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  1. This is a feature request. Would it be possible to have MechJeb manage radiators and depolyable antennas like it does solar panels?
  2. Do you know if there is a mod that does this then? Or any other way of automatically resetting them?
  3. Is it possible to increase the distance from which an engineer can repack parachutes with a MM patch?
  4. I disagree. I often put 2-4 of them on top of a multi-adaptor and then a mk2-1.25 adaptor, and then nosecones (or chutes). This allows you to easily accommodate 8-16 kerbals in a 2.5m stack.
  5. No, I deflated it and jetisoned it after my main chutes caught, I had enough horizontal velocity still that it didn't fall below me.
  6. Here is mine: I don't know why, but that crazy fairing totally works. It looks like it should have a ton of drag but it doesn't. I have drogue chutes on the small hardpoints, in addition to the on the main vehicle. I inflate all HS's before reentry. SAS to retrograde (surface). Once the drogues go off. I stage away the upper HS's, deflate the lower one, and then jetison it. If you don't have a patch to deflate your HS's, you can weight a little later and then chuck the bottom one once the main chutes fully deploy.
  7. You can also put a couple of girders pointing out the back at an angle with inflatable heat shields. They will give you enough drag to make sure you go nose first.
  8. Hello, I was wondering if there was a mod that could take some of the grind out of resetting parachutes. I have an engineer aboard, but I don't want to have to EVA her out to the nose of the craft to reset all the chutes one by one.
  9. I do the same thing with a "science bay." One of the benefits of this is that since the root is the storage bay, which has free nodes top & bottom, you can attach it on either end.
  10. This is already an option in 1.2.2. In the F12 menu, go to "physics" I think and you can select "show autostruts"
  11. Nicias

    The best TWR!

    I think this is a communication problem. In some places they use "." to separate thousands.
  12. I think it feels like it should be twice your escape velocity since the best you could do it turn around with the same speed. However, it then is not twice your escape velocity, it is twice you excess velocity at escape. The higher this is the straighter your orbit is. So you want to maximize this number times the sine of half the angle your orbit turns you. This results in the optimization procedure @Abastro described.
  13. I've noticed that the "time to Pe" readout says infinity when on the inboard portion of a hyperbolic orbit. Could that be fixed?
  14. I have given up on this problem. I just check my staging anytime I dock or undock anything staged.
  15. I tend to use similar first stages. I typically set the "sensitivity" to 0.03 and leave my cursor to the left of the 3, and then when the boosters separate I hit delete and change the sensitivity to .3 (the default)
  16. A craft without fins will resist the *start* of the pitchover maneuver. When you pitchover you are turning from prograde which the fins resist. So it takes longer to actually do the pitchover. So for the same control inputs a fin-less rocket might pitch more. Of course, the depends on the details of the two craft. If the fins have control authority, they can help with the pitchover too.
  17. I find that that is a good approach. I'll often do a twin boar with two orange drop tanks and two orange + skippers. The skippers, twin boar & fuel work to get time to Ap up to 50s, and then skippers & their tanks are dropped (if I get the tankage just right.) Then the rocket continues on mostly full throttle twin boar until the navball switches from surface/orbit . This requires a throttle up to keep time to Ap at 50 and at this time the orange tanks are dropped. Then the twin boar mostly takes me to orbit.
  18. I don't buy these concerns. Whatever explodium is the substance in the ocean, is not the same as the substance in the atmosphere. If the oceans are filled with a reducer (like a hydrocarbon) then the atmosphere must not have any oxidizer in it. Otherwise the oceans would be on fire. So the most volatile elements of whatever is in the ocean will evaporate and rain down, like on Titan. So if the oceans are all kinds of hydrocarbon crud, the reactive portion of atmosphere is probably mostly things like methane, ethane, ethene, propane, etc. Which all burn fine. Don't think of using crude oil, think of using natural gas. Again, like Titan. In terms of getting just the right amount to use, that is easy too. You don't. IRL, turbine engines aren't rune stoicometerically (sp?). They would melt if they did. So you throttle by controlling how much oxidizer you pump in. You also don't have to use LOX. (Assuming that is what oxidizer is). Hydrogen peroxide might be a better choice if you were actually making one of these. Aside from the fact that LOX is cryogenic, I don't see any difference between a lox or peroxide jet in a mostly inert atmosphere with some light hydrocarbon and using a CNG turbine in a oxygen/nitrogen atmosphere.
  19. How do I change the kind of tank in flight? Even when it is empty I don't see an option to change what it contains. Here are pictures showing what I see.
  20. I can't figure out how to change the type of tank in flight. How do I do that?
  21. I wish I was good with graphics. I'll try out IFS, but then the tanks will look the same. I think a mod with just 5 parts (the 2.5m fuel tanks I mentioned plus the 2.5-1 adapter) with basically the same graphics with a stripe down them or somesuch and LF only would be great.
  22. I'm looking for a mod that just adds 2.5m LF tanks (for NERV powered craft) I don't need anything fancy, just oil-drum (full, half, and quarter size) and maybe a big orange. I also want to be able to add this to my current install save without breaking anything. Any suggestions?