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  1. I'll take the liberty of posting something somewhat off topic: Who says cavemen don't play ball? (Jake Cave, wearing his "caveman" jersey for player's weekend.)
  2. I can't wait for KSP2! It looks amazing, I just hope they dont change the base gameplay too much! I hope the system requirements won't be to heavy as well...

    1. The Dunatian

      The Dunatian

      I suppose it's going to be like tanki online vs tanki x. There's no way that will run on my laptop though.

  3. This announcement will get me through my day. It's incredible that there is very little celebratory music for this announcement. Let's fix that:
  4. @Just Jim, you sneaky fellow. You knew all along... Have you been working on KSP2?
  5. This hit me like a truck going 80 mph down the highway. I never had the faintest inkling...
  6. Makes me want to hijack it and then bail out with a parachute.
  7. Your aircraft, @SuicidalInsanity, is my favorite. I've no doubt that it won't take top honors, but the unique shape of the craft deserves a medal of its own. As far as I'm concerned, no other craft will come close to touching it in terms of aesthetics.
  8. I play whichever version happens to be convenient.
  9. You can make your own custom flag fairly easily. 1. Download GIMP. (It's free & open-source) 2. Find or create the image you desire for your flag and resize it to 256x160 pixels. (px) 3. Export the image. Open the KSP folder and click on "gamadata". Next, click on "Squad". Finally, click on "flags" and export the image into this file. 4. Voila! I hope this helps. Here is a youtube video on how to use gimp, and another on how to make custom KSP flags.
  10. For starters one might recognize that transformers exist only in the movies. I'm just joking around with you. To my knowledge breaking ground hinges were never designed to move wings in-flight. You may need to try a different approach.
  11. @ManEatingApe, I must commend you on the the excellent and entirely thorough thread that you have created. Great work! This thread certainly has my endorsement.
  12. If you guys could go ahead and do that it would be great. Things are starting to get just a tad off topic.
  13. Kerbal Space Program isn't like "other games". I believe that's the reason we all play it. Whether or not "other games" lock updates behind DLCs is completely irrelevant.
  14. It just looks like a lighter shade of grey to me...