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Found 9 results

  1. Perhaps, instead of a thread for each exciting new movie coming soon, they could all be posted here. Post a trailer, and discuss! What caught my attention this morning: Jeri Ryan. 'Nuff said. I will try to keep the thread title updated with the most recent movie posted. Or not
  2. I want KSP2 to allow me to relive the feeling I had when I first saw: - the Prometheus landing - Ad-Astra moon rover ride (before the pirates) - LV-426 derelict discovery (everything feels so dark, cold, stormy, the star so far away..) - Falcon Heavy twin booster landing - any IVA rocket take-off during which I just hope it doesn't blow up / IVA landing during which I look at the sensors and hear the proximity alarms and hope i don't crash: like this What space exploration feeling are you chasing (from real-life, movies, games, cinematics etc.)?
  3. Simple; a place to share Kerbalized movie quotes (and optionally, the movie they came from as well). No further rules or instructions needed. (aside from the official Forum Rules, of course) Examples: "You've turned off MechJeb, Luke. Are you alright?" -Star Wars Episode IV "You needn't worry about your reward. If science is all that you love, then that's what you'll receive." -Star Wars Episode IV (again)
  4. Kerbal filming has just released a press announcement saying that they are coming out with a new sci-fi movie! Here’s the problem, there’s no movie! So they called the center of space exploration (you) and asked if you would make a storyboard and ships for them. “Feel free”, they say, “to even make the movie for us and put it on YouTube!” Requirements: •Must have at least 1 spaceship in the movie (interior scenes are optional). •Must have a plot. • Needs 2+ characters. • Mods are allowed, but try to get creative! • Remember, not all your ships have to be spaceships. You can make fighter planes, boats, cars, or even buildings! Best of luck and put your storyboard (and link to your movie, if you made one) down below!
  5. Souper

    Movie Ideas

    MOVIE IDEA Name: "Mandela" 25% science fiction 75% cosmic horror Basic idea: Scientist(s?) discovers alternate realities and tries to explore them but they're so freaky and horrific and disturbing that the scientist(s?) is/are mentally broken afterward and commit suicide. Imagery focus: Real imagery. Everything is real. No CGI. Heavy use of uncanny valley and dark abstract imagery. Draw some stuff from H.R Giger too. Also sprinkle in some impossible geometry here and there. Writing focus: Use lots of prose and make the plot feel as hopeless and depressing and terrible as possible. Completely alienate the viewer. Make them feel as wrong and insignificant as possible. Music focus: No music or sound effects whatsoever. Use ONLY the same sounds as the characters are hearing for maximum immersion. Have the movie's theme be full of low droning and wind with faint alien voices. Acting focus: Don't act. Behave as though the characters are real people, like found footage films.
  6. Welcome to the Landing Zone! Current Project: Unnamed - Planning Stages I made this because I decided I wanted my own place on the forums to post all my work, and keep it all grouped together as I do it. So here it is! My landing zone. Here you can expect to find all my videos and random screenshots I take as I play the game, along with (possibly) some craft downloads. It'll also be a place for you to talk to me about anything if, for what ever reason, you may want to. I hope you enjoy your stay! Science Kerbal on Eeloo Cooperation
  7. As the topic says, what are some good scifi films which are unheard of and are semi realistic? Like Gravity for example (but it is not unheard, it is famous) For me, I will recommend Europa Report.
  8. I want to make a movie. But, before you holler that this is the wrong thread, let me explain. I want to use stock scenes and parts and Kerbals using Unity 5.3.3. so I can puppeteer. I'm not sure how to access those files. And after seeing some of the mods, I think I would like to add some enhanced scenes, such as skyboxs and terrains. SO, now the real reason I'm here. If, you care to help, I am looking for people to create scenes and Kerbals. Kerbals: Male and female: street clothes: work clothes ( security, wait staff, office, lab techs): Kerbals must have pivot points at neck, shoulders, elbows, knees and waist. Faces: eyes and mouth must be adjustable. Scenes: School room with student desks and real chairs. News room for 2 TV anchors (KNN - Kerbal News Network or KAN - Kerbal Actin News something catchy). Mission control room. Communication room, Conference room, House living room and kitchen x 3 maybe more, Restaurant, (Recreate a section of the outside of VAB, R&D and Mission control (unless I can figure out how to load From KSP)), graveyard. may add more if you folks have a idea for a scene. Deep space station interior, planet or moon base interior, surface of a planet or moon next to an easter egg from outer ring. if you have ever watched this: then you have an idea of what I am trying to do. SO? Are you interested in helping?
  9. Having a go at Live Streaming, don't get excited you cannot see or hear me (a good thing probably) anyway I was just playing with some of the props (an F4 Phantom II) and testing out some scenes for a new cinematic. I am trying to get a grip on using camera tools to it's best to set up sequences that will eventually be turned into a longer cinematic. You may find it really boring, redoing the same thing over and over again to get a little bit of a different angle. You may find it interesting, I don't know. This session was about 30 minutes, skip the load screen, I only just set up OBS on the box and was trying different things. If you have any suggestions, feel free to lecture me on proper composition, I am strictly amateur. Here is a snippet of the end scene, so you can see what was produced without all the actual making. Watch it full screen or you will miss the start of the take-off.
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