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  1. I’ve been working on some new smaller planes recently. This is the F-82A Block 30, effectively a single engine F-77 with slightly thinner wings and more economical at 10k cheaper. Here’s a side by side comparison between them, with the F-82A on the left. I’ve also thrown this together, which will probably be worked on more in future.
  2. Thanks, but there aren’t any fairings on it.
  3. Hi, this mod looks really nice. My planes usually use an extended cockpit made with a mk0 fuel tank recoloured to be the same shade as the glass, and I’m wondering if there’s a way to make other parts like it reflective with cfg fiddling?
  4. Wow, thats really cool. Reminds me of the stock hinge tail fins I made for my F-18 replica.
  5. Another fighter, another couple hours fiddling with custom DCK textures for it. Also air-to-air howitzers are fun.
  6. Hi! I just want to say this mod is incredible, the buildings fit KSP’s aestectic perfectly and it keeps my loading times down with no new textures. Thanks a lot for creating and sharing this, OP.
  7. My current best BD fighter, which I’m constantly upgrading and never finish. After fiddling with the intakes I decided to make some custom DCK textures for squadron markers, and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.
  8. image0.png

    My current fighter, as a wire frame. Style completely stolen from Spartwo, it just looks so good.

    1. Earthlinger


      Ooo, it looks real

      Also, what mod do you use to take images like that?

    2. MiffedStarfish


      Thanks! I did it manually in paint.net.

    3. Earthlinger
  9. Nice idea, but I really dislike the execution. Those windows are just plain ugly, and the textures options with the slightly off whites and panelling look bland, and like they wouldn’t fit in with the 2.5m parts. Sorry to say it but I prefer the old one.
  10. Looks great! I ripped the shape straight from Mass Effect anyway, so getting annoyed would be hypocritical. Extending the middle pod to carry more weapons looks interesting, I might do something like that if I make a 6 engine ship in the line.
  11. In my completely unbiased opinion, this was a great chapter. Thank you for bringing Aquaria to life!
  12. Maybe not a popular opinion, but I don’t like the new textures. They seem 2d and bland, and lack the character and depth of the originals. Only exceptions are the new suits which I’m glad to see they took feedback on and look nice, and the stayputnik probe.