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  1. Andetch

    How to stop Minmus base from flipping?

    A whole buttload of upwards facing electric engines might do It?
  2. @ManEatingApefailed to mention that the SSTO pictured there almost has enough juice in it to get to a Duna encounter! So it shows that you don't need the high tech engines to go far!
  3. Ya, it was a happy accident - didn't managed to flip the radial out switch off in time before the, but it did turn out that it cut the speed with the KSC in just the right place to land - really happy accident seeing as I was on a "free return" so it was pure fluke that the KSC was in the right place for landing!! I was expecting to aero-brake into LKO and then set up the landing but, meh, it worked, don't knock it! Oh, and I should also point out that even though I didn't on the video, this can carry a small satellite with it. How much does it need to weigh to qualify as payload?
  4. Andetch

    KSP Challenge: Impact the Mun!

    Ok, this is so possible inside 20 game minutes - I am currently on a Mun encounter at just over 20 game minutes from launch. Just trying to iron out a few kinks - will probably have a video of this being done tomorrow
  5. Andetch

    KSP Challenge: Impact the Mun!

    This is similar to Scott Manley's "Shoot the Mun" thing he did with a rail driver. He had to turn of the heat to do it because the capsule (bullet) was going to 10,000 m/s + pretty much instantly after he fired the magnets up!
  6. Andetch

    Fastest Juno-powered aircraft

    I figured the drag model stuff was old, but the pretty pictures of COM/COT/COL are nice and still relevant, as is the wing stuff (I think?) Either way the pictures are nice and pretty.
  7. @boolybooly The team here at Andetch X-Labs enjoyed our previous trip to the Dog and Booster so much, we decided we wanted to come again, but get better seats this time...... So we let the high tech team have a go. I am pleased to present the Skydart - My most heavily researched and developed SSTO. I put a lot of work tweaking this design. It lifts off at under 80 m/s a second, and arrives into LKO with 1,500 m/s of dV. There is a docking port equipped model in the late stages of development. The flight video I submit includes watching an eclipse (at 6:52) from The Mun's SOI on a "free return" trajectory" (so atmospheric capture was set up from the initial Mun burn, so I didn't need to use the engine again apart from assisting stabilization once deep into Kerbin's atmosphere) and a precision landing back at KSC (Just wondering, for those with making history, does landing at the desert airstrip also count? The runway there goes North-South making the approach a bit more interesting, and it is higher above sea level giving less time to recover and set up the approach dead stick - but still ample time) Enjoy the video (no sound track, only ambient KSP sound)
  8. Andetch

    Fastest Juno-powered aircraft

    FAR is a great mod, and I really must start using it. The reason I didn't keep using it after my initial attempts was that it changes the way control surfaces are programmed and at the time I was obsessed with playing with my Flying Car design (it is a car that handles just as well on the ground as it does in the air!) and although it still worked with FAR, I couldn't work out how to get the control surfaces to do what I wanted so I went back. But pretty much on every challenge involving sustained atmospheric flight someone asks if there is a FAR category - I am surprised no one has came up with a FAR entry for this to be honest!
  9. Andetch

    Fastest Juno-powered aircraft

    Nah I'm pretty bruised up as it is, and you could probably be doing better things with your time! And I still claim mine is better as it is still a functional flying plane rather than a capsule being thrown at speed! @Klapaucius (and also @neistridlar maybe CrazyJG needs to put a link to this in the OP of the new KEA) here is the link. Got some nice informative pictures for aircraft design.
  10. Andetch

    SSTOs! Post your pictures here~

    Introducing the Skydart SSTO The finest SSTO to leave the Andetch production line yet! Introducing the Skydart. This SSTO has had the most R&D done out of any SSTO I have ever built. It works very well, and can arrive into LKO with 1,500m/s dV. It also has style! Video of the Munshot and Munar Eclipse coming tomorrow!
  11. Andetch

    Fastest Juno-powered aircraft

    Yeah, I have been inspired by your comments and been testing. Changing the angle of the wings makes it too unstable to take off it they go one way, and slows it down the other way (as it makes the nose sit just above centre prograde - good reserch for my next entry for Kerbal Express Airways) but using the overlay (not the tech readout that you have there, just the red lines) I am not getting any difference in the amount of red lines/size of lines. Putting a nosecone onto the node that is still available in the centre of the craft did reduce the drag line, but the weight made the craft slower (I think it was that?) Again, I salute your KSPertise! Good old KSP Not Quite Physics, eh?
  12. Andetch

    Fastest Juno-powered aircraft

    Hmm, interesting, as I found on my attempt that by moving the engine/tank/nosecone assembly inside the intake part it reduced the drag (or increased the speed) significantly. Also, when I removed the nosecone pieces from the tank parts it slowed it down again (increased drag). Adding more engines also helped, as long as they were moved to align with the existing ones. The other big difference was using the fairing as the nose (it still appears to be drag free).... I know the early KSP had a very illogical aerodynamics engine, but has it been improved since? I am on 1.4 now.....
  13. Andetch

    Fastest Juno-powered aircraft

    At least flying with a lower fuel count will increase the speed
  14. Andetch

    Fastest Juno-powered aircraft

    So...... another wing/engine assy to be added - merge them all together so it is one to reduce drag (maybe?) and optimize the air intakes so there is only just enough (again to minimize drag, you have some subsonic intakes there that are probably only adding drag at high speed), and empty the tanks so it only has enough fuel for one run (you notice mine launches with 60 out of a possible 1,400 units of fuel) to increase the TWR and I am sure you will be hitting 600+ soon
  15. Andetch

    Fastest Juno-powered aircraft

    Lol, my 801 m/s has 24 engines! And a passenger count of 1!! May I suggest adding MOAR ENGINES!