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  1. Dreamers see the future, profiteers only see the moment.
  2. I just finished making/uploading this video.
  3. After a day of mod futzing, then a day of emotional care, followed by more mod futzing I finally made this today.
  4. I disagree that it lessens the reality of the world, but that's my opinion. If it were a truly immersive real world simulation type thing visually you'd almost never see the views that are typical of the game so therefore camera analogy is appropriate.
  5. Well aid, I agree completely. And being a photographer, lens flares can still happen nowadays. I was living in Michigan once a while back when the local news station got a photo from a viewer asking if they'd captured UFO lights. It was actually lensing artifacts from a traffic signal in their photograph.
  6. After playing around with the new camera mods I got I made this just a bit ago.
  7. Just futzed around with camera mod stuff this morning.
  8. Decided to execute the burn for Mun this afternoon.
  9. This morning I launched two spacecraft for a Mun mission, and docked them in orbit over Kerbin.
  10. I mostly did design work, simulations, redesign work, and more simulations. But it resulted in these designs for my Mun landing mission. Launch preparations are well on their way, the Sanshoo will be the first to launch from pad C followed by the Washi IV on pad A..
  11. I just had the idea for someone to do a spoof of the song "Shake, Rattle, and Roll" using KSP footage in the video. The spoof title would be "Shake, Rattle, and Blow".
  12. My question is asking for opinions/observations. Have any of you noticed that actually undocking, docking ports works more smoothly than decoupling them?
  13. Basic non-fancy shmancy update. In my sandbox mode save I learned how to use MechJeb to execute rendezvous and docking.
  14. I've redesigned my lander to account for the autostrut, now to see if it worked. That testing will come later tonight or tomorrow.