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  1. At launch, Kerbal Space Program 2 will be released on Steam and other digital storefronts. It won't be a EGS exclusive.
  2. There will not be an in-game currency for purchasing loot boxes or anything similar. Please note that we are in active development and still working on many aspects. Which is why at this we do not have any announcements or can get in specifics regarding this. For now, we’re focused on a great launch and will announce more about post-release support in the future.
  3. It is still too early to share more details as the game is still in development, but we'll share updates regularly
  4. It is still too early to share any more details about this, but we will do so in a future date
  5. The early adopter program was exclusive to the original Kerbal Space Program.
  6. Stay tuned for more information on this at a later time
  7. The game will be released on Steam and other digital storefronts, as well as Xbox Marketplace and PlayStation Store.
  8. We'll let evryone know about the final system requirements as we get closer to the release
  9. There will not be an in-game currency that you can purchase loot boxes, or similar. About the prize...
  10. We have no announcements for these platforms at this time, but we are always looking at ways to bring KSP to as many players as we can.
  11. We'll let everyone know once the game is out
  12. In order to keep the conversation in one place, I'm locking this thread. Please comment in the following thread
  13. KSP 2 will be a brand new game with it's own code, so unfortunately KSP 1 mods will not port over, however KSP 2 is will be mod friendly as well
  14. Hi Kerbonauts! For the past eight years, Kerbal Space Program has continuously evolved into something larger than any of us, and all thanks goes to the support of our community as well as the many talented people who have put their hearts into it. As you’ve recently heard Kerbal Space Program 2 is coming in 2020 thanks to the outstanding team at Star Theory Games, who we’ve been communicating with along the way. We are happy to say that as well as being lifelong fans of KSP who deeply understand what makes this game so great, they are also skilled developers with their own roster of games. We’re confident that you’ll all love what is being concocted to bring our beloved franchise to new heights. Squad will continue to support the current game, and some of us in various capacities are assisting Star Theory to make the best possible sequel. These are exciting times for Kerbonauts, so fasten your seatbelts and prepare yourself for new adventures! Happy launchings!