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  1. Upload it to something like Dropbox or Google drive and then post the link here
  2. Would add the ability to control crafts that are not manned, don't have probe core or signal.
  3. The cheat wouldn't only be to solve these types of situation but it's a lot easier to do it with the cheat
  4. Once in a while, you can forget to add an antenna to probe or lander and most people don't want to revert the whole mission that could've been hours long just because of one thing they forgot. If you forget chutes you can save it in orbit around Kerbin or something but when you forget antenna you just have to revert or disable comms for a while
  5. when I crash something and get something that looks like it could be fun to drive, for example, today when I broke off a body of a plane because of reentry heat but a single engine and wings on it remained and I wondered if it could still fly. Or you could possibly make ridiculously short crafts without needing to attach a probecore
  6. Numerlor

    Revise pinned threads

    Been wondering a while why "What did you do in KSP today ?" thread isn't stickied but wasn't going to start a new thread for it but now I've noticed 2 pinned threads about reverting game version to 1.2.2 on steam in the modded tech support forum. I understand why one of the threads would be there as there are frequent questions about reverting to older versions of the game but I see no reason to keep both of them
  7. Can't seem to find it in there, not under known issues and couldn't find it anywhere else with a quick read through
  8. Numerlor

    Eve via Moho

    Alternatively, you could hunt out a contract that would give you nerv
  9. Closet keeps forgetting to hide parts from mods until I click Mod Filter and "refresh" it output_log
  10. If you believe a thread should be moved report it or post it here, the thread says your own but I'm sure would move this as it's in the wrong forum
  11. Numerlor

    Location for Kerbal Penal Colony

    Dres, can't escape if it doesn't exist
  12. Numerlor

    Turn down thermal effects?

    That's how it's supposed to look. Maybe if you dug a bit into some cfg files you could find something to lower the effect, or if there are any mods to do that.
  13. Numerlor

    [BUG FIX] How to fix the 5m fairings yourself

    For anyone who can't watch the video. Go to Kerbal Space Program\GameData\SquadExpansion\MakingHistory\Parts\Payload, when there open fairingSize4.cfg using any text editor and in the file find this piece of code MODEL { model = Squad/Parts/Aero/fairings/AutoTruss scale = 4,4,4 position = 0.0,0.22,0.0 } and add rescaleFactor = 1 after the } . Like this: MODEL { model = Squad/Parts/Aero/fairings/AutoTruss scale = 4,4,4 position = 0.0,0.22,0.0 } rescaleFactor = 1 After that restart the game or reload the database from Alt-F12 menu
  14. Haven't thought up how to add in drag yet because it's nearly midnight so if you have any good ideas tell me Mass and wing area info is from parts list on the wiki that looked a bit old so correct me if you see any mistakes Name Mass (t) Wing area Control Surface % Control surface area Wing area/mass Wing Connector Type A 0,2 2 0% 0 10 Wing Connector Type B 0,2 2 0% 0 10 Wing Connector Type C 0,1 1 0% 0 10 Wing Connector Type D 0,05 0,5 0% 0 10 Wing Connector Type E 0,05 0,5 0% 0 10 Delta Wing 0,2 2 0% 0 10 Small Delta Wing 0,05 0,5 0% 0 10 Wing Strake 0,05 0,5 0% 0 10 Structural Wing Type A 0,1 1 0% 0 10 Structural Wing Type B 0,1 1 0% 0 10 Structural Wing Type C 0,05 0,5 0% 0 10 Structural Wing Type D 0,025 0,25 0% 0 10 Swept Wing Type A 0,113 1,13 0% 0 10 Swept Wing Type B 0,226 2,26 0% 0 10 Basic Fin 0,01 0,12 0% 0 12 AV-T1 Winglet 0,037 0,37 0% 0 10 Swept Wings 0,275 1,37 0% 0 4,981818182 FAT-455 Aeroplane Main Wing 0,78 7,8 0% 0 10 Big-S Wing Strake 0,1 1 0% 0 10 Big-S Delta Wing 0,5 5 0% 0 10 AV-R8 Winglet 0,1 0,5 95% 0,475 5 Standard Canard 0,1 0,5 100% 0,5 5 Advanced Canard 0,08 0,4 100% 0,4 5 Delta-Deluxe Winglet 0,078 0,65 20% 0,13 8,333333333 Tail Fin 0,125 0,61 100% 0,61 4,88 FAT-455 Aeroplane Tail Fin 0,36 2,69 37% 0,9953 7,472222222 Big-S Spaceplane Tail Fin 0,45 3,49 29% 1,0121 7,755555556 Elevon 1 0,05 0,25 100% 0,25 5 Elevon 2 0,06 0,3 100% 0,3 5 Elevon 3 0,08 0,42 100% 0,42 5,25 Elevon 4 0,04 0,18 100% 0,18 4,5 Elevon 5 0,08 0,4 100% 0,4 5 Big-S Elevon 1 0,15 0,77 100% 0,77 5,133333333 Big-S Elevon 2 0,23 1,16 100% 1,16 5,043478261 FAT-445 Aeroplane Control Surface 0,17 0,86 100% 0,86 5,058823529
  15. Numerlor

    Made a table for wing effectiveness [WIP]

    Added in Technology level and Cost. Tried adding comparable performance only from numbers but I still have no idea how to calculate drag. Wondering if adding up wings to a certain wing area value (let's say 10) and noting the takeoff speed would be useful. For example, using 10 Wing connectors type C and 2 Big-S delta wings and noting takeoff speed of ~65m/s and ~70m/s. The problem is that there are too many variables at play and some wings can't be properly stacked to any useful value (FAT Main wing for example), wondered if tweakscaleupscales/downscales aerodynamics properly
  16. Numerlor

    Biggest Plane with a Juno

    Managed to push it to 22113kg with only doubling the wings but it even managed to climb above 400m so there is a big potential, still handles horribly so not going to try again today
  17. Numerlor

    Biggest Plane with a Juno

    Looks like I'll have to step up my game with the numbers you are managing
  18. Is/was there any mod that does this? They're fairly annoying even when destroyed. Tried looking into how to make it but I couldn't even locate where the runway file is
  19. Numerlor

    Biggest Plane with a Juno

    What are the airbrakes for? Also will need to squeeze some more fuel into my plane to beat you
  20. Numerlor

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Made this plane for the "Biggest Plane with a Juno" challenge.
  21. Numerlor

    Please HELP!

    You can check the version easily, just open the save in a plain text editor (The FAIL.sfs in the drive link is 1.4.2). Don't know about the DLC because I have no idea how it is displayed in the save as I don't have it.
  22. Numerlor

    Biggest Plane with a Juno

    The craft never went where I wanted but it worked out in the end. Tried with 2 more tons of fuel at first but couldn't turn without losing too much airspeed, might try it again tomorrow because I crashed the wings but I've got enough of it today 16175Kg
  23. I'm making an mk2 plane with two Wheesleys (?) and there is no nice place to put an intake. inline mk1 intakes can only be placed after bicoupler and look horrifying, other are circular and cannot be placed anywhere on the body without extrusions. The only viable option is radial ramp intake but it provides insufficient stationary and subsonic performance and can't properly sustain the two engines at takeoff. Short subsonic radial or inline mk2 would be a nice addition for nice planes
  24. Numerlor

    Inline mk2 air intake

    I solved it this way but I wanted something that could be more flush with the body as nosecones are pretty big, it's not that bad, but it could look nicer with some kind of inline intake