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  1. KSP Weekly: Expedition 1

    The console versions will be released before the expansion. The updated console versions will have to be downloaded entirely (it is not a patch) and people who had previously purchased the original console versions, will be able to download the newer version for free - we can know this since the previous purchase is linked to an account. These updated console versions will be on 1.2.2, so yes, it will include KerbNet, CommNet and all the features included in the game up until that update.
  2. KSP Weekly: Expedition 1

    The console version for KSP on consoles will be released by the end of January. We are aware it has taken a long time, but rushing a release without the extensive QA that these updated versions have been undertaking, would have been probably a bad decision.
  3. Hello everyone! Kerbal Space Program 1.3.1 is live! This patch includes a few localization corrections, bug fixes and the implementation of a few enhancements. Check out this patch's Changelog for further details: =================================== v1.3.1 ============================================================ +++ Localization * Localization Texts updated. * KSPedia Localization texts and graphics updated. * Fix KerbNet localization strings. * Fix Number and time displays for localization. * Fix Lingoona library for Ubuntu Linux. * Localization Performance improvements. * Fix localization of Tutorials and Scenarios. * Fix localization of planet names in Science Reports. * Resource names on Mining contracts localized. * Removed lingoona Gender tags on Biome filters in RnD archives screen. * Texture update opening scene for Chinese. * Fix Profanity filter for Kerbal Names in Russian. * Fix Custom Category filters in SPH/VAB and localized some missing texts. * Fix tooltip for custom Category filters. * Fix incorrect text on engineer report for Antenna check. * Fix RnD archive biome filter for mini biomes showing lingoona gender tags. * Fix failed file deletion message when overwriting saves. * Fix grammar To the Mun P2 Tutorial for English. * Fix keyboard layouts overwriting EVA Light key from ‘U’ to ‘L’. Now U in all cases and G for Dvorak. * Fix key binding display on settings input dialog. * Fix locked facility dialog headings. * Fix format of MET display all languages. * Fix Flag naming dialog text positioning. * Add noun gender indicators to resource names in Russian. * Add localization for shielded parts PAWs in stock saves. * Fix Keyboard layout confirmation dialog to show correct punctuation keys when binding. A reset may be required for exisiting custom layouts. * Fix labels on settings menu for languages to fit. * Fix use of Lastly (all languages) for contract parameters. * Fix Engineers Report text alignment all languages. * Log Celestial Body periods in English in the game logs. * Fix punctuation position on Japanese and Chinese fonts. +++ Enhancements * Default setting for NavBall in Mapmode (default is not to autohide). * Default throttle setting to 0%. * Add ability to tweak endpoints of symmetry struts and fuel lines. * Improvements to symmetry tweaking in the editor scenes. * Add game clock to all KSC Facility Menus. * Game clock in all screens now shows the time in Gray when time is paused. * Add action groups for wheel motors and wheel steering. * Add the shadow fade fix from KSC scene to the editor scenes. * Change the near clipping pane on game camera so it doesn’t clip when zoomed in as much. * Add ‘Control from here’ to External Seat. * Add action group for ‘Control from here’ to ModuleCommand and ModuleDockingNode, External Seat and Grapple. * Exclude wheels from part recovery contracts as some are too hard to grapple. +++ Bug fixes * Fix the deploy/retract actions not showing for drills on custom action groups. * Fix UT/MET display in flight. * Fix control command persistence when changing to map view. * Fix delta time Part Thermal Flux calculations. * Timewarp indicator in all screens now shows no green arrows when time is paused. * Fix MK3 size 2 adapter collider. * Fix issue with compound parts inside fairings causing launched vessels to explode. * Change Settings UI text alignments to be centered. * Fix texture on VAB level 3 floor near the outer door. * FIx the tweakable end of compound parts not getting mirrored when moved. * Fix an incorrect text when a station contract gets completed. * Fix the toggles in the UI at the Main Menu stretching as much as they could. * Fix Flag on Sentinel Telescope Icon in VAB/SPH. * Fix Sun (stepping) movement in Flight whilst retaining sun shadows fix. * Fix opacity issue in editor scenes for unconnected parts. * Jetpack translation is no longer affected when an EVA Kerbal’s PAW is open and being dragged. * Kerbals can no longer EVA from inside fairings (but can from interstage fairings) to avoid exploding vessels. * Fix quicksaveload dialog when enter is used in the filename input box. * Fix Grab interaction msg for EVA kerbals when ladders are retracted. * Fix NREs on craft thumbnail creation - added filename sanitizing. * Fix Part highlighting in VAB/SPH interacting with Light Animations on parts. * Fix destructible building on Tracking Station Level 2 dish. * Fix Part highlighting for new and dropped parts in VAB/SPH. * Replace TrackIR with new implementation. * Fix Flight camera issues when active vessel crashes into the ground. * Fix Destructible Building error messages in log. * Disable Save on PauseMenu when active vessel is dead to avoid invalid save files. * Shadow tweak on buildings in KSC scene. * Fix issue with being able to add maneuver nodes to vessels without control. * Remove ability to create maneuver nodes with EVA Kerbals. * Fix an issue where an atmospheric resource harvester would not properly activate. * Fix Loading Scene picture swapping feature. * Fix Grass texture on level 3 RnD building. * Fix MPL cleaning experiments screen messages. * Fix Restart Warning text on main Settings Screen. * Fix Cannot Deploy while stowed messages. * Fix "Toggle Display" button on scientific devices. * Fix floor decal alignment level 2 SPH. * Fix Difficulty settings dialog height for all tabs. * Fix icon visuals on Contracts App when pausing during flight. * Fix empty craft name save expection in VAB/SPH. * Fix Tour contract kerbal gender log messages. * Fix RnD Archives Biome filtering. * Fix rotate and offset on compount parts in VAB/SPH. * Fix drill action groups. * Fix drill disable and mining when lost ground contact. * Improve vessel ground collision checks for landed vessels coming off rails (includes recovery contract parts that are landed). * Reduce stutter when flying fast and low over a planet. * Fix kerbal heading calculations - fixes swimming animation jitters. * Fix Duna Rock allows kerbals to climb and plant flags (no more ragdoll). * Turn on Goliath and Wheesley Exhaust damage. * Fix fairing shader not set correctly and overlaying engine FX. * Fix external command seat ejection. * Fix PAW actions and events ordering on pinned PAWs. * Fix NRE on Navball in IVA when doing scenarios and training. * Fix black line low over terrain (unfortunately re-introduces green line low over ocean). * Fix presence of .DS_Store file no longer marks save games as modded. +++ Modding * Restore CelestialBody.theName methods (marked as deprecated). * Fix Part Filter category names capitalization for mods. * Add property to CustomParameterUI to support Localization. * ModuleDeployablePart now finds all animations. * CelestialBody GetRelSurfacePosition now calling correct methods. Happy launchings!
  4. Pre-release 1.3.1 is live!

