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  1. Quick question, Cubesy, what's the '750,000km up' part? Are you playing KSP on the ISS?
  2. Yes, the last edit was from a person who was editing the 'Map' page, two months ago. I have started adding pages that weren't created (redlinked), and any help would be appreciated.
  3. This may as well be called an ad, but this is the place for chatter about non-KSP things, so here goes! I have undertaken the task of resurrecting the Pocket Trains wiki, about the game Pocket Trains. Unfortunately, the wiki has seemed to be abandoned by everyone, as the last edit (excluding my edits), was from nearly 2 months ago. Any help would be appreciated on updating the wiki (as many pages are redlinked), providing information on articles, and just trying to resurrect the site. Link to site: (My name is WhiningWinnie on the wiki)
  4. Welcome back, hope the RTG development goes well!
  5. We'll lift your spirits up with our 'Happy Unicorn' menu! Waiter, there's a radioactive substance in my soup!
  6. In short, it doesn't really matter if the file is sfs or notepad. The game still works, and doesn't cause issues. A simple answer to a simple question!
  7. Hi Billy Mays here for the annoying meetings that occur every Tuesday, even when they're supposed to be every three weeks!
  8. We'll plug it with the cork from your wine bottle! Waiter, there's a waiter in my soup!
  9. Waiter! There's a low battery PC in my soup!
  10. You're supposed to respond to the other person's thing in their soup, and then post a thing in your soup. You've just posted a thing in your soup.
  11. Example: Hi Billy Mays here for DIY satellite kits! Basically do a "Hi Billy Mays here for" and insert your product!
  12. Webpage (get it?) Webpage!
  13. North Korea has the power to hide nuclear bombs in lawn chairs now? Fascinating!
  14. Don't worry! We'll give your keyboard malfunction a repair! Waiter! There's a soup in my soup!
  15. A simple list of common words that new players would've heard of, but don't really know what they mean. CoM: Center of Mass. Where the main weight of the craft is. For example, if you had a plane's weight all at the back, then it would lift off easily but spin out of control. If you had it at the front, then it wouldn't really get off the runway. To fix this, either dump some fuel at the heavy end, or add more weight the other way to get it to the middle. CoL: Center of Lift. If your plane doesn't have a center of lift, then you need to add elevons to wings. This will enable it to go up and down, generating lift. Rockets don't really need this, as the thrust is generated by the engines. CoT: Center of Thrust. Shows which way your thrust is going, and should be at the back . Suborbital Trajectory: When you haven't reached orbit, and either are going to smash into the surface, or slam into your target (if you're a missile). MIA: When your Kerbal is missing. KIA: When your Kerbal is dead. Gravity Assist: When you use the speed of going around a planet or moon to build up velocity (more speed) to reach a destination, therefore saving fuel and getting you further. Vector: The six things that you can use to go certain ways. Prograde is forwards, Retrograde is backwards, Radial is up, Anti-Radial is down, and Normal and Anti-Normal are left and right (unless you're in orbit, which is when they are forwards and backwards according to your camera view). Have a suggestion for a word that should be here? Then let me know! Hope this short list helps new players, TCIS.