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  1. Hello to anyone reading this! I made this account in 7th grade around 5 years ago now, which I think is insane as I just had my last day of high school yesterday and will be graduating at the end of the month. 

    I thought it would be nice to share that I'll be pursuing a career in aeronautical engineering in college as I love the subject (which I believe KSP and a great deal in nurturing). I hope to one day soon contribute to making humanity a truly space-faring species and work towards giving every day people like you and me access to space. I hope everyone is doing well and everyone I once knew here is living their best life. 

    - Sandwich

  2. I'm about to do shuttle missions in my main game, but I want to test the craft in a separate game. It's probably simple, but how do I move a craft file from one game to another so I can test it? After I'm done testing it, I'll want to move it back to my main game. Thanks
  3. The Kraken strikes yet again.

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      Wait weren’t you dead

  4. I've been having a lot of bugs happening lately, and I believe the Physics Range Extender mod is the culprit. I have a few mods installed such as the Near Future mods, Mechjeb of course, and others. The game and every mod is up to date with the current version as far as I know. From what I've gathered, these problems have only occurred around the Mun. There are a vast array of issues. Mechjeb tends to go go haywire from time to time. When I have something landed on the Mun's surface and another spacecraft gets too close to the Mun, the focus switches between the two and the craft on the surface ends of exploding. Another time I landed Val on the Mun and when she went to go EVA, the focus kept switching back to the lander and wouldn't even let me control Val. I had to completely exit the game without saving, reload the game, and head back to Kerbin without being able to walk on the Mun. Another time I had a lander on the Mun and a probe in orbit, and when I went to land another lander, both landers exploded and the probe fell straight out of orbit. I've blamed these problems on Physics Range Extender as everytime one of these problems happen, the mod gives a message saying something like "lifting vehicles." Is this the case and is this mod to blame? If so, would simply uninstalling the mod fix this problem? Is this mod essential? Thanks.
  5. If you were to land on Duna, how much Delta V is needed to get back into a low Duna orbit? Thanks
  6. hi

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      Hi.i just had a sandwich. Wait... I shouldn’t have said that.


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  7. I went to the Space and Rocket Center again in Alabama for the first time since Space Camp this summer. T'was still cool as ever.
  8. I'm commercializing the solar system. I'm launching commercial and private stations and bases plus mining bases. "Customers" can "pay" to have their payloads (probes, relays, stations, bases) launched wherever they need to go. So far I have a few commercial and private stations set up around Kerbin and the Mun plus a commercial Mun base (currently inhabited). I also have around 50 CubeSats around Kerbin. I plan to put stations and bases everywhere (including asteroids) except Moho, the Urlum system, and the Plock system.
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