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  1. I'm guessing you didn't read my original post that I linked. That or I did not explain it very well. I did not add/remove GPP_Secondary mid-game. My comment about removing GPP_Secondary was a follow up to my orginal post. I can see that reading the second post in isolation would be misleading. At the very beginning of a brand new 1.3.1 career save/game with OPM Galileo + GPP + GPP_Secondary, all of the KSC buildings were fully upgraded. When I removed the GPP_Secondary folder from the GameData folder and started another brand new career/save, everything was fine. I looked through the files included in GPP_Secondary and didn’t really see anything that would cause an issue, which leads me to believe it is some sort of conflict with another mod. In which case, I understand there really isn’t anything you can do. Cheers,
  2. Removing GPP_Secondary returned the KSC buildings back to level 1. Not sure why that is. A conflict with some other mod perhaps?
  3. I have a problem that I believe is installation related. I followed JadeOfMaar's instructions and have reinstalled multiple times, but I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong. I am using OPM Galileo + GPP + GPP_Secondary. I have deleted the OPM config file in GPP_Configs to put the OPM planets back in the Kerbol system. Other than that, I have not changed any of the GPP files. The problem is on a brand new career save all of the KSC buildings are fully upgraded. Removing GPP & GPP_Secondary puts the buildings back to lvl 1. Additionally, with GPP installed, the observatory that is added by Research Bodies is also missing. This is a snip from my GameData Folder. I have GPP v1.5.3 (manually installed) and Kopernicus 1.3.1-2 (CKAN installed). ..and this is what the GPP folder looks like I can't figure out what I've done wrong. I had this identical setup in 1.3 and it all worked fine. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers,
  4. KSC buildings fully upgraded

    Removing GPP and GPP_Secondary solved the problem. Buildings start at Lvl 1 in a new career. I'll seek help over there. Cheers,
  5. When starting a brand new career game in 1.3.1 all of the buildings are fully upgraded. I found these former threads, but they are quite dated and it appears to have been a 32 vs 64 bit issue. I have a heavily modded install, but I have very few mods that I think would do anything at all with the KSC itself. The only mods that I can think of are Research Bodies which adds an observatory (not showing up) and GPP. Possibly Custom Barn Kit? I thought CBK was a mod tool to edit building paramaters, but did not in of itself change anything with the KSC. In my particular install, I have GPP_Secondary installed, so the KSC remains on Kerbin (essentially stock) and puts the Galileo system outside of the Kerbol system. I have reinstalled both RB and GPP to no avail. I'm not sure what other mod(s) could be causing a conflict. Of minor note, when I transitioned from 1.3 to 1.3.1 I did not add any new mods, and my mod setup worked fine in 1.3. Mod list exported from CKAN: Both RB and GPP are manually installed. I have a handful of other manually installed mods, but they are almost all exclusively part mods. Output Log: Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers,
  6. Well I know the reverse was true before the last update. Previously I would add the cooling capability via MM to a select number of fuel tanks to give more diversity in building LH2 rockets. I assumed it was possible to do the reverse. The boiloff was present on any tank that had LH2, but the ability to cool/prevent boiloff was only on certain tanks, not all of them. I think it was the last patch, but the decision was made to just add the cooling capability to all the tanks. I'm not sure why, but I'm sure it was for simplicity and there were probably a lot of users asking questions about it. Essentially what I am trying to do is limit my choices somewhat in design by removing the ability to cool certain (not all of them) fuel tanks. Cheers, You'll probably get more traction on the CKAN thread, but as it has been pointed out, I think its just one less thing for modders to manage by not having to worry about CKAN support. I imagine this becomes more work when you have multiple mods, with multiple dependencies, like NFT. As far as mods that don't explicitly have CKAN support from the mod author but are still listed on CKAN, it is often times by another user that is a fan of the mod. Or sometimes one of the 'CKAN guys.' Linuxgurugamer does this a lot. I think blowfish manages the CKAN for NFT. Cheers,
  7. Does anyone have a Module Manager patch to remove Cryo cooling from individual fuel tanks? I tried this, but it did not work: @PART[fuelTankSmallFlat]:AFTER[zzz_CryoTanks] { @MODULE[ModuleCryoTank] { !CoolingCost{} } } Cheers,
  8. Yes, it did. I thought I stopped it in time, but I didn't. Done and done. Fortunately I was aware of this Steam 'feature' and it did work as advertised. Coincidentally, the watermark is gone, as expected. Cheers,
  9. This happened to me. I had not realized that 1.3.1 came out, and Steam tried to updated, but I stopped it from doing so. Apparently Steam deleted the buildID64.txt file. Does anyone have the last 1.3 txt file prior to 1.3.1? Cheers,
  10. [KSP 1.3.1] OPM_Galileo [1.2.4] [15 Nov 2017]

