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  1. True.... I guess the KerbNet Update does make it harder...
  2. I have been playing since the earliest versions, and I can truly say, this game has come a long way.
  3. I think it would just be more of a challenge, but choice is probably better...
  4. Oh sorry, I did not realize there was already a thread for this. Thanks for the info. Could a moderator please delete this thread?
  5. No problem, thanks, I know it's necessary to keep spam bots out...
  6. Why does my content still have to be "Approved"? I've already posted LOADS of stuff, and no, I am not a robot...
  7. I think that in the career tech tree, unmanned probes should come BEFORE manned crafts and parts. It makes no sense to send kerbals up before satellites. (That is, if you can get "Stayputnik" not to stay-put :P) It would be way more realistic and easier starting, since you don't have enough money to keep hiring and killing more kerbals. -Thanks for reading
  8. I definitely agree. I basically never use Wheesly. In fact, sometimes I even change the Wheesly for a Panther on stock aircraft. Wheesly is so measly.
  9. *Remembers time I landed my space plane on a terrain area "Runway" that was the most unlevel bumpety roller coaster course that I ever remember* Poor Jeb...
  10. The rules of this game is simple, since I'm pretty sure all of you heard of it. You make a wish, and the next person must turn it around on you and give the wish a twist, making it detrimental to the overall goal and- ah screw it, I'll just give you an example: Person 1: I wish for a pizza. Person 2: Granted, the pizza is rotten. I wish for a computer. Person 3: Granted, a computer from the 1990's. I wish for a donut. And so on... If you really want to know everything, here are the rules of the former Wish Corrupter: 1. You have to answers the persons wish above but with a twist
  11. *Sighs* It was cold... cold makes things shrink. This entire "Deflategate" thing is SO stupid. I was and still am a huge Falcons fan, but I do NOT think that Tom Brady was responsible for the deflating of the footballs. And he is quite a good quarterback...
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