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  1. The Dunatian

    List of unconfirmed easter eggs/cool bugs

    If such a property existed, I would be extremely surprised if no one had ever figured out what it was given the length of time since it was added. Sounds like a prank or a stunt to generate interest.
  2. The Dunatian

    List of unconfirmed easter eggs/cool bugs

    I've never seen that. Where did Squad say that?
  3. The Dunatian

    List of unconfirmed easter eggs/cool bugs

    All of the above remain unconfirmed.
  4. The Dunatian

    A little puzzler...

    Self-delivering modular base section?
  5. @The_Cat_In_Space, The best option open to you is to just re-download the latest version. You will have to update all your mods, but you should be able to transfer your save files with no *major* problems. BTW you have just inadvertently revealed your gender.
  6. The Dunatian

    When will updates stop breaking mods?

    When will KSP stop breaking mods? Neva.
  7. The Dunatian

    Ask the Mods questions about the Forums!

    @Vanamonde, I've noticed that there seem to be more squad staff around than usual. Most of them have little or no forum reputation. Are they actual staff or just robots? Or are they tech support?
  8. Pure Stock my foot. That's been done with coding.
  9. Put fuel in that thar tank!
  10. The Dunatian

    Mountain lake landing challenge

    I recently built a small juno powered "land-anywhere" aircraft so I decided to break it in by taking a crack at this. Here is my attempt using the Y2K Sea-Squirt:
  11. The Dunatian


    @IonStorm, What it the worst case scenario that could happen at this point in time? I'm sure most of us remember the fate of the Rosetta Lander. Are there any redundancies in case the sample acquisition does not go as planned?
  12. The Dunatian

    Kerbal Aircraft Corp Aircraft On Demand Service

    Careful there. Do not wash in cold water or feed after midnight.
  13. The Dunatian

    LOST on Laythe - Ch 11 - Static

    Great chapter! Val reminds me a lot of nermal from the Garfield cartoons. Singularly annoying. (Jeb fan here.)
  14. La Victoire est a Nous


  15. The Dunatian

    Experienced Engineer Needed

    I suppose that you are right. It's just that I've always considered clipping engines and tanks clear into each other as sort of cheating. Nvm though. If I can make it fly and look good clipping will not be a major problem for me.