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  1. 1966 Part 1 The production lines are getting up to speed and we are looking at a lot of launches. Some probes arrive at their destination. We build our first small space station and many things go wrong with the new Vega class crew vehicle.
  2. They are at 32 Mm, I used the resonant orbit calculator so they should be good. Not a great transmission speed, but more than 0
  3. Hi, I noticed I can't add KIS items to a ServiceTank. I poked in RealTankTypes.cfg but am not sure what to add (or rather what patch to make). Is this even possible? It sort of seems like the right spot for it.
  4. So this confuses me. I've read the wiki and seen @Carnasa's video but my network is not behaving as expected: It's antenna level 3 UHF but I still have flacky reception in LEO. They see the network but it is almost as if they refuse to connect. What could be wrong?
  5. This seems not quite right: I'll play with the scale settings to see if i can find a solution
  6. Yes I misread the date, too bad. I am in need of something like this
  7. Thanks! I’ll poke around
  8. 1966 is going to be interesting, we have a new spacecraft in development and 7 astronauts trained for it, but it is seeing more and more delays. Will we complete our spaces station contract in time? Engineers are looking for solutions. We would also like to put a little rover on Mars or Venus, but landing is still tricky
  9. 1965 second half The first 5 years of our orbital capable period we had a lot of catching up to do and we sure delivered in this part. Granted, there was more than one reload, but not all were due to pilot error. Updating to the master version of Realism Overhaul seems to help a lot though. In the second part we got very close to moon and we got some moon rocks to play with, and in the final days of december we take a daring shot to replenish our drained funds.
  10. 1965 first half The moon seems still very far away, but we got back to crewed flight which is always fun. The Aries class got updated and is now in the 2% range and 1400-2500 funds per ton to LEO. Taurus is getting stable and we have an update to 16-20t in the test bank
  11. 1964 Return of Manned Flight A turbulent year with many failures. Having depleted the production lines in 1963 we will be a few launches short in 1964. I need to invest more in the VAB as I cant afford to rush the rockets anymore. The Rigel class is coming together, I might send one around the moon. Meanwhile half my astronauts are training for the D2 capsule but that will need a better lifter in the 15t range. Oh and next year I might unlock station parts....
  12. Hi On RSS I see a lot of these in the logs: [LOG 20:04:31.862] [Scatterer][Debug] Finding ScattererCelestialBody name: Kerbin. TransformName: Kerbin [LOG 20:04:31.863] [Scatterer][Debug] ScattererCelestialBody not found by name, trying transformName [ERR 20:04:31.864] [Scatterer][Error] ScattererCelestialBody Kerbin not found by name, or transformName. Effects for this body won't be available. [LOG 20:04:31.864] [Scatterer][Debug] Finding ScattererCelestialBody name: Duna. TransformName: Duna [LOG 20:04:31.864] [Scatterer][Debug] ScattererCelestialBody not found by name, trying trans
  13. Here's what my other script generated. I haven't tested it yet: @PART[ApolloLab_cbm]:FOR[AlternateApollo]:NEEDS[RP-0] { %TechRequired = improvedCapsules @description ^=:$: <color=green>From AlternateApollo mod.</color> @cost *= 1.2 %entryCost *= 3 %RP0conf = True } @PART[]:FOR[AlternateApollo]:NEEDS[RP-0] { %TechRequired = improvedCapsules @description ^=:$: <color=green>From AlternateApollo mod.</color> @cost *= 1.2 %entryCost *= 3 %RP0conf = True } @PART[ApolloLab_hab]:FOR[AlternateApollo]:NEEDS[RP-0] { %TechRequired = improvedCapsules @descriptio
  14. no rp config for ApolloLab_cbm no rp config for ApolloLab_hab no rp config for ApolloLab_node no rp config for ApolloLab_node2 no rp config for ApolloLab_prop no rp config for ApolloLab_reactor no rp config for ApolloLab_science no rp config for ApolloLab_tug no rp config for ApolloLab_tug_engine no rp config for ApolloLab_tug_rcs Missing a few in rp0 but they have ro configs
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