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  1. The KSP Caveman Challenge 1.3.x [re-booted]

    @MinimalMinmus, congrats on completing Vanadium and Topaz! You may claim your badges.
  2. Love is in the air! UPDATE! Its back!

    I'm in. Gentlemen, start your air filtration systems! We don't want any of this useless social stuff.
  3. Through the Central Mountains (Stock Ike Elcana)

    Today's drive started with a bit of a scare. The rover started a death-spin at 15 m/s for no apparent reason. Fortunately the onboard emergency RCS system came to the rescue. Jeb looks way to happy after that potentially disastrous event. The shadow zone near the pole was darker than the inside of a tar pit, forcing me to take it extremely slow driving "blind" in the dark. This was the lowest point on Ike that I've reached so far. It is probably one of the lowest areas on the moon. Here we are at the "polar peak!" The "polar peak" is a extremely steep hill coming directly to a point exactly on the pole. Beauty shot at the north pole; or is it? According to kerbnet and the EVA report we are at the south pole. This however, cannot be true since I have been driving north, a direction clearly marked on the navigation ball and because Ike has no north pole biome, only a polar lowlands biome at the north pole, which I passed earlier in my drive. Have I discovered some kind of strange glitch? Progress for today. We drove a bit further than usual because I wanted to reach the north pole today. I'm happy that I decided to do a polar circumnavigation, the poles are an adventure just by themselves!
  4. Through the Central Mountains (Stock Ike Elcana)

    Yes, I am quick-saving though I try to use quick saves sparingly. So far I haven't had to revert though.
  5. Through the Central Mountains (Stock Ike Elcana)

    No, I actually haven't so it should be quite the adventure! I have come across some fairly steep slopes all of which I was able to handle so far. My strategy is to just slow down when driving through extremely rough terrain. Better late than never.
  6. The KSP Caveman Challenge 1.3.x [re-booted]

    @MinimalMinmus, I don't see that KJR would be of any use in the extreme early career that caveman is played in. Plus you've already restarted once. Next time though, 100% stock or risk forfeiting your entry. There are just too many mods out there that would make the Caveman challenge far too easy. Congrats on completing Talc and Apatite!
  7. The new Elkano challenge for 1.2+!

    That is absolutely allowed. How else will you get ore concentration information?
  8. Through the Central Mountains (Stock Ike Elcana)

    I'm currently sick with the flu so I had a sick day today. Here's what I did: Cresting a steep ridge that was visible from orbit. It ran for many kilometers east to west. Roving through flatter terrain. Duna lined up nearly perfectly behind us as we approach the north pole crater. Total progress for today. Nearly into the north pole crater biome! I wonder if any elves live here... Also, a big shout-out to all of you who are patient enough to keep checking back despite my boring commentary. Thanks mates! Your comments are appreciated.
  9. Sick day with KSP. Sweet n' sour.

  10. Default Pilot

    I think we can both see where this is headed so let's just agree to disagree before a heated debate starts up.
  11. Default Pilot

    I'm not sure what connotation that carries and I don't think I want to find out... I guess Jeb has always been my luckiest and most skilled pilot. Definitely my favorite of the original "big three."
  12. Default Pilot

    Jeb was the original awesome pilot. Replacing him equals great treachery. You wouldn't want to know what I do with Val (who is definitely not a badS nor ever should be) though... (Yes, I do have BD Armory installed.)
  13. MK3 Cargo Bay Eve Challenge

    I've got to remember some of this for later...
  14. Getting a rover onto Minmus?

    Every use who has ever done an Elcana circumnavigation of a low gravity body is face palming.
  15. Unstable mk3 shuttle

    Ah, but the center of thrust is compensating for the fact that the centers of mass and lift are far apart. Note the engines mounted exactly on the center of mass.