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  1. Coca992

    KSP Original Design Competition

    Contract n°6 gen 4.5 by me plane: Arrowhead link: Introduction This plane is a STOL 4.5 gen fighter, equipped with 6 missiles, 2 drop tanks, and even 2 drogue chutes! Description Developed at the end of the cold war by 4 countries from Europe, this versatile fighter was meant to be flown in a formation of 5 in a V shape, the goal is to focus the main objectives and destroy them as fast as possible. Sadly, due to the small budget allowed for this aircraft, it doesn't include thrust vectoring at all, relying entirely on its tail fins for its maneuverability. Because of the same reason, it is single-engined. The way the air is collected is completely new: the sidelines are collecting passively the air through really small holes, allowing the craft to be much lighter and a bit more stealthy without those pesky intakes. Characteristics This ultra maneuverable delta wing configuration plane uses a single overpowered afterburner turbofan to carry the following weapons: - 4 HVAR unguided missiles (from HB Stratos) - 2 Mavericks unguided missiles (from HB Stratos) It can overpass the speed of sound when you're starting to gain altitude, max speed: 800m/s Personal notes It was pretty fun to build, and ultra fun to fly! If you're afraid of the lag, you can unarm it, dropping to the part count to ~110 parts, making it more maneuverable at the same time! Personal notes AG 1: toggle engine AG 2: toggle afterburner AG 10: toggle spoilers
  2. Coca992

    Guess Who Will Reply Next?

    @The_Cat_In_Space I summon you!
  3. Coca992

    Guess Who Will Reply Next?

    @The_Cat_In_Spacewhere am I...
  4. Coca992

    KSP Original Design Competition

    Thanks :)
  5. Coca992

    KSP Original Design Competition

    Introduction This is my entry for the contract n°005 This is meant to be a carrier-based 4th gen fighter, with a lot of inspiration from actual aircraft. link: Description This well maneuverable fat ass plane uses two overpowered afterburner turbofans to carry the following weapons: - 1 cluster bomb (from me) - 4 unguided missiles (from HB Stratos) - 6 guided missiles (from IMLL1) It can overpass the speed of sound when you're starting to gain altitude, max speed: 850m/s I think it fits well as a heavy interceptor for both attack and defense, don't forget that you can change its weapons for all missions needs personal notes During the building phase, I had a lot of fun messing around fairings using some magic to fit all my needs, increasing my skills with fairings. Oh, and I build it without plans, the best way to build things in ksp Action groups: ag1: toggle engines ag2: toggle afterburners ag9: toggle tail hook ag10: toggle spoilers
  6. Coca992

    KSP Original Design Competition

    Can we do just 1 or 2 planes?
  7. Coca992

    Elkano Buggy Stock

    I really like that simple yet nicely done design!
  8. Coca992

    1,000 posts. One THOUSAND POSTS!

    Proud of you son!
  9. It's Texture Unlimited Colour Deposit, and it's @IMLL1 who made me discovers it!
  10. Hi, this is my first post here! The Dassault/Dornier alphajet is a lightweight aircraft used by the Patrouille de France as a training craft, and also used for the national day, July 14th As a French myself, I love this little guy, so I built a replica. I used some of @Servos technique to build it, making it as smooth as I could! I made a little video to present it: and here are some few screenshots: Download link: Hope you'll enjoy it!
  11. Dude, you're just incredible, very clean work, especially the nose!
  12. Coca992

    Textures Unlimited Recolour Depot

    Not mine, it't from @LABenterprises ^^ I just used your mod
  13. Coca992

    Textures Unlimited Recolour Depot

    are you planning to add a button to do it? anyway, I've made somme cool things with it!
  14. Coca992

    Textures Unlimited Recolour Depot

    Very, very nice! This mod have only on issue: We can't apply a color setting to every parts, you have to do it manually. If we can, say me how, I'm feeling dumb ^^
  15. Coca992

    F-22 F-15 Hybrid Fighter Craft

    Dude, this craft is clearly awesome! You made a beauty, and holly crap I love it! You're definitively as good as @Servo, for fighter and for PC smelter!