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  1. The_Cat_In_Space

    Intentionally Crashing a Space Station

    That's alotta damage!
  2. The_Cat_In_Space

    The End of WW1

    I had my minute's silence yesterday, even though I was in the middle of talking to a friend. I believe that we all should pay our respects and work together to make sure that there are no conflicts in the future, and that the conflicts currently going on shall come to an end quickly, with peace for everybody
  3. The_Cat_In_Space

    Foxtrot - easy flying with Russian influences

    So... you just press the spacebar, Z, T, and then sit back and watch it go?
  4. The_Cat_In_Space

    KSP Challenge: Destroy the KSC!

    They are all amazing designs I should add, @XLjedi
  5. The_Cat_In_Space

    KSP Challenge: Destroy the KSC!

    Probably not, especially because this thread had been dead for a year
  6. The_Cat_In_Space

    Douglas Rain, the voice of Hal 9000, has died.

    Damn. Although, to be fair, 90 is a good age, and he died peacefully.
  7. It's not stock, unfortunately. It's a trick. Send no reply
  8. The_Cat_In_Space

    Thread to complain bout stuff

    Yeah. It wouldn't fit in with the overall 'feel' of the game
  9. The_Cat_In_Space

    You know you're a noob in KSP when...

    It's treason then (spams Whack a Kerbal objects into the Mohole) I will defeat you, space beast!
  10. The_Cat_In_Space

    You know you're a noob in KSP when...

    Is it possible to learn this power?
  11. The_Cat_In_Space

    interstellar mod tech tree

    First of all, have you installed the mod and all dependencies correctly?
  12. It's Monday! (yay?)

    1. 4x4cheesecake


      Oh no! Quick, come over, it's still sunday here :D

    2. The_Cat_In_Space


      I wish I could! *whimper*

  13. The_Cat_In_Space

    Thread to complain bout stuff

    Well at least they haven't made a KSP 2 or a KSP 3 yet.
  14. The_Cat_In_Space

    KSP Fan-Art MkII

    This is hilarious yet terrifying at the same time