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  1. I'm still confused on how to calculate the point cost of an engine
  2. Ok, here is my go at this.... I've been making several types of small, medium and heavy launch vehicles with standardized upper stages for "long duration missions" (Think ACES). Sprint SSTO Trident Zeus Mammoth If you would like any of these, tag me here and ill post it to my KerbalX My KerbalX Page: https://kerbalx.com/Rocket_man1234 The full Imgur album: https://imgur.com/a/uqRg8Yf
  3. KSP Custom Flag Decal Showcase Hello Kerbonauts! In the latest KSP 1.10 update, a new decoration item was added to make our rockets, planes, cars, boats ect. look better. This new part is a flag decal! With these new parts in hand, I believe that the kerbal community can truly make great looking craft with custom flags, specifically with the transparent background variant. When you select a flag for these decals you can use a custom made one from your KSP folder, this allows for almost infinite texture possibilities for all tank sizes . So, with that in mind this post will be a spot
  4. Laughs in non track able hours due to squad store purchase
  5. I saw that tweet and I am now confused lol. Just wanted to know if this is a valid submission method and thought it might be easier to get noticed on here
  6. C-7 Aerospace Presents The K-400 Electric Turboprop Airliner Here is my second time submitting this type of replica to the regional jet challenge, but this time its stock. The K-400 is a 24 passenger Electric Turboprop Aircraft with an incredible range of 8100 km! Its recommended flight parameters are 250 m/s and 4000 m in altitude. For take off: Start with breaks on Throttle up main props without collective (I&K) Deploy flaps (2) Spool up STOL jets engines (9) Release breaks and increase collective Rotate at around 60 m/s
  7. here is a little seek peek at my aircraft, not done yet but I think its looking good so far https://imgur.com/a/z2rCAhU, also how do you input images directly?
  8. YAY, Im glad that this is getting a re-boot! Cant wait to submit my aircraft!
  9. At this point, I think I am ready to launch, I've done lots of testing and all looks good.
  10. I never said I was building that, soooo also, @Ultimate Steve the docking port is 4 cubic otags off the ground, the proposed idea leaves not a lot of ground clearance for me to do anything with.
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