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  1. Worked great, thanks. I added this little bit as well: Cheers,
  2. Hey everyone, Looking for a Module Manager Patch. I have Restock/Restock+ and Making History. I'd like to use the Restock+ RT-1 & RT-2 SRB's, not the Restock reskined FM1 & FS30 from MH. Is there an elegant MM patch that resolves this? I have some workable but clumsy patches. Cheers,
  3. I know I'm late to the party, but I just had a pod (from a mod) that spawned for a Kerbal Rescue mission without a crew hatch. I'm still on 1.8.1 Cheers,
  4. Update: Curiously the Perform All Science option is available in the PAW for the DMagic Experiments, but none of the other science mods that I have, nor the stock/Squad science experiments. Not sure how/if this helps.
  5. Thanks guys, must be some sort of issue on my end. I do have several added science mods, but neither the stock science experiments nor the added ones have the Perform All Science option. I'm running KSP 1.8.1 with All Y'all installed via CKAN. I have uninstalled and reinstalled All Y'all multiple times both manually and with CKAN. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ec8bou4xd2a0d66/output_log.txt?dl=0 Cheers,
  6. Was the Perform All Science feature removed at some point? I checked a few pages back, but didn't see anything. The Extend All Solar Panels, Radiators etc work just fine, but none of my science experiments have the option to Perform All Science. Cheers,
  7. That makes sense. In all honestly, this is a very minor thing that I add (delete) to certain fuel tanks in order to make creating LH2 rockets slightly more challenging. I was hoping to do it myself via MM in order to not create any more work for you. Cheers,
  8. Wouldn't that delete the entire module including boil off? What I am trying to do is recreate the way the fuel tanks behaved several versions of Cryo Tanks ago. Nert selectively added (I'm trying to selectively delete it) the ability to prevent boil off to certain tanks. I believe at a certain point from his end it wasn't worth the hassle and just easier to add both boil off and the ability to prevent it to all tanks. So for example in the early game the FL-T tanks are capable of carrying LH2, but are not 'advanced' enough to prevent boil off. Basically they don't have the insulation and cooli
  9. Awesome! Another classic. Apologies if this is very obvious, but how does this play with/complement Kerbal Space Transport System? I haven't had the chance to mess with KSTS yet. Cheers,
  10. Back again. I know I quoted myself from 2 years ago, but I have the same question. With the update to MODULE[ModuleCryoTank], the above patch no longer works. I tried: Syntax error again? Anyone have a patch that they are using?
  11. Weird. I just reinstalled it and its fine now. The only thing I can think of is I got Kraken Science via CKAN. I just downloaded the mod via this thread. All seems to be fine now. Thanks for the help.
  12. Does anyone use this along side ReStock? A few of the Kraken Science Parts are missing textures and I'm 99% sure its due to ReStock's blacklist feature of stock models and textures. I'm basically just looking for a Kraken Science whitelist if anyone has one already. Cheers,
  13. You CAN use the unlock all tech from the cheat menu with CTT installed. You just have to do it twice. Once for the stock tech tree, twice for the rest. If you want to unlock the whole thing at once just ‘double click’ unlock. Cheers,
  14. I figured it out. I had to move the Command Pod from GameData > Squad > zDeprecated > Parts > Command to GameData > Squad > Parts > Command Apparently old me figured this out a year ago, but forogt. Is there a more elegant way to do this via MM or something? I feel like this is a crude way to bring this old part back. Is anyone else using the Mk1-2 VSR Command Pod? Cheers,
  15. What happened to the VSR Mk1-2 Command Pod? Seriously I can't find it. Am I missing something else to unhide it? Cheers,
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