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  1. Hello everyone! I remember when I joined the KSP-team back in the summer of 2016. Update 1.2 was still in the making, the team was smaller, and Felipe had recently left his role as lead developer. The game community, though, was very passionate, but many were skeptical about our ability to continue the game’s legacy without Felipe and a few other developers who would also leave shortly after… It is needless to say that it was a bit overwhelming to take over the role of community manager around that time. I remember that one of my first tasks was to craft a text to reassure the community and let them know that we were committed to continue our efforts to make KSP the best game it could possibly be, and we asked you to believe in us and to let our actions and our work speak for itself. Five years later, here we are, ten major updates later, two expansions, a sequel on its way, and with the brightest possible future for the KSP universe. You believed in us, and you welcomed me into this amazing community as if I had always been part of it, and for that I’m wholeheartedly thankful These past 5 years have meant everything to me. Just before joining Squad I was struggling with the way my life was unfolding: I had a job I hated, was unmotivated, and my mental health was slowly declining… I needed a change. Then one day, I received a call from @nestor inviting me for an interview. I knew this was my chance to turn things around and start doing something I was passionate about, I couldn’t mess things up. Little did I know that the same evening I would be coming home with a new job, and oh boy… What a job! I got to meet and befriend a team of extremely talented and amazing human beings, who were always there to help and support each other, and with whom I feel extremely privileged and grateful to have been able to work along with. I felt at home and was happy to wake up every morning to go to work, thank you @SQUAD for letting me be part of this! But all great things have to come to an end, and for me, one of the most exciting chapters of my life is reaching its closure. This was of course a very difficult decision to make, but I’m ready for a new challenge, and I’m excited for what’s to come. My time at Squad and in the KSP community allowed me to grow so much and learn so many things that I now feel confident and ready for whatever the future may hold. Finally, I just want to thank once again all my colleagues at Squad, Intercept Games, Private Division, the all the might moderation team, and you, Kerbonauts. I will always hold you dearly close to my heart and will eternally be grateful for changing my life for the better. I know the game and the community are in great hands, and I’m looking forward to seeing what’s coming next. SPOILER ALERT: it’s going to be amazing! I’ll see you around and wish you the best of luck! Happy lauchings! Daniele “UomoCapra” Peloggio PS: If you need anything from the Community Management Team, don't hesitate to reach out to @KSPStar , @St4rdust, or any of the moderators, they are awesome and will certaintly do everything they can to help you out.
  2. The survey is now closed, but I heartily thank you for helping me out. You guys rock!
  3. Hello Kerbonauts! Kerbal Space Program 1.12.2 is live! This patch focuses on fixing over 90 bugs and adding a few improvements to the game, such as a locking functionality to docking node rotations that allows autostruts to cross over docked nodes. We are also adding revamps for the LV-T30 Reliant and LVT-45 Swivel liquid fuel engines. Additionally, and more importantly, 1.12.2 includes the previously-teased Ground Anchor - a brand new element in KSP, that when paired with EVA construction, will give players the ability to anchor their vessels to the ground or create a solid foundation for bases. Even though we still may release a minor patch here and there when needed, with this patch we are officially completing the 1.12 update, as well as the sustained development of the original KSP, as we are now shifting gears towards the development of KSP2. Check out this patch's changelog for further details: =================================== v1.12.2 ============================================================ +++ Improvements * Set the default value of Override Safety Check to false, in both cheats. * Implement Steam folder for subscribed craft. * Add locking functionality to docking node rotations allowing autostruts to cross over docked nodes that are both locked. * Add the current game name to the directory browser Current game label. * Selecting the same target body in the maneuver tool dropdown forces the tool to recalculate. * Add a Loop mode of None-Restart to the KAL. This will play once and stop, if play is pressed once the sequence is complete it will restart and play once. * Remove unnecessary warning log messages from DirectoryController. * Ring type fireworks orientation is now randomized, not simply vertical pane. * Expose the kerbal end of ladder setting in the in-game settings. * Make parts able to surface attach to structural flags and include checks and balances for child part