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  1. Thanksgiving+I+don%2527t+Want+to+be+turk

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. NSEP


      Wait its thanksgiving right now? Happy thanksgiving!

  2. KSP Challenge: Destroy the KSC!

    I'm working on something that looks promising, I just hope that I have enough time. How much time is left by the way?
  3. What the heck is flying over my area?

    I'm not sure but that description sounds like a ME-262. It's a long shot though.
  4. Why are people against mods?

    I use only a very few mods and then only those that do not alter gameplay significantly. The reason some people rightfully consider modded craft less impressive is because they are generally less impressive than stock craft. There are a lot of mods out there that can almost be considered a game "cheat" because the parts they add are so OP.
  5. Most Frustrating Things in KSP

    Frustrating stuff eh? Don't get me started...
  6. It's probably a little late to start reading at the curtain call, but I think I will begin reading this.
  7. The KSP Caveman Challenge 1.3.x [re-booted]

    Here is the start of my normal difficulty entry. This rocket just managed to heave the payload above 70K kilometers. Mission #1 stats: Science earned: 51 Nodes unlocked: engineering 101, basic rocketry, general rocketry, stability, and survivability. Contracts completed: launch our first vessel and escape the atmosphere.
  8. KSP Challenge: Destroy the KSC!

    Bonus points for crashing an asteroid into the KSC?
  9. The KSP Caveman Challenge 1.3.x [re-booted]

    @Physics Student, nicely done. Will be looking forward to seeing more updates from you in the future. I found a design which I used in my attempt (not yet complete) that could heave two capsules into space on the first flight by hot staging each SRB stage. I earned 51 science points on the first flight in normal difficulty. Updates from my normal attempt will be coming soon.
  10. With @Speeding Mullet's blessing I am honored to present the fourth iteration of the KSP Caveman Challenge: KSP Caveman Challenge 1.3.x Facility upgrades are forbidden terrible runway and launchpad Part count of thirty and vehicle mass limit of 18.0 tons No fancy patched conics, no maneuver nodes and no Deep Space Network Abhorrent fear of technology as primitive as can be Acquire 1188 Science Points to unlock twenty nodes of the technology tree. Rules: Stock career mode Include pictures of your Science Archives No mods that alter game play No cheat menus or any other shenanigans Science Points have many sources just detail the method for the majority of Science Points acquired My entry will be coming forthwith, until then The Original KSP Caveman Challenge, the KSP Caveman Challenge 1.1, and the KSP Caveman Challenge 1.2 are great resources to get you started. Difficulty Levels: Talc Apatite Vanadium Topaz Easy Career - Normal Career - Moderate Career- Hard Career- You had better do impressive quick The minimum amount of flare A tool's hard edge can Happy shiny caveman work of this soft rock career make all the diference ----------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------ --------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- 1. 1. 1. 1. 2. 2. 2. 2. Corundum Diamond Nanocrystaline Diamond This level coming soon This career would not wear For the caveman that are Hard Caveman down a tough caveman brilliant and possess fire. see this post See this post and change see this post and change Good luck. You'll science rewards to 30% science rewards to 20% need it -------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- 1. 1. 1. 2. 2. 2. Badges:
  11. One Word Story: It Just Won't Die!

  12. That is exactly what I would hate to see added.
  13. List of unconfirmed easter eggs/cool bugs

    Some of these look sketchy.
  14. Halloween over, avatar back to normal. I really like theming my avatar for different holidays. I may do it again in a few weeks.


     I had to post this one:


    1. NSEP


      I also changed back to normal. I still have to perfect my profile theme, however.

  15. What can be improved in the easter eggs?

    The stock easter eggs are pretty good as they are. I can't imagine many changes that would be for the better apart from easter egg biomes and contracts as stated previously. SSTV signal hill is still in game if I'm not mistaken.