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  1. Thread to complain bout stuff

    Because we are only allowed to use our computers for educational stuff (as it's a school computer). But apparently a Boeing 737 isn't educational and warrants me an afternoon detention.
  2. Any news on the next update.

    SQUAD announces updates for PC or console on the 'Announcements' subforum, so it's a good idea to regularly look at that for any news about updates.
  3. Thread to complain bout stuff

    Haha, although their is also a 'Lockheed State High School' in my area. No, because arguing back can get me in more trouble. And if anyone's interested in what flight sim we are using in science it's GeoFS (just a random answer to a nonexistent question)
  4. Thread to complain bout stuff

    It's also the first day of Term 2. I managed to get a detention on the first day of term! Yay? And the rule in our house is that any detention means no games for a week. Luckily that we are studying aerodynamics in Science and that our homework is to takeoff and land in windy conditions using a flight sim we downloaded in class, so I can fly around in that after school.
  5. Difference between Time Warp and Physics Time Warp?

    Ok, so the Time Warp is where you can warp very fast, and the Physics Time Warp is just the 4x one?
  6. Thread to complain bout stuff

    My normal routine of going to my locker at lunchtime and browsing the internet on my computer has been made into hell. A teacher passed by my locker and saw me, and decided to give me an after school detention ('arvo' as it's called) because of 'inappropriate computer use'. This was during my lunchtime, my 'free' session in between classes. I was reading an article on Wikipedia, about the Boeing 737. So how the is reading about an aircraft during lunchtime inappropriate use of a computer?! It's stupid!
  7. Patch 1.4.3 to be released next week!

    Isn't that where you get paid to play KSP or something? If so, then that's my career sorted!
  8. Just a quick question, whats the difference between Time Warp and Physics Time Warp?
  9. Stuck in 300km orbit with no fuel. Help!

    As soon as I exit the ship, it starts spinning.
  10. There is a Cursor control mode which is available, and you can hook up a USB keyboard to your Xbox or PS4 and use a mouse. Not wanting an argument here, but are you trying to be all 'PC Master Race' and everything? Just because somebody plays a game on a different platform doesn't make them better or worse. Some people can only play it on a console, because they can't afford a good computer, mouse, keyboard, desk, chair, and everything else needed for PC gaming. I bought the EE because I was tired of having only 20-25fps on my laptop, and I don't regret it. So please, don't hate the console players, when you don't even have a proper reason to.
  11. Stuck in 300km orbit with no fuel. Help!

    So after reading all these answers, should: A: Get Jeb out and push the spacecraft B: Send another rocket to rendezvous and let Jeb board it C: Give up and terminate the flight from the Tracking Station D: Use the cheats menu (which disables achievements and makes me feel guilty)
  12. Stuck in 300km orbit with no fuel. Help!

    Well I have no fuel, and when Jeb gets out it starts spinning. It's on an orbit that intersects Minmus and flies by the Mun. Yep I can EVA, but when I exit the ship it spins (because it needs a pilot for SAS). And I wanted to get in a Kerbin orbit because travelling around the sun takes forever. I'll try pushing it, but for a 300km orbit it may take some time...
  13. Do you like anime?

    I also like Pokemon, mainly because they are cute before evolving. Although the tree one with the yellow heads looks like it's always high. What was I saying?
  14. Do you like anime?

    I don't really know or care, but I did enjoy Girls Und Panzer and Cat Academy. Now all we need is Cat Und Panzer...
  15. I own a wiki