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  1. Hi, just checking what the situation is with RemoteTech support? I am getting a ‘Local Control’ situation with the 3Sat tiny box, however I’ve noticed that in the past RemoteTech support has been added. Am I missing something?
  2. @Galileo thanks for informing me of that, lucky the link didn't work! @Mace from Space the contents of the folder are here: and These should definitely work this time! Thanks again for taking a look! @magico13 I'm afraid I don't use CKAN, but thanks!
  3. Hi @Mace from Space, sorry for the delay in responding. Here is a link to my GameData folder: Thanks ever so much for your generous offer of assistance. Basically, it now loads but flickers horrendously whenever I try to do anything. Thanks again! Dom
  4. Getting used to doing this, I enjoy a heavily modded game, which does have its downsides... Thanks for your help!
  5. Okay, it is loading fine with just ScrapYard. I guess I now start the painful process of adding mods back in and I'll see where the failure happens. Thanks for all your help!
  6. Hi @magico13, I'm assuming this issue is going to put me on downloading the new .dll on hold for a week? I tried it again with the most recent release on Github, but it has the same build number as the .version file in the previous download, and failed again. New player.log is here if you want it: Good luck with the server!
  7. Hey, I am having an issue in a relatively heavily modded install. KSP keeps crashing while transferring from the loading screen to the main menu, and I have narrowed it down to Scrapyard. I have the latest build from the github server. My player.log file is here: I am afraid I can’t make any sense of it, as much as I have tried. If this is not a mod issue then I apologise, my assumption comes from the fact that it loads with all the other mods, but not when I add Scrapyard into the mix. Thanks for your continued development of such a wonderful mod! Dom
  8. So what I’m finding is that parts become dangerously unsafe (75% chance of failure) after 3 recoveries. This hinders my aims for a fully reusable space program, where I recover every stage and reuse parts many times. Is there any way to ‘rescale’ the failure curve, perhaps stretching it out by ten times or something so a part gets to this sort of level at 30 times, not 3? Furthermore, upon inspection of persistent.sfs, simply deleting entries for parts recovered 3 or more times from the save file seems to be the easiest way to ensure safety. Are there likely to be any downsides to doing this? Thanks again, and thank you for your incredible work on this awesome mod. Do you have a Patreon, Circle or PayPal account?
  9. @severedsolo I did indeed, my sincere apologies for that. Here is the player.log file: Alternate link (in plain text) if the other doesn't work: Thank you very much!
  10. Hi @severedsolo, thanks very much for your response. The log is here: With regards to the VAB, if there is a certain part, say a fuel tank, with many other parts attached to it, which I would like to remove, do I have to disassemble the vehicle to drag it out? And with regards to the trashing parts, would you say the easiest way to get rid of faulty parts is to build a vessel then just remove them while sitting on the launchpad, then recovering the vessel? Just trying to work out the quickest way to use the mod! Thanks!
  11. Hi @severedsolo, I’m having a few issues with the mod: the right click option for trashing a part is not visible in the VAB, and the toolbar icon is not present in any scene (VAB, KSC, flight). I have the 0.8 version of the mod; am I doing something wrong? The only thing I could think of is that I don’t have Blizzy’s toolbar installed, is that required? Thanks!
  12. Yeah, that message format sounds great, the repair chance is awesome. For the toolbar, obviously this might be a longer term thing, but a window showing what has failed, and perhaps 'critical' parts (that are more likely to fail) would be great. This could potentially be tied into the tech tree (i have no idea how tricky this sort of thing is) so that you get more information with more advanced telemetry systems. For example, the basic telemetry systems could just tell you that a part has failed, then you can unlock specifics on what's failed, then perhaps repair chances, then information on what might fail in the future. This would be a relatively realistic progression of abilities, and you could (after some research...) work out where to focus maintenance, especially on larger stations with many parts which could go wrong... Just some thoughts :-)
  13. I don't know if these are already planned, but I think that a toolbar presence for the mod would be great, and more importantly (for me anyway), some sort of persistent messaging system regarding the failures that have occurred would be great! I think it would be best if it went through the stock messages system, just so you can track what's gone wrong. Just my thoughts, and thanks for all the awesome work you've been doing!!!