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  1. Hi Nertea, FYI - Module manager 2.8.1 reporting 16 patch errors in CryoTanksFuelTankSwitcher.cfg. Cryotanks ver 0.4.7. CryoEngines ver 5.8.0 Disregard... reinstalled and its working fine....
  2. Are the solar panels supposed to auto track the sun? Also they dont seem to be generating any power.
  3. Multiple AVC warnings each time KSP is launched. Is this a know issue? I get about three of the same version update warnings.
  4. Solar power bug seems to be in Kopernicus. Im getting no solar power generated from panels...
  5. The Korona Lite seems like it has waaaaaaay too much drag. Regular KSP, enter atmosphere at Mach 6ish, slows to sub mach without the parachute in an instant. Also put it on top of a rocket and it flips on launch if not covered by faring, even though VAB shows center of lift far below center of mass. Is it really supposed to be like that?
  6. I can see that AY is reporting different values. But in this case Kerbalism planner is under forecasting what is actually being consumed on orbit. I am pretty sure its some other mod causing this and not Kerbalism, but I haven't been able to track it down yet.
  7. Pics are at Save and logs are here in Kerbalism issues folder: Appears to be using more EC on orbit than forecasted in the VAB. Even at higher rate the batteries should easily last the shadow transit time. It appears to degrade over the time of several days. Thank you for taking the time to look at this. -r
  8. Have you ever considered the possibility that AmpYear is wrong? Use the Planner and Vessel Info to get that information. I checked the Kerbalism planner for my mun space station and its says there should be a life expectancy of 1h 26m on the night side of Mun. What altitude of orbit is that for? Im at a 60KM'ish orbit which is roughly a 15 min transit. 1.63/s usage would need about 1500 EC. The ship has a 8515 capacity. That should be more than enough to make it. I will follow the steps you just posted and report back.
  9. Apologies, I didn't mean to imply that your mod was wrong. I am sure if I uninstall my umpteen mods and run only Kerbalism it will work flawlessly. I am sure its a mod incompatibility with some other mod I have installed. I am just trying to figure out whats changed since I updated last around 8/11 and to learn if others know what the incompatibility is might be. Because it used to work just fine with no problems with my particular mod set (which is HUGE). Ill do more experimentation and report back if I find anything. Ill also post on other mods to see if anyone there knows.
  10. The EC expended for lights doesn't seem to show up in AmpYear. I assume these are internal lights and not just external spots? I see that ver of AmpYear added: Added EC usage support for Kerbalism mod parts - Scrubber, Greenhouse, GravityRing (basic as some parts do not expose EC usage currently, ESP Shutdown only support for these parts). AmpYear darkside calcs show that my ships and bases should have way more than enough to survive a mun night, but they keep running out during high warp. Its as if no power generation is taking place during high warp day night cycle. Do you plan to support AmpYear auto shutdown? Looks like EC usage needs to be exposed per the above. Also it doesn't seem Kerbalism respects the KSP Debug cheat of unlimited EC. Is that correct? thank you for your mod and support, -r
  11. Spoke too soon. It happens with my other ships and bases as well. Not sure whats going on.
  12. Actually I noted after reading back posts here, that this is occuring on my SSTU ships. So I think its related to how that mods solar panels work. That was one of the mods I updated today as well. Perhaps there has been an increased incompatibility introduced there over the last month. Ill pay around some more and see if its really isolated to those ships. Thanks for the quick reply.
  13. I just updated to the latest Kerbalism 1.1.3 from 1.0.8 after not playing since early Aug. Now my Kerbals on Mun keep dying due to running out of electricity when I time warp. Even if I turn on debug unlimited electricity it doesn't help. I wasn't having this problem earlier and haven't added any new mods, but I have updated a few. Any idea whats causing this?
  14. What happened to part KKAOSS.container.SEP? KSP fails to load my base. running version 1.1.4 of planetary base Inc. I didn't see anything in the change list about removing a part. thanks, -r ****NEVERMIND**** my noob bad. Appears to have been a bad install of the mod.