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  1. Supercheese

    Ablative kerbals.

    We just got stock Personal Parachutes, now you want Personal Heatshields?
  2. Supercheese

    Transfer window planner & Mechjeb planner

    You can plot maneuver nodes with TWP if you also have the Precise Maneuver mod!
  3. Supercheese

    What is your favorite mods?

    Feline Utility Rovers is an absolutely splendid mod. The Near Future suite is as well.
  4. Supercheese

    (Chatterer) Morse Kode

    Kontinuous Wave! I love it!
  5. For having mirror(s) available if one location is down due to network troubles, naturally. Edit: After clicking refresh several times and trying the link again and again, it suddenly decided to work! I do wonder what the issue was, perhaps http referer...
  6. When I attempt to download I get "403 Forbidden".
  7. Supercheese

    May have found Eve Easter Egg.

    Eve Easter Egg... Evester Egg?
  8. Supercheese

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Today I was on a quest to finish collecting Science from every single Biome on Kerbin, and in every single Situation possible! This meant hunting for rarities such as Splashed at Mountains and Landed at Water. My final trip was to hunt for Splashed at Highlands, and thanks to a prior forum thread here ( I confirmed that there is still indeed the potential to gather Splashed at Highlands science in v1.4.3!
  9. There are a couple awkward phrases and other fixes needed for those descriptions. Here is my suggested set of revisions. I've also added an extra splash of humor to to one of the winch descriptions. Which winch? Well, you'll see!
  10. Supercheese

    Theories on Mystery Goo?

    It's Kerbal Flubber. Klubber?
  11. Supercheese

    Adjustable Docking Port

    KPBS has some very neato flexible docking port connectors that use KAS functionality (i.e. KAS is a required dependency for 'em). See:
  12. Supercheese

    [1.4.4] Orbital Survey Plus v2.3.6

    It works fine for me in 1.4.3.
  13. Supercheese

    What did you do in KSP today?

    To be fair, even SpaceX considers some parts of space exploration to be car-related...