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  1. the pittsburgh steelers boosters on the way to the Super Bowl
  2. I live in a dream... with only 4GB of ram !!! <3 @Padishar
  3. i follow that thread for quite some time... (old KF and KSPwheel made me wanna build rovers again) i dont understand the terminology or the physics of wheels ... i just want to move sliders Do you know where the difficulty options menu is ? Couldn't find it...
  4. it's for real !!! I get a lot of "broke from overstressing " Couldn't find the difficulty options menu (i was in a hurry and i might have missed it).... i could use some scaling powers and damage model adjustments.
  5. weird i was under the impression that every time i was pressing alt+End GC interval was increasing ... I'll try 2048 ... i like breaking things and spending hours in fixing them maybe you could PM me the list... much obliged
  6. Thank you i'll try the dev version of MJ Maybe a list of "suspicious|" mods would be helpfull but i'll undrstand if you dont want to refer to other mods... I used OpenGL and low resolution textures with earlier versions of KSP (0.90, 1.0, 1.1) and the result was disappointing ( i like playing with EVE , scatterer and so on ... ) Ok i know i expect a lot from my old rig ... but i'll spent the waiting time looking at beautiful clouds and auroras 3 times alt+End is the sweet spot for me ... MemGraph made my game playable again (from 7sec to 30+sec intervals is a miracle to me ) so <3 @Padishar
  7. I did it ... didn't noticed any difference on ksp ... so i turned it back to defaults Not confused (...ok maybe sometimes :p) just experimenting a lot... The only thing i can do to improve Ksp performance is to buy a new PC (at least some RAM) but unfortunately this is not an option for me so i try to squeeze everything out of my old rig ... tanx for your help
  8. I thought i wouldn't build a rover again ... tracks are good enough for me ... for now ... I believe "minor" problems will be corrected ...
  9. OMG it works!!! My wheels are moving!!! thanx*1010 RESPECT @Shadowmage
  10. Searching the forum i stumbled upon some posts saying that mechjeb and GC dont work so great together . Is this true? Will uninstalling MJ improve GC intervals ???
  11. Correct! I totaly agree!!! My virtual memory setting is " automatically manage paging file size for all drives " and i have 4 GB of RAM (a joke i know ...) Do you suggest a diffrent setting???(for playing KSP) I see your point but... when i play without "cleaning my memory", after some reverts in the game, my memory usage goes up to 99% and the game crashes... when i "clean" manualy the game never crashes ... even after 3 hr ... So i am not sure ...
  12. All the above are true but ... the most important factor is if the game supports SLI/Crossfire . If it does you'll see a major performance boost also SLI/Crossfire helps with other apps like video editing and more ... Don't forget that we are talking about a 800$ pc... you can't afford a hi-end GPU with that budget ... but you can afford (... darn i just realizes i'm poor ) to pay 200$ in a couple of months if you realize that SLI/Crossfire will benefit you in some way...