    Hello everyone! We're happy to announce the launch of the Public Pre-release of Update 1.3.1. This ‘pre-release’ test build is for everyone to have a go before we officially release the update, and you’ll be able to opt-in to get the Pre-release builds via the Steam betas and through the KSP Store for those who bought the game there. Naturally, you’ll need to own a copy of the game beforehand in order to access these builds. This opt-in branch will run for a minimum of two full weeks before the release date of the final update (the final release date hasn’t been closed, so changes may occur). Here's a link to the changelog for further details. To facilitate discussions of the Pre-release branch we’ll be opening up a temporary sub-forum for feedback. Additionally, a Pre-release project has been made available on the bug tracker to report bugs on. Remember that reporting a problem on the forum does not count as a bug report, unfortunately. We rely on a particular format and certain information that allows us to get to the problem as quickly as possible. So if you choose to help out, please read the wiki on the bug tracker where a guide to reporting bugs can be found. Attached logs are most important, and instructions detailing where these can be found on your platform are also in our wiki. Thank you and happy launchings!
  5. KSP Challenge: The Mun Arch Speed Challenge!

    Yes, there are no rules against it
  6. Development Update for Consoles!

    There's still a long road ahead of us before that (1.3.1 and the Making History Expansion), so no plans for 1.4, yet.
  7. Development Update for Consoles!

    Yes. The release will be simultaneous. We've also given several details about the new control scheme (radial controls and manouver nodes adjustments), the improvements of shadows and the fix of the save file curruption issue in previous KSP Weeklies. We also stated that the new version will include update 1.2.2 and considering that the previous ones were equivalent to 1.1, there will be a sustantial amount of content new to consoles. I invite you to read the changelogs from 1.1 to 1.2.2 and everything in between.
  8. Development Update for Consoles!

    We are doing our best and working very hard to deliver console ports that are free from the issues that the past ones had, as well as including impovements to the performance and the control scheme, based on feedback received from the playerbase. We don't want to disappoint anyone by rushing a release regardless of the quality of the product itself. @technicalfool wasn't trying to be disrespectful to anyone and he was just pointing out that we'll release the console ports once we are sure that we have high quality ports that work as they are supposed to. The development is already in the last stages and soon we'll give you a solid release date. We hope you understand and we thank you for your patience.
  9. Development Update for Consoles!

    Can't say. Release estimations are a tricky subject, since, as an example, an issue could appear during this testing phase and that could delay it. Once we announce the release date it will be because we have full certainty.
  10. Development Update for Consoles!

    We are currently progressing on the update at an excellent pace and it is now being tested by the QA team, which is one of the final steps for its release. Next time we have info on timing for the update it will be alongside a final release date.
  11. KSP Weekly: The Arecibo Message

    Not for the time being, we will figure out those details when we get closer to the release.
  12. KSP Weekly: The Arecibo Message

    Realease date estimations are really dificult to do, but are focusing on getting the updated console version right instead of rushing a release date. Once we have total certainty of the release date, we'll share it with you all.
  13. Take-Two Kills "Essential" Grand Theft Auto V Mod

    We have no plans to make any changes to KSP modding. We know and value the importance of the modding community in KSP
  14. How to Buy KSP?

    Players who purchased the game through the store will still be able to get their updates that way, and new players can still buy the game through other partners, including DRM free options (GOG, Humble Store, Greenmangaming, etc), which will remain DRM free moving forward.
  15. KSP Acquired by Take-Two Interactive

    Our goal is for KSP to continue to operate as usual for all aspects of KSP as much as possible. There may be some minor changes during the transition, but we and Take-Two are both committed to continuing to support the great KSP community, and there are no plans for any major changes to PR staff or the forums.