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  1. Just for it to be clear: I am not throwing the towel, but after the last time I need a break. Also, holidays incoming. Also, it was Jeb that I lost, not val. My bad.
  2. I use the swivel exactly once, to create an SSTO rocket. After that, you should unlock the reliant and never bother with that garbage engine again.
  3. It looks like a pretty good system, the only flaw I see is the high part count. and the fact it is "high tech". Maybe we should do a compendium of all the possible viable lower stages.
  4. And the Minmus monolith gives... HEAVY ROCKETRY! Because of COURSE it does. Oh, and I just lost val, for good this time, because SAS glitched during re-entry. This challenge is starting to kill me.
  5. Tip: if you do a report on the exact same tick you leave the ground, it's actually possible to get a glitched "XXX while flying over [KSC biome]" report. It helps tremendously. One way to get them is to start rolling at 5-6 m.s-1 and do a lot of reports until you get it. For buildings, go in front of it, go towards the building, collide it gently and keep rolling. Do reports while you're rolling stationarily and you will eventually get it.
  6. I'm just saying, but if you have the courage to, Kerbin seems to have a green monolith too. Proof (n.b. it's not mine): You can try your luck at the spinning wheel one more time. If you get lucky you could get precision engineering (better antennas and probes) or advanced electrics (better solar panels). Theorically, with the RA-2 antenna, if you build a giga-relay with 60 antennas in orbit, you could send a probe to Eve if you use two RA-2 or analogues With twice that number and 5 on the probe, you reach Duna. Of course that would be painful (and possibly laggy) but
  7. I just stranded Val after a wrong escape burn from Minmus, I officially have one less pilot. Time to restart. Just kidding. EDIT: okay, guys, I think it will work, but this is officially the most mentally straining mission I have ever done in KSP. I think I have rarely thrown as many expletives at KSP ever.
  8. Do you consider WorldStabilizer to be a forbidden mod? It does technically change the gameplay, but that's because it fixes the "vessels on a surface bounce upon loading" glitch.
  9. Could you upload a map of the various "splashed down"? Shore is easy, but where can you find the rest? P.S. It could be an additional document for @The Dunatian to provide a link to. As of progress, I'm currently at 80 science, and I just racked up all (but one, oops) low orbit EVAs. Bob is "safely" in orbit and I plan on sending a probe to change his orbit to equatorial and get desert+high orbit EVA.
  10. I'd be curious to know too, as right now I'm trying to squeeze the last science out of Kerbin (although I'm not as hardcore as @zanie420, and that means no non-trivial splashdowns), and I will soon have to do a polar recon mission for Kerbin, Mun and Minmus.
  11. No better feeling than accidentally getting a terrier part test when you are struggling to get the cash to go to the Mun with reliants. And you know what it means? Yes, it's true. I AM trying to complete the challenge on NCD.
  12. To be honest, my suggestion was only semi-serious. What I was suggesting is doing it as a finisher once you're (almost) done.
  13. Don't worry, if the error is genuine, it is generally accepted. And if it isn't, I suggest this as a redemption quest: You must land a kerbal on Dres, and bring him back home.
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