attachment and size/variant changing. * 'Disable Staging' PAW option in editor scene now affects all symmetry counterparts for decouplers. * Add some randomness to the firework bursts to improve the look. +++ Localization * Fix when discovering a new launch site the facility name was only displaying in English. * Fix the localization tags for ground deployable parts that are stock. * Added autoloc code to Cheat Menu for Set Orbit Override Safety Check. * Fix maneuver tool circularization UI string in French. * Add localization of timescale suffixes for alarm date time fields. * Add localization of maneuver alarm error messages. * Fix Steering Adjustment string in PAW in Russian. * Fix new game KSC welcome message in Japanese. * Make the repair all parts cheat button wide enough for all languages. * Craft browser search options 'subfolders' and 'all games' localized. * Picking up deployed parts without Breaking Ground expansion installed - strings now localized. * Localize cheat option 'Override safety check' in the Set Position menu. * Fix Craft Browser missing Enter text... localization. * Fix Craft Browser missing Cancel button localization. * Adjust text size of ActionGroups text to fit asian font characters. * Craft browser search text placeholder updated from 'Enter Search...' to 'Enter Text...' +++ Parts * Fix OX-10L solar panel break/repair functionality. * Add a variant to the Clamp-o-Tron Sr. Now you can turn on and off the yellow stripes. * Revamp LV-T30 Reliant and LVT-45 Swivel. * Add Pitch and Rotate to the Small Work Lamp. * Fix the MK 1-3 pod flag. * Changed display name of RCS tanks to better order and name them relative to each other, and similar to the FL-T series. FL-R10 , FL-R25 and FL-1 become FL-R20, FL-R120 and FL-R750 with the number indicating resource amount. +++ Bugfixes * Fix Linux Scrollwheel direction. * Fix spacing on Current Game, Stock and Steam folders. * Fix ESA Mission not playing in base game when Breaking Ground DLC is not installed. * Fix the MK2 Clamp-O-Tron's control point orientation. * Fix Comet module subscribing to events multiple times. * Fix Craft and Part persistentIDs being duplicated when launching the vessel using a craft file. * Fix KAL losing part references when using craft files or when reverting to the VAB. * Fix KAL being unable to control another KALs playspeed and play position. * Fix KAL Presets not working for other KALs. * Fix issue not dropping held parts when exiting construction mode. * Fix compound parts losing their connections when edited in EVAConstruction mode with dropped parts. * Fix for certain parts getting blank icons when placed in inventories and changing variants. * Fix the ship engine volume setting not being applied in flight. * Fix handling of non-matching system timezones (EG Hong Kong). * Fix Craft names with special characters not saving correctly. * Fix Player-saved craft in Missions not showing thumbnail correctly. * Fix docking port errors when manipulating them in EVA construction mode. * Fix Root part visibility when hovering over it's PAW in the editor scene. * Fix vessel mass being incorrect when drilling has removed mass from attached asteroids. * Fix intercept trajectories in patched conics when in relative mode. * Fix Input lock getting stuck on when you open the action groups app. * Fix an NRE when staging a docking port when it's not connected to another part. * Fix SAS autopilot skill checking in sandbox and career games against kerbal experience and full SAS in sandbox game settings. * Non-surface placeable items can no longer be dropped or placed while intersecting other parts during EVA Construction mode. * Fix cargo container inventory duplicating on detaching and attaching the cargo part in EVA construction mode. * Fix missing stored parts in cargo containers after attaching/detaching/dropping cargo part. * Fix NRE occuring with Alarm Clock in Scenarios and Training games. * Fix NRE occuring with KerbalInventory in Scenarios and Training games. * Fix Maneuver Tool showing up in Scenarios and Training games. * Fix Cargo settings for SmallHardpoint and StructuralPylon - They were reversed. * Fix Mission Clock masking issue on warp to sunrise when CommNet is not enabled. * Fix NextAlarm UI in Mission Clock when CommNet is not enabled. * Fix Add Burn time setting being cutoff in the Alarm Clock details pane. * Fix maneuver alarm time not updating when its not the active vessel. * Fix some alarms firing immediately when initially created. * Fix maneuver alarms getting stuck if the maneuver is removed. * Fix Maneuver Tool error when initially loading flight scene. * Fix Maneuver Tool calculation when making first selection in flight scene. * Fix Maneuver Tool clearing the information text when it shouldn't. * Fix Maneuver Tool inclined Same SOI transfer calc being inconsistent. * Fix shaders on new slim suit. * Non-retractable parts will now still be able to be toggled in the editor, even after saving and reloading or switching editors. * Fix initial transfer window calcs shown in Maneuver Tool top window. * Fix NRE when attempting to use the middle mouse set position cheat. Force camera out of map view when using