    I do not think this is totally accurate. At least the part about Research Bodies. If you look a few posts up, you'll see I was asking a very similar question. I too have RB. I tested the installation of GPP_Secondary in a test sandbox save where I have 'everything discovered' with respect to RB and found the same thing you did with OPM around Grannus. After deleting the OPM config file included in GPP, OPM went back to the stock solar system and only Ciro, Gael, Iota and Ceti discovered, but not Grannus in my career save. Which is included in the default GPP RB config file. Galileo deliberately put (I think) the OPM planets around Grannus, RB doesn't have anything to do with their placement around Grannus. Though you are very likely correct about the fact that they are visible with RB in the normal difficulty setting because of the default Sarnus RB config. This does raise a good point though. With GPP_Seondary installed, it does make sense to reconfigure the GPP_ReseachBodies file to determine which bodies are visible. I tried using this MM patch but it did not work: @RESEARCHBODIES[GPP]:NEEDS[ResearchBodies]:AFTER[GPP] { @IGNORE // For GPP_Secondary { !body = Gael !body = Iota !body = Ceti body = Grannus } } What I was trying to do was make only the two stars visible when GPP is a distant solar system. Unfortunately this MM patch did not work, nor did editing the persistent file. I was able to make Grannus visible, but Gael and Niven are still discovered, which I don't think they should be with GPP_Secondary. Anyone have any suggestions with respect to a MM patch? Cheers,
  11. [KSP 1.3.1] OPM_Galileo [1.2.4] [15 Nov 2017]

    Well that's just too easy. Thanks for the quick replies gentlemen. Cheers,
  12. [KSP 1.3.1] OPM_Galileo [1.2.4] [15 Nov 2017]

    Never would have thought about this if you hadn't posted this. Is there a way to direct where OPM ends up? I installed GPP_Secondary into a Stock + OPM install and it moved OPM over to the GPP system around Grannus, which I'm pretty sure is by design. I think I saw Galileo say somewhere this was his preference. Is there a way to keep the OPM planets in the stock system with GPP_Secondary? Should I be asking this over in the GPP thread?
  13. I get that, what I am saying is the .cfg file looks for the spaces in the BDB folder. You have included the correct files, but the interior config file looks for them elsewhere. BDB doesn't need to be a dependency, but the path needs to be changed. I changed it from this: MODEL { model = Bluedog_DB/Spaces/Gemini_A_Int/Gemini_A_Int } to this: MODEL { model = Notantares Space Industries/Mk1-A/Spaces/Gemini_A_Int/Gemini_A_Int } Cheers,
  14. The IVA's were not working for me, but I figured it out. BDB was the clue. I don't play with BDB. The model path for the interior spaces was trying to get them from the BDB folder, which I do not have. I changed the Gemini_Crew_A_Interior.cfg to this and it worked fine: Have you considered renaming your master folder to NotantaresSpaceIndustries? The spaces in the folder name create problems for MM. I think it might even be a KSP/Unity thing, but I could be way off base. Perhaps casual coincidence, but your master folder is the only one that I have with spaces in the name. I managed to work around it, but even using Notantares?Space?Industries did not work for some of the MM patches I was using. Part of the reason that I was asking if the pod was a WIP, was because I was skeptical that 2x kerbals would fit in a pod with a 1.25m base. Especially one with the same profile/shape as the Mk1 pod. I wanted to take a look at the IVA view first though, to see what it looked like. I had the same reservations about the K2 as well. Just looking at it, it looks like the BDB place holder IVA is bigger than the pod itself. I think (again I don't use it) the BDB Gemini pod had a 1.875m base. The K2 pod works around the space issue by extending the base upwards a bit before tapering to 0.625m. Actually comparing them all together though, it does look like if you put the 2 kerbals shoulder to shoulder, it might work. You'd more than likely have to squeeze the instrument panels close together as well, or just use one in the center or something. In the end, its not a huge deal, I don't use IVA often at all, and only really mention it from an RP/immersion standpoint. I was aware that Linuxgurugamer had updated the K2 pod to 1.3, but I meant it was no longer being actively maintained. Specifically, it does not have lights and it sadly looks a bit dated, especially compared to parts like yours. Still a great 2 man pod though. Has been a staple of mine for quite some time until I found your pod. Cheers,