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    So I ran KSP on my new laptop...

    Quartz blocks too.
  2. SchwinnTropius

    The Saga of Emiko Station - Volume I - Complete

    Excellent conclusion to this volume, complete with a happy wedding; I even teared up a little. Completely 100% agree. Just need to say it once to make me happy. With this end, comes a new beginning. As always, I will wait patiently for the beginning of the next volume.
  3. SchwinnTropius

    The Saga of Emiko Station - Volume I - Complete

    Saw this on my news feeds this morning.
  4. SchwinnTropius

    A "KSP Loading..." Preview: Vernor Engine Revamp

    Looks good to me. I'll be more inclined to use it now. Also first. And my first first post.
  5. SchwinnTropius

    Gas Planet 2? Poll

    I'd like to see one, a Saturn-like world with prominent rings. One moon could be based on Titan. Another moon could be made to be incredibly difficult to land onto without crashing/poofing on the surface.
  6. SchwinnTropius

    The Saga of Emiko Station - Volume I - Complete

    @Just Jim, do your thing. We will wait patiently here for you, even if we don't show our patience sometimes.
  7. I see you plan on providing compatibility for B9 HX parts. Would you consider at some point providing compatibility with IXS Warpship parts?
  8. SchwinnTropius

    Let pilots be able to land a ship.

    Good way to balance it I'd say. Gotta know how to do it yourself before you can program a computer to do it for you.
  9. SchwinnTropius

    Let pilots be able to land a ship.

    I would say this could be an unlockable feature, available when or after a pilot unlocks Maneuver and Target Tracking.
  10. SchwinnTropius

    Deorbittimg my kerbin station in the most Micheal bay way

    If you're looking for Michael Bay's approval, you may want to deorbit the station into the mountains west of KSC. Or just deorbit the station INTO KSC.
  11. SchwinnTropius

    KSP Loading... A closer look into Update 1.6

    ALL aerodynamic parts slated to be revamped should have all-white variants in PorkJet style.
  12. SchwinnTropius

    The Saga of Emiko Station - Volume I - Complete

    It'll be fun to see how the part revamps will be explained in the next chapter. Or maybe Chapter 101?
  13. SchwinnTropius

    KSP Loading... Preview: The Δv per Stage Display

    Re: early game, especially dV display. There needs to be a tutorial walkthrough early game to teach the basics of the hame, and maybe even some rocketry 101 type info. It could be done the same way the current popups work (the ones when you first create a career and first enter the VAB). Wherner could simply pop up in the beginning with a simple intro ("Welcome to Kerbal Space Center. Our goal is to learn as much as we can about our solar system. Would you like to get started right away? Or would you like some help?" Or something to that effect). Wherner can teach players how to use the buildings, manipulate parts in the editors, even a bit about the planets and dV. The idea is that it helps to build a bit of immersion and character depth ("story"). Other kerbals can chime in at times to give a bit more info along the way, like Gene mentioning how contracts work in Mission Control, or Linus explaining strategies in Administration. All of this can be bypassed simply by telling Wherner you know what you're doing, if you'd prefer. Of course, there are the current tutorials, but I simply haven't played them yet so I'm not sure how well they work, or how beginner friendly they are.
  14. SchwinnTropius

    KSP Loading... Preview: The Δv per Stage Display

    They're parts with variants.
  15. SchwinnTropius

    A KSP Loading... Preview: Helmet Removal

    There isn't enough YES on this planet to describe my thoughts on this.
  16. SchwinnTropius

    Adding Xenon harvesting to sensorAtmosphere

    Should be able to put moduleIsEnabled = false in your harvester module, and then set up the PartUpgrade to change that to true at the desired tech tree node.
  17. SchwinnTropius

    KSP Loading... Our New Dev Diary!

    Aside from internal nodes, they are already like this. People want internal fuel tanks to take advantage of the volume inside of the adapters, particularly the larger ones.
  18. I like this one already. Kerbalized, silly, and only if you think about it does it make you realize it rhymes with Nile. Though to be funnier, I think it should be spelled Kyle River.
  19. SchwinnTropius

    Which kind of Landers?

    You do that too? I do it usually as an accident. As long as the budget permits, why not overengineer?
  20. SchwinnTropius

    Making lights?

    Should be able to change the size and angle in Unity, though I can't remember exactly how at the moment (2am here, on mobile). I know there's a tag to set for it as well. I need to re-research things, and do those long-overdue screenshots, after I sleep.
  21. SchwinnTropius

    A "KSP Loading..." Preview: the Mk2 Lander Can

    I'll echo the mentioned window issues; I get paranoid they'll break just looking at them, and I personally will never have to sit inside the thing! As for the variants: the use here serves a function of reducing catalog clutter, but that's it. If the variants serve different purposes, they should be separate parts. Besides, Butterstick would be a great starting point for a rover body naming scheme: Buttertoast, Buttertoast...
  22. SchwinnTropius

    The Saga of Emiko Station - Volume I - Complete

    Would not be surprised to see Uncle Nick show up just before the upcoming big boss fight.
  23. SchwinnTropius

    No SpaceX Flag?

    You may have seen someone's custom flag in a game. As far as I can remember, there has never been. SpaceX flag in game. Though I agree with you, it would be cool to have.