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  1. Any plans to add CKAN support? I only ask because Kraken Science is supported. For anyone interested: @PART[X20*]:AFTER[X-20-Moroz] { @title ^= :X20:Ж-20: } Cheers,
  2. Like this? I'm not exactly sure what you're talking about with the nodes, but the push adapter is meant to have the command pod nestled inside the adapter as an option. As for the cargo bays, I imagine you have KIS installed. If you scroll down to the very bottom of the .cfg file, having KIS installed removes the cargo bays. Cheers,
  3. Does anyone have an elegant solution to bring back the deprecated parts in 1.7? I still prefer the VSR decouplers and in 1.7 they have been deprecated. Is the only way to bring the parts back is to take them from GameData > Squad > zDeprecated and put them back in GameData > Squad > Parts? Or is there a simpler way via MM or something? Cheers,
  4. I realize this has nothing to do with FTT or Dev, but I did not want to post in the main NFT thread simply to avoid raising a bunch of unnecessary questions and I know this thread gets far less traffic. That being said, I have a small issue with one of the old NFSpacecraft engines. One of the exhaust plumes is small, with the other three tiny as well as the exhaust smoke only coming from one engine and also being small. I've been using these engines for awhile, but I'm afraid I did not catch when this happened. I did go all the way back to KSP 1.2 before the NFS engines were updated and started using MonoP and the plume worked just fine. I guess something in a later KSP version messed it up. I'm simply hoping this is a minor issue that is easily fixable via config editing (or something else I missed). When Nert deprecated these engines awhile back I kept this one and have been running the new and old NFS engines together because of the old engines more compact profile (better for landers). If this is not a simple fix, don't worry about it, I guess I'll just have to put this engine out to pasture. I understand support is not offered to deprecated parts, but hoped this was something that I could do on my end. Cheers,
  5. Is SEP meant to generate contracts in Career mode either through the stock contract generator or CC? I noticed nightingale wrote a config file for SEP located in ContractConfigurator > science. The experiment definitions don't quite seem to match up though. The file that nightengale wrote has the experiment definitions as: EXPERIMENT { name = SEP_Retroreflector } Where the SEP config file has them listed as: EXPERIMENT_DEFINITION { id = SEP_Retroreflector_Basic ---- EXPERIMENT_DEFINITION { id = SEP_Retroreflector_Detailed ---- etc Not sure if that matters.. Cheers,
  6. Are the contracts generating for everyone else? I'm wondering now if its a mod conflict on my end. Cheers,
  7. That makes sense. I think I came across this bit of information when I was trying to figure out this problem. I haven't changed any of any of transformName since I just copied everything over from the Squad KS-25 config file. The stock T-1 config file doesn't have any transformName to have accidentally edited by MM. The stock KS-25 has 3 transformName values, all different. But again, I didn't change them and they work just fine for the stock KS-25. I appreciate the help. Is there a better place to ask this question as there doesn't seem to be too much traffic here? Cheers,
  8. I'm just trying to change the exhaust plume for the T-1 to the exhaust plume from the KS-25 using Module Manager. I'm pretty sure I've done this before, but can't seem to figure this one out. This is what I have, but I end up with no exhaust plume at all: You can see I have removed the default exhaust effects for the T-1, changed [ModuleEngines] to [ModuleEnginesFX] and added the EFFECTS from the KS-25. I am using VSR if that matters, but I've looked at the VSR configs and they don't seem to touch the exhaust plume at all. Am I missing something else? Cheers,
  9. I've already started doing it manually. You are absolutely correct, I do not expect either mod maker to do it, I would imagine it to be a large amount of unnecessary work. Like I said, the conflict with each other was expected, so not really a problem per se. Only a problem in the sense that I am trying to come up with an elegant way to implement the two mods together using MM, but I'm not sure that is possible based off what I've seen with the Variant Module.
  10. I for one plan on using both ReStock and VSR. I have started messing around with it and simply installing both mods will cause problems (as expected). I know the maintainers of VSR were able to successfully implement the Variant switch to allow for stock Squad textures/colors and VSR colors, but only on some parts. As of right now, with both ReStock and VSR installed without messing around with anything, many of the parts that utilize the Variant switch overlap each other, while the simple 'delete current Model' and 'add new Model' parts invariably end up with the VSR textures since MM applies patches alphabetically unless told otherwise. The Mk1 Lander Can is an example of the latter. You end up with the VSR lander can instead of the Restock, simply because VSR overwrites the Model last. Hopefully someone smarter than I will be able to come up with an elegant implementation of both using Variant switch. Looking at the config files, both VSR and ReStock go about their business in a similar fashion, but are also subtly different. As I understand it, it wont be a simple MM patch to integrate both mods together using the Variant switch Module due to peculiarities of the Module itself.
  11. Thanks. I am still not getting the contracts to generate. I did figure out whey I wasn't seeing any of the contracts in the All tab of Contract Configurator in Mission Control, because Station Science does not have its own contract group. I did, however, take a look at the config file: I have definitely unlocked the correct experiments/labs for contracts to generate. Is there some other pre-req I am missing? Cheers,
  12. That's exactly the problem I was pointing out. I cannot link the experiments to the Central Station, or anything. Cobalt's post is what prompted me to update SEP, KIS/KAS. Previously I had be using the 'old' KIS/KAS in order to retain SEP functionality.
  13. When I click the link and hover over the picture it gives me a zoom in option. Not sure what the resolution is, but it fills the whole screen. What info from the menu are you looking for?
  14. Correct, I have been right clicking the power conduits to try and connect them to each other. I had been using the old version of SEP and KAS that was listed several posts ago, but have since updated all the associated mods. The SEP station in the picture is a brand new station, not one of the old ones. Picture Imgur and Flickr (or the website) were being weird and I couldn't embed the photo.