this option to avoid vessel exploding. * Fix Color Picker causing Crashes. * Fix Color Picker alignment in PAW. * Fix engine FX scaling issue. * Fix part being deleted when closing Construction Mode UI while the cursor is holding a part. * Fix the R&D's level 3 floor shading. * Fix landed and deployed vessels coming off rails positioning, particularly on slopes. * Fix NREs could fire when detaching first a compound part from a vessel and additional ones after it. * Fix audio issue happening when enabling infinite fuel cheat. * Fix the map view rotating with vessel orientation when mouse is over the alarm clock app. * Fix the actiongroup app locking the camera controls. * Fix the KerbalEVA incorrect collider name in boundsignorelist - EVAStorageSlim_flagDecals. * Fix BinkRate not being set properly in Deployable Light configs. * Fix parts dropped in EVA Construction do not play their deploy animation when a game is loaded and could get stuck. * Fix for wrong shortcut letter in KSPedia EVA Construction mode Slide. * Fix debris not becoming a controllable vessel when attaching controllable parts in EVA Construction. * Fix the camera being locked when the actiongroup app is open. * Fix the camera toggle being active when the actiongroup editing is active. * Fix Contract Map Nodes firing an NRE on mouse over. * Fix fairing staging options being inconsistent with symmetry setup when staging toggled. * Fix text overlaps in the Next Alarm UI element. * Fix Z fighting between deltav indicator for a stage and the Time warp UI element. * Fix NRE when date entry fields are empty in the alarm clock. * Fix Day field converting incorrectly when editing a manual time alarm. * Fix Alarm message not firing when no active vessel and set to display if not this vessel. * Fix Manual Alarm changing the linked vessel when editing an alarm. * Fix the blue maneuver directional arrow blurriness when texture quality set to eighth res. * Fix maneuver node dragging between patched conics, and refocuses camera as required. * Fix unable to drag maneuver nodes that are in the past. Can now drag them forward in time again until they are past the current game time. * Fix issue disabling hotkeys when cargo panel was open in the editor. * Fix grapple errors when disarming from same vessel grapple. * Fix grapple errors when lock PAW option is clicked when it shouldn't be available to the player. * Fix parts being able to attach in construction mode when colliding with ground. * Fix Easter Egg Launch sites ladders were unusable for EVA Kerbals. * Fix Manual Alarms always being linked to a vessel regardless of the chosen settings. * Fix the variant selector buttons ignoring locked variant options. * Fix RCS being left on when a Kerbal exist construction mode after welding when in space. * Fix picking up a strut or a fuel line and attaching it caused the endpoint to enable a collider, and moving around the target could cause undesired collisions in EVA Construction mode. * Fix the firework trail particles lasting for the entire duration of the explosion delay. * Fix rare CTD using the Maneuver Tool App. * Fix Manuever Tool App calculations when calculating transfer from future maneuver nodes (not current orbit). * Fix the save confirm dialog prompting for overriding saves when special characters in vessel name and saving while editing an existing craft. +++ Modding * Adjusted AppUIMember Initializers to ensure attributes get setup correctly in the right sequence. * Expose ModuleRCS.EPSILON which controls the minimum latch for thrust. * Expose ModuleSAS.targetSASServiceLevel so that modders can override the parts SASServiceLevel. * Expose UIApp.IsShowing so modders can see if an apps frame is showing. * Expose AlarmClockUIFrame.IsDetailsShowing for visibility of the details window. * Expose AppUIMemberDateTime.DateFormatter for date input fields in ManTool and AlarmClock. * Exposed the state of the nextalarm visibility in flight on FlightUIModeController Singleton. FlightUIModeController.Instance.NextAlarmShowing bool. * Fix DoubleCurve initialize and evaluate method. * Add attachRules to PartVariant so different variants can have their own attachRules setup. =================================== Making History v1.12.1 ================================ +++ Parts * Fix M1-F wheel radius. * Changed display name of RCS tanks to better order and name them relative to each other, and similar to the FL-T series. FL-R5 becomes FL-R400 with the number indicating resource amount. * Fix the Onion, Pea, and Pomegranate instantly turning black during reentry effects. +++ Bugfixes * Fix Meet me In Zero G mission. * Fix test grapple node errors when not in flight scene. ====================================== Breaking Ground v1.7.1 ============================== +++ Bugfixes * Fix deployable parts don't always launch at frame 0 of their animation when they start retracted. * Moved fan shrouds sooner in the tech tree. You can still help us find bugs/issues by reporting them into our bugtracker, but keep in mind that we’re shifting our attention to KSP2 development and bug fixing for the original game will be slowed down significantly from now on. Happy launchings!
