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  1. UomoCapra

    Ghouls in Jool: A Halloween Writing Challenge

    Hi there o/ Just wanted to give you all a little update: It's been a lot harder than we thought to choose the best short stories; they are all amazing and we are grateful and happy to see such a great response towards this challenge. I know we said we would announce the best short stories earlier, but due to the complexity of the decision, we decided that it'd be better to have them included in the upcoming KSP Loading... (which is coming sooner than you'd think,), and let you find out there which our favorite stories were. Thanks again for being so amazing and for your patience
  2. Don't worry. The top node is still there
  3. UomoCapra

    Ghouls in Jool: A Halloween Writing Challenge

    Thanks everyone for participating! These short stories are fantastic and I've enjoyed reading them very much . From this point onward any story submitted won't be considered. In the coming the days we will take the arduous task of choosing the best ones and among other things (such as the originality, quality, humor and spooky factor) we will consider the number of likes , so you can help us out by liking your favorites short stories, too.
  4. UomoCapra

    Is the Payment System operational?

    Send us an email to support@kerbalspaceprogram.com, please. That way we can guide you through the process and figure out exactly what the problem is.
  5. A few weeks ago we announced this: Back then we also announced our plans to change the way we would deliver development news. This is part of that plan
  6. The most terrifying season of the year is here and our little green friends are gathering to tell us some scary stories… The challenge is simple: to participate, you must write a spooky short story set in the Kerbal Universe. The best 3 stories will be included in the first issue the “KSP Loading…” Newsletter. Rules Everyone in the world can participate! Please use proper language (suitable for all ages). Max. 400 words long The story must be set in the Kerbal universe and have a spooky element to it. To participate, you will have to post your story in this forum thread. Like your favorite stories. Important dates The last day to submit your article is October 31, 2018. Winners will be announced on November 9, 2018
  7. UomoCapra

    Can´t purchase Making History

    We are investigating the issue. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  8. UomoCapra

    1.5.1 Hotfix

    We are currently working on KSP Enhanced Edition on both PS4 and XB1. We will give you more details in an upcoming Newsletter.
  9. UomoCapra

    1.5.1 Hotfix

    That won't be necessary
  10. UomoCapra

    1.5.1 Hotfix

    Some players reported an issue regarding aerodynamics, which was applying body lift in the wrong direction. After some in-depth examination, we noticed that some of the code written for the asteroid physics revamp was interfering with the aerodynamic physics in certain circumstances, so we are releasing this Hotfix to deal with this specific issue. Thanks and happy launchings
  11. We are currently working on KSP Enhanced Edition on both PS4 and XB1. We will give you more details in an upcoming Newsletter
  12. A release takes time and we prepared some posts beforehand hehe
  13. UomoCapra

    Ending 32-Bit Support with Update 1.5

    Of course! The minimum Windows version hasn’t changed for 64-bits.