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  1. AdmFranzvonHippie


    I'm trying to get back into the game after a long absence, but I can't play without the help of MechJeb. I have MechJeb2 and am trying to figure out how to tell it I want to get to orbit, but nowhere can I see anything that allows me to tell it to do this.
  2. AdmFranzvonHippie

    Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    Just got the game a couple days ago, this is my current ship, hopefully to perform a flyby of Mun but having some difficulties.
  3. AdmFranzvonHippie

    Add a autopilot option.

    Thanks, I found a way to make the standard MechJeb install available from the start in Career mode.
  4. AdmFranzvonHippie

    Add a autopilot option.

    Where did I ever say I wanted help? Why must everyone assume that someone offering a suggestion wants help, what I need is understanding and compassion.
  5. AdmFranzvonHippie

    Add a autopilot option.

    Your encouragement is welcome but as I stated in a previous post I have Autism which means I process data more slowly than a neurotypical individual thus what is difficult for an NT is much much much harder for me. So while you feel help is needed I know what help is needed and it is an Autopilot option, as I've said the fun for me in this game because of knowing my limitations is building the rockets and not flying them. As for @The Optimist he burned the bridge with me when he complained about my attitude without reading the whole thread.
  6. AdmFranzvonHippie

    Add a autopilot option.

    And your attitude is just the sort of attitude I hate, my attitude has nothing to do with it, my capabilities do. But you don't care about me as an individual only yourself. Grow up dude. Seeing that there are players like you on this forum after all the other helpful advice just makes me not want to buy this game. Hope you're happy you just drove off a customer for Squad.
  7. AdmFranzvonHippie

    Add a autopilot option.

    Thank you for this, and I am considering buying the game once more because of this. For some flying the craft is fun, but for me with a data processing slowness in my brain due to my autism it's frustrating because I know how to do it and what to look for and such but I cannot process the data input fast enough to maneuver the craft in time to do what I desire.
  8. By this I mean add an option to allow the pilot/flight control to fly the craft with the user having options for what they wish to achieve. I simply cannot pay money for this game when I cannot even achieve orbit on my own even after I got help to manage it when I was playing in early access. This game is horribly impossible to enjoy without a simplification mode to allow the pilot of the craft to fly the craft, I am not a pilot I don't want to fly the craft, I wanna design the craft/rocket and then see if the craft can achieve the mission I designed ti to do. I will not be paying money for this game until such a feature is implemented, it took me agonizing hours of game play in early access, frustration to the point where I was almost pulling my hair out in anger and all this for something that is supposed to be fun and enjoyable. In early access I just barely managed to achieve orbit with the help of a very very patient individual, after seeing how agonizingly painful it was the achieve orbit I uninstalled the game and removed it from my steam library completely, I recently downloaded the demo to see if it had been made any less frustrating and it has not uninstalling the demo now since it's the same impossible game it was back during early access.