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  1. I find MkII is good because you can use less wing.... No?
  2. Andetch Type C Shuttles In the Type C Shuttle range, you will find a fleet of easy to control shuttles. Just balance the thrust with the COM by using the limiter on the lower stage engine. They all come equipped with a payload designed to put Kerbals into a Mun/Min orbit. It is possible to land on Minimus, and return to orbit, but not back to the shuttle in LKO. This is why there is a supplementary tank that can be deployed to refuel the rover for the return to LKO. Also is an empty shuttle for you to put a payload directly into (maybe someone will take up and complete the discontinued "mini-miner" payload, and post it here? Andetch Shuttles come in many variants. with the EL (Even Longerer) and Heavy being very popular. Re-entry couldn't be simpler, you have enough control to leave SAS off until the last moment, recover the shuttle and land! Enjoy exploring the Kerbin System, Pilot!
  3. The Widow Maker SSTO This craft was developed and perfected over a long time. It spawned other craft in the process of getting it to work. Check the KerbalX hangar to see some others! The Craft You will spin out. You will flip. You will get the hang of it, and achieve SSTO, back to KSC runway. You might want to remember to actually start the recorder before that one time in hundreds that you made it Possible prize for someone else who can do it - you do it, I pay a designer to make you a badge! Just never, ever allow the nose to go farther than 10 degrees from central prograde. EDIT: Take-off/lift speed is around 275m/s, however end of runway speed is around 250m/s - but don't worry, you will get the hang of it, just don't pull up too hard! Kerbal X: Gallery:
  4. Andetch Craft Hanger It has taken me ages to get this latest craft flying properly, and boy does she fly well! I am going to use this post to add all of my creations into one place - hope you don't mind seeing them! All will be available via KerbalX, and any craft added here will be "complete", on KerbalX you will find some proto-types also. I really like to hear from people if I have made any dumb design mistakes, so I can correct them and constantly evolve the ships into the best forms they possibly can be! I would also encourage other people to share their craft here, that may be in need of some evolution too! The Andetch X Series Team may be able to help? I look for ward to hearing what you all think 1) Andetch Shuttle Type X "Sloh-Kly-Mah" Gallery:
  5. Hey @biomecaman I would be interested - I write music on guitar, so I would even be intersted in non-ksp stuff too!
  6. SSTOs! Post your pictures here~

    Yeah I worded that wrong, and also go really confused as the "post" I was "answering" that seemed to be the most recent post just disappeared on me... Hahahaha, le fool moi! Still the hump back looks pretty cool. Hard to fly, am working on the thrust balance
  7. SSTOs! Post your pictures here~

    Single Stage To Orbit. So to be classed as a SSTO you fire the engines once, and it goes to orbit - yeah you can reduce throttle etc, but you can't fire up any other engines or drop any used fuel tanks etc. 100% of what is launched must reach orbit! Top Secret Photos of Andetch Type X Shuttle Undergoing Initial Flight Test Yes, it seems the new Shuttle can act as a SSTO.......But the final release will ride an external tank to orbit.
  8. Yeah, I guess so.... Will need to think about issues with soundtracks for future videos. All because I put Starman by David Bowie onto a video of my shuttle (loaded with the fuel pod) losing control at around 5kms and nose-diving into the sea....
  9. STS 2 - FAIL Kind of thought you guys would find this short video funny....... Forgot to adjust the wings - oops. I do have a save before the mission for competition
  10. That landing definitely counts as a perfect KSC landing! Okay, thanks very much for explaining that! I'm gonna smash this challenge/s out! Well, to a point anyways - I always have trouble building something that I am happy with that goes interplanetary (yeah ofc I have landed on Duna etc - but only with loads of support equipment like mining rigs on Ike etc).... Meh..... Well, all future videos will probably show off the handling of the shuttles - it is very rare that I can set up a descent to KSC that does not require some fancy flying (if at all - usually I land on beaches)!
  11. Thank you so much Actually gave me a nice chuckle You get 5,000,000 to spend on Andetch Shuttles as a reward
  12. But Gene told me that it was every kerbal's ultimate dream to end up with their name inscribed for all time on that special wall outside the astronaut complex it's true, no?
  13. Michal, the pod has no fuel used - I locked the resources. This is shown in the final scene of the flight video (sorry no narration) here; The video is worth watching, especially the landing because I deliberately (is that believable?) overshot the descent to show off the superb handling characteristics of "Heavy". The Shuttle used is the Type C EL "Heavy" variant. The original Type C Shuttle is nicknamed "Forgiveness" as you can put her into a spin, nosedive or tail fall and recover at any altitude more than 2km, and "Heavy" does have some of those! I am putting together a video showing off this, if you would care to see it? Does flight stability and handling characteristics count for anything? I have successfully put one sat into geostationary orbit (at dawn) with no rcs. I am right in assuming the other sat must be at the dusk position to complete the mission? Also, can I send a 2nd shuttle to recover the Fuel Pod? Now these badges, what do I do with them? Hehehehe
  14. Ok, well I devised a way of getting a 360km orbit - so no worries.
  15. I have a question about STS2, (providing I passed STS1 - mission video will be up 12 hours). Does the shuttle have to exceed 200km high, or just the sats? I ask because my design is only rated for a max altitude of around 100km, but another retrofit of fuel tanks and she could get higher. Is just a pain to add more tanks - creating the EL version was a day or two work! Then creating the EL "Heavy" (first designs only lifted about 25T into orbit) was another few hours flight testing.... Thing is, a standard Andetch Type C can lift a load of satellites - in career I deploy sats from a Type C shuttle in LKO to travel to Jool etc, so no issues there.... Thanks in advance for your clarification.