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  1. I don't post here much, but I'm starting a brand new save and paring down my mods now that I'm updating to 1.7 + Breaking Ground. I was still a bit hesitant to just toss the whole save since I started it back in KSP 1.0, but when I realized it would reset FF my doubts were officially gone - I didn't have this mod until after my first wave of Mun and Minmus missions and I don't remember who was on all of them, and it's always bugged me. With that in mind, I just want to give a shoutout to you @Nereid. I've been playing since KSP 0.23.5 and using a significant number of mods since 0.90. In that time I've only picked up five or six mods I would consider absolute must-haves - mods without which I would enjoy KSP significantly less - and this is one of them. Thank you!
  2. Okay, got it working. I think. Don't have time to check but no warnings this time for IR parts when I load the save. When did IR Next become a thing? I looked in my 1.2.2 install and found IR 2.0.10, which I can find no record of on the web. I copied the parts and the Blizzy file from there into my 1.6.1 MSI folder and that solved the problem, so it must have been the then-new parts.
  3. Deleting the MM files got it to boot. I don't know why since those files were created with literally the exact same mod configuration I have now. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ New problem. When I go to load my save, all craft I have made that use old IR parts are now showing that the parts are unable to load. I don't care if the old mod becomes incompatible soon, but I need to go in there and edit the craft files to use new IR parts then save edit them in place of the existing ones. I have v2.0.2 of the old mod installed parallel to IR Next and Sequencer. Is there something I'm missing?
  4. How did you get How did you get it working? Mine crashes while booting due to mono.dll access violation, even if the only mod installed is Infernal Robotics.
  5. I'm in the process of upgrading from 1.2.2 to 1.6.1, and the first glaring issue I'm finding is that KSP now seems intent on setting the resolution automatically in full screen mode. I know the developers thought that was a pretty neat idea, but I play on a 4K 13" Zenbook and I do not run the game in 4K. The UI becomes tiny, and I don't even bother to fix that because it runs with as much chop as a chef with two seven-inch knives, a shipping container full of bell peppers, and a bag of cocaine. What I've always done is set resolution to 1600x900. I've been perfectly content and it's worked fine, but every time I boot KSP it automatically sets the resolution to 3200x1800 which is the monitor's actual resolution. How can I make it NOT do that?
  6. Having similar issues. I have a Zenbook with a 3200x1600 screen, but because KSP runs like bovid feces at 4K (big surprise) I have the resolution set to 1600x900. 1.6.1 seems intent on setting the resolution automatically.
  7. Hm, my timing is great! I'm just collecting mods to upgrade to KSP 1.6 and found this a few hours after you put it up. Nice work!
  8. Is it possible to use only certain components of this mod? I really would like the radiation bit, but that's all, and I wouldn't want this to conflict with RT or USI-LS which I will continue using.
  9. Is there a mod that adds some IRL-like axial tilt, inclination, and eccentricity to the orbits of Kerbin and Mun, and maybe other bodies that lack this sort of thing? It would be nice to have that little touch in addition to OPM.
  10. A late congrats on release! I don't update my KSP or mods often, so I am only just now seeing this lol. Off the top of your head does anyone know if the current version will work on KSP 1.3.1? EDIT: I'm an idiot! I'm still running 1.2.2 so none of them work. Wasn't kidding in the last paragraph lol. I probably won't update until at least 1.5 - major updates are a PITA with a continuous save. I hope it's a while before a KSP update breaks the old mod. I also hope I don't use the old mod as extensively as I think I do.
  11. Well, sadly no DockRotate for me in 1.2.2. Game crashes while loading KW for some reason, but removing DockRotate fixes it. Ah well, I'll grab this when I update to KSP 1.4 or 1.5. Good luck getting the kinks ironed out!
  12. Ooh! I was really having a bear of a time getting a space station module aligned using the MechJeb docking autopilot the other day, and I remember thinking that if a simple LKO space station is this fickle I'm going to have fun when I get to building interplanetary ships and stations. This is one of those things where KSP gets in its own way and you just need a mod to fix it. This probably saved me a lot of headaches. Thanks a ton! EDIT: Crap, I just realized this is so new it only supports 1.3.1. Well, we're going to see if it works in 1.2.2! This could get interesting.
  13. @Yakuzi I'm liking what I see with the Katatoechi, going to give that beastie a try! I've been looking to replace the rockets I'm using for my routine USI-LS resupplies and I like that plane's payload specs, plus it just looks great. How do you guys figure out these things' ascent profiles? Half the time when I build a rocket the test flight goes perfectly without any tweaks, but I have never made a working spaceplane. Even my large attempts usually handle fine, but even when I get a good TWR going I think I'm just flying them wrong.
  14. Are there any mods - besides RealChute, don't like dealing with that one - that add an inline parachute? Or even better, inline parachutes for all the stack sizes with appropriate height proportions?
  15. Ship Manifest also has a resource dump function, but I think the OP wants a mechanic to drain RCS using realistic means. I always just hold down N while I burn - real craft use RCS to maintain attitude for reentry, but since that isn't as critical in KSP I use it to help offset the mass change from the loss of ablative shielding I get with DR that Trajectories won't account for. RCS units are already set so that nozzles facing at an angle less than or equal to 45 degrees from dead aftward (I think that's how it figures it out) are automatically available via throttle when the craft has no proper engines active and RCS is engaged. If you're having trouble, I wonder if that mechanic could be interfering with your part clone? If still going for the OP idea, I think it would be better to do a mode toggle on RCS nozzles in the right click menu so you can set it as an action group, and add an option to add to staging if you like. Making it apply to all RCS should be as simple as applying it to any part that defaults to being an RCS unit. The trajectory alteration from mass decrease due to fuel jettison might require a corrective maneuver, or I might refuel a craft after entry and descent, and in either case I would want normal RCS control back at some point. Not to mention, I already have enough fun dealing with staging!