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  1. I saw that tweet and I am now confused lol. Just wanted to know if this is a valid submission method and thought it might be easier to get noticed on here
  2. Would I be able to make improvements and re-submit? Such as a variant?
  3. C-7 Aerospace Presents The K-400 Electric Turboprop Airliner Here is my second time submitting this type of replica to the regional jet challenge, but this time its stock. The K-400 is a 24 passenger Electric Turboprop Aircraft with an incredible range of 8100 km! Its recommended flight parameters are 250 m/s and 4000 m in altitude. For take off: Start with breaks on Throttle up main props without collective (I&K) Deploy flaps (2) Spool up STOL jets engines (9) Release breaks and increase collective Rotate at around 60 m/s Turn off jets and raise flaps For Landing: Reduce collective Deploy flaps Come in at about 85 m/s Flare Land, and reduce collective to act as a thrust reverser and cut throttle. Buy it here for 36,343,000$
  4. here is a little seek peek at my aircraft, not done yet but I think its looking good so far, also how do you input images directly?
  5. YAY, Im glad that this is getting a re-boot! Cant wait to submit my aircraft!
  6. At this point, I think I am ready to launch, I've done lots of testing and all looks good.
  7. I never said I was building that, soooo also, @Ultimate Steve the docking port is 4 cubic otags off the ground, the proposed idea leaves not a lot of ground clearance for me to do anything with.
  8. I think it would be harder to land the entire thing at once but I don't know, also the first crew would have to wait for the solar to arrive to have a habitation module to live in.
  9. Sorry for not giving this information out earlier: Without the sky crane: 15,566 With sky crane: 24,365 Wet mass: 10t. It will be launching on the Kova VT6 as the faring is a perfect size and the second stage has enough delta-V to capture. My idea was that both hubs and solar would be connected together, the height on the hub can be changed so that we can make a standard, as it is the docking ports are 4 cubic otags off the ground Also by a station, I meant a space station but a mobile station rover is cool too.
  10. Here is the completed hub, it's pretty small but does its job. If you guys want anything changed just tell me.
  11. Could you replace the return vehicle with a small station that the lander could dock with?
  12. Oh, I thought you had to do something with the URL lol