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  1. Not logged in for ages..... been super busy IRL... but... loving the quick review, thanks mate Actually this entry was a very tongue in cheek craft and I wasn't even expecting any pilot to ever review it, so even more kudos for that
  2. Well I assure you the Night Fury family was actually very good. Good enough for purchases to be made. Good range, great handling, excellent comfort. The original G-Type works very well as a STOL aircraft and is an absolute pleasure to fly. Sadly, by adding passenger cabins as floats it ruined it. As for testing - it was the old thread and the front page wasn't updated so I rushed it through development and testing in the mistaken belief that there was no other seaplane on the market - alas, I was misled. Still, as far as flying fridges go, it rocks! It's just a shame it wasn't designed as a fridge, and it also struggles to keep things cold (apart from creating the cold, dead bodies of passengers after another messed up landing).
  3. I've been gone for a while too, no worries However, I am sure I speak for everyone who has entered this thread that the above point is correct! As for me; I just wanna see you either say "Andetch this makes your G-Type Seaplane look good" or "We like this one as much as the Night Fury!"
  4. Andetch

    I'm going to kill Val

    Finally! A challenge that means I can deploy one of my many Kerbal Killers! The challenge of this is doing it in an interesting way I think.... Anyone can forget parachutes or attempt an atmospheric capture at escape velocity without heat-shields, but to be original and interesting; that's a challenge!
  5. Andetch

    A simple selfie by the temple.

    I just did this, with a video. The landing was a rather impressive go-around procedure which included touching the wheels into the cliffs! I will encode the video and upload here when done!
  6. Andetch

    kOS ICBM Challenges

    I have played with making stock ICBM before, using something like a small ore tank with nuclear generators in it as the warhead, and other ore tanks with no nuclear material as decoys, carrying multiple warheads and single warheads, mainly sub orbital vehicles - although I designed one to sit in orbit and rain down 20 warheads from orbit. Various designs, some warheads carrying fuel so they can accelerate after atmospheric slowdown, and that they can adjust their trajectory. There is no way (or very little way) that I can use KOS though. I became quite good at hitting a target by hand though (by placing a vehicle somewhere). Am I excluded because I can't use KOS? (Well yes I am barred currently, because the rules quite clearly state that KOS and BDA is used, but maybe the OP will open the challenge up so more can participate?)
  7. I agree. This is pretty much an easier version of STS-1a. I wouldn't need to change much on my Type-C shuttle as in STS-1a it lifts 40T into a circular orbit with a PP/AP variance of less than 100m. This mission you could have a highly elliptical orbit.
  8. Andetch

    Kerbal aircraft drag race challenge

    I am sure that cargo bays opening IRL will provide some airbrake qualities.... The Early 747's had an issue with that, and I think the DC10 ?
  9. Andetch

    Kerbal aircraft drag race challenge

    KSP at it's best.... The programmers make parts with one thing in mind, then the community uses them for something completely different! Cargo bays for air brakes, SRB for structural space station parts....the list is long and varied!
  10. Andetch

    Kerbal aircraft drag race challenge

    Yes, indeed vectors. Based around my Widowmaker SSTO project craft. All vector and no wing! You're very good at this ksp thing, if I may say so. There is a video of a land speed record using sepatrons. To give you an idea of how many it will take
  11. Andetch

    Kerbal aircraft drag race challenge

    I got sub 10 seconds to 1000 m/s but a no good time to land as it comes back dead stick - and I crashed......but i will land this thing..... watch this space!
  12. I am sure it has been done before, although the 1.4x changes coukd invalidate previous achievements
  13. I think the ultimate challenge allows multiple launches to assemble a vehicle in orbit. Still, very similar.
  14. Andetch

    Nuclear engine to orbit

    Firstly - KDenLive is better than filmora and also free - I used filmora for my first video then switched. Secondly - I love the innovation, not something I would have ever considered as a concept, so this is why I trawl the KSP forums looking at stuff.... very inspiring. Thirdly - there was a challenge on getting to orbit only with nuke engines - I know this because I tried and failed. You should find the challenge and submit this. EDIT: Forthly - if electric power in the dark was an issue - why not use a nuclear power generator thingy? Just offset it into the main fuel tank so it doesn't affect the looks. You got nuke engines already so no issue with radiation....
  15. Andetch

    Happy "Test-Flight Tuesday"!

    Can I see some of your attempts? I may be able to find the issue?