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  1. oh I'm sorry I forgot to put the details in, this was done using 1.6.1, I have used this in every version of KSP I can think of. this demo was created last week. all of the mods were up to date, and I would believe if you attach you aren't the root, and the root is the original "root" in the craft that it was attached too. as far as I have found Hope this helps Jammer-TD
  2. Jammer-TD

    Show off your awesome KSP pictures!

    This Duna Trip was planned well, the flight and delivery vehicle worked flawless and we got the first base setup. 50 Kerbals will establish the main base prior to landing we launched a surface scanning satellite in polar orbit to better understand where our resources lie.
  3. Jammer-TD

    Mods don't show up?!?

    mm3.1.2 [for v1.5] can be used. if the mods don't show it is usually that they are not installed under the "gamedata" folder properly mm.dll belongs in that folder as well. please posts logs for more support hope this helps Jammer-TD
  4. I have had problems that were OPT related in 1.5* and 1.6.1 still today. I think it was the deployment bay. I removed the part and the levitation no longer happened and the craft was now on the runway. maybe try removing some items, I would think things that move as a suspect.. hope this helps Jammer-TD oh sorry I didn't see you had this with no mod's. well certainly as always follow @lisias
  5. so I just built a rover added controller and called mechjeb rover autopilot. set speed and heading as well as waypoints and it all worked flawlessly (not a word used to often in a mod world) so I am not sure where the issue is or what maybe giving this result you describe and so yea probably need a log file for to help Id where this is happening. hope this helps Jammer
  6. or the control is in hibernation mode as I have done a few times. as I put my cargo into hibernation during the trip. when unloading I have to recall to take it out of this mode before I can control it Jammer-TD
  7. I don't mind, I enjoy this stuff.. but it will be a few days before I can recreate this as I am in the middle of a new craft(lots of new ideas i'm working on). but I should be able to retest and send you the logs this weekend. Jammer-TD
  8. Utilizing the Konstruction Welding ports demo Enjoy Jammer-TD
  9. I tried your dll in my "working copy" of ksp. it gave me a couple of errors on start up and when I went to VAB, my craft in progress were not usable. claiming mumech (or some such thing) missing part, so I just wanted to let you know. this infernalrobotics.dll posted, did NOT work for me I am on 1.6.1 with everything else updated to today fyi Jammer-TD
  10. if you crash on loading, then your gamedata folder isn't happy, you can delete modulemanger files,except for "MM.dll" latest version file itself(in the gamedata folder0. and lastly you can delete the "partsdatabase" file in the root of ksp. and try again. if that fails you must have a mod/folder in the wrong place(nothing gets placed in the squad folder- we leave this folder alone). so a start fresh should help clean it up. also make sure you have all the dep mod's the directions to install have been posted (follow link above)ps. you also need the IR sequencer to use this. hope this helps Jammer_td
  11. so for those wanting to view this in action this is a clip of my space station vid(3:10-3:15) for the welding of a port
  12. well it is "multi" as in they all weld at once when initiated. which by the way isn't about docking. they if connected, act as a fine docking port totally reusable. connect 2 of them and you can make it a permanent connection never to separate again. and as I stated if you have many pairs connected on the same craft and don't want them to weld you must undock the ones you don't want to weld. the purpose of using these ports was to eventually weld them together. this works for me to assemble many items then hit weld and poof, they are now a structural addition hope this helps Jammer I'm looking for the pics ,as I have many "kerbal good times" photos
  13. so if I launch four vehicles and attach them to the spacestation and click weld on 1 of them(1 port out of the set of four pairs ).. they all weld at the same time(always has worked this way). and it worked fine no explosions. I have posted pics FYI Jaime
  14. well the IR-Modelrework has a lot going for it with lots of cool ideas ahead from what I read. this does appear to still be beta(fyi) and there is a process to install that I haven't tried yet. this link is to the latest of the beta's,,https://github.com/meirumeiru/InfernalRobotics/releases but again use this at your own abilities to evaluate and not get to worked up if it doesn't do the thing you need. this is work in progress that I know I am looking forward to use when released forum thread here:: hope this helps Jammer-TD
  15. misery loves company,, my Logitech attack3 is detected by windows but I can only assign the button's to a item. I cannot add X,Y,Z, axis or axis of throttle control either, to the any assignment thru KSP 1.6.1 interface settings(I didn't try any mods or manual config's to assist this device). windows 10, joystick works fine with other games, thus I cannot use it to fly. to be clear I hadn't tried using it since like 1.3.1 and just thought I would give it a try after reading this. FYI Jammer-TD