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  1. Hi , little config question and not so realistic tho... I downloaded next and OPT/OPT legacy (both of them) and the wings (those two , not my ship are wobbling so i run into the config file and gone from 5*10^12 to 5*10^84 for the angular drive spring and from 25 to 25000 for the angular drive damper and they are still wobbly... (this method worked in the previous version of ksp , 1.4.5 to be precise) Have I missed something ? What are the option I should modify to make those wings stable at high speeds and avoid this : ? EDIT : I'm in 1.7.3 with Breaking Ground Thank you for for even reading this. And pls forgive my terrible spelling :S
  2. It disappeared after some manips... I would never know what it was. So thank you for the help you'll be awarded with a free hug
  3. Hey beloved ship makers ! I was wondering about Infernal robotics for 1.4.3 and found this topic : who advised me to download this specific version of KJR especially customised for infernal robotics : (link on the topic) I then modified the value in the config file from 5e12 to 5e32 just to be sure (kerbal logic) And now my ships have these line overlaying them and ruining the visuals :
  4. You forgot to say that KSP is a game made by the CIA to corrupt us and make us think that the Earth is a globe revolving around the sun ! EDIT : That illustrate perfectly my saying :
  5. Yeah ! We are on KSP , 100 meters is "easy" to make, one kilometer is better ^^ (But for now i'll play at ARK: aberration guys ) Is KSS 0.7.3 working on ksp 1.3.0 ?
  6. *will the game handle such a huge ship ?... without too much part i think it will be smooth*
  7. Question : How tall and wide is the black mountain ? (stupid idea growing...)
  8. Don't worry bro , I see the files and ican DL it, I just tell that it will take a moment because the site is slow for me ... EDIT : Also need to shift my entire install from 3.0 to 3.1
  10. *Laythe will be a perfect training for maneuvering an asteroid spaceship*
  11. NICE !!! * this carrier over Kerbin will finally leave orbit*
  12. Was waiting the kerolon system !!!! (The asteroid mentionned ew posts ago target Aquel... so it seem that the planet will soon have a new satellite).
  13. Asteroid SET UP MWAHAHAHAHAH phase 1 complete.
  14. Precisely the reason that make me waiting the Rescale! compatibility !!! (Lifting off on a *10 Kerbin is already a challenge XD)
  15. And ... Suspens on your solution @JadeOfMaar !!! IT WORK !!! IT'S ALIVE !!! (but , talk about this engine, i tested it on my clean version , and it's warm up mechanic is ... weird...but about the shut down delay , Why ? if I close the valves the fuel cannot enter anymore and the throttle stop intantaneously ?)
  16. SO SKILLED GUY ! *trying now* Seem to be this because i saw the part was loaded and still not appearing. PS : You, modders pls agree all my excuses if I seem to not read bug reporting procedure, cause i read it