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  1. Sorry about that. You mod developers completely slipped my mind. Mod devs have now been added to the stereotypes list. If any of you think of any more stereotypes that you think I should add be sure and let me know.
  2. Much of the fun of KSP is piloting the mission yourself, and there is already a mod for this called MechJeb. I do occasionally use MechJeb for particularly boring mission in to Kerbin orbit, but never for challenges or interesting stuff like that. Here is the link.
  3. Evil genius tries to take over the world, or at least the town. Someone is framed for murder... I don't know if any of you have ever watched Thunderbirds but this is totally the Hood's style.
  4. An analog flight clock would be a nice addition. Here is a photo of one of the best ever made, the Dodane type 11. There may already be a flight clock but definitely not as good looking as this one.
  5. Yeah, I fit into that stereotype as well. You are absolutely right. I have edited the stereotypes to include "the normal player" that you described. Thanks for the inspiration. Your stereotype is now included.
  6. 1. The experienced "noob" - Reputation: 4 - "How many asteroids can you capture in one mission? My personal best is 8." Response: 2. Mr. "forums more than he plays" - Reputation: 4,000 - "Fly to Eve? I'll have to try that after I finish posting on the forum." Response: 3. The "Beloved Moderator" - Reputation: 2,000 - "For this weeks challenge we will have a special badge as well as 50+ reputation for all participants." Response: 4. "That noob" - Reputation: 0 - "How do you complete the basic flight tutorial?" Response: 5. NASA employee - Reputation: 1,200 - "kc is the mass transfer coefficient [mol/(s. · m2)/(mol/m3)], or m/s." Response: 6. The "Supreme Moderator" - Reputation: Max - "Thread removed. Reason: NONE. Fear me!" Response: 7. The "breath-taking Artist" - Reputation: 350 - "I present my latest masterpiece, Frozen Duna." Response: 8. The "Epic Craft Builder" - Reputation: 600 - "This is my latest self-sustainable rover, the Cross-cut." Response: 9. "Mr. Excuses" - Reputation: 150 - "The docking port size was meant to be 1.25? It must have been my graphics that confused me." Response: 10. The "Mission Report Novelist" - Reputation: 8,000 - "The great beast raised its horribly ugly head and prepared to incinerate Obly Kerman." Response: 11. The "Normal player" - Reputation: 135 - "Today I spent my time making an SSTO that sort of works." Response: 12. "Refuses to be Stereotyped" - Reputation: 500 - "I refuse to be stereotyped." 13. "Mr. Game Mod Developer" - Reputation: 5,000 - " *fanfare* Introducing the all new kerbal kuts mod!" Response: 14. The "Unknowing Rule Violator" - Reputation: 225 - "I broke one of the rules? Again?" (He should really read the list of forum rules) Response: And one more: 14. The "Emoticon Addict" - Reputation: 45 - "" Response: Please note: These stereotypes are not meant to represent any particular user and are not to be taken seriously. Feel free to categorize yourself. What stereotypes have you seen?
  7. Something tells me docking with a craft orbiting that fast is going to be interesting. You may need quite a large rocket to dock and then slow down for re-entry.
  8. I'm guessing your re-entry was far too steep. In situations like this it is important to aerobrake slowly on a shallow angle. If you had fuel left, you could also have used careful rocket burns to slow down before aerobraking.
  9. Mine is a picture of Mark Watney, I think. It's a little hard to tell because the glare visor is down.
  10. I'll be watching the eclipse from inside the path of totality south of Columbia, South Carolina. I can hardly wait for the road trip and then eclipse time!
  11. No you are not.
  12. More art!!! Seriously, that is some of the best KSP art I have ever seen. I must build that mk1 plane. *must resist urge to play KSP before physics and algebra homework is finished*
  13. So far all the moons in the Kerbal system orbit the same direction around a planet. We need some variety. I think it would be great if some moons orbited in a different direction than others. That is, some moons orbit retrograde while others orbit prograde. This would work especially well with Jool's moons, since Jool has the most moons of any planet in the Kerbal system and Jool's real-life counter part, Jupiter, has moons that orbit in opposite directions. This might complicate achieving encounters with some moons, but i think we all enjoy a challenging mission. The orbits of Jupiter's satellites (above)
  14. I once recruited Mind and Matter Kerman. I think those names were referring to the expression "Mind over Matter."