing issues.
  6. did you installed kopernicus? if not you need to. for me in 1.5.1 its kind of working that means that the textures from planets and moons get applied and look ok the mountains at KSC look very ugly so i think we need to have to wait for an update. the city lights from kerbin are gone. not sure if its an kopernicus or svt issue
  7. Hey one of the most mandatory mods for me any chance of an update to 1.5.1?
  8. yes does not work with 1.5.1 vessel´s that try to reenter at kerbin will get destroyed at 60-80km height
  9. Since when does eve look so bad? that´s how it looks like seems something is not right there are way to less clouds and they look ugly
  10. Would be nice if we had the option to type in numbers instead of sliders. (found it very hard to get the number´s in i needed) nice mod btw
  11. it´s not stated as already compatible by the dev...... thats why i asked for a 1.5x update ok tryed it out works on 1.5.1 ------
  12. If i use TAC is the greenhouse supposed to produce oxygen or only food? edit: and if not is there any way to produce food,water,oxygen when landed on a different planet?
  13. hmm yeah i personaly think if you can, link the other mod that holds the engine parts in the op so everyone can understand that better. specialy for people who cannot keep constant track of mods and when they get split its sometimes really frustrating to find out about stuff like this. edit: even when you would youtube the mod to get some more information it would lead into problems because you would still see that the mod normaly contains engine parts, and you would assume something is wrong or you did something wrong because the parts are "missing". if i would not accidently stumbled accross the information that the mod got split up i would still assume something is wrong or not working.