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  1. MinimalMinmus

    Forgotten Dreams (8/86, Ch2)

    I always end up deleting my saves due to corruption...
  2. I think there can only be one circumnavigator.
  3. Don't give up! You're already farher than any of my tries! Also, don't worry too much about the Mun transfer with reliants. It's quite doable, and using a 2-stage rocket I still had a rather comfortable amount of dV left. The trick is to juuuuuust enter the Mun's SOI. No risk at all! Now sign this waiver stating I'm not responsible if the mission remodels itself in a way evoking a fruit of the genus Pyrus, I'm not responsible.
  4. MinimalMinmus

    Towerator's caveman season 2, epilogue: A long, long time

    Tier 4 is indeed the barest minimum tier for an interplanetary with 18t limitations. I'd say you need at least electrics for a decent probe core, and of course miniaturization.
  5. Wow, that's a nice one! I'm also quite proud you used one of my designs to go to space! As Slashy said... every caveman is watching you now... Will this end in a legendary victory? Or a fiery inferno? I can't wait to see! As a further encouragement, my favorite caveman tip: Cargo bays>>heat shields!
  6. MinimalMinmus

    So what's the next DLC going to be about?

    If you wish for something contracts can't do, how about a story mode when in carreer, like it was originally planned?
  7. My guess about Making History: most useful parts are after 90 science anyway, except maybe the soviet pods, which seem to be the most conflicting parts for now (say, the 1-pod is better than the mk1 command pod, it even has a shield). Maybe we could forbid them?
  8. MinimalMinmus

    What did you do in KSP today?

  9. MinimalMinmus

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I didn't play KSP today, but I finished my mission report about my diamond caveman challenge. And I don't have a SINGLE clue on how to do nanocrystalline.
  10. MinimalMinmus

    Brainlord’s Petition to Change the EULA

    While I don't really think this will change anything, I appreciate the effort at pointing out what's wrong with the EULA.
  11. MinimalMinmus

    Towerator's caveman season 2, epilogue: A long, long time

    Here's the thing. 1) Eject from Kerbin and try to roughly reach Duna's orbit, preferrably not too far from it 2) Burn at Apoapsis of your kerbolar orbit until your orbit is more or less Duna's. 3) Start doing some small prograde or retrograde burns to accelerate/let Duna overtake you 4) As Duna gets closer, start burning retrograde/prograde so that your orbit is close to Duna's again 5) If you got past Duna, just repeat step 4 in the other direction. 6) Eventually, you'll slowly get closer to Duna, until you finally get your RDV. This method isn't even nearly as efficient as the "double hohmann" method everyone knows, but trying to do a proper transfer without patched conics is like trying to shoot a target 500m away while blindfolded. For Kerbin, I had to do something actually quite similar, even if it looks like a complete blind throw: since I wasn't even close to the dV I needed to do step 2, I instead used a 3:2 resonnance orbit. This means that, every times Kerbin does 3 orbits, I make 2. It takes quite a bit of an eyesight to see what exactly you should do each times you burn at periapsis, but eventually I got close enough to Kerbin. And by the way, you don't need an interplanetary mission for diamond, but it certainly racks up some coolness points, right? (However, you DO need it for NCD...)
  12. My mission report is finished! You can check it at the usual thread. Now, I'll try to finish my grand chelem(keyword:TRY). Strangely, when I started my NCD attempt, the game showed a message saying "ABANDON ALL HOPE YE WHO TRIES NANOCRYSTALLINE DIAMOND".
  13. MinimalMinmus

    Towerator's caveman season 2, epilogue: A long, long time

    Well, That was quite a day. There was some grind, today. And for that grind, we'll need another chapter, in fact. I know very well you as humans tend to get bored when they see super long chapters. I like them, but given I think GLaDOS' motives are perfectly reasonable, I may not be the best one to judge... anyway, I'm disgressing. Let's go to the facts. Chapter 5:You grind me right round But then you notice... IsEnoughScience=False. And why did we suddenly jump to 50 years? Well, here's why. Epilogue: A long, long time... I have officially become a diamond caveman! Take that user, you don't think you're so good now, hmm? -"Huh? Was that Markiplier? I'm awake?! And my PC is open?" Uuuuuhhh... I can explain everything... -"Oooh, you had better do so..." And last but not least, this is my 500th post!
  14. MinimalMinmus

    Towerator's caveman season 2, epilogue: A long, long time

    No idea... SVE glitch, probably. But it was more ominous and creepy than dangerous. Oh, and 2nd page!
  15. This seems to be more tedious than anything else. Also, what prevents me to use DeepFreeze? Finally, you're supposed to post your own try.