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  1. There are two perfectly good working multiplayer mods at the moment. At this time, I'd prefer Squad to focus on adding new singleplayer content rather than make a multiplayer game mode.
  2. Hey, is the Polaris and Bulava missiles suppose to be conventional or are they nukes?
  3. I spend a good week building a very massive space station over Kerbin. It could hold 100+ Kerbal's and with the mods I had, could build their own ships if they wanted to. On a routine resupply mission, things were going well with the supply ship. Then, I accidently full throttled the engine at about 25m away from the station, pointing towards the station's main habitation core. About 76 Kerbal's were killed, and the station was basically totalled. I was playing a no reload playthrough, so I couldn't just reload away from the damage. I had to send a bunch of rescue ships to pick up the surviving Kerbal's before using grappling ships to deorbit the salvageable parts. It took me an additional 2 years in game to earn enough funds to build a new space-station.
  4. NMM is buggy, barely reliable and quite honestly, with games like Fallout or TES whcih requires specific mounting settings and modlists to make everything work correctly, I'd much rather use a more dedicated mod manager rather than something that doesn't specialize in the game I'm using. KSP doesn't need complicated mounting lists, nor does NMM have the same degree of support for KSP as it would for say, Fallout New Vegas or Skyrim, which almost all of the mods developed for those games are found on Nexus. However, anyone there would tell you to just use a dedicated mod manager for that specific game.
  5. I did that my first time I launched something really big into orbit. I didn't have enough fuel to complete my circularization burn and ended up with a 100x50 km orbit. I had to revert to VAB and add more fuel to complete the orbit.
  6. More progress on my modded save. Created a probe to intercept an asteroid that was caught in Kerbin's SOI. Armed with a camera and some other scientific goodies, it made contact and I managed to get close to 150 science for my trouble. Because I had to actually collect the photographs to get the maximum amount of science. The probe's final burn was to tighten its orbit around Kerbin and have one of my Prometheus ships rendevous with it.
  7. I created a new campaign based on Alternis Kerbol. My main campaign was safely placed in my backup folder so that it isn't messed up by Alternis. However, I made some quick progress in getting as far as mapping out Kerbin and docking two ships together. I also made an extensive first gen relay system to cover any mission within the starting area (which for Alternis, means I have access to quite a few planets.)
  8. I used it to start to practice launches. Then after I got that down I used it to learn rendezvous and transfers. Now I'm pretty comfortable with launching things and rendezvous that really the only thing I use MechJeb for is to automate something when I need to go and do something. Especially when I had to build my relay network and needed to do multiple launches.
  9. Once, actually. I conducted a suicide burn and managed to almost hit one. I didn't even scan the surface at that point and I managed to find one by accident.
  10. Built a sequel to my previous lifter. Capable of lifting up to 45 tonnes to LKO, such as my first single launch space station for my career mode save. Fully operational in one go with the ability to expand if need-be, ya know, future proofing and stuff.
  11. Made a first generation interplanetary lifter and moderate LKO lifter. Since Delta has already been taken for naming lifters like this, I call this the Alpha II. And its first mission was to send Cassini to Eve. Huygens included. Actually, this is a modified version of the rocket that I sent my first career Mun mission on, but hey; always good to recycle! The next lifter design I'm working on will focus on heavy lifting things to LKO, in preparation for a single launch space station I'm working on.
  12. I have a big lifter which is basically designed to bring base parts to places like the Mun or Minmus. GravityTurn was able to launch it with minimal issues.
  13. Considering I'm using plenty of different mods, the game still is able to run smoothly without slowdowns, crashes or whetever; I'm actually really impressed with this update.
  14. As part of my career save, I built a rocket system for my Mun-shot. Due to the lack of space and power to send both the lander and the CM up at the same time, I made two rockets; both can reach the Mun where they dock, exchange crew, land, do things, return to the CM, dock, clear the lander and return to Kerbin. The system can also reach Minmus without any kind of modification.
  15. When you see pictures of rockets, planes and rovers and go, "I should make it VTOL capable, no wait, make it VTOL capable AND hypersonic."
  16. Making a flying rover. Decouplers detach the wings, engines and tail once safely landed
  17. Currently working out several designs for an ICBM. The general build is the same but I still need to work out how to properly manage the trajectory of the warhead as it re-enters.
  18. Hey there! Installed the mod and had some fun building a variety of ICBM systems. However, there's one issue I continue to keep running in, and that's the warhead itself. See, when I fire it and it goes through the atmosphere, by the time it begins to slow down to about 1500 m/s, the warhead shakes violently and slows it down dramatically, which causes the warhead to be thrown far off course and doesn't get in range to be effective to any target. Is there something I'm missing here? I attempted to put SAS on board but the unit would just explode due to all the heat, leaving the warhead without proper guidance. Is there something that I should do before launching or is this a glitch?
  19. When I started, I did not know how to stage properly, and sometimes I accidently fail to update the staging when I add seperatrons and they end up going off while I'm launching. I've also at one point built a rocket, then used the big booster engines instead of something that fit the small size of the rocket. Needless to say, it blew up from going way too fast.
  20. Moving away from aircraft, I build a space telescope and launched two of them into orbit. Here's on of the launches!
  21. I was thinking of placing a few relays in a solar SOI once 1.2 drops. Apart from that, I don't see the practicality of putting a research station or refuelling station in Kerbol SOI. For the most part, planets would be a far better choice for those kinds of missions since having a crew available in those areas can serve a better purpose.
  22. Yeah, you can't deploy parachutes at high speeds. The best use for parachutes is to deploy the drogues first to slow yourself down once you're below 500 m/s, then have the main chutes deploy at your chosen altitude.
  23. Making a hypersonic unmanned flyer. I solved the stability issue during reentry by separating the nose and probe core from the main body and have it glide down to the water before deploying drag chutes.
  24. It was going to be a clone of the C-130, then I just kept adding more wings and engines to it. Right now it has no purpose other than to look cool, but it can technically carry cargo.
  25. This monster is what's been occupying most of my time in KSP at the moment. It can fly and land perfectly fine, though some minor bugs with flight controls need to be fixed.
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