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  1. I didn't find any other BD armory files, But when I open op the Weapons manager tab it said no weapon manager found when I have it on my craft, However when I click where the guard mode is or the trigger button I hear the beep. So maybe a texture error?
  2. I am having a problem with the several different versions of Bd armory, When I try a older version in SPH under the BD armory tab there are no parts nor when I search the parts up. But if I use the newest version the parts show up but there are 2 BD tabs but if I launch a craft with weapons and the weapon manager, the weapon manager says there is no weapon manager. The strange thing is that it worked a while ago but now it doesn't work (I didn't mess with the files) which is very odd. anyone know a way to fix this?
  3. I have the after kerbin planet pack with a diffrent SVE Could the andromeda work with after kerbin?

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    2. Matchlight



      That's totally understandable. I'm well aware you're not a fan of AVD and it takes a tonne of time to support packs visual packs. Sorry, @ksplover !

    3. Gameslinx



      Don't take it personally, we all have our own tastes :)


    4. Matchlight
  4. Hey gameslinx finnaly figured it out! It turns out I have to have the terrain details on high! Sorry about that! BTW the planets look beautiful good work!
  5. I removed the version number but the nuclear bombs still dont work still stock + bdarmory explosion only most conventual and scud and davy work any help?
  6. I downloaded the 1.3 the nukes have the normal BDarmory explosion i have all of the parts but no nuclear explosions
  7. where is the download link for BDarmory continued for 1.3?

  8. Now there are only stock planets im running ksp version 1.2.2 is version of the mod for 1.3?
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