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  1. Update August 20 I've come up with some future missions that will be considered.
  2. Weekly Update: Aug. 20-26 Sunday 8/20: research and come up with future missions Monday 8/21: Observe solar eclipse (may not be able to sadly, schedule for Monday and Wednesday are a bit iffy) Tuesday 8/22: make weekly video Wednesday 8/23: --- (subject to change) Thursday 8/24: research and early-design a liquid-fuel rocket Friday 8/25: research and early-design a reentry nosecone Saturday 8/26: make weekly recap Note: all these events are subject to change because of my busy schedule with school and all. Note: since I live in the south, it's been hot and humid the last few months and will continue to be the next couple weeks. Building and testing the F 1.5 motor really depends on how humid it is outside, the fuel is hygroscopic and won't work well with moisture in it. I hope you all understand! -TRS
  3. Have I put this here?
  4. Update August 19 Turns out my math was wrong for the F 1.5. It was supposed to be 1.58x the scale of the F 1 but is actually 1.62x. Everything has been corrected.
  5. Update August 18 A few things will be delayed until further notice. I don't have the right stuff to bond the camera platform window and I probably won't have time to build the F 1.5 tomorrow. Also, since my school computer's a Chromebook and only runs on internet, it doesn't have Movie Maker (which I usually use for videos) and my home computer for some reason doesn't have it either. I will do my best to catch up! But so far this week, I have set up the notebook, finalized the F 1.5 design, designed the Mk1 nosecone, and ran simulations on the F1 rocket. Stay tuned for later updates!
  6. Weekly update: Aug. 13-19 Sunday 8/13: --- Monday 8/14: Set up SBR notebook, establish camera platform window in Cougar Mk1 Tuesday 8/15: Finalize design of F 1.5 engine Wednesday 8/16: Establish camera platform base, design Cougar Mk1 nosecone Thursday 8/17: Run simulations on F1 rocket, make weekly video Friday 8/18: Finalize F2 engine design Saturday: Build (test?) first F 1.5 engine, make weekly recap video Notes: School started last week, so any daily progress will be small like the stuff listed above. Getting my school computer on Thursday, so I'll be uploading videos to Youtube and making more visuals. Stay tuned.
  7. Ugh, can't have hard shelled tacos

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      Or just jump to Lasagna.


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  8. I've finished Outpost. I rewrote some parts and now my dad's my first reader, see what he thinks about it.
  9. This
  10. Gonna have to get braces and a tooth pulled. On my top row of teeth, there's a tooth coming in really crooked. To make room for it to come in right, the tooth below it which hasn't fallen out yet needs to be pulled and braces need to be put in to make enough room for it to correct itself. Also, my bottom row of teeth are too far out, they're perfectly lined up with my top row which is a problem. My bottom teeth also are too spaced apart, which is of course a problem. Fun for 2 whole years! It's not as bad as it sounds to me, but I'm really squeamish so this all sounds like a nightmare.

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  11. Gen. Chuck Yeager just liked my question on Twitter!

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  12. It probably will, just haven't figured out what I'll do with it. And I'm still working on going all the way through July 15th, and that won't even be done today.
  13. June 14 1963: Vostok 5 and its crew of Valeri Bykovsky was launched into orbit after numerous setbacks from the rocket and the spacecraft. It entered orbit lower than expected. It was a joint flight with Vostok 6 piloted by Valentina Tereshkova, the first woman in space. Vostok 5 returned early and landed June 19, the same day as Vostok 6. 1967: Mariner 5 was launched. It flew by Venus on October 19. 1975: Venera 10 was launched. It entered Venus orbit and separated the lander on October 23, landing 2 days later. 1985: Vega 2's balloon entered Venus' atmosphere 1991: STS-40 and its crew of 7 landed back at Earth. 2008: STS-124 and its crew of 7 landed back at Earth. 2010: Ukrainian cosmonaut Leonid Kizim died. He flew on Salyut 6 Expedition 5, Salyut 7 Expedition 3, and Mir Expedition 1. He was part of the first crew to ever fly between two different space stations in one mission and spent over a year in space (374 days).
  14. June 9 1980: Soyuz T-2 and its crew of 2 landed back at Earth. June 10 1929: James McDivitt was born. He flew on Gemini 4 and Apollo 9. 1969: The Air Force's Manned Orbiting Laboratory (MOL) program was cancelled. 1995: The Spektr module was docked to the Mir space station. 2003: The Mars Spirit rover was launched. It would land on Mars on January 3, 2004. June 11 1928: A German rocket glider was flown by Freidrich Stamer. Booster rockets would launch it from its launch rail and another rocket would keep it in flight after takeoff. 1976: The design for the Soviet space shuttle Buran was selected. 1985: The Vega 1 balloon entered Venus' atmosphere. 1986: Chesley Bonestell died. He was the illustrator of many of Wernher von Braun's space ideas. 2013: Shenzhou 10 and its crew of 3 was launched into orbit on a 15-day flight. It docked to the Tiangong-1 station on June 13, did a redocking exercise on June 23, and landed on June 26. June 12 1963: NASA Administrator James Webb ruled out Mercury MA-10, a second 1-day flight of the Mercury spacecraft. 1967: Venera 4 was launched. It was a Venus atmospheric probe. The descent craft entered the atmosphere on October 18 and sent signals to Earth. 1998: STS-91 and its crew of 7 landed back at Earth. June 13 1944: The first attacks of the German V-1 were used against London. 4 of 11 launched hit the city. 1962: A recoverable meteoroid experiment utilizing the Mercury spacecraft was proposed by the Manned Spacecraft Center. A sheet of aluminum would be extended from the spacecraft for 2 weeks, gather orbital meteoroids, and recover them from inside the capsule. 1970: The Apollo 13 Review Board published the result of their investigation into the Apollo 13 accident. A heating element in the fuel cell liquid oxygen tank had burnt off its insulation resulting in an explosion. 1993: Donald Slayton died. He was chosen in the original Mercury 7 astronauts. He was grounded for medical reasons but was assigned astronaut commander, assigning crews to missions. He later flew on the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project (ASTP).