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  1. Don't worry, if I ever find the courage to try NDC again I'll do one.
  2. Corundum isn't impossible, but it's NOT easy. The first few launches must be done with a 100% success rate or almost so or you will be thrown off course. You must predict the result as best as possible, and if one single kerbal dies, you will have to restart. Try to recycle as much as possible, and make every kerbucks count.
  3. My idea for a C/D/NCD with no contract: You start with a modest sum of cash (let's say 5000/3000/2000 ) and, to prevent you from being inevitably starved of cash (which WILL happen with a cash reward of 10%), cash reward is at (40%/30%/20%).
  4. How about "neutral" mods? I'm thinking OPM here. Yes the payoff to reach Sarnus is huge... it's also insanely hard.
  5. Hmm. Pyrrhic victory. Is there a way to make the water come back? Edit: I'm an idiot. It tends to work better when you keep the heatmap and don't send it to the trash like an idiot.
  6. I tried doing it using @Lisias and the menu never stops loading, with the 3 spinning planets symbol. What am I doing wrong? Edit: completely removing Tidus out of the game seems to work, but I'd rather have every moons on. what can I do?
  7. I decided to upgrade my table! It works a bit differently now: it is made so that you reach the target planet's apoapsis, simplifying the whole conundrum with the 3 smaller planets. And I'm still OK with links towards it! Notice that some orbits have become impossible because of this: the correction needed to reach elliptical orbits gives them a negative Pe, which is an interesting concept.
  8. I love how, in the first threads, the bar for a "very impressive feat" was completing Corundum or Diamond, with some doubting it's even possible to achieve the order of the trilobite. Today, "Very impressive" is achieving NCD. Or going to JOOL.
  9. I decided to have a field day for those who want to join the order of the trilobite, with a table of resonance orbits Terminology: [n:p] where n/p is [Amount of orbital revolutions for the target planet]/[Amount of orbital revolutions for the ship] General formula: T1²/a1³=T2²/a2³ <=> a2³=(T1/T2)²*a1³ <=> a2=(T1/T2)^(2/3) *a1 How to use this table: 1) Select your target planet, and its fixed Ap/Pe 2) Select the Ap/Pe corresponding to your starting planet 3) You now have your target orbit. 4) To reach it, boost from planet #1 until you reach planet #2's orbit, then adjust while crossing planet #2. NOTE 1: Colorized but not bold results are optimized, but the least common multiple of the resonance is fairly high, making them impractical without a way to accelerate time even further. Consider using other orbits. NOTE 2: Be careful while visiting Moho, Dres and Eeloo, as their orbits is fairly elliptic, so try to intersect the point on their orbit in which their distance to the sun is their SMA. Example: I want to go to Duna, from Kerbin. Duna's HGA: 20,7 Gm Kerbin=> Duna suggested Pe: 13,5 Gm So, the orbit needed for a K=>D resonant transfer is a 13.5 Gm-20.7 Gm orbit. The orbit is [3:4], so every 4 times I go around the sun, Duna will be near. Now, it's a matter of slowly adjusting the orbit until Duna is at my apoapsis during orbit 4n.
  10. Now that's what I call talc-ing like a real caveman!
  11. Congratulations dvader, IncongruousGoat and joshudson! Looks like it's my turn to go full tilt on NCD. Oh, and because I'm stupid: How hard could it be... to land on EVERYTHING?
  12. MinimalMinmus

    [KSP 1.4.2] Outer Planets Mod[2.2.1] [15 April 2018]

    Hi there! Is there any plan to translate the mod in other languages? If yes I could have a field day with French.
  13. Now that's what I call a lvel 2 trilobite! (Ichtyosaur?) (And an even more hypothetical level 3 would be Mosasaurus?)
  14. "Doing a caveman Jool-V" would pretty much be a next-tier Trilobite. What's my flyby of Duna to a landing on Tylo? Now for the 1,000,000 question: is it possible to achieve a Eve landing with caveman tech?