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  1. vXicaHM.png

    Here's the space station. I'm going to see if I can do any animation on it.

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    2. The Raging Sandwich

      The Raging Sandwich

      @Urses, this is in Blender, I don't think that's actually possible.

      @MacLuky, if I export the file as .fbx, how can I get it to rotate?

    3. NSEP


      Next up: texturing!

    4. MacLuky


      For a basic animation you insert a keyframe, then say 60 frames down the line you rotate the thing 360 degrees (r z 360) and insert another keyframe.

      export the thing as fbx and make it looping in unity.

      Here is my completely useless cheat sheet: (copy pasta)

      Blender Export Workflow



      - tools remove doubles

      - create a collider 12 vertices, rotate 15 degrees

      - on the object > material > add unique material


      Blender Animations Workflow



      Animated leg tutorial YVegan




      - animation bar reduce end-frame to 50

      - move 3D cursor to pivot point (cntrl-alt-shift-c ?)

      - move to frame 1

      - select in left menu object tools > animations 

      - insert keyframe locrotscale (begin)

      - move to final keyframe

      - cntrl-a     apply rotation and scale / or visual transform to set center point

      - move 3d cursor to pivot point (cntrl-alt-shift-c)

      - in object mode rotate

      - insert keyframe locrotscale (end)

      - be sure to export as FBX file

      - under animation properties of the export untick NLA Strips and All Actions


      Animation Sequence

      - foot under leg

      - foot center set to origin point foot

      - leg center set to origin point leg

      - move leg

      - move foot

      - disable manipulate centerpoints!


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