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  1. Notifications not working

    Never mind, it's working now!
  2. Notifications not working

    I've been getting quoted in topics and my posts liked, but when I go on the site, it doesn't have the banner at the bottom and the notification sound, only the red numbers on the bell. Is it just me, or is this a whole site thing?
  3. I got promoted!

    Hello everyone! After almost two entire months of editing on the Pocket Planes Wiki, I got promoted to Moderator! I can edit the main page, have a custom username colour and font, 'rollback' edits (when I remove all edits since a particular date, which is useful for getting rid of vandalism in one go), move and delete pages, and get a fancy custom patch for me! YIPPEE!
  4. '\#039'?

  5. '\#039'?

    I was browsing through some topics today and saw that the usernames of people that had liked stuff were replaced with '#039'. For example, I looked at one of my topics and people had liked it. It said '(User), \#039, \#039, and (User) like this'. So, what's this '\#039' thing?
  6. What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    Someone emailed the whole school today. The message simply said 'suck my ----'. I found it funny, but have NO IDEA why they would send it to the WHOLE ENTIRE SCHOOL!
  7. Yes, YES, YES!!!

    Ok. So embedding through Imgur works, but embedding through Google Photos doesn't. But as Imgur is blocked between 8:30 and 3:00 (school hours), I can only access it before or after that. So I'll now be able to post pictures in the afternoon when I'm at home, and that means more time to do it!
  8. Yes, YES, YES!!!

    I think that Imgur is only blocked on the school's network now, as I just went on it at school and it said 'Access Denied'. At least I can actually go on the site now! Can you see this?
  9. Yes, YES, YES!!!

    I have GREAT NEWS! Imgur was blocked by our IT department some time ago. But I just saw an Imgur-embedded gallery on a post, and went "Hang on, how am I seeing that if Imgur is blocked?". I then went to Imgur, and instead of the usual 'Access Denied to this website due to the following: innapropiate content', I got the main screen. Now to test it! Can you see this image below? And another one, to make sure it's working. If you can see them, then tell me. If it works, I can now replace all my boring links to images through Google Photos and just embed the images in the post! Yippee!
  10. Thread to complain bout stuff

    I just had to do HPE. We are doing swimming and running, and it was a lesson with several other classes. We had to run from the gym, up to the student office, around the Y5-7 classroom block, go in the tennis/basketball court and touch all four sides, run out, run to the gate, and run to both sides of the path before coming back and swimming two laps. It multiplied every time, so we then had to do two laps of running, and four of swimming, and then three laps of running and six of swimming. I can't even stand straight. I just went down to the tuckshop (cafeteria for Americans), and got my pie, and the person at the counter asked me if I was alright, since I looked very pale and my eyes were tiny. I am now writing this in the school medical room. The nurse says it was lucky I didn't pass out due to exhaustion.
  11. Thread to complain bout stuff

    I'm used to the BBC World Service broadcasts in the evenings. At 9pm it's the Sciencehour, Click, Mysterious Cases with Rumanji and Ray or Documentary, but it's now The Newsroom. At 10pm, it's supposed to be the Newsroom, but it's Outlook. At 11 is Outside Source (which was supposed to be at 1am), when it should be Newshour, and Newshour is now at 12am. The new changes are frustrating. Don't forget on Monday is QnA, and QnA extra, and on Thursdays is live broadcasts of the AUSTRALIAN PARLIAMENT. And in autumn/winter it's Grandstand for coverage of sporting matches.
  12. hi

    Hi @Andrew607, welcome to the forums.
  13. Thread to complain bout stuff

    A kid in my class is really annoying. We have a name thing where names mean stuff, for example 'Wendy' means 'When did I ask', and 'Frank' means 'Frankly I don't care' We were fine with that, but he's started to use my parent's names, and telling him to stop doesn't work, as he just says them over and over again. That isn't the only thing, as anything he can do I can't. He says I can't sing rap songs because I'm not black, and therefore it's racist if I do (and he's also not black, but says that he's apparently black on the inside). Everyone else in my class can make jokes about him (he's also fine with it for some reason) but the second I do, he emails the head of curriculum about it. He 'accidentally' pushes, shoves, and trips me over (especially when I'm running in HPE), and gets his friends to gang up on me outside my locker. But the problem is, I can't report him, as he'll just say 'he called me names three times!' (I called him one on xbox, and the other two over a couple of days), and I will get in trouble. It's like he's fine with everyone else doing things, but when I do, he reports me. He's also the type of guy that wants to be popular, but he does it by making other people miserable (I was popular in my class at the start of the year, but now I just sit in the corner, and try to ignore the various insults and objects thrown at me) Is there any way to get him to stop? Or should I just ignore him for the last two weeks of the year.
  14. Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    'SciShipOne' is the name of my vessel in 250k Kerbin orbit. Featuring a command area, a science bay, a lander, and engines, it is designed to roam the system and collect science. Due to it's size, I had to dock the modules together - the front is in orbit, and waiting for the other pieces. - the science module is delivered by the rocket - docking - docked, awaiting the lander - the lander fitting into the cargo bay. And that's it for now. Due to the engines of the lander, they were getting in the way of the docking ports. This means I couldn't dock the lander to the hangar, and had to send up another hangar, with the docking port now closer. It's still under assembly, going to attach the engines tonight.
  15. The Train Thread

    An obscure craft, the train is rarely seen around the forums. But never the less, when it is seen, it is praised for its skill and detail. If you want to share your take on a railroad vehicle in KSP, then post it here!