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  1. At this point, I think I am ready to launch, I've done lots of testing and all looks good.
  2. I never said I was building that, soooo also, @Ultimate Steve the docking port is 4 cubic otags off the ground, the proposed idea leaves not a lot of ground clearance for me to do anything with.
  3. I think it would be harder to land the entire thing at once but I don't know, also the first crew would have to wait for the solar to arrive to have a habitation module to live in.
  4. Sorry for not giving this information out earlier: Without the sky crane: 15,566 With sky crane: 24,365 Wet mass: 10t. It will be launching on the Kova VT6 as the faring is a perfect size and the second stage has enough delta-V to capture. My idea was that both hubs and solar would be connected together, the height on the hub can be changed so that we can make a standard, as it is the docking ports are 4 cubic otags off the ground Also by a station, I meant a space station but a mobile station rover is cool too.
  5. Here is the completed hub, it's pretty small but does its job. If you guys want anything changed just tell me.
  6. Could you replace the return vehicle with a small station that the lander could dock with?
  7. Oh, I thought you had to do something with the URL lol
  8. @Ultimate Steve I forgot how to display images like that, could you tell me how to do that with an imgur link?
  9. I have a concern for the custom faring costs. A faring shouldn't cost half a Munar habitation module + sky crane, its unrealistic and too expensive.
  10. What about the solar power mission? Will the habs have to generate there own power?
  11. @Johnster_Space_Program How high should the base be off the munar surface? just want to know so everyone isn't guessing and checking for the hight of the docking ports.
  12. Could I build the hab 1, il be building it as I type this regardless just in case. Also is the budget per launch or as a total minus each launch making it harder to launch for later missions because if so, there should probably be a limit so I don't mess it up and make the mission too expensive. Also if I do get chosen, id like to suggest that on the robotic lander mission there should be an ore sat that hitches a ride to the moon to determine where to land.
  13. This was recorded and flown in the current version of Ksp, the craft was built a while ago though
  14. I'm having a problem with my drone, after the redesign, IT WON'T SHOOT ITS MISSLES OR GUNS. the craft is able to dodge all aim-9'S and is able to dodge gunfire, but will just let the enemy aircraft tail it until both aircraft run out of fuel. Wile my drone won't even fire a missile, though the drone sometimes fires its turrets for 1 second then the rest of the match it won't fire. I need some help, please!