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  1. I do come back every now and then ;-) but if @linuxgurugamer thinks it cannot be salvaged, it can't be salvaged
  2. Almost there and 100 days to the mars window. But I fear that in 2 years most of the tech will be obsolete
  3. 1972 part 2: getting ready for Mars After a "dad-build-me-a-minecraft-server-please-hiatus" back in Space. We run a number of missions to prepare us for the Mars window and solidify the Moon base. We also show what should have been the SeaDragon, but is an even bigger monster.
  4. Thanks @Karin I think I used integral steel which is too heavy. I like your approach. Didn’t your launchpad xplode?
  5. Thats a great idea. I could have saved a bit off weight on the Mars transfer vehicle that way. I thought of undocking and redocking when in storm, but it seems like a lot of work. KAS tubes might be a good alternative. Btw you can transfer regolith.... but you would need a lot RP1 patch of the day LanderCan Mk12 Off course I should support my own mods as well ;-) This is for RP1 and this for RO How I hate that forum auto-merge thingy. Is there a way to force separate posts? if not what is the timeout?
  6. 1972 Part 1 Getting ready for Mars We are aiming for a 1975 manned mission to Mars, with a test run in 1973 which means we must crank up production and learn what it takes to survive in outer space.
  7. The specs for this are still: i7-8700k/GTX 970/16gb ram? I'll build a PC just for this I am tired of my MacBook melting
  8. 1971 Mayhem at the Moon Explosions and expansions, the moons of Jupiter and a crew in jeopardy.
  9. This stuff blows my mind. Here are some patches for RP1 in the works: Thanks for making such an awesome mod
  10. RP1 Patch of the day: Benjee's amazing MMSEV mod These patches are not complete, but it is a start. Here are the parts scattered in the RP1 tech tree: Then, if you have RO tanks, this should configure the life support a bit better: This is the patch for kerbalism adding scrubbers and stuff Here is the first stab at Realism Overhaul lots of work to be done
  11. Assuming you have module manager installed, just create a text file in the game data folder that has the .cfg extension . I create a sub folder _partches so I can find them more easily
  12. 1971 Part 1 We choose to go to the moon, to stay. And figure out how to survive when heading to mars.
  13. So with 32 mods, what is the average scene switching time?
  14. I am contemplating a fresh start on 1.10 or 1.11 with a multi-site game. Kind of what if rather than WW2 an extra terrestrial signal was located, would it not improve unification rather than war and accelerate space travel. But first Mars... I've done red planets on Kerbalism before but this thing is way more complicated However scene changes take up to 2 minutes, its soooo slooooowwww
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