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  1. Ditch The Royalty Free Music

    I have the idea at the back of my mind of getting a theme from classical music for each planets/bodies. With a lot of Gustav Holst. My take (incomplete): Kerbol: ? Moho: Saint Saens: Danse Macabre Eve: Holst: Mars (yup, Mars, 'cause it feels more natural if we switch them) * Gilly: Liszt: Grey clouds (an impressionist piano piece works well for a small moon) Kerbin: Strauss: On the blue danube waltz (doubles as a shout-out) * Mun: Beethoven: moonlight sonata (1st mvt) * Minmus: Beethoven: moonlight sonata (2nd mvt) Duna: Holst: Venus * Ike: Holst: Mercury Dres: Holst: Saturn Jool: Holst: Jupiter (but of course) * Laythe: Holst: Uranus * Vall: Mussorgsky/Ravel: Pictures at an exhibition, first piece * Tylo: Grieg: In the hall of the mountain king * Bop: Mussorgsky: Night on the bald mountain * Pol: ? Eeloo: Holst: Neptune Bonus: when you get less than 100m from a monolith, Also spracht Zarathustra starts playing
  2. A very cool mod overall! The only thing that bugs me is that Sonnah seems to be lit well past the terminator, and the true "dark side" is quite small, covering 20% or so of the giant at best. This could be a graphical problem on my side however. Also, for the OPM integration, how about this: Sarnus replaces Eeloo, just like in the mod, and Minmus becomes another moon (Mimas analogue?). Urlum, Neidon and Plock are pushed further than Vanor.
  3. The KSP Caveman Challenge 1.3.x [re-booted] Here's my try. I hope using KER still counts (it doesn't really add anything except 2 parts that are basically useless except the HUD).
  4. The Kraken is real and apparently tastes good

    And at the Kerbacademy award of the creepiest fruit, we nominate...
  5. Explain This

    Meh, only c/6, I call this merciful.
  6. Explain This

    Là, là, K'raken ftagn!
  7. Release quality trendline

    So then we'll have 1.5.(a+bi), then 1.6.(a+bi+cj+dk), and so on. After 1.8, we'll have exhausted even sedenions, and problems will start.
  8. Deflate-O-shields

    I don't know tha-AÀAAAAAAAaaaa...
  9. OPM or GPP?

    Well, if you want a challenge, Ernus is nothing short of ridiculous. You thought Moho's dV budget was huge? How about a dense ball of rock 3 times closer to Kerbol?
  10. What's the most science you've ever gotten from one mission?

    Jeb, Bill, Bob and Val returned from their odyssey on Duna an Ike, and... HOLY KRAKEN This almost triples my record, and will probably stay that way until I do, say, a quintuple Elcano of all of Jool's muns? I am giving myself good bad ideas... Oh, and full mission report coming soon.
  11. Because he really wants to help evolution?
  12. OPM or GPP?

    If you choose OPM, do not forget OPM-VO, it makes the bodies of the mod with an atmosphere gorgeous.
  13. What's the most science you've ever gotten from one mission?

    9400 on my Mun elcano, but my ongoing mission (Duna+Ike double Elcano) will probably give even more, because Duna has an atmosphere (which means more science situations)
  14. This is especially silly for debris I deorbit. "Catastrophic failure"? It's a debris, who cares? The message should de something in the line of "Debris destroyed".