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  1. Yeah, I'd be fine with like an EVA suit expansion pack where you get several different styles, maybe create your own, for like 5 or 10 bucks, or different science messages, stuff like that. Expansions could add new parts, but not in the way where if you want to make a certain type of vessel you need the DLC to make it (such as with the stock props from BG)
  2. Judging by what happened with this game over the last year, I'd say that your hopes of no DLC will be one in a million, unfortunately. I'm okay with DLC if it adds some minor changes and features, not when it locks off many fan requested features (extra launch sites and stock propellors, from MH and BG respectively)
  3. 1.0.0 or 1.2, best versions 1.0 as it's the one I use on PC, and 1.2 as EE hasn't been updated past that version
  4. Update: Had a nervous breakdown including shaking, swearing, and crying, felt like I was going crazy and I just couldn't do it, am now at home still feeling like crap but a little better
  5. Anxiety + needles + assignment due = a complete mess, a person controlled by fear
  6. @Ducky7480 your best bet is to submit a bug report, However, due to the lack of interest in the port, your issue may never be resolved. Best of luck
  7. I'm not hyped for KSP 2 Never thought I'd say that, just goes to show the absurdity that this is
  8. Yes, the DLC that only the PC players can buy and use
  9. Good, SQUAD should hopefully start putting more time into KSP Unfinis.. I er mean Enhanced Edition, that we payed full price for and have been suffering through (still stuck on 1.2 with the bugs).
  10. Hah. Guess my 50$ got me an unfinished side project that was supposed to be better than the first. And now we can expect nothing as they're working on a console version for KSP 2, apparently, let's just screw over a fanbase again, who are as loyal as their PC counterparts. Still stuck on 1.2, still have bugs. Kerbal Space Program: Unfinished Edition. At least this one wasn't as broken as the first.
  11. I'm hoping this one doesn't abandon the game when it's too time consuming to actually work on the bugs to make it playable. If you pay for something, you expect it to work. It's like I spent 50$ on a bad april fool's joke, twice
  12. They tried it with the first version, a huge failure. The second version, Enhanced Edition, was good at first but has now completely been abandoned. How can we even trust that they'll make a decent KSP 2 console version?