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  1. The_Cat_In_Space

    KSP Weekly: Mapping with Magellan

    For some reason I'm imagining KSP on Unreal or Frostbite. Maybe we will have Levolution for the space center in a future update?
  2. The_Cat_In_Space

    KSP Weekly: Mapping with Magellan

    @Cheif Operations Director, another year is too optimistic. I'd say around another 5 years.
  3. The_Cat_In_Space

    KSP Weekly: Mapping with Magellan

    For the PC players, that is
  4. The_Cat_In_Space

    Ask the Mods questions about the Forums!

    Ok. Also, are you all superior beings who can travel through time and space?
  5. The_Cat_In_Space

    Ask the Mods questions about the Forums!

    Can you see our direct messages?
  6. The_Cat_In_Space

    KSP Weekly: Mapping with Magellan

    And again, no news for Enhanced Edition. Having new IVAs and retextured parts are great, but only the PC players can use them. What about the Xbox and PS4 players? I didn't spend $50 on a game to only be stuck in one version with no new content.
  7. The_Cat_In_Space

    M-27 'Panther'

    Hello! I've built a versatile fighter jet, the M-27 'Panther'. It can carry a wide array of bombs and rockets, fly on one engine (literally, like the other engine is ripped off), and is really easy to fly!
  8. I think the Technical Support section is for game issues, not for questions about running the game with a particular CPU. You should post this in The Lounge, not the support section of the forum
  9. The_Cat_In_Space

    Did you try the demo first or buy the game?

    I got the demo first, loved the concept, and bought the game. Best $35 spend ever!
  10. The_Cat_In_Space

    Do you play KSP only or are you into lots of games?

    I play KSP, Star Wars Battlefront, and GTA
  11. The_Cat_In_Space

    LH-1 'Lynx'

    I'll need to link them through. I'll do that now @qzgy now can you see them?
  12. The_Cat_In_Space

    LH-1 'Lynx'

    Hello! Yesterday, I set myself a challenge to make a helicopter. It was really hard, but also rewarding when I saw my creation fly around. I've created several variants as well
  13. This is truly horrifying


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    2. The_Cat_In_Space


      Crap. The Google Images linking isn't working. It's a picture of the 'Sorry, you cannot add any more reactions today'

    3. Lo Var Lachland
    4. Earthlinger


      It's a sign that you're generous :3

  14. The_Cat_In_Space

    Clouds in stock KSP

    You must remember: Not everybody has a high end computer. Not everybody can handle having fancy texture mods and stuff in their game, let alone run it at a good FPS. Heck, I play KSP on a HP notebook! If they added clouds, it would create lag and framerate issues (I know this from past experience with EVE). Maybe if they added an option to turn clouds on or off then that would be ok, but otherwise I'm opposed to the idea
  15. The_Cat_In_Space

    Thank You