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  1. Hey, I'm having a hard time with TORY/Direct Cycle Nuclear Turbojet. If I build a vessel with zero EnrU in one of these engines, the engine will switch to "Plutonium TWR" fuel mode right after launch. And it won't ever switch back to Enriched Uranium mode. Button is there, but it doesn't work. This bug also appears if you clone the engine without EnrU in VAB/SPH. The one cloned will be already "Plutonium TWR" and won't switch to Uranium fuel, even in VAB/SPH. This is a real problem since I can't build those engines extraplanetary (they'll appear with 0 fuel => switch to Plutonium => here we go). Since you can't transfer "Plutonium-238" and can't even produce it, the empty Plutonium engine won't work.
  2. KSPI-E 1.15.3, KSP 1.3. I'm having a slight problem with entering a planet's SOI while in Warp Travel. Exit speed increases drastically at the moment I cross the border. In case of Kerbin, if I deactivate Warp just before Kerbin SOI, exit speed is about 9200 m/s (it's good since I start my warp travel from near Kerbin). Inside SOI it changes to 15000 m/s or so, pulling me out of the star. What exactly do I do: charge Warp drive on Kerbin escape trajectory -> activate the drive and reach like Moho orbit line -> set Kerbin as a target, charge the drive and face the target -> activate the drive and see what happens. Note that if I don't exit Warp when flying out of Kerbin and back, everything seems to work as it should.
  3. Try to uncheck scatterer's Ocean: Refraction Effects in the main menu.
  4. Thanks for fast reply Galileo! I am not that good in understanding mods, but I'm kinda unsatisfied with "scatterer bug" reason. Eclipse without EVE/AVP (scatterer only) works just fine. Should AVP/EVE appear, a non-transparent black surface appears in place of stock water surface (seen on my screenshot above). That black surface appears even with scatterer folder manually cut away from GameData. (and only with AVP, EVE and Squad folders inside). Below is what it looks like. (screenshot is mod-heavy but "water" looks 100% same) Update: this is directly related to shadows.cfg in AstronomersVisualPack/EVE (and hence to CelestialShadows.dll in EVE) This has been mentioned about a year ago in EVE thread by the way. Log:
  5. Hello. I have some questions! 1. Is that bright object in the sky supposed to be lightning? Sky is literally swarmed with these things, i'd say that's about 30 per second from ground POV, no less. Kerbin, Duna, Laythe - all the same. 2. Joolian eclipse watched from Laythe. Something is definitely wrong here (scatterer himself without AVP handles this event as it should). Sky is also swarmed with flashes. Finally, I was glad to find out that this mod requires TextureReplacerReplaced, but it took some time to figure that out. Shouldn't it be mentioned in the first post? Update. As I mentioned TRR here, it is important to set "isUnloadingEnabled = never" in @Default.cfg, because leaving it as is may cause many warnings related to unaccessible PNG textures (when using KSPI for example).
  6. Update. "Ocean: Refraction Effects" in the main menu scatterer settings causes the problem. I have an issue with violent "[EXC 13:07:44.728] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object scatterer.RefractionCamera.OnPreCull ()" exception spam after loading/switching to a vessel on Duna. I've also tested Eve and Laythe so far and they work with no issues. Reproduction: start a new game -> build 3-part canister with engine -> cheat-land it on Duna. At this point everything is OK. If you quicksave-quickload now, the problem will appear. Switching to Duna-vessel also causes the problem. KSP.log: (the only one I managed to find) GameData folder:
  7. Like I said, with NearFutureElectrical installed, WarpPlugin obviously activates related patches from its Patches folder. The one I managed to find, called "USI_NF_Mode.cfg", applies some changes that lead to extremely low thrust using, in my case, Magnetic Inertial Fusion (powered by Molten Salt). See here: Without this patch everything seems to function exactly as it should. That's all I can say. Maybe this patch is not needed at all, but I can't say for sure.
  8. GameData\WarpPlugin\Patches\USI_NF_Mode.cfg Part related to MagneticConfinement powered by Molten Salt: I have no idea what these strings are supposed to do, but below are two screens. First one was taken with NF Electrical and without this code, and the second one in reversed conditions. Find any differencies. Looks like outdated compatibility patch. ATM this patch and NF electrical are clearly incompatible.
  9. So let's do this. Tested on game with the only KSPI-E unpacked just few minutes ago, no other mods. <--- log where MIF did not work (bad log) <--- log where MIF worked (good log) <--- vessel. It is actually (MIF) - (Molten Salt) - (yellow probe + radiators). Don't be confused - the image was taken under some other mods. Below is what I did to record good and bad log: Good: launch game@enjoy. MM created 1766 patches. Bad: create an empty "NearFutureElectrical" folder and remove "ModuleManager.ConfigCache". 1920 patches. It doesn't matter what is inside the folder though. It might be full working module, but result is always the same.
  10. Had exactly the same issue as jjlehto with Magneto Inertial Fusion. As I activated it in space, all I could get is 0.275 kN thrust / 3000 Isp with any wild combination of different reactors in sandbox mode. In my case the problem is directly related to NearFutureElectrical. Not sure what part of the mod exactly. I deleted literally everything except parts/batteries and parts/capacitors, and still it causes MIF malfunction.
  11. About habitation mechanics again. Maybe it's known issue, tho. It is said that habitation timer is reset when a kerbal enters a new vesel, according to that vessel's configuration. However if I separate a vessel via docking ports and then immediately connect them back, it counts as "wow, new vessel(s) appeared, reset the hab timer!". Is it intended? Cuz it is kinda weird, but does not interfere with mentioned rules.
  12. Oh, thanks a lot. Didn't notice that ingame option.
  13. May I ask if Habitation mechanic can be disabled? Not to say I don't like it, but still. Tried to set following parameters as described in USI-LS wiki in both /LifeSupport/Settings.cfg (there were zeroes by default) and /UKS/USI-LS.cfg but got no effect. On existing vessel that had 40 days of "hab" left both of my kerbals refused to operate when it expired. Same story happened on a new vessel I launched after changes. Removing Settings.cfg and USI-LS.cfg did not change anything aswell. Might it be that the mod don't use them at all?