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  1. The next chapter brings us one step closer to a colony on the moon Sorry I took so long between posts, Covid19 has added 50% to my workload and I have little time for KSP. There is a great chapter in development though
  2. Thanks, I’ve spend ages on it. The key was using the container mount from KIS as a frame
  3. Official update from the Explorer and Discovery Program. With news from Dres, Eve, Gilly, Jool, Tylo and Duna
  4. in chapter 76 outpost angel becomes operational. After some improvisations as usual.
  5. Two small posts done. Big one on the second long mission to the Mun is coming
  6. Most seem to work now, I have not tested the engineer tool since I haven't reached that yet in my career mode game. The hats work though
  7. Nertea Base experiences quite the disaster in this epsiode
  8. and apparently it is still needed. I just lost 2 rovers and a KAS link
  9. Space City is a fact! the small commercial company now operates multiple orbiters and runs a large and profitable hotel in lko
  10. So, I tried 0.75 as well, but no change in size. I've never seen this not work. Do I need to place inside @MODEL? Edit: Ah that seems to do something, now the nodes are off, but that might be fixable. Then I'll look into drag cubes. Thanks for that
  11. I'm trying to make a 1.875m cargo bay, but the part refuses to resize, is anyone seeing what I am doing wrong here? +PART[s2cargobayS]:AFTER[AirplanePlus] { @name = s2cargobayS_15 @title = Size 1.5 Cargo Bay CRG-15/2 @description = The removal of the inside tanks inside hulls made it possible to make empty size 1.5 Hulls. Cutting past halfway up from both sides, putting hinges on each side and halving the topside made an opening for top possible. Can be used anywhere you need it. @mass = 0.2 @bulkheadProfiles = 1.5 resizeFactor = 0.5 scale = 1.0 }
  12. Chapter 68 has my first "real" foldable rover.
  13. Here's the annual lifter report with explanation of the craft:
  14. Really happy with the new arm which is a scaled down version of wild blue's And mainly how i discovered that one should set the docking force to 0 on both ports or live with the perpeturem mobile that creates momentum (untill it spins apart)
  15. The final mission of the Eagle program brings a folded rover.