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  1. Yes, there are no rules against it
  2. There's still a long road ahead of us before that (1.3.1 and the Making History Expansion), so no plans for 1.4, yet.
  3. Yes. The release will be simultaneous. We've also given several details about the new control scheme (radial controls and manouver nodes adjustments), the improvements of shadows and the fix of the save file curruption issue in previous KSP Weeklies. We also stated that the new version will include update 1.2.2 and considering that the previous ones were equivalent to 1.1, there will be a sustantial amount of content new to consoles. I invite you to read the changelogs from 1.1 to 1.2.2 and everything in between.
  4. We are doing our best and working very hard to deliver console ports that are free from the issues that the past ones had, as well as including impovements to the performance and the control scheme, based on feedback received from the playerbase. We don't want to disappoint anyone by rushing a release regardless of the quality of the product itself. @technicalfool wasn't trying to be disrespectful to anyone and he was just pointing out that we'll release the console ports once we are sure that we have high quality ports that work as they are supposed to. The development is already in the last stages and soon we'll give you a solid release date. We hope you understand and we thank you for your patience.
  5. Can't say. Release estimations are a tricky subject, since, as an example, an issue could appear during this testing phase and that could delay it. Once we announce the release date it will be because we have full certainty.
  6. We are currently progressing on the update at an excellent pace and it is now being tested by the QA team, which is one of the final steps for its release. Next time we have info on timing for the update it will be alongside a final release date.
  7. Not for the time being, we will figure out those details when we get closer to the release.
  8. Realease date estimations are really dificult to do, but are focusing on getting the updated console version right instead of rushing a release date. Once we have total certainty of the release date, we'll share it with you all.
  9. We have no plans to make any changes to KSP modding. We know and value the importance of the modding community in KSP
  10. Players who purchased the game through the store will still be able to get their updates that way, and new players can still buy the game through other partners, including DRM free options (GOG, Humble Store, Greenmangaming, etc), which will remain DRM free moving forward.
  11. Our goal is for KSP to continue to operate as usual for all aspects of KSP as much as possible. There may be some minor changes during the transition, but we and Take-Two are both committed to continuing to support the great KSP community, and there are no plans for any major changes to PR staff or the forums.
  12. Our friends at Take-Two have read your message and they want you to know the following: "This is wonderful to see, and please relay that it made its way over to us, and we hear him. We're approaching this with deep respect and appreciation of the game, and agree wholeheartedly with his sentiments."
  13. We can't talk about any specifics of the deal. But basically, this means that Take-Two Interactive now owns the KSP intellectual property. Squad on the other hand will continue to provide support and ongoing development for the title through game updates and expansions, while remaining autonomous and maintaining total creative control. We will however get Take-Two's full support in all kinds of aspects, including but not limited to production support, marketing, development, customer support and QA. This willl allow us to realize our vision with the highest quality standards and to keep KSP alive for many years to come.
  14. Message delivered
  15. I understand why many of you are concerned, but the whole team believes this is a step in the right direction to bring KSP forward. Take-Two values the creative independence of its collaborators and teams, so we’ll continue to operate autonomously and have total creative control, now with the best tools and complete support from Take-Two to realize our vision. And there are many and substantia benefits with this partnership: We are getting a long term commitment from Take-Two to continue with KSP development, as well as their full support in all kinds of aspects, including but not limited to production support, marketing, development, customer support and QA.