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  1. Surely not. It's hard enough with aerospike engines.
  2. The Dunatian

    So what song is stuck in your head today?

    Very Kerbal indeed.
  3. The Dunatian

    The Saga of Emiko Station - Chapter 97 - Cry Havoc

    Got something against "preserving the original majesty of the English language have ye?"
  4. It's only a bugfix and doesn't affect gameplay. Go ahead and use it if you need to. There is no real reason to leave Kerbin's SOI in a difficulty level below Topaz. Visiting another planet's SOI will get you the "Order of the Trilobite" though. The trouble is it is very difficult to perform a transfer to another planet without any manuever nodes. If a ripoff similar challenge were started for that, I'm afraid there would be very few entries. In addition, it would be like starting a spin-off of the jool-5 challenge for users who only landed on Bop. If you are interested in trying a harder difficulty level, take screenshots documenting your attempt and I will be able to add you to the cave wall.
  5. Looks great! You need to get rid of KER immediately though. It is a specifically disallowed mod.
  6. I'm just going to allow all tech from green meanie monoliths. There is no way to control what nodes you end up with, so there is a good possibility that you could end up with a useless tech node. In addition, most green meanie monoliths are very difficult to even reach let alone locate with low tech probe cores. (A Caveman's best core, the Probodyne OKTO only has a 6% detection chance, the lowest of any core in the game) By far the easiest to get are the monoliths on Minmus and Gilly, because both moons are relatively small and have no other anomalies. Kerbin and the Mun's green meanie monoliths are extremely difficult to find because they are mixed in with many other anomalies and both celestial bodies are quite large. It's literally looking for a needle in a haystack trying to locate them with low-tech probe cores. That leaves only one "easily" accessible green monolith; the one on Minmus. All others either require a huge amount of effort to find or an inter-planetary transfer with no manuever nodes. If you can find it, go for it. P.S. I triumphed over the forum glitch and managed to update the leader-board.
  7. The Dunatian

    Cupcake's Dropship Dealership...

    That took weird to a whole new level. I like it!
  8. The Dunatian

    Google Picture War RELOADED

    Some cartoon characters are more dangerous than others.
  9. The Dunatian

    Editing own posts older than one hour nerved away?

    Cloudflare banned and then allowed my IP address. Not sure what's going on here.
  10. The Dunatian

    So what song is stuck in your head today?

    The "Invincible Eagle"
  11. The Dunatian

    Heritage Challenges [1 available for reboot]

    What on earth happened to the sticky? This was an excellent thread to have at the top. It's been there as long as I've been on the forum.
  12. Landing is possible, but Tylo will be a killer. In answer to your question, I'm actually not sure. I haven't ever gotten T6 tech from a greenolith. Is the tech node you receive random or does it depend on the body you found the greenolith on?
  13. As stated earlier, it's forgivable due to my blunder in not spotting it earlier and because of the sheer difficulty of diamond level. In future avoid using KER or similar mods at all.
  14. Excellent run! I am honored to award you the the diamond level Caveman badge. Unga Bunga! Side note: I only now noticed that you had KER installed. That's forgivable this time because I didn't notice it sooner and I'm not a cruel monster. Next time though it is not an allowed mod. One more thing, I can't update the leader board at the moment due to a forum glitch. I will do so as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.
  15. The Dunatian

    Editing own posts older than one hour nerved away?

    That's funny.