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  1. Garble the post above you!

    Beat this bat boop, meanies bottle boot.
  2. Immortality! Wait... in all seriousness probably just cat memes
  3. The Train Thread

    'Bullet train'? That looks a lot like the A4 Mallard...
  4. Third generation consoles, eh? (Up up down down, left right left right, B A start!)
  5. Any chance of a debug menu? I can't live without my infinite fuel and crash tolerance cheats!
  6. I is back

    Pro tip: If you have a cat, make sure you have it somewhere that is protected, or else it will be knocked over and you'll have to rebuild it.
  7. Back!

    R I P
  8. I is back

    First of all, hi. With school in less that ten days, I decided to get used to a PC again (as I had been playing games such as GTA V, Star Wars Battlefront II, Star Trek Online, AND Kerbal Space Program - mentioned later) on my Xbox One. You can imagine running a game such as KSP on a laptop, and go, "okay, what about it?" Well you see, I have so many mods in my game, that when I played it after school, I would go and have my shower and by the time I had put on my pyjamas, it had just finished loading. Roughly around 15 mins. My average frame rate is 35, the graphics have to be turned on to 'Low', but I don't care. Cause I have some new wireless headphones, that project audio clearly. Have you ever heard the beauty of the main theme in surround sound headphones while your parents and sister argue over rights to Netflix usage? I can't even hear them, as these block incoming noise very effectively. Also over the holidays, I celebrated my birthday. And I got the best gift of all: The LEGO Saturn V kit. I had to stand on my chair to put the LES in place, my cat knocked it over (resulting in a very miserable Thursday night having to rebuild it, with Ally sitting on the box just watching me, laughing as I have to build it again after her crazy chasing around the house), and I just spent nearly a day building a custom launch tower for it, as I'm putting it on display at the local library with my dad. And for those who were saying "How do you have KSP for Xbox, if it's not in the store?" Well you see, I kinda have it just sitting in 'My Games & App's', ready to be played. I know it's glitchy, there's no debug menu or mod support (yet), but it was fun seeing my mum and dad try to complete the Kerbal X tutorial mission. Mum got off the launch pad, only to crash, but dad actually got into orbit! So, with school fast approaching, I shall be preparing to sit outside my locker for 90 minutes a day, looking at the various stories on the 'Mission Reports' section, and downloading more mods to further push my available RAM size to dwindling proportions (until it gets deleted by the IT department for the quarterly computer check. Many people have said to delete System32 to hide their games, one actually did it). And with that, hello again!
  9. Back!

    Mine is 10 weeks
  10. Back!

    I live in Australia. We have the main holiday season around December.
  11. What are your craziest dreams?

    I've had dreams that are CONNECTED. I know it sounds weird, but I'll explain. I had a dream about cats ruling the world, with like cat robot-mechs and stuff, and got up to the part where a black cat in a suit declared themselves world leader. I then woke up, and got on with my life. The second night, I had a dream that started with the cat's speech, and then by the time I had woken up, a big space battle was happening because some federation or organisation decided to take back the planet. On the third night, it continued, and the cats destroyed the other forces. This was over 3, consecutive nights. Does anyone else have this happen to them?
  12. strange dream

    Wrong, 7.5\10. Too much Yoshi I had a dream once about a dessert land or something, and a cream pie with a face rolling around on it's side as it was attacked by apples. Do note that I was 5 at the time, so that's probably why.
  13. Back!

    Wow. After only two days, I got hooked on KSP again. I have 2-3 months to play it, as school just finished for the year! We go back on February the 15th, so roughly 12 weeks of holidays is here! It was total madness. When the bell rang, everyone just cheered and ran out of the hall. Some kids were yelling "Free! Free at last!" while others were screaming, and one kid even went a little overboard and took his shirt off, diving into the pool outside the gym. 3 whole months of gaming is finally here! YYEESSSS!!!!!!!
  14. Taking A Break

    Having not really had any time lately to play KSP (or any other game) due to revision for exams, I'm finding it difficult to actually do anything on the forums. That's why I'm taking a break. In three days time it's the holidays, but I'll more than likely just play BF4 or SWBF2 (No, not the monstrosity that is 'Loot crate microtransaction pay to win shooter with Star Wars theme', but the good ol' 2005 SWBF2). So I'm taking a break. When I start playing KSP again, and want to share my creations, I'll go back on the site. But for now, goodbye.