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  1. Don't worry. I'll find a trusty caveman to carry the torch when I'm gone.
  2. That might spell the end of my tenure as challenge moderator. I haven't the time at present to rework the challenge structure to any significant degree.
  3. Flyable aircraft are deceptively difficult to design with caveman restrictions and are invariably deathtraps for the pilots who fly them. Below is the best design that I was able to create, and even it was dangerously under-powered and prone to stalls. The best advice that I am able to provide you with is to use forward winglets for pitch control instead of rear ailerons, which decrease lift.
  4. Hi guys, sorry that I've been somewhat negligent of late. I'm tremendously busy at present. Hopefully I'll have a chance to review recent thread activity over the weekend.
  5. @ManEatingApe, you visited Moho in version 1.1 according to @Moesly_Armlis's records. It's very difficult for me to picture you performing a mere flyby, even at Moho. No caveman has yet been able to conjure magic to that degree. Yes, ladder drives and similarly driven crafts are still forbidden.
  6. I remember when first I started this thread. It seems as if it were yesterday. Now it's been 3 years and there are broken images in the first pages. I feel so proud. @RoninFrog, that's what I call an unfair advantage.
  7. @RoninFrog, congratulations are in order! The cave wall has been updated. The world is your cavern. Keep on spelunking! :p
  8. One does not simply "wait for contracts to expire." Indeed, for most difficulty levels the main challenge is to design vessels capable of gathering the science necessary to unlock the tech tree nodes within the design constraints of the level 1 VAB/SPH, viz. an 18 ton weight limit and 30x part count limit. On another note, I observe that the forum update has broken the topic page. This problem will be remediated post-haste.
  9. As no one has yet mentioned this, and it seems to me to be of paramount importance in any forum update, I shall. Where are the new emojis? Surely we can't be expected to chug along with an antiquated collection when everything else has been improved.
  10. Gorgeous terrain detail. Very utilitarian rover. But will the deep space kraken receive a graphical update? Or will it now become conspicuous for lack of uniformity in graphics quality relative to the surrounding terrain?
  11. The text contrasts poorly with the white background on large screens, methinks.
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