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  1. Quicksaving is disabled in Nano-Crystalline Diamond. (Advanced Settings) Per previous precedent, users completing hard+ difficulty levels w/o quicksaves were granted reverts after catastrophic glitches. The final decision rests with @JAFO, however.
  2. TBH I completely forgot about mechjeb. After it crashed my lander into the munar surface I deleted it and it never returned to my data folder. I always enjoyed piloting my crafts by hand. Additionally, it was well understood that the challenge should be attempted with a "vanilla" (unmodded) version of KSP. This understanding was somewhat muddled by recent game updates and the release of expansion packs.
  3. That comnet constellation is so nearly equilateral that it makes me feel happy just to look at it. Brilliant stuff!
  4. Today is victory over yourself of yesterday; tomorrow is your victory over lesser men. - Musashi Miyamoto Recently my life has come apart. Eastern philosophy is helping me to reassemble the pieces.
  5. Don't worry. I'll find a trusty caveman to carry the torch when I'm gone.
  6. That might spell the end of my tenure as challenge moderator. I haven't the time at present to rework the challenge structure to any significant degree.
  7. Flyable aircraft are deceptively difficult to design with caveman restrictions and are invariably deathtraps for the pilots who fly them. Below is the best design that I was able to create, and even it was dangerously under-powered and prone to stalls. The best advice that I am able to provide you with is to use forward winglets for pitch control instead of rear ailerons, which decrease lift.
  8. Hi guys, sorry that I've been somewhat negligent of late. I'm tremendously busy at present. Hopefully I'll have a chance to review recent thread activity over the weekend.
  9. @ManEatingApe, you visited Moho in version 1.1 according to @Moesly_Armlis's records. It's very difficult for me to picture you performing a mere flyby, even at Moho. No caveman has yet been able to conjure magic to that degree. Yes, ladder drives and similarly driven crafts are still forbidden.
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