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  1. If you don't include the file in the download and instead have it generated on runtime then it should stay (iirc). I'll test and edit.
  2. Test 7i 7f. I assume that it used to return a float when it should return an int.
  3. Well which life support are you using?
  4. Good to see that your note passing privileges haven't been revoked yet
  5. Welcome @LordHumungus!
  6. @RoverDude ^ You can get the latest version from GitHub (
  7. With mods, yes
  8. Cool I was just wondering because RSS and Stock configs both only went up to 10. is up.
  9. first I like 2.5x because you don't have to mess with any of the stock parts and things like BDB and Tantares fit really well into it.
  10. I'll do them for GPP. Expect a PR in an hour or two. EDIT: @jCoiley can destinations get a higher ID than 10 or is that capped?
  11. you gave crash logs, which are 94.7% useless. If you had actually read the link that Linux posted in the first response to this thread, you'd know which logs to upload
  12. Logs would help a lot
  13. All challenges are time consuming. What's your point?