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  1. "My name is Peabody. I suppose you know yours..." -Hector Peabody
  2. The similarities are mildly disturbing, are they not?
  3. - Absolutely stunning work! Congratulations to all involved.
  4. Today a most unfortunate mistake was committed by myself. I have accidentally overwritten a spacecraft that took a great deal of time to build. (I don't recall any confirmation request prior to the overwrite, which now strikes me as rather odd.) Is there any way to revert the file back to its previous craft? If not I will have to start over. ~ Peabody
  5. I actually prefer Turbo Pumped and Hazard-ish to any other KSP youtubers. This is not because they are superior, but because their play-style is closer to my own. (Small, efficient spacecraft built more for aesthetics than practicality.) And of course we can't forget the lately departed Cupcake Landers. In cinematography he was unsurpassed...
  6. Hardly a drawing but it does pass for a wallpaper: I wonder if anyone will catch the reference...
  7. I daresay my aircraft posted the most dismal round of the competition and looked the best while doing so. Congratulations to the winners and good luck.
  8. For as long as I can remember I have lived for grand strategy games. When I was young I would spend hours drawing fictitious continents and "plotting" my campaign for ultimate conquest. Each "battle" would be simulated on a separate sheet of paper with imaginative terrain and all units accurately represented. Then today, I found this on steam: It's just like I drew it up, only better.
  9. Your efforts to deceive us are futile. We know there's a middle bench seat in there somewhere.
  10. I'm here because the slightly irregular title word caught my attention. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, pertubation is not a word in the English language. Did you, perhaps, mean perturbation? Or am I wrong and you correct?
  11. I hope you can forgive this interruption. I couldn't help myself.
  12. Indeed! Consider for a moment the suggestions and development thread. Has it ever resulted in any significant features being added to the game? In some ways it is very much like Dres...