  4. Hi everyone! In need to ask a favor to y'all... I'm currently working on my master thesis, which is about the impact of different tiers of content creators as communication drivers of videogames, and how this might influence consumer attitudes and behaviors. I created the following survey to collect data to support my hypothesis and I need as many answers as I can get for my results to have statistical significance. This study has no relation with the KSP brand (besides being the inspiration for the topic I chose), Take-Two, Private Division, or any other party whatsoever. It is, as I mentioned, a personal favor I'm asking to collect data for my master thesis. I'm not collecting any personal data (except some basic demographic questions), all answers will be anonymous, and the information I collect will be treated in strict confidence. The survey takes about 15min to complete. You will have to watch a short video at the beginning, so highly recommend having headphones or speakers at hand before you start. https://www.befragungen.ovgu.de/videogames_and_influencers/ Thank you so much in advance to everyone who takes the time to help me out with this. You're awesome! Happy launchings! (I did get permission from my employers to post this here... if that's a concern )
  5. It should be working now, let us know if you experience more issues
  6. Hi everyone, I hope you are all enjoying our latest release KSP 1.12: On Final Approach! As all other suits in the game, you can also design your own custom color schemes for the new Slim Suit! Last year, @Just Jim created a detailed guide that shows you the steps you need to take in order to achieve this, which we highly recommend you to check out! To help you out with the new suit, we wanted to share the following with you: A UV Map file that lets you identify the wireframe of the model of the character. And the an ID Map so it is easier to select colors and create combinations. You can download the map files within the attached zip file below! ksp 1-12 suit idmap uvmap.zip If you are interested in modding you can check the Modders Notes of 1.12.0 for useful information, as well as the latest PartTools package for modders: Have fun and happy launchings!
  7. Great devblog, as usual! It's been an honor having you on the team @Maxsimal. We certainly had some of our best releases with you. Good luck with your future endeavors!
  8. Yes, but you'll find them, no worries. A good excuse to explore the home planet again
  9. No, they are in the base game, but you need to discover them throughout Kerbin. After that they'll unlock and they'll appear on the VAB and SPH, too.
  10. No worries. It usually takes longer on the KSP Store, GOG and other third party resellers, but it's going to be there shorty ... And thank you for playing and supporting us!
