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  1. MiffedStarfish

    Kraken Magnetic Drive

    Wow, thats amazing! I've tried making one, but no success so far. Could you please put up a craft file for reverse engineering?
  2. I was bored.


  3. MiffedStarfish

    KSP Military Mega Thread

  4. Reversing videos is fun.



    1. Earthlinger


      Wow that craft looks great!

      I wish I was that good at making vehicles XD

    2. MiffedStarfish



  5. MiffedStarfish

    Guess Who Will Reply Next?

    Codex Astartes names this manuever come online! @Sidestrafe2462
  6. My antiviris (Norton) is removing the BDArmoury.Core.dll and PhysicsRangeExtender.dll files from the latest version. Nevermind it's because it has a low reutation since it came out a few hours ago.
  7. MiffedStarfish

    KSP Weekly: Something about TESS

    If it’s like what happens when a craft loads within a non part object like the KSC, if the the entire craft if inside, then effectively nothing as long as you don’t touch the collider. If you do, or if you spawn halfway in, explosions occur.
  8. MiffedStarfish

    The Expanse Rocinante Replica (Stock)

    Thanks! A lot of the parts are there because DCK allows only one colour per part, so the Berantas Gas colour scheme would be much less part intensive. I might make a version of it in that.
  9. MiffedStarfish

    Garble the post above you!

    Cans of Spleen enhanced monsters fought Timmy in the shed.
  10. MiffedStarfish

    The New Coop Approach ?

    Eh... sounds... Maybe tedious for the non-pilots, especially for player 4, who is more spectator 1. Just looking at a craft which you essentially have no or very little control over for a half an hour isn’t fun for me. What about missions where science has already been collected? What about sandbox? I think multicrew missions might work in conjunction and as a part of multiplayer, but standalone, I wouldn’t enjoy it.
  11. MiffedStarfish

    So what song is stuck in your head today?

    What the plums... METAL BAWKES!
  12. JiymqwD.jpg

    I spent half an hour messing around with my Rocinante replica, Kronal Vessel Viewer, and GIMP, and got this. Imgur has horribly degraded the quality, unfortunately.

    1. Earthlinger


      That's a big engine :D

    2. dundun92


      Looks like LEGOs actually...

  13. MiffedStarfish

    The Expanse Rocinante Replica (Stock)

    Sssh! Don’t tell anyone it’s just a few vectors!
  14. MCRN Corvette Class Frigate The Expanse is my favourite TV and Book series of all time. It's third season is releasing in just under 2 weeks, so I thought I'd celebrate with a replica of its hero ship and my favourite spacecraft, the Rocinante, a Martian Corvette Class Frigate, legitemately salvaged and used by the survivors of the Canterbury. My replica is just under 1:2 in scale, and uses entirely stock parts, though taking advantage of the paint function of DoctorDavinci's wonderful DCK mod. As the insanely efficient Epstein Drive puts out a whopping 5m/s Delta-V, you'll have to use infinite fuel if you want to go anywhere with it, though there is a method of creating a functioning Epstein Drive with some part editing, so I might make of version of this which uses that in the future. Unfortunately, state of the art Martian tech is fairly intricate, and as such it consists of 1111 parts. it is capable of sustained 8g flight, though this can lead to strokes and isn't reccomended, unless you're chasing a runaway asteroid or something. It was built in 1.3.1, but works in 1.4+. Action Group 1 toggles the Epstein Drive. Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ij18t8scjoinxeg/MCRN Rocinante.craft?dl=0 Now to build a Donnager...