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  1. Strange errors after reverting back to 1.7.3 the parts are there and file size seems okay [LOG 16:31:51.750] PartLoader: Compiling Part 'Squad/Parts/Structural/strutCubicOcto/strutCubicOcto/strutCube' [ERR 16:31:51.751] PartCompiler: Cannot clone model from 'Squad/Parts/Structural/strutCubicOcto' directory as model does not exist [ERR 16:31:51.751] PartCompiler: Cannot compile model [ERR 16:31:51.751] PartCompiler: Cannot compile part
  2. It worked fine on 1.6 haven’t tested it on later versions
  3. Fantactic, i’ve been playing with the same idea in Amarok, but yours looks way more pretty
  4. *bangs head on screen* thank you. That should have been dry mass of course.
  5. I would expect a bit larger than 1 1.04344602924 to be precise Sorry for the font size, copy paste on mobile
  6. I have a question, while running this script: function rcsDV { local amount is ship:monopropellant. local fuelMass is amount * 0.004. // monopropellant density local shipMassWet is ship:mass. local shipMassDry is shipMassWet - fuelMass. local isp is 260. local dv is isp * 9.80665 * ln(shipMassWet / shipMassWet). local x is (shipMassWet / shipMassWet). print x. return dv. } print "Estimated dv from monopropellant is " + rcsDV() + " m/s". x gets rounded to 1. Where it should be something like 34.4453243/33.011122123 so how do I force a scalar ?
  7. Pretty amazing mod. I'm trying to find out which of my parts is draining so much electricity, but there is not much to go on. I can find what makes electricity, has electricity, but draining is harder. In the KSP API docks I can find that e.g. a light has a usesResources method and variables that indicate how much is consumed. iResourceConsumers have a getConsumedResources method, but @JPLRepo was not using it in AmpYear so there is probably a good reason for that. Anyway, any ideas on how I could tackle this using KOS?
  8. Go back a few posts, you need to collect the correct versions
  9. I think I found a bug. I saw a lot of exceptions, stating the agent name was empty for CONTRACT_FINISHED and I spotted this in the persist file: Its only for Wild Blue Industries test. Agent file looks okay to me though.
  10. You know what would be cool? if you could sort parts in the VAB based on reliability. I now make mental notes of parts that are used before, or those I would like to use. Building rockets definitely is not easy ;-)
  11. Update, real decay time is 100 days just the forecast is broken
  12. Love the mod. Question though: why do I need to build airplanes so that I can unlock aeroshells? can't we separate those? I'm not a fan of planes and it clutters the vab lists
  13. I'm reading that I should do a static fire test......but what is a static fire test? Since a part that survives a staging event gains experience, it's a lot of decouplers or empty stages and the parts in a final stage ?