  11. Hello everyone! Today we wear our party helmets to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the first publicly released version of Kerbal Space Program, as well as the launch of our most ambitious free update ever! Kerbal Space Program 1.12: On Final Approach is the last major update of what became one of the most influential space flight simulators ever, but it also marks the beginning of a new chapter in the Kerbal universe. Looking forward to the future, but proud of what KSP has achieved, we want to give players our most sincere thanks. The support you’ve given us throughout all these years has helped to excite and inspire us to bring you the ultimate KSP experience before KSP2 hits the shelves next year. Kerbal Space Program 1.12: On Final Approach is packed with a great deal of content including a brand new ‘Slim’ suit inspired by the feats of the private aerospace sector industry, on-demand disconnecting struts, and rotating docking port collars, just to name a few. This update also includes many new requested features & quality of life additions to improve the user experience of KSP, such as a huge revamp to craft and game save loading menu-system, a large amount of wheel and landing leg improvements, and much more! Rejoice and explore the Kerbal universe once more... you might even encounter some of the new easter eggs and unlockable launch sites scattered around the solar system. Are you ready? Let’s go through some of the update’s highlights below: Maneuver Creator App The Maneuver Creator app is an incredibly useful tool that enhances the accuracy of your space maneuvers by allowing you to quickly generate transfers to other celestial bodies, see upcoming transfer windows and get a good understanding of where you’re going and how much deltaV it will take to get there. Alarm Clock App Use the Alarm Clock app to set alarms for maneuvers, manual time alarms and alarms for various orbital positions, which will certainly come in handy for those long trips that require several burns to complete. New Solar Panels This update also includes 4 brand new photovoltaic panels, including enhanced versions of the SP and OX-4 series, but also two large circular retractable solar panels with very cool deployment methods. 10th Anniversary Fireworks! Celebrate KSP’s 10th anniversary with these highly configurable firework launchers to attach to your vehicles. Choose from different trail and burst types, but also tweak the force, duration, star size, launch velocity, explosion delay, and the colors of the fireworks at any given time. Let the party begin! And more! To learn more you can read the full Changelog here: =================================== v1.12.0 ============================================================ +++ Improvements * Upgrade project to Unity 2019.4.18f1 LTS. * All module filter buttons in advanced filter mode in the VAB/SPH now have icons. * Adjustment to Kerbal hiring formula to make it not prohibitive, while still making it cheaper if the player has lost most/all of their kerbals. * Wheel and landing leg suspension now spreads weight across all grounded wheels. * Wheels have new improved friction model with more realistic physics. * Wheel steering response is now modified to give lower response at higher speeds (less oversteer). * Add new stock Slim suit. * Color picker PAW field now shows current color to left of name. * Adjustments to PAW groups to let controls in groups fill the PAW better. * ChooseOption PAW field now marquees text for long value choices. * Revamp of Pol's terrain textures. * Implement new structural variants to Flag parts and ensure non-structural ones have no colliders. * Add limited rotation to Docking Port parts so they can now slightly rotate to help align both sides of the vessel. * Add Disconnect action for compound parts like fuel lines and struts, so you can disconnect these via the part menu, actions and controllers. * Add folder structure display and navigation for craft storage and the craft-load dialog. * Add middle mouse click handling to set lat, lon, alt when using the set position cheat from flight and map mode. * Add Maneuver Tool app to create inter-body transfer maneuver nodes. * Add file folder browser to craft load and save dialog. * Add ability to search games in load screen. * Add ability to search craft in vessel load dialog. * Add 10th Anniversary Patch to classic astronaut suits. * Add an alarm clock app to help players not miss important events. * Implement cheats - Ignore Kerbal EVA Construction Mass Limit, Ignore Kerbal Inventory Volume/Mass Limit and Fix repairable parts. * Change error message color and added Override safety check to the set Orbit cheat. * Command Pods are now allowed to be edited in EVA Construction Mode. +++ Localization * Move Action Group App heading text to correct localization files. * Italian only. Fixing incorrect tense used for verbs in three Mission Control strings. * KSPedia EVA Activities fix, in all 9 languages. * Fix KSPedia Parachute slide for all 9 