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  1. Now that's what I call a lvel 2 trilobite! (Ichtyosaur?) (And an even more hypothetical level 3 would be Mosasaurus?)
  2. "Doing a caveman Jool-V" would pretty much be a next-tier Trilobite. What's my flyby of Duna to a landing on Tylo? Now for the 1,000,000 question: is it possible to achieve a Eve landing with caveman tech?
  3. Fail #3: "Well, it works when I test it" (famous last words)
  4. Well... Fail #2: I ran out of money like an idiot after getting the first tech node.
  5. Is "WorldStabilizer" allowed? It's more or less a bugfix for the "Vessel jumps when loaded again" glitch.
  6. I think I may try my luck again at NCD soon, I have gotten inspired by @IncongruousGoat's attempt.
  7. The only 2 160 nodes that are really good to have are precision engineering (HECS and RA-2) and advanced electrics (better batteries and panels) It would, however, become borderline gamebreaker if, building on those 2 nodes, you reach the RA-15 (which makes probes viable), OKTO2 (arguably the best probe core), or Scanning Tech (the seismometer). Of course, that would be quite rare. Shower thought: there are 15 green monoliths in the game, which is theorically enough to unlock the entire t6.
  8. MinimalMinmus

    Forgotten Dreams (8/86, Ch2)

    I always end up deleting my saves due to corruption...
  9. I think there can only be one circumnavigator.
  10. Don't give up! You're already farher than any of my tries! Also, don't worry too much about the Mun transfer with reliants. It's quite doable, and using a 2-stage rocket I still had a rather comfortable amount of dV left. The trick is to juuuuuust enter the Mun's SOI. No risk at all! Now sign this waiver stating I'm not responsible if the mission remodels itself in a way evoking a fruit of the genus Pyrus, I'm not responsible.
  11. MinimalMinmus

    Towerator's caveman season 2, epilogue: A long, long time

    Tier 4 is indeed the barest minimum tier for an interplanetary with 18t limitations. I'd say you need at least electrics for a decent probe core, and of course miniaturization.
  12. Wow, that's a nice one! I'm also quite proud you used one of my designs to go to space! As Slashy said... every caveman is watching you now... Will this end in a legendary victory? Or a fiery inferno? I can't wait to see! As a further encouragement, my favorite caveman tip: Cargo bays>>heat shields!
  13. If you wish for something contracts can't do, how about a story mode when in carreer, like it was originally planned?
  14. My guess about Making History: most useful parts are after 90 science anyway, except maybe the soviet pods, which seem to be the most conflicting parts for now (say, the 1-pod is better than the mk1 command pod, it even has a shield). Maybe we could forbid them?
  15. MinimalMinmus

    What did you do in KSP today?