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  1. Hallo! (A wild Kerbonaut has appeared!)

    Welcome! The had part of docking is rendezvous, after that it’s fairly simple. All you do get within a few hundred metres of the craft, target the docking port, point towards it. Then switch to the other craft, target the docking port, point towards it, and with one of them burn at around 1m/s, and they will connect, no RCS required. This works at a wide range of angles, as when you get within range the magnetism will pull it to the right axis, I’ve assembled entire stations with no RCS using this method.
  2. Updated Terms Notice & Privacy Policy - discussion

    What amused me was this. I’m tempted to print out a craft file and post it now. Dear TakeTwo, Root Part: StructualI-BeamPocket Offset: 2.475822 Rotation: 89.0837 Part: LiquidFuelTank Radial Offset: 4.9574739 Rotation: 6,8397 Unit: LiquidFuel Amount: 400 Another thing I saw in EULA was that it is now illegal to have KSP on a hard drive. You have to keep it on the disc that it never came on.
  3. When you are plotting manuever nodes, the readout on the side of the navball shows how much D/V the burn shall take, and how much you have done. This works fine when you have one node active, but if you have multiple, it only shows the closest, which can be annoying when you’re planning a transit to Jool, but you can’t see how much D/V you’ll need to capture because you have a correction burn of 2m/s active as well. I suggest a way to cycle through which manuever node is active on the navball.
  4. Amazon to adapt Culture book into a Prime Video

    In America yes, but sadly not in the UK. The books are really good, I’d say the best is Excession. Not sure how well Culture ships will adapt to TV though, considering they’re literally perfect black-body completely smooth ovoids, with no engines trails. I haven’t heard of Ringworld before.
  5. Naval Battles!

    Depends on the ship, and on people’s different classifications. I’m running a PC that can handle 1500 parts, but @Earthlinger has made some really nice low part ships that function just as well as my higher part count warships, so it’s not much of a limiting factor.
  6. Amazon to adapt Culture book into a Prime Video

    Great! I just started re-reading the Culture series, I can't wait to see an Orbital on TV! Even better, its on Amazon Prime, the one streaming service I have, so I can actually watch it, and not have to settle for clips and trailers like The Expanse.
  7. Naval Battle League 2016-2018

    Thanks! It looks better when it isn’t being ripped apart by kinetic energy. The mod was the newest version of DCK, though, so not sure what was breaking it. Those ships look really nice, I like the wings on the Bullock Class. I had a bit of time to test the MCS-14 Albion, (previously Materis, but abandoned after finding out that was a paint manufacturer) and thankfully it seems fairly resistant, at least to 0.65m phasing Missiles like the G3. The main issue was the repeated destruction of the 2.5m fuel tank, so I’ll have to try and move it into the fuselage more, or at least single point it so it doesn’t take the other main fuel tank with it. I’ve also developed a missile about half the size of the G3, called the G7, which seems to have roughly the same or slightly less the damage than its older brother, but much lighter, allowing for 8 of them to be stored, using the same method panzer used with the mk2 bays. The main problem with the Albion is it’s weight, at around 30t higher than I’d like. The bulk of that comes from the main fuel tank though, so maybe I should make an ion version. I need to test panzer’s new ship as well.
  8. Naval Battles!

    Well, slightly ironically, I noticed one that made everything half invisible. I pretty much stopped testing after that and went back to my main game.
  9. Ramjet help

    Are you playing stock? Or are you making a mod?
  10. Sigma-Tec[Complete overhaul]

    That ship looks great! What gravity was that tested at?
  11. Garble the post above you!

    Delete malfunction. Noting regains excellent hero.
  12. Naval Battles!

    I’ve heard of it, some friends have it and have reccomended it. I don’t really like the block building in games like it and minecraft and to some extent Space Engineers when compared to KSP’s system, though it seems like a fun game. Though it may be a different game better suited to naval combat, I really enjoy pushing KSP’s boundaries. Plus, it costs money and I’m skint. Anyway, I’m trying to construct a smaller, single Abrams, single goliath, patrol boat, so I’ll update when I get it finished.
  13. Naval Battles!

    It might actually be worth double or triple armouring with new beta. Though I’ve heard there are some issues with damage output balancing, I’m looking forward to the new system.
  14. Naval Battle League 2016-2018

    Most of the speed issues can be solved by lowering the spring strength. I’m sure with testing and knowledge of the projectile speed, you could probably work out a formula for offset from the target for distance. I’m going to be doing some more testing soon.
  15. Just realised I have over 1000 posts, just in time before my one year anniversary of joining. That’s 2.8 posts a day!