languages. * Fix outdated translation on Kerbal parachute KSPedia page of one string in Chinese only. * Fix on grammatical error on Dzhanibekov effect EVA science experiment, for English only. * Fix translation in one string (#autoLOC_8003405) , only for Russian. * Fix for missing comma in SEQ-24 Cargo Storage Unit description, English only. * Fix for misspelled 'efficiency' in Construction training, English only. * Fix translation in game for one string to match cfg file (#autoLOC_309388) , only for French. * Fix translation in one string for Bepi Colombo, only for German. * Fix translation for several uses for 'crew' , only for Chinese. * Fix 'Ice Cream' is two words, English only. * Fix for apostrophe missing in 'comets' for one line in Rosetta mission. English only. * Fix for several part names showing untranslated in description, Japanese only. * Fix for using a capital C on the noun Comet for Rosetta mission summary, English only. * Fix for UI to show whole translation for KAL-1000 Controller details, Russian only. * Fix for spelling mistake in the part description window for the EVA Repair Kit, English only. * Fix for punctuation in Data from Science slide, French only. * Fix for spacing in Tools VAB/SPH KSPedia slide, Portuguese only. * Fix wheel stress PAW item text in Japanese. * Fix for typo issue in 'Dres' KSPedia slide, Portuguese only. * Updated text for OX-Stat-PD Photovoltaic Panel, 8 languages. +++ Parts * New solar panels! OX-10L 1x5, SP-10L 1x5, OX-10C and SP-10C Photovoltaic Panels. * Fix LV-N Nerv, Stayputnik, RA-15 Relay Antenna, LV-T45 Swivel, LV-T30 Reliant, Z-200 Rechargeable Battery, Girder Adapter and Z-4K Rechargeable Battery overlapping z-fighting issues. * Fix MK1-3's Kerbal hatch exit point. * Allow surface attachment to the PB-X50R Xenon Container, Stratus-V Cylindrified Monopropellant Tank and Stratus-V Roundified Monopropellant Tank. * Revamp all docking port parts. * Add a new set of parts. Fireworks dispensers! +++ Bugfixes * Fixed audio issue caused by too many sounds triggering at the same time. * Fix Part Loader handling of invalid animations in parts on load. * Fix the map icon for Deployable Ground Parts like Work Lamps to not show the unknown question mark. * Fix parts being tilted when taken from inventory in Construction mode, they now match the rotation in the editor. * Fix kerbals being able to walk and jump their way to orbit. * Fix null references occuring on part icons after the mission flag is changed after moving a cargo flag from cargo to a vessel. * Fix issue flag parts in cargo were changing their thumbnail when changing the mission flag while in the VAB/SPH and also when held over PAWs or EVA Construction Panel. * A new screen message will appear when a Kerbal attempts to pick up a deployed cargo part when it's carrying capacity limit would be exceeded. The part will not be picked up until the Kerbal has freed enough capacity in its inventory slots. * Fix potential game crash when attempting to attach a part created from an undo (crtl+z)in editor. * Decreased a height error check from 0.2m to 0.1m, in order to support smaller parts, and preventing them to sink into the ground. * Fix edge case where robotic pistons shoot off at high speeds when dropped in EVA Construction Mode. * Fix Mobile Launch sites where all the legs will now try to extend if one does not find a ground collision. * Fix Mobile Launch Sites could end up with a null reference for positionMobileLaunchsite. * Deployed science SFX is no longer interrupted while placing more than one instrument. * Fix the consistency of Extendable parts. When they are moved they should retain their state, when stored they are retracted into storage and need to be extended once attached from storage. * Fix key not found exception after an EVA Kerbal dies followed by staging a decoupler in flight. * Fix ability to review and transmit science experiments whilst resetting the experiment. * Fix NRE on closing Construction Mode while holding robotic parts after detaching it from vessel. * Fix flag parts not moving with the rest of the craft when manipulating the root part in editor. * Fix flickering Orbit lines in Mapview/Tracking station (really fixed this time). * Fix for UI to allow proper space for the word "Small" to display in a single row in the PAW. * Fix for UI to avoid misaligned column text in "Active Strategies" column, in the Administration Building. * Fix wheel stress tolerance not taking gravity into account. * Fix wheels not taking steering curve into consideration. * Fix landing legs violently decompressing when fully compressed. * Fix landing legs shaking on low gravity. * Fix light weight rovers using S2 wheels sliding everywhere. * Fix landing legs shaking when attached to parts placed horizontally. * Fix vessels moving across the surface with landing legs placed at >= 45 degrees. * Fix toggle wheel motor action group. * Fix max speed on M1. * Fix some contract craft not loading in career games. * Fix quicksave text input being too short and characters