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  1. Good job, now we just need several more so it's an actual contest.
  2. It can be literally anything you want, as long as the total recording time doesn't exceed 10 minutes.
  3. making the craft isn't included in the time, or setting up everything. Just the total amount of recording (including retakes) shouldn't be more than 10 minutes. You can do a 4 minute skit, then retry it. and as long as the two attempts don't add up to 10 + minutes then it's okay. Good luck. (it can be of literally anything you want) video with most likes wins. my attempt:
  4. As long as it's not obvious that the engines are a large contributor to the takeoff, it's fine.
  5. making vtol designs would most likely be under the "intentionally misinterpreting the rules" So I could just disqualify people for that.
  6. at it's 1,000m at 100m/s cut engines and glide. My plane glided between 15 and 20 km.
  7. This is a challenge about having the slowest plane. Rules in the video. +stock, no cheats. post your scores in the comments (forum equivalent)
  8. A parody of do as I'm doing for a train named Henry
  9. for example, my plane would have 12 sets of wings, not 800. Edit: Just changed the rules slightly to solve that.
  10. This is a challenge where you build a plane with lots of wings, the more wings the better. What's a wing? a set is 2 wings usually parallel to each other.I count the number of wings as a whole, for example, my plane has 12 sets of wings, NOT 800. 1: It has to be able to be stable in flight. 2: The kraken can't attack the final version (other than crashes and such). 3: NO cheats 4: good luck how the winner is decided: You make rule abiding plane. You post a video of it or a couple pictures, it's name and number of wings. Voting is just *liking* the post you want to vote for (please don't vote more than once). Vote for the one that you *like* the best. For whatever reason that may be. Winner is the one with the most likes. Mine doesn't count:
  11. you know duodecuple just means twelve right? (And they don't put the full word for planes, I think.)
  12. This brilliant work of engineering has twelve wings. more than any other plane I've ever seen. humorous video: craft file: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1k17nYlgC4KwETY4Q22vr7V8MS4c2EOXf
  13. this is just a review of the airplanes plus mod. Hope you like.
  14. thanks, but I just found an old mod in one of my folders that had the 1.3 kopernicus in it. So thanks anyway.
  15. a challange for the heaviest vtol ever, must be stock, no cheats, and must be able to stay afloat for 30 in game seconds or longer. Would've done a minute, but when 1 in game second takes two minutes, you get really board. Mine was 3 kilotons, game didn't like that. good luck LeaderBoard: 1:
  16. Yep, The first time I launched this vessel it worked perfectly, but this time the kraken attacked earlier than expected and destroyed a lot of them.
  17. This is a simple challenge, get as many satellites into lko as possible in one launch. 2 categories: modded unmodded rules: No cheats Proof All satellites must have regeneratI've power source, the ability to orient itself in a specific angle, and have an external antenna. Please say modded or unmodded, mechjeb counts as mod, but if it doesn't affect the craft itself, like a clouds mod, then it's considered not modded. My attempt, It all exploded in the end, but it usually works.
  18. This is a challenge where you go from launch pad to splash down the ocean as fast as possible. Rules. 1: No cheats 2: From time of first spacebar to splash down 3: Stock in game clock. 4: Mods allowed, separate category 5: must be kerballed 6: kerbal must survive the entire time to count. 7: action groups allowed Good luck my attempt is ten seconds, didn't expect him to survive at 50 m/s LeaderBoard: 1: Eidahlil 0s 2: Russax 8s
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