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  1. Galaxy is a mod soon to be released that introduces more stars and planets into the game. The center idea behind Galaxy is to change the sun to be a black hole, scrap the original Kerbol system, and then make a new system orbiting a new star from which players start from. In addition to the new system an additional number of systems will be added. Current stars Alpha Da: A binary star system with a gas giant, Polyphelus, from the Avatar Movie. Polyphelus has four moons, one of which being Pandora. Darkstar: A black hole. Skylis: A small yellow star with one gas giant, Klon. Klon has two moons. Omega: A blue star with one planet, Zoola Future Developments: More Star Systems More planets and moons around stars Darkstar planetary system New Homeworld
  2. Is it possible to take the light segment from stars and give that property to gas giants in an attempt to make them glow. I don't want to make them make solar energy or heat up parts. Also is there a way to lower the temperature around stars? Thanks.
  3. Is there a way to adjust the temperature the a sun gives out. I've been trying to make a smaller version of Nemesis at 66 kilometers in Diameter and to have a planetary system within it's sphere of influence means instant death by overheating. I've been trying to figure it out for a while. Any help is appreciated.
  4. So I'm trying to mod my own custom system(not for release as a mod just for my personal playthrough) and I've come to a point where I can modify planets orbits in the configs but everytime I try to edit a planet texture I run into issues. I modify the dds with gimp and it ends up reverting the textures to all white in game. In the file location the dds files don't show a preview. I am wondering how to fix this problem. Any help is appreciated.
  5. Is there a way to get this for Real Scale Solar System. If not can I just copy the black hole cfg. and edit a few things to make it work? Thank you.
  6. I'll probably just play around with the configs till I get it right, and then retexture. Originally it'll orbit Kerbol and just be a small black hole for testing purposes, but then I'll jack it up big. Realistically I'll probably make it a tenth or hundredth the density of a black hole just so the numbers don't get crazy in terms of orbital velocity.
  7. You can download mods like USI Kolobization to give you something to do on the planet.
  8. I am new to the modding community and am trying to make a black hole for my game. I play with RSS and Constellation so my idea was to copy a star file from constellation and edit that. Originally it worked, and I can make new stars pretty easily. The problems I have is in making planets orbit the star. If I change a planet file so it has a new reference body it resets the game to stock. Anyone having this issue. Any help welcomed. End game goal is to make a black hole system in either stock or RSS that will have a realistic looking black hole with a well textured accretion disk. If I take the code to generate a ring and add two rings at 90 degree angles of eachother we can make what looks likes relativity effects on a black hole. If we set the perpendicular ring to always face the player in the same way then the effect should be convincing. What more if we could get clouds from a visual pack onto the accretion disk it would really improve the way the black hole looks. This might be difficult to visualize but essentially the goal is to make something that looks like this: Once we can get a good black hole I would like to move on to adding planets that orbit the black hole and also giving the planets moons. I want to make each planet interesting and worth visiting. Ideally I'll do this in RSS but we could always release a stock version too. Any help on how to mod this would be appreciated and I'd love to work with someone on this.
  9. I was wondering about how to make planet mods in Kerbal. Is it possibly just to copy one of the planet files in constellation and then just the texture and parameters or is it more complicated. I'm not making my own mod I just want to customize my solar system.
  10. I love your mod, it's beautiful, can't wait to see what TRAPPIST-1 will look like. I don't know if you take suggestions but I was wondering if you were going to add a black hole or moons.