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  1. Unmatched attention to detail and stunning cinematic production! I khristen thee the king of klipping!
  2. I wouldn't consider myself a true amateur astronomer. I have, however, managed to observe both a total solar and total lunar eclipse. The latter with my refracting telescope.
  3. Mr. Peabody


    It's back baby. Three hurrahs for necro-posting!
  4. Boo! I bet you weren't expecting this one. @Ghost (Check his profile. He has never visited the forum.) I guess there isn't enough superstition to go around.
  5. Caveman congratulations @QF9E! Brilliant work! You have been added to the completion board and may claim your badge.
  6. It's a very good idea. I love it. But it will be bloody difficult.
  7. The cratering concentrated along a linear path (center of image) is interesting to note. What might have caused this phenomenon?
  8. Fact: Kerbals prefer mint chocolate squares. In fact, I'm craving one this very moment!
  9. In all the time that I have spent playing KSP I have never experienced anything like what has happened today. I was driving blithely along the surface of Eeloo when the game appeared to freeze. At first I suspected a game crash. However, on further inspection, the game was still responsive. (Although none of the keyboard controls seemed to work.) A few seconds later I could hear explosions as my rover (apparently continuing on without control) crashed into the hills. Does anyone have any idea what may have happened? I know that kraken-strikes are more common in the farther reaches of the kerbal system. Was this one of them?
  10. This will be very fun indeed. One perfectly delivered rover all set for storming up Eeloo's canyons.
  11. The last person alive on Earth say you? But that would mean no restaurant dining, no symphony orchestras, no annual domination of the Europa League by Christiano Ronaldo and Juventus... I fair poorly.