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  1. I am a little concerned that despite talking about multiplayer in the past and how much fun it was, that it has been made the LAST feature on the EA roadmap. If it is really going so great, why is it being pushed back so far as a feature. It seems a bit strange...
  2. What can I say, my rogue is an expert at breaking into filing cabinets. (It's a long story)
  3. Both TBH, I'm the most experienced KSP player out of my friend group, so I would rather work WITH them to help them figure everything out and get good at KSP. However, there are some friends of mine that have some KSP experience, and I would love to have a competitive "space race" with them as I am quite competitive.
  4. Given how much time I spend warping to maneuvers and transfer windows and such, I think I would spend a lot of time in singleplayer if the game went into single player every time I time warped. Additional problem, would that mean you had to load every single vessel around the body you are orbiting after every time you time warp? I can't imagine that is lower end pc friendly.
  5. So you just admitted what I said, your mmo system is essentially single player with extra steps.
  6. There is no way that this game ends up as an MMO. Especially with the main method suggested here. That essentially makes it single player with the ability to watch other people and extra steps. I would rather play with just my friends and actually be able to easily interact with them.
  7. I suspect that is the type of multiplayer they are aiming for. Could be wrong but it seems to make the most sense to me, as the more people you add the more complex solving the time warp problem gets.
  8. That's a lot of extra work just to play multiplayer. Not to mention the fact that syncing in order to go onto a celestial body could completely ruin any return trip plans, as the body's location in the system would move. If that's how it worked I think I probably wouldn't play it. There would certainly be a fair number of people (mainly the ones who want to play with their friends specifically) who would just not play multiplayer in that format. The changes to how the game functions in order to turn it into a mmo would hamper them actually playing the main portion of the game.
  9. That doesn't account for 2 people being around a celestial body at the same time in real world time, but the celestial body being in different places in the star system due to the in game time being different between the two players because of the time warp outside of the celestial body's no warp region.
  10. Yeah that's the part that I don't get. If you have 1000 people playing multiplayer together, how do you account for time warp? How do you account for the fact that there will be bases all over the moon, thus limiting the places to make one for new players? It just doesn't work.
  11. Foxhole is not like ksp at all though. It is a logistics management and top down shooter game...
  12. I asked them stuff like that in the past when they had posted "working on feature vid" type things. They always responded.
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