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  1. It's a thing of beauty. Thank you for creating such awesome mods.
  2. Just teasing this here. Three chapters have been written, game play is lagging the storyline now. That is new ;-)
  3. That sounds interesting, I was so frustrated by the toolchain that I gave up on it A thumbs up for all the great work, I really love it that you picked up the mod and took it further On my wish list was also the Mk2 Lander can...
  4. Great work, feel free to share and I'll add that, or if you want, I don't mind if someone adopts the mod. For the light we need to go back to unity and my setup is broken, so i won't be able to fix that.
  5. The Kraken ate the nosecone, but thanks for the update. I am toying with some stories, one of them has the T'Kerman coming to the rescue but it needs some kind of warp drive to make sense and I am not sure it fits the design. I was also swamped with work and had little time for KSP. Building the ships of the Darks Grand Protectorate takes waaayyyy too long
  6. Chapter 155. Refits featuring a slick X-33
  7. @jurasic_kerbal it will come over time. Its mostly mods and some scaled up parts, the early rockets are more tricky when you dont have the delta-v. Thanks for all the thumbs up. I've slowed down a bit, but thats because i need to weave a few new threads at browse kerbalx for some inspiration. Looking for some babylon5 earth alliance style battle cruisers, feel free to submit ;-)
  8. Chapter 154. The High Council of the Romilians And a great ship named after our famous patch maker:
  9. Chapter 153. The Standoff Based on Babylon 5 ;-) well sort of
  10. Chapter 152. Semper Paratus in which the Nathan Kell finally arrives at Jool
  11. Ah there's a few inspiring one, a bit of star gate, a bit of star trek, who knows, but definitely an inspiration Chapter 151. Struggles of an Interplanetary cruiseliner
  12. Thanks for asking, there are a couple of more reports in my sig, but this one is turning out to become quite the epos
  13. Thanks! and indeed, well there is only so much you can do with just color and blue is my favourite. I gave the textures to my daughter and she figured it out, quite proud of her. Character wise they will be closer to Vulcans though, the ones that blew up the station will be an Andorian/Klingon hybrid.
  14. Wauw, very nice! I always screw up those. This will be very helpful with ion/nerv burns