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  1. If you were to land on Duna, how much Delta V is needed to get back into a low Duna orbit? Thanks
  2. hi

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      The Minmus Derp

      Hi.i just had a sandwich. Wait... I shouldn’t have said that.


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      It was the last time anybody ever heard of The Raging Sandwich

    4. The Minmus Derp
  3. I went to the Space and Rocket Center again in Alabama for the first time since Space Camp this summer. T'was still cool as ever.
  4. I'm commercializing the solar system. I'm launching commercial and private stations and bases plus mining bases. "Customers" can "pay" to have their payloads (probes, relays, stations, bases) launched wherever they need to go. So far I have a few commercial and private stations set up around Kerbin and the Mun plus a commercial Mun base (currently inhabited). I also have around 50 CubeSats around Kerbin. I plan to put stations and bases everywhere (including asteroids) except Moho, the Urlum system, and the Plock system.
  5. I'm thinking of turning the one on the left into a t-shirt. Also, a WIP Optimus Prime
  6. The first thing I'll do for the L o - F i album will probably be a lo-fi remix of "I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire" by the Ink Spots.

    1. The Raging Sandwich

      The Raging Sandwich

      I could also do one on "Bugle Boy" by the Andrews sisters.

  7. Turns out I left my shorts back at my school during X Country practice. I was running with my backpack on to catch up with two others. My backpack came unzipped and they probably fell out. I'll have to look for them tomorrow.
  8. I got an award in Cross Country at my school. My coach mentioned me as being "always itchy," which has a backstory behind it. Back when it was still hot outside, I'd take my shirt off while running and I'd get all sweaty which would then make me itchy, so I scratched myself mid-run. When we finished back under our spot, I had bluish scratch marks all over my back and my arms and my stomach. Everyone either thought I looked like a tiger or had been chased by one. But with that award and the level of commitment my older teammates were awarded for, I'm going to try and do a whole heck of a lot better than I did this year. I also found a close combat guide for marines.