being cut off. * Fix deploying ground parts interrupting SFX on other parts. * Fix NRE occurring during repairing a part. * Fix Rover Construction, Satellite Upgrade and Vessel repair contracts losing track of the contract vessel. * Fix any vessel arriving at a rover repair contract from triggering the waypoint on the contract. * Fix Satellite upgrade contract asking for parts that are not usable in EVA Construction mode. * Fix Ap and Pe markers appearing in future patches in space not aligned to current patch rendering when in career games that have yet to have patched conics available. * Fix EVA kerbals on a ladder in Construction Mode holding a part from floating off the ladder. * Fix the banana pieces velocity when performing the EVA science experiment whilst wearing the default suit. * Fix physicsless root part on decoupled vessel creating havoc. * Fix a Key Not Found Exception error message is fired when a Grip Strip is removed from any vessel through EVA Construction Mode. * Fix held part keeps its position in the scene on closing Construction Mode instead of reaching the ground. * Fix Mk1-3 Pod's rcs' SFX volume. * Fix toggle of suspension auto spring and damper not resetting spring and damper when toggled from override to auto. * Fix the Protective Rocket Nose Cone Mk7?s collider. * Fix prebuilt craft qualification for contracts based on tech nodes as they are purchased. * Fix Non-retractable deployable parts having a Retract option when they cannot be retracted. * Inventory part tooltip panel no longer closes as soon as the mouse exits the inventory slot. It is therefore now possible to read all the information when the panel has many widgets. * Extended part information panel and inventory tooltip are now more clear about mass information. * Fix audio issue where sounds makes a pop sound when engines shut down. * Fix NREs when expanding a stage from a vessel marked as debris. * Fix audio issue where sounds differed between map view and flight view. * Fix the MenuNavigation on the CraftBroswer dialog so that when browsing with the up and down arrows, the scrollback focuses on the highlighted element. +++ Modding * Changes to Wheel and Landing Legs systems by default are not applied to old parts. ModuleWheelBase.useNewFrictionModel, ModuleWheelSteering.useNewModel, ModuleWheelSuspension.useDistributedMass must be set to true in the Part Modules cfg for each part that wants to use the new functionality. * Failed reflection calls to incompatible or otherwise invalid mods are now handled, so they don't stop the game from loading. * Custom suits now show the corresponding icon in all relevant screens. * Added an additional useCustomThreshold field to ModuleOrbitalSurveyor. Setting it to true will allow the module to recalculate the minimum and maximum altitudes beyond the stock values. * When multiple versions of the same assembly are present, KSP now makes sure only the most recent one is loaded. * Tuned the logic to calculate space object resource percentages based on the lowRange and highRange values, preventing space objects from always having > 80% resources regadless of the range values. * Add a GameEvent for revert to launch that returns the current FlightState. * Add ability for modders to be able to turn off the color changer UI. * Add ability to support multiple lights from the single ModuleLight instance. * Allow ModuleLight's toggle action to simultaneously toggle other animations. =================================== Making History 1.12.0 =================================== +++ Parts * Kerbodyne S3-S4 adapter's dark stripe now matches with the S3 and S4 tanks. * Add 1.25m Engine plate. * Fix SM-25 gap at bottom of the doors. +++ Bugfixes * Kerbodyne KE-1 Mastodon Liquid Fuel Engine's shroud clipping fix * Fix spacing in Mission Builder for 'Seed' field in the SAP. * Fix max speed on M1-F wheels. * Fix EP-12's preview attach nodes size. * Fix MEM's rcs' SFX volume. =================================== Breaking Ground 1.7.0 =================================== +++ Localization * Fix unnecessary colon for one string in Spanish only. * Fix for spelling mistake in Duna's stone objects, English only. Kerbal Space Program 1.12: On Final Approach is now available on Steam and will soon be available on GOG and other third-party resellers. You will also be able to download it from the KSP Store if you already own the game. Click here to enter the Grand Discussion Thread for this release. Happy launchings! About the Ground Anchor: The Ground Anchor will be a brand new element in KSP, that when paired with EVA construction, will give players the ability to anchor their vessels to the ground or create a solid foundation for bases. Unfortunately we encountered a late bug for this feature, so it will not be included as part of the 1.12 update. We believe we have a fix for it, but it was too late and too risky to do at the last minute. As a result, this feature will be included with the 12.1 patch, so stay tuned.
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