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  1. I understand that Nertea's mods are essentially feature complete. Does anyone have a community MM patch that adds the NTR to the Restock+ 2.5m nuclear engine? I realize this may be a better question in the NF Electrical thread, but I figured more people that play with the NTR extras patches for the LV-N and Kerbal Atomics would notice that the Restock+ nuke doesn't have it. That's how I noticed it anyway. I may mess around with it, but I figured some other intrepid Kerbalnaut may have already done so. Cheers,
  2. I know this thread is quite old, but it is relevant to what I am attempting to do. I'd like to improve the performance of a parachute from a mod. I have tried MM patches on the parachutes from the mod as well as stock parachutes, but what I've attempted does not work. Is MM unable to modify certain parameters of parachute config files? Is there more to the underlying config file for parachutes that I am not seeing/understanding? Am I just missing something completely obvious? This is what I've tried so far: @PART[parachuteSingle] { @MODULE[ModuleParachute] { @fullyDeployedDrag = 250 // 175 (original value) } } As well as: @PART[parachuteSingle] { @MODULE[ModuleDragModifier]:HAS[#dragCubeName[DEPLOYED]] { @dragModifier = 25 // 1 (original value) } } I have also tried both in combination and neither seem to work. I believe I've reached my ability to troubleshoot this on my own. Cheers,
  3. I can try it. I haven't looked into it myself, but since I've loaded the game more than a few dozen times.. I've noticed that MM only seems to load from cache when there are no changes to any MM patches. Since I'm seemingly always making changes, MM 'appears' to rebuild the cache quite often. Cheers,
  4. I tried modifying only the ModuleDragModifier as well as deleting the PartDatabase.cfg. but alas, no luck. The end of that post seemed to indicate, that Sarbian added whatever was needed to MM to remove the necessity to delete the PartDatabase.cfg file. Thanks for the suggestion. Cheers,
  5. @Coldrifting is busy with school as I understand it, so perhaps a temporary community fix? I've tried messing around with the Tiny Modular Parachutes using Module Manager, but have been unsuccessful. I've tried: As well as: I've also tried both of the above in combination and neither seem to do anything that I can tell. In the past I have successfully improved the performance of parachutes using the first MM patch by itself. I do not use FAR or any other mod that changes the characteristics of the atmosphere/parachutes etc. Any thoughts? Cheers,
  6. I'm not entirely sure if this is an issue per se, but the Modular Docking Port Jr + Tiny Modular Parachutes seem to be underperforming from what I would expect. Big picture I would expect the full Modular DP Jr system to be able to support/ensure reasonable survivability of the Mk1 Command Pod + Heat shield as well as the Mk2 Command Pod + Heat shield at Kerbin at sea level. After doing some rudimentary testing, this is not entirely the case. With both the Mk1 and Mk2 CP, the heat shield does not survive. The Mk1 is impacting at approximately 7.1 m/s (+/- 0.1 m/s) with the Mk2 impacting 10 m/s (+/- 0.1 m/s). For reference, the Mk1 CP + heatshield using a single Mk16 impacts at roughly 5.6 m/s. Just looking at the Tiny Modular Parachutes visually, as well as the stats for the Parachute itself (Fully deployed effective diameter), I was expecting the Tiny Modular Parachutes (x3) to perform somewhere between a single Mk16 and two Mk2-Rs, if not equal to two Mk2-Rs. Or put another way, the Mk16 can support weights up to approximately 2,000-2,500 kg depending on impact speed, part impact tolerance, land vs water, etc. while 2x Mk-2R can support 3,000-3,250 kg. I would expect 3x Tiny Modular Parachutes to be able to support 2,500-3000 kg perhaps? For what it's worth, the Modular DP with 3x small modular parachutes seems to perform as I would expect, which is at or near a single Mk16-XL. Lastly, and I have no idea if this is related, the Stage Recovery mod reports incorrect values in the VAB for the expected impact speed for both the tiny and small modular parachutes. If my expectations are misplaced and/or don't meet the intent of the mod, then please disregard. Cheers,
  7. Is there any reason other than aesthetics to keep both the original Docking Port and DP Jr with this mod installed? In other words, do the Modular DP's added with this mod, without parachutes, function identically to the stock DP and DP Jr respectively? I'm merely looking at minimizing Part bloat really. Cheers,
  8. @Kerbas_ad_astra Not sure if this has been reported or not, but the 2 'new' solar panels OX-2L & OX-4M are visually deployed in the VAB and upon launch. After launch (and in the VAB) the PAW is showing that the solar panels are retracted and they are not producing electricity. Here is the log, I'll try and post a pic if able. Edit: Some quick notes, because I posted originally in a hurry.. This is on a completely stock 1.12.2 install minus VSR and necessary dependencies. I installed via CKAN and used the "Ven's New Parts" only; not the full VSR (not sure if this is relevant). By new solar panels I simply meant the additional solar panels that VSR added. I did not test this with any of the 'stock' VSR solar panels. Hopefully the picture helps better describe the issue that I'm seeing. I did end up launching a test rocket and the game did treat the solar panels as if they were retracted even thought they visually appear extended, ie they did not rip off in atmosphere. Cheers,
  9. Was this confirmed to be a bug? I am using 1.12.2 and just encountered the same issue. It almost appears that it is 'intended' which is unfortunate.
  10. Worked great, thanks. I added this little bit as well: Cheers,
  11. Hey everyone, Looking for a Module Manager Patch. I have Restock/Restock+ and Making History. I'd like to use the Restock+ RT-1 & RT-2 SRB's, not the Restock reskined FM1 & FS30 from MH. Is there an elegant MM patch that resolves this? I have some workable but clumsy patches. Cheers,
  12. I know I'm late to the party, but I just had a pod (from a mod) that spawned for a Kerbal Rescue mission without a crew hatch. I'm still on 1.8.1 Cheers,
  13. Update: Curiously the Perform All Science option is available in the PAW for the DMagic Experiments, but none of the other science mods that I have, nor the stock/Squad science experiments. Not sure how/if this helps.
  14. Thanks guys, must be some sort of issue on my end. I do have several added science mods, but neither the stock science experiments nor the added ones have the Perform All Science option. I'm running KSP 1.8.1 with All Y'all installed via CKAN. I have uninstalled and reinstalled All Y'all multiple times both manually and with CKAN. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ec8bou4xd2a0d66/output_log.txt?dl=0 Cheers,
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