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  1. Critter79606

    [1.6.1] OPT Reconfig v1.3.2 [March 4, 2019]

    @JadeOfMaar I'm having issues with the OPT J Deployment Bay. If I add this part, any time I try to take off from any runway, it puts me 700+ meters above the runway. If I switch to the OPT J Cargo Bay the same plane gets placed at the runway. I'm running a lot of mods so I don't know if something else is interfering with this part, and was wondering if anyone else has run into this. I didn't have any issues on 1.5.1 with this craft. Thanks!
  2. @kostik If you run scansat, you can also use it's capabilities to place the resource boundaries overlay on the planet. This helps me a lot with landing on eve, though remember that the boundaries don't always follow dry land on the coast.
  3. Critter79606

    [1.5.1] Baha EPL Redrilled v1.3.02 (12/21/18)

    @theJesuit Put the below in a .cfg file to fix any old Ex/El issues. I have several mods that aren't updated, and created this when I got tired of waiting for them to get updated. @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ExTarget]]:NEEDS[Launchpad]:Final { @MODULE[ExTarget] { @name = ELTarget } } @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ExWorkshop]]:NEEDS[Launchpad]:Final { @MODULE[ExWorkshop] { @name = ELWorkshop } } @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ExLaunchPad]]:NEEDS[Launchpad]:Final { @MODULE[ExLaunchPad] { @name = ELLaunchpad } } @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ExRecycler]]:NEEDS[Launchpad]:Final { @MODULE[ExRecycler] { @name = ELRecycler } } @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ExSurveyStation]]:NEEDS[Launchpad]:Final { @MODULE[ExSurveyStation] { @name = ELSurveyStation } }
  4. Thanks, I'll go and grab it. Yea almost 200 mods takes a while to startup.
  5. @sarbian I sent you a message with a google drive link to the data. I also found one more piece of info. If I shut down all the engines, the icons all come back, and I can target something again, but if I press the autopilot button it will create the way point, but not line up to the way point, start warp or start the engine.
  6. I just built a new ship using Extraplanetary Launchpads, and when I switch to it, all of the mechjeb icons disappear. If I dock something with it I can get the icons back, but when I target another ship, mechjeb doesn't recognize the target. I checked the logs and I'm getting this spammed in the log [EXC 21:12:20.484] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object MuMech.VesselState+ResourceInfo.Init (.PartResourceDefinition r, Double req, Double atMax, System.Collections.Generic.List`1 modules, .Vessel vessel) MuMech.VesselState+ResourceInfo.Borrow (.PartResourceDefinition r, Double req, Double atMax, System.Collections.Generic.List`1 modules, .Vessel vessel) MuMech.VesselState.UpdateResourceRequirements (MuMech.EngineInfo einfo, MuMech.IntakeInfo iinfo) MuMech.VesselState.Update (.Vessel vessel) MuMech.MechJebCore.FixedUpdate () Here is my ksp log. I'm running on ksp 1.5.1
  7. Critter79606

    [1.6.x] Stockalike Station Parts Redux (Jan 17)

    My adaptation of the Hermes from "The Martian" movie. It was fun trying to recreate it. Couldn't have done without this mod! Compare to @Nertea I'd also like to offer this part to you for addition to this mod. It accepts both a size 1 and 2 docking ring in one part. Compatible with any Clamp-o-tron/Clamp-o-tron Sr. Pictured with the updated Clamp-o-tron graphics update from this mod (otherwise it uses stock). Also supports the IndicatorLights mod. "A Clamp-O-Tron and a Clamp-O-Tron Sr. all in one neat package." (dockingPortMulti.cfg)
  8. Critter79606

    [1.5.1+] Malah's Quick Mods

    Thank you so much.. Like you I run almost 200 mods, and that causes it to reload every time.
  9. Critter79606

    [1.5.1+] Malah's Quick Mods

    @linuxgurugamer Is there any way that QuickSearch can stop using History.cfg and use an xml or some other extension for storing the search history? I'm tired of having to wait for MM to rebuild my cache every time I start KSP because QuickSearch changed this file after I searched for something. I wind up disabling history due to this. Thanks!
  10. Critter79606

    [1.4.x] AutomatedScienceSampler - V1.3.5 - 28.04.2018

    Does anyone know of a way to keep the science popup from spawning in the middle of the screen?
  11. Thanks. I'll give it a try while on vacation, see how bad I can crack up some aircraft!
  12. Thanks for the explanation dkavolis. At least I understand why it's not working. Looks like I have 109 parts that don't have configs. Is there any documentation on calculating conversions? Maybe I could take some time and try to convert some of them (If my pea brain can figure it out).
  13. I'm having some issues with some wings giving lift correctly and other not having any lift with FAR. I'm running "Lighthihll" on 1.5.1. FAT-T3R has good lift But most of the other Fat* (Fat-455 below) along with OPT, C7 and even Squad give no lift. I've looked at the original config files, and don't see anything wrong, and am wondering what I'm missing that makes some wings work and other don't. Even things that should be lifting bodies don't have lift. I installed from CKAN and have MFI 1.2.6 as well. Logs are here Thanks! EDIT: Ok, I figured out what is missing on the parts, I just don't know how to fix it. In the parts list, the ones that work have the "Lifting Surface" "Relative wing area: x". On the ones that don't are missing this entry on the part.
  14. @linuxgurugamer It should be as easy as adding an option to the WernherChecker.cfg to switch from red/green to black/white for the colors. I also came to report a bug, but it's already in the github list (Unintended checklist display #5) Thanks for yet another great mod! I haven't forgotten anything since adding it.
  15. Thanks much! If you need a tester just give a yell.