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  1. Once you see it you can never not see it

    What I see is a completely baffled oranfe monster whose jaw dropped on the floor.
  2. What do kerbals do with their dead?

    Bring out your dead! *They come to the KSC* ... We're going to need a bigger wheelbarrow...
  3. For Less Money Too!

    1) The Mk1.2 holds more monoprop 2) Aesthetically, it is better for your ship 3) There is also an added function: you can remote-control probes with it 4) It is annoying to get in/out of mk1 cabins 5) The crew cabine isn't very heat-resistant 6) The Mk1.2 adapts better to a 2.5m stack
  4. Your creepiest/loneliest KSP moments!

    I have to admit, poles in general are just eldritch locations. The closer you get from the poles, the more warped the terrain gets (Which disturbs even the scatter; floating boulders get eerily common) Bizarre lines appear, and get only bigger and more numerous as you close in, making the terrain jagged and dangerous to even the best rover. And finally, if you are not dead yet, you reach the apotheosis of disturbing terrain: By the unholy Kraken, WHAT is that MOUNTAIN? It's like 1 km high, and its four "quadrants" all end at a different altitude, making the summit the epitome of everything warped and disturbing we've seen so far (as well as extremely dangerous: kerbals/vehicles that enter terrain seams are immediately vaporised) When I saw that thing, I put on, well, that music from 2001:ASO. But being a clueless idiot fearless kerbonaut, Bill decided to plant a flag as close as possible from the geographical pole. Now I have a flag at 89°59'59", which tunes down the creepy a bit, if still strange (the camera here is INSIDE the mountain) Stay tuned for the whole mission!
  5. Frustrating Launch

    It cannot, but MOAR BOOSTERS can.
  6. Frustrating Launch

    The litany against tumbling states "MOAR FINS". Preferrably delta deluxe winglets. The reason a rockey tumbles is due to it getting aerodynamically unstable. This happens due to speed, or getting too far from your prograde node. But it's nothing fins can't fix.
  7. Huh, you forgot quite a few! -A radiation bunker (we're hugging a star, what are you thinking?) -A sunscreen with a power level OVER NINE THOUSANDS. -A rocket capable of getting into LO of a star, and going back. -A rocket that's basically everything-proof, BTW AND LET'S NOT FORGET -The 3 quadrillion € you'd need to pay me to go there.
  8. *Hyperventilates* This is... I don't know. The true deep space kraken? The universe's source of all evil? Mr Shadow from the fifth element? It's hard to know, but I can say something: I will not go to Kraken today. Or any day, for that matter.
  9. Do You BELIEVE there is life outside Earth?

    Life, somewhere else in the Universe, among the few billion billion planets available? You'd bet. A sapient species wise enough not to destroy itself? I have yet to find one.
  10. Hi from France!

    I'm French too! Make sure to tell me/us if you need to know anything!
  11. Under used parts

    I've never used the "dawn" ion thruster, and I know I'm not alone not to, because, 3 hours burns... HAHA! NO.
  12. My mother passed away ... so I made her a star

    I am sorry for your loss. May this new star shine forever.
  13. The new Elkano challenge for 1.2+!

    Indeed, there are quite a few new ones, including both of my own. [INCOMING ENCRYPTED TRANSMISSION] P.S. My third Elcano is on the way! It's Duna! (and Ike will soon follow)
  14. While those ideas are mostly good (if a little unoriginal, see this thread for more infos), keep in mind, asteroid belts IRL are quite different from fiction. Notably, they are very sparse. Even moderately-sized asteroids are thousands of kms apart, and collisions are rare. A belt a la SW's Geonisis would probably be reduced to dust in little time, or it would condense into a large object. It would be nevertheless quite cool to add some more mid-size asteroids, between Dres and the random ones.
  15. Reviving the Easter Egg questline

    Round 2! Duna: Maintain the same altitude (+/- 10m/s)with no engine running for 5 seconds on Duna. Ike: Grapple (any) magic boulder random asteroid N.B. as an anti-frustration feature, the 3rd visited asteroid after this quest could be forced to be a M.B. Dres: Land a 100-ton ship on it. Jool: Land on the platform. This also unlocks an optional quest with massive rewards: land on it, then go back to Joolian orbit. Eeloo: idea for this one, any idea?