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  1. Yeah, I like to have a hump-back designs! Thank you for your kind words.
  2. @Samwise Potato firstly, well done, however, due to your personal attack on us and your lack of understanding the point of the challenege or the craft, I am unable to award you anything. I have also been unable to watch the video. For those that haven't guessed the point of this craft is a) it is hard to fly, and b) it is right on the dv limit for ssto. So actually it does what it was designed to do very well. For those wanting a review, I've downloaded the craft files and will get onto it. Please bear with me and my terrible internet here! I will get it done ASAP. As far as FAR goes, I think it will only make things harder!
  3. Yeah, well I downloaded BD because your thread inspired it! So we are gravy! We love it! Great landing!
  4. SC Dark Arrow by @ShadowGoat Flight Certification Test When asked by a representative of Shadow Goat if he had enjoyed his time in the SC Dark Arrow, ADX Test Pilot Dado Kerman had the following to say, "Yes. Now no further questions until after I've had a brew." This is a highly capable craft, and ADX engineers do feel a SSTO version is a very real possibility. It would just take some tinkering with the engine choices, switch out some tanks, and away we go! This is truly the sort of aircraft we love here at the ADX Labs, just watch the video to find out why! About 10 minutes later a clerk delivered the following certificate. I will test to the limit. I have an arrangement of things to shoot at, some even shoot back! If it can't kill ground targets with it's current armaments, well, we will find a way; we're very creative! Although, we at ADX Labs have always felt the true test of pilot skill and airframe build is to try taking off with a few hostile SAM units around the KSC and runway ends. Nothing gets a pilot flying to the limit better than a few seekers on their tail!
  5. I will fly anything! Just from tomorrow it will take me a while to give full reviews, however - I'm up for a backlog to keep me busy making videos! I will do my best to keep this active over the festive period! Drop me a download link. Weapons are cool, I can review it vs some sam sites, drones etc and generally have fun wasting ammo! Does it take high g? I've got one that takes up to around 90G before the wings fall off! I will absolutely try and destroy non ssto by G force I think.
  6. Yeah, I do quite a lot of warp flying in the atmosphere, I get bored, lol! I'm sure if I hadn't of warped I would have made a perfect runway landing, at least to a definition of perfect that you may not have previously seen.... Still, I was impressed with the airframe's ability to cushion the fall and land somewhat safely after the, err.. incident. I think the seeing other people do silly things in your creations aspect of this could be really fun!
  7. Firstly, I'd love to have a go. Especially if it goes to Duna. I understand the concept of not spending too much time in the "soup" below 8km, so we're on board! Secondly, if you can fly the Widowmaker on mechjeb, I would still be impressed. I have never had much fun with mechjeb and planes..... Even with the ILS on Kerbinside I still usually make approaches by hand. Probably because I haven't read enough or played about enough to get them to work properly! haha
  8. The Flea Jump Challenge

    I've been using this free tool for my badges. Maybe it will help?
  9. LKO Crew X by @ScarecrowCertification Test At first we liked the look of this craft, it looked like it had the potential to be a very fast, nippy bird. Looks can be deceiving. Once we had go over the handling aspects, we did start to enjoy our flying. An inverted pass of the KSC at 100 metres was possible. (Although, a short while later the laptop crashed, and I lost the video ) We did give the crew a flight manual, but maybe the navigator bill had it upside down? These things happen.... Just sit back, relax a gracefully coast up to around 25KM when we triggered the engine mode. Then more relaxing, a slight bit of piloting, and we had our sub-orbital velocity set. Around this point Bill remarked how the cabin could do with a window on the roof so he could enjoy the view. This has got to be one of the easiest SSTO available, with plenty of juice in it for some fun flying before or after ascent. Re-entry Knowing we had plenty of juice left we decided to set a course that would allow us to do a supersonic pass down the valleys on approach to KSC. One of the ADX Team's favorite KSC approach paths. Unfortunately, this is where we discovered the structural issues the LKO Crew X has... We set our de-orbit classic style. Just let it spin... It was all going so well until the explosion - but this is truly where the LKO Crew X earns her certification. Despite an unplanned disassembly at supersonic speeds, all crew and passenger modules were recovered safely. Pilot skill has to have played some part in this feat, however the design on the LKO Crew X was certainly the major factor in the crew survival. It just goes to show that old X-Labs saying "Wings are optional in flight" rings true! Conclusions While we do feel some minor structural and handling improvements could be made to the LKO Crew X (see advanced tweakables, autostrut. Not sure if the wings were strutted like that, if not, it will help. Also, possibly play with the control surface authorities) we do also feel it is a cool looking, kick-ass craft; not to mention the fact that Bill and Jeb owe it a debt of thanks. We are pleased to issue an Andetch X-Labs flight certificate for the LKO Crew X by Scarecrow88! Video Here! The landing after the disaster (30ish mins) is one I am proud of!
  10. Pilot's are being prepped now. *takes ascent guidance notes and hides them so pilots can not read them.
  11. Yeah, I've got that far. it was more making it work, and look nice. I have a few concept frames (literally, frames like old USAF VTOL testers) that do it, and really helped my STOL designs, but I haven't yet got the VTOL designs working.
  12. Lol.... Yeah, your plane looks like it is capable of some nice flying! I am interested to see how you did the VTOL. Not something I have really mastered yet, only STOL.
  13. I look forward to it! Although I am leaving in 24 hours to go to southern philippines for xmas and new year, so my ability to post videos (or anything at all) will be greatly reduced! No net in the jungle hahah! The WMP is designed to be hard to fly. Everything about the SSTO run must be perfect. If you climb too shallow you will pick up too much heat, too steep and you wont have thrust.... If you unlock the LF in the main body you might not have enough left for the orbital burn, so don't unlock it until you fire the vector..... It usually takes me 2 or three times to get it right, and I built it! But about the wings not breaking off at high g...... There aren't really wings as such.... hence they don't break lol. You can actually get away with landing it in reverse for an aborted flight, but you gotta be so precise! Good luck pilot! Also, kerbalX is a really good resource. You should check it out if you haven't already! Oh one more thing, I should probably put up top - about saving your pilot.... Subsonic speeds over water you can survive just jumping out of the craft! That counts as saved.
  14. Yeah, sure. I guess as long as I can fly it upside down at over the speed of sound within 50 metres of the sea or mountain peaks near ksc (something I love doing BTW - I've managed to take out a girder attached to the top of a plane on the mountain top before - girder piece goes bang, plane flies on!), and survive a high G inverse loop we will be fine! I guess shall edit the thread to note that your submissions just need to be kick-ass in someway! WIll check it out and get back to you RE: Dropbox, as long as I don't need an account... Is only a few kb for a craft file... isn't much so anything. Is it modded BTW? I saw the pictures it looks very well designed. Can't wait to crash it into the sea at 500m/s fly it. How is the needing an extra few hundred metres of runway working out? Don't pull up too soon (less than 275 m/s is way too soon) or too sharply!
  15. Found this is search, and old post, so maybe a reboot... but wanted to share my final creation that I will have time for this year. In a few days I will leave the land of civilization for a land with very limited net access so I won't be able to post and share my creations, but no doubt, I will find some KSP time So I will be able to see some of your creations also! I proudly present to you, a seasonal gift from Andetch - Press "R" to unwrap! Seasons greetings to one and all! And a very prosperous new year to-boot!