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  1. The Dunatian

    Longer re-entry

    No no no. This is a terrible idea. Imagine what it would do crafts that re-enter without heat-shields? It's already complicated enough.
  2. The Dunatian

    [1.3.1] Pood's Skyboxes [v1.2.0] [21st Jan. 2018]

    @Poodmund, I am extremely impressed with your calm nebula skybox. It surpassed all of my expectations! Thank you for all the work you invested in it. P.S. You may want to note in the OP that Sigma Replacements - Skybox is required in version 0.2.2.
  3. I suppose that would be OK this one time since the mod that you plan to use does increase difficulty without significantly changing game -play. Don't use this decision as a precedent, however. I'll note the that mods were used for your attempt on the cave wall. As far as the use of mods that re-order the kerbol system or generally increase difficulty (such as life-support) I'm afraid that's a no-go. As I stated earlier the rules relating to mods have remained the same for over four reboots. I don't think it would be my place to change them without the support of the OP. In addition, it just wouldn't be the same challenge if I did. I understand that some of you guys have pretty much beat the challenge, but if you wish to continue by using mods I suggest you try the spin-off KSP Caveman Challenge Evolved. I've not quite made up my mind on whether to allow plug-ins to improve the time-warp system, improve the lay-out of the tracking station, ect. That is actually a very interesting idea. I could create a sub-difficulty for each existing difficulty level that bans contracts just to make things harder. For example, a player could try vanadium without contracts or diamond without contracts. It would be some-what like the low mass/low cost sub-difficulty in the Jool 5.
  4. @dvader, Congratulations on finishing every aspect of the Caveman challenge. Yabba Dabba Doo! It is my privilege to present you with the badge of honor, the ultimate symbol of caveman spirit! Take screenshots documenting how you acquired the majority of your science points. After you reach the qualifying level of the tech tree post a screenshot of it and of your science archives. This will allow me to make sure everything is above board.
  5.                                                                                Looky what I got today:


                                                                  Nope, I don't have a craft named "runway."   :huh:

  6. The Dunatian

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I did get this today: No, I don't have a craft named "runway."
  7. The rules for this challenge have remained almost entirely unchanged since the original version, so I don't think it would be my place to relax rules relating to the use of mods, especially without the support of the original poster. On another note, I hope you didn't take my remark about unmanned before manned seriously. I am personally against such a major change in the tech tree but I was just having fun. It would be great to see you give this challenge a whack. Even more impressive and very easy to read! I'll link it the OP.
  8. Cavemen will take any science they can get their hands on. Especially in harder difficulty levels, science can be very hard to come by. P.S. Do I hear one of those nasty users who want safety first in career mode? How very un-kerbal. Very impressive and extremely useful! Will it be OK if I link it in the topic for ease of access?
  9. The Dunatian

    KSP Weekly: Thrusting into the future

    I absolutely hate the new srb textures. They are hideous.
  10. Congratulations on completing talc! You may claim your badge. I am also awarding you the "Order of the Trilobite" for your interplanetary mission. Epic congrats to you for completing the hardest level in the Caveman challenge - Nanocrystaline Diamond! Unga Bunga! You may claim your badge. P.S. I will look forward to awarding you the badge of honor. It's great to see you taking another crack at this challenge! That is a very impressive time. You may claim your badge. Cave wall has been updated.
  11. Visiting the prehistoric Kraken! That is beyond awesome! May the tentacles be with you.
  12. Cargo bay will be "somewhat" empty. I also plan to use these missions to test improvements in docking and shuttle reusability. I still have quite a bit of work to do on the station and several small reusability modifications for the shuttle. Hopefully I will be able to make "minilab" look a bit more authentic.
  13. @michal.don, in regards to the STS-5-8 missions I have a question. Does the above (work-in-progress) craft qualify as a station? It has one service module with a reaction wheel, engine, and RCS system, one habitat module, and two science modules. See above screenshots. I know most users build enormous stations just for the sake of it, but I generally enjoy building on the other side of the spectrum. Just for kicks I think it would be fun to place a small "station" in a very high orbit. Is that still OK?
  14. This promises to be quite interesting. Great job so far!
  15. @michal.don, I don't mean to be overly impatient, but you haven't forgotten